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Video: Android Design Team Talks Favorite Apps by Design, Including New Newstand and Timely

We are suckers for a well designed Android app, so from time to time we watch the Android team’s “Android Design in Action” show to see what kinds of tips they can offer to developers, to stay up-to-date on new design guidelines, and also to see what apps they find to be well-designed. In the latest episode that aired yesterday, a number of members from the design team took a turn at walking through some of their favorite apps. You’ll see one of our favorites, Timely (16:15), along with the new Play Newstand (6:15) app, Foursquare, Etsy (20:20) and others.  It’s a semi-lengthy video, but we gave you some time slots to hit if any of those apps we just mentioned are of interest. If anything, watch the Newstand section to see Google’s take on the most current design trends and how they really focused on little details, but then finish it up with Timely to see how they feel about beautifully designed apps of the moment that use Android guidelines in their own way. This isn’t necessarily a rare opportunity to get into the mind of an Android engineer, but it does give you a bit of an idea as to how they think great apps should look and feel when using them. Oh, and if you know an app developer, feel free to pass this along to them. It’s never too late to start making gorgeous apps.

  • Valerie Rub

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  • xiaomei
  • blakjakdavy

    Newsstand y u no have immersive mode!?

  • Aime Eerin

    but it does give you a bit of an idea as to how they think great apps should look and feel when using them

  • That guy in the main photo looks like Josh Topolsky from The Verge, minus the creepo beard.

    • Aime Eerin

      . Oh, and if you know an app developer, feel free to pass this along to them.

  • Greg Morgan

    Love Romans Shirt. Must have!

  • athensjohn

    I’m not sure why Timely is popular. I made the mistake of purchasing it because I thought the ability to sync across devices would be helpful. I use my phone as my bedside clock every night. The night mode does not stay on for very long unlike the built-in clock for my phone. Also, when I use the stopwatch in the gym, the display turns off after 30 seconds. I have looked at the settings and I haven’t found places to keep the device active.

    The app looks nice, but I haven’t found it useful. I would love to hear from someone who uses Timely regularly and find out what I am missing since I already paid for it.

    • kixofmyg0t

      What device are you using it on? I have it on my DROID MAXX and Nexus 7 FHD and have no issues with it.

      • athensjohn

        I’m using it on a Samsung Galaxy S3 running 4.1.2. I wonder if the issue is the older version of android.

        • Aime Eerin

          It’s never too late to start making gorgeous apps.

    • BubbleSort

      Is the alarm clock sync not working for you? It works perfectly for me. N7v2, Moto X, Droid Bionic

      • athensjohn

        The snyc works fine, the screen just doesn’t stay on so I can’t use it a bedside clock.

        • NexusMan

          It works. You just need to set it as your daydream feature. Then, as long as you have it charging, Timely will stay on as a clock. That’s what I do. And I love it too. The only thing I would like better (and it’s not that big of an issue) is I wish the text was bigger in daydream mode. I suggested this to them, as well as seeing several others suggest the same thing, but haven’t seen any response.

          • athensjohn

            Thanks. I will try that.

          • Valerie Rub

            know i am here.

    • Jimmy

      I like a number of things about it. First off i like the sounds of it’s alarms…thats very important to me and I dont like having to dig around to find my own sounds. Secondly, I like that when I pick it up the alarm gets quieter (although maybe a lot of alarm apps do this). Its nice looking and It syncs across devices. I’m not sure what else I would need personally.

    • wickets

      agree…timely totally overrated buzz app and newstand just as bad…..they look great, but thats it

    • sweenish

      My only beef is the stopwatch one. There needs to at least be an option.

      I’m still glad I bought it, though.