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Black Friday Deal: Costco Selling 3-Packs of $20 Google Play Gift Cards for $48

A week ago, we highlighted a deal at big box retailer Costco that would land you three (3) $20 Google Play gift cards for just $53.99. In case you need help with simple math, that’s $60 worth of Google Play credits for $54 or a $6 savings. That’s like someone handing you free cash just for good measure.

Starting today, and running all the way through December 1, Costco is running a similar deal only they have slashed another $6 off of the price. So for $47.99, you can snag a 3-pack of $20 Google Play gift cards for just $47.99. Even more free cash! 

For the most part, Costco is a membership only type of club. However, you can buy this 3-pack of gift cards without being one, you’ll simply have to pay a non-member surcharge. Even with the non-member surcharge, you are still walking away with a total price of $52.68, which includes the $1.99 in shipping.

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Cheers Greg!
  • Friday and special activities than what little there before, but the real attraction is its remarkable not so much.

  • radioactive2008

    Will this work n buying devices like Nexus 7 (if I do enough cards for that price)

    • CasperTFG

      No. Play cards are for content only.

  • Jonathan Reid

    Can you pay for your google play all access monthly payment with these cards?

    EDIT: Google search is my friend:

    “If you’d like to subscribe, select Subscribe to All Access to purchase your subscription. A valid credit card through Google Wallet and direct carrier billing are accepted payment methods for All Access. All Access does not currently support gift cards or Google Play stored value as payment methods.”

  • Ray Gray

    Wouldnt call it fresh cash if you cant actually get cash

  • jack584

    Where’s the play store deals?