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AT&T Galaxy S4 Update to Android 4.3 Ready Again as Build I337UCUEMK2

Shortly after beginning to push the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4 on AT&T as build 1337UCUEMJ9, issues arose causing the rollout to be stopped. Parties involved reportedly confirmed that there were issues and that they were investigating them, though no new timeline for a rollout was given. According to an update to AT&T’s Galaxy S4 support page, today is the day that 4.3 will resume, only this time as build I337UCUEMK2. 

The update weighs in a little more as well at roughly 727MB. Other than that, it should be exactly as you were expecting when the first update began. Here is what the changelog shows:

  • Android 4.3 OS upgrade (www.android.com/whatsnew)
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear compatibility
  • Drag and drop to uninstall or disable applications
  • Call reliability improvements

To try and pull the update, head into Settings>About phone>Software update>Check for update. The update is supposed to “effective” as of today.

Via:  AT&T
  • angry customer

    This update socks I lost the mobile data button. Every thing is in a different spot and I’m receiving messages hours later

  • MrsPandaBee

    i did the update and some my apps are blank- they work but they dont have itss original app image

  • Oni

    Just got the update, and it’s awsm to say the least. able to disable some apps that you couldn’t before, and it feels more solid and smoother than before. A+

  • Jacob Hunter


  • amit

    When any call comes, while dropping a call, my s3 screen flickers and only stops flickering after restarting the phone.. Any idea what might be wrong?

  • Jim Britt

    It downloaded and installed for me in about 45 min with no problems. I can see zero differences, however!

  • RoAcH

    Just got my s4 with this update first day. To bad its only now I realize that there is no root for this yet 🙁

  • mazz

    This update messed up my phone this so called patch didn’t fix any issues with my phone I want to go back to 4.2 I have 3 other friends with the same issue and we are being told there’s nothing they could do for us meaning at&t

  • ck

    Show disabled app function still cause Touchwiz to stop from the App Menu–> Settings–> Show Disabled Apps

  • zcamp

    Just ran the update. Now none of the apps will update amd new apps cannot be installed. Tried hard reset and multiple restarts to no avail.

  • Joshua Hedley

    I just updated my galaxy s3 to 4.3 yesterday. But now the gallery app crashes every time I hit the share icon. Lol

  • Jay

    Any word on the Verizon GS3 update? Waiting…. Patiently

  • dasocialmisfit

    This bulshit again… I started the download and got to 57% it stops and tell me to wait 24hours to download again same bulshit as last time

    • Blue Sun

      Touchwiz is pretty cool, eh?

    • michael arazan

      At least you are getting the updates, Verizon 4.3 updates for sammy devices have come and gone, s4 got it, s3 hasn’t and note 2 is for 29th which will more than likely not happen. And this was a Samsung announcement. Guess they don’t have the pull/ power with Verizon.

      • HarvesterX

        Verizon has no issues pushing 4.4 to their bastard child the X within a week do they? “It’s perfect fit for the hand” = “man this screen isnt as big and gorgeous as I’d like” … “I can touch the screen to see ntifications ” = “on my G2 I can too…the double tap to turn the screen on only requires two extremely gently presses which can be combined into one press…” -“I can say OK Google anytime I want” = “yeah and so can any device with a snapdragon 800 just that it’s not fully taken advantage of..” “My X knows when I take it out my pocket” = “yeah good job, so does my X or any other device with sensors that you can adjust using the Automon app off play store ..

        Sorry man that had nothing to do with you but with Verizon having no issues pimping out updates to their triad love triangle device. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Samsung for so many reasons but I DO like (well most I hope lol ) the people who use them. You deserve updates just as fast. And not to 4.3. No to 4.4. To he fair though the more bloat added to a release (bloat as in code change) does slow the process down a lot as I’ve dealt with it in work. I’d suspect the update to 4.3 shouldn’t take long at all though and should have been completed ages ago, but the update to 4.4 will require a lot of changes in the TouchWis base (this is what I meant by bloat here).

        Same applies to the Optimus UI who I hope still sees that 4.4 update even though the main LG company is focusing on TVs now but as far as I know their cellular R&D team is still in place. If they stop altogether we need to demand the source at least be released on their site SK we over at XDA can port the newest binaries over. What a world. What a dream.

    • steve-oooo

      Set your date a few days ahead and you can download it again

      • dasocialmisfit

        And that doesn’t work, I’ll have to wait extra hours… I’ll pass on that advice besides I have the note 3 now

  • Michael

    I started to update, got to about 20% and then it stopped and said I have to wait like 17 hours : |

  • Austin_tacious

    I currently have I337UCEMJ9, but no updat to “K2” yet. I hope I get it soon and that it addresses all the bugs I and many other users have been having.

  • Akashshr

    I know this is unrelated, but nexus 8…8 Inch tablet official from LG for black friday!

  • Brandon Biggs

    Has anyone seen this yet on US Cellular?

    • Laura

      I received the update on my S3 yesterday from US Cellular.

  • Dustin Carney

    Downloading now, hopefully this fixes my screen flickering issues! West central pa here.

  • Van Hicks

    The update has 1337 in it. Must be a good thing!

    • Justin

      Thats the phone’s model number.

  • Adam Ropic

    i just got the update with manual check, was on MJ9, downloading MK2 now, its 28.07MB. im in Rhode Island, red at&t S4

  • Timothy Sternig

    T-Mobile’s 4.3 update for the S4 was released yesterday as well….

  • Andrew Benson

    Just got the update in modesto Ca

  • Nw_adventure

    Got this update last week for the ATT GS3- Never had a problem with touchwiz before other than being ugly but with this last update its getting more annoying than functional. Stock text app and unable to escape pop-ups for missed calls and texts are driving me crazy.

    • gtg465x

      This is the trend I have noticed with Samsung phone, and part of the reason I don’t buy them anymore. Samsung phones are usually at their best when you buy them and then get worse and worse with each major update. The Froyo update for my original Galaxy S made web browsing way less smooth, even though Froyo was supposed to bring performance enhancements. The ICS update for my Galaxy S2 was freaking janky and laggy compared to Gingerbread, plus it still looked exactly like Gingerbread haha. I avoided Samsung from then on, but I know when my friend got the Jelly Bean update for his Galaxy S3 it was noticeably less smooth and more buggy. Now, the Galaxy S4 is down the same path?

      It’s like Samsung uses their top tier engineers to build the software for their latest phone, and uses the interns to build the software updates.

      Meanwhile, the HTC and Nexus phones I’ve owned actually get better with each update. Whoduh thunk it?

      • Nw_adventure

        I would not doubt the internship touchwiz update programmers. Anyone notice the beyond silly personna drawings for contacts if a picture is not present ? I mean who comes up with this stuff for them ? Its like charlie brown – And don’t even get me started on the hearing damage warnings that pop up 24/7 anytime you attempt to turn up the volume.

  • Carlos ⌘ Franco

    I just got the update. I was already on MK9. The update, i believe, was something like 28megs for me. I’m on MK2 now.

  • KleenDroid