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Black Friday Deal: Chromecast Drops to $29.99 on Amazon, Includes $6 Google Play Credit

Still haven’t decided whether or not you want to join the dongle clan? How about a Black Friday weekend deal on the Chromecast that drops the device’s price to $29.99? Normally listed at $35 almost everywhere, you are looking at a $5 saving, which isn’t exactly some unbeatable deal, but Google is also tossing in a $6 Google Play credit with the purchase. 

The listing through Amazon (and Google Play) says that the $6 can be used for a movie rental or any other Google Play content. In other words, feel free to buy a couple of games, apps on your wishlist, or anything else Google sells (excluding devices and subscriptions) should none of their movies be of interest.

The Google Play credit will be emailed to you once your Chromecast ships.

Also, the device is available for Prime shipping, so if you are a subscriber, you could have your HDMI plug within a day or two for free.

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  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I don’t even use my chromecast… Seems like Google stopped caring about this cuz there hasn’t been an update for a while

  • carluverdrm2004

    Does anyone know if the credit can be used towards music and books, or just movie rentals?

  • wandy

    Love this now if I can just find a way to upload my videos to google video it would be perfect

  • Tim

    Can more than 1 phone use this?

    • reneMAC

      yes, tablets too.

      • Tim


  • EC8CH

    That does it… looks like I’m buying a second one

  • Andrew Knighton

    They have the same deal at best buy

  • Ajman

    I got mine at best buy on sale

    • Jeff

      Did you get the Google Play credit even though you bought from best buy?

      • reneMAC

        Well, it was listed yesterday. Not seeing it listed today. Several blogs reported it was available thru both best buy as well as amazon with the discount.