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Knightmare Tower Launches for Android on December 4

A new game is making its way to Google Play on December 4, Knightmare Tower, a game that has seen quite a bit of success over on Apple’s iOS platform. In this title, you play a knight that must save the kingdom’s 10 lovely princesses who have been kidnapped and placed high in a tower. Using tilt and tap controls, you bounce your knight off of nasty looking monsters, while also collecting coins to upgrade your armor and weapons.

It looks like a very fun game to play, so be on the look out on December 4 to pick it up through Google Play. According to the developers, the price of the game will be $2.99 for the fully unlocked version, but apparently there will also be a trial version.

We’ll let you know when it goes live.

  • HarvesterX

    A big shot out to companies releasing full version games without IAPs … I’ll buy it once it’s releasee just to support this type of kid…the way things used to be and should be…congrats! Looks interesting

  • Kane Stapler

    This has been on Ouya since launch. Makes no sense that it’s taken this long to bring it to the Play Store

    • The Ouya version didn’t have tilt controls, so it took a little while to perfect them before launching on mobile. We decided to release the game on iOS first, which would help up generate revenues while we’re working on the Android (Google Play) version. The Google Play port took a little bit longer because of the really high amount of different devices. Some things work differently on Android than on iOS, which is why it took longer to port.

  • KleenDroid