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Facebook to Receive Flat-tastic Facelift in Version 4.0 Update

Users of Facebook could see an update available for the world’s largest social network sometime soon, bringing the app to version 4.0. Inside the update are a number of changes, the largest being a completely new UI, one that will remind everyone of a similar look that Twitter implemented to their application recently and an overall iOS 7 look. Flat flat flat.

It appears that the hamburger menu has been moved, and in place, a large title appears on the upper left side. Underneath the title of whichever page you are on, there are five icons to help you navigate around the app. There appears to be one for your Newsfeed, Friend Requests, Messages, Check-ins, and your Settings menu.

Are we digging the flat look? The update could hit Google Play soon, as long as the changes make it past all of the beta testers and Facebook’s own internal testing requirements. Be on the lookout for it, and if you see it, let us know.

Via: Android Police
  • deepen915

    just got it but it doesn’t look like what is on this article.. my beta is almost the same as 3.9 with minor texture changes.

  • Tony G.

    im in the fb beta group and none of the daily updates had a flat look

    • Jorell Rutledge

      This is the alpha build not beta. This is also server side. Facebook is choosing who gets to see this. Guess I was lucky to be the first and was the first to get screenshots out. The look has already changed from the screenshots above. See the new screenshot on Android Police.

      • Tony G.

        thanks for the heads up.

  • JayQ330

    I bet the only reason they’re doing the flat or googles card look is because iOS jumped on board the flat look that android popularized. If iOS still used the round edges they’d still be round edges on the Facebook update…. Anyone agree?

    • Microsoftjunkie

      Flat look that android popularized? Ok…

      • JayQ330

        What you think apple or windows phone started it? The cards & flat interface is an android interface being used in their smart phones for years already, unless you really think iOS patented years ago..

        • Microsoftjunkie

          Well, you forgot MS has had flat design way before ios and android was even thought of. Lets be honest here, nobody was thinking about this “flat” design until MS made it a staple in all of there products. Give credit where it is due. Wp came out in 2010 and everybody after that wants to incorporate flat design. Who in 2010 or before was talking about flatness? Surely wasn’t android or ios.

          • JayQ330

            I remember my sprint mogul windows phone, there interface was flat & square, but because that was all they had. Now we have choices, windows mobile with there live widgets, iOS with there round graphical ui & while android really didn’t have a interface style in the beginning, they did get one which they could call there own, the card interrace, flat icons, flat graphical ui, anyone knew that when they saw the cards iu it was androids/Google’s look. But now you have apple with flat icons, drop down notifications flattened on there latest update, plus a pull up shortcuts bar. That’s ask fine until this last update when they basically took the card look & mixed it into their ui. here’s something to look at Facebook is all for ios, but look at the most recent update just released, it reads they finally made an android version that matches Google’s ui, but in reality I believe they did it because it also goes with ios’s updated flat style too. Anyway these are just my opinions I know you have yours, but it’s too coincidental.

          • Microsoftjunkie

            I agree. I guess my “ranting” is pointless at this time. Flat design is the new “thing”.

  • Funfun123

    It’s already gone due to being released to alpha testers with the old UI

  • drathos

    Unless they fix the nightmare permissions creep, the Facebook app will stay off my phone and my mobile use of Facebook will be extremely limited.

    • Chris

      maybe you should do your research on those permissions and what the app does before you go off on that.

  • Lebonf

    Will Facebook ever fix their insane wakelock and battery drain issues? I can’t use the app anymore after seeing a 3 hour difference in battery life without it.

  • Jorell Rutledge

    New update bottom blue buttons are semitransparent.

    • Brian Kircher

      well, I just downloaded 4.000.4 and I still have the old ui…

      • Jorell Rutledge

        Because Facebook hasn’t enable the new layout for your account yet.

  • AndySamberg


  • Robert Boluyt

    Great, another craptastic flat UI. Devs, stop that crap. It looks awful, modern hardware has plenty of power to render a decent looking UI. Stop taking us back to Windows 3.11 days.

  • Chris

    it looks ok. not the best though

  • Weston_111

    you need to charge your battery

    • Jorell Rutledge

      Thanks for the reminder.

  • imthedroid1979

    I’m in beta test and it looks nothing like the picture beta we are on version 3.9 anyone stating there higher is lying beta 3.9 was released last night via FB beta android group on Facebook

    • Also beta tester. Store page says 3.9 pushed nov 22. UI is not flat ui.

    • Jorell Rutledge

      These are my screenshots. No need to lie. This is actually the alpha version not the beta version.

      • necrocis

        Does the Alpha finally have the ability to add pictures to comments? I’m running the beta myself. I hate using Facebook on a computer, and annoying to have to pull out my work iGoat to just add a picture.

        • Jorell Rutledge

          No. They’ve only added hash tags and changed the design again.

    • Jeremiah Taylor

      Im in alpha im on so no one is lying.. but mine dont look that way either

  • EvanTheGamer

    I almost thought you guys were saying that Facebook.com would see this new UI redesign. Very glad that this change only reflects the Facebook app and not the Web version as I could care less about the app.

    I mostly only Use the Web version nowadays as it’s 100% more stable and doesn’t run in the background screwing up your device with slowness. That is unless they had already fixed this big issue(correct me if I’m wrong).

  • Intellectua1

    Facebook Beta FTW… Alpha was waaaaaaaaaaaay too buggy for me..

  • Sean Bello

    I don’t like the flat look at all. it comes off as lazy. like they developed it like the iOS version because they couldn’t make the Android version run in iOS because it’d run like garbage.

    • That’s what they’ve always done. Even the mobile site looks like iOS6. Terrible..

  • Spaniard85

    Appears to also rely on a server side change, so even if you install the new apk, you may not see the changes.

    • Mike Boodoo

      This is correct.

  • Corey Foltman

    if they could only give you notifications for the “Other” mail folder.

    • antinorm

      …or give you a way to turn it off completely. Right now, there’s only Basic Filtering, which means it’s still there. What good does that “feature” do, other than let FB charge people to bypass it?

  • Josh B

    Will it actually keep my feed in chronological order rather than changing to whatever it wants to when I open it?

    • what do you think this is, 2008? Timeline gained sentient consciousness a while ago.

  • seesalt

    I just updated to Looks nothing like this.

    • imnotmikal

      Same, it looks like the normal app available on the Play Store.

      • Alexander Sbarounis

        Same here..

    • Nick V

      I am on, and it doesn’t look like this.

  • motoman

    but will it have a tablet optimized version….. (holding my breath)

    • Christian Trevor Clauss

      Don’t hold it for too long. I don’t see it happening lol

  • sc0rch3d

    FB was such a battery hog on my S3 that I exclusively use the web interface (laggy, but power friendly). Guess I’ll give this update a try.

    • Lawrence_Hart

      I ditched the app about a year ago for the mobile website. Chrome runs so much better than that Facebook garbage.

  • Jeremy Gentry

    Can i finally post pictures in a comment? this should have been in like Version 1 WTF

    • DC_Guy

      Yeah I miss that functionality. I don’t know why it’s available on iOS and not Android yet.

    • Chris

      Expect when the first app came out, picture comments were even around

  • brkshr

    I doth not care about facebook

    • Cesar

      Such worthwhile input.

    • Intellectua1

      I doth either.. lol

    • Mark Mann

      Surely, thou jest

    • Chris

      then don’t use it. simple huh?

      • brkshr

        OMG! I didn’t realize it was that simple!

        I haven’t had an account for a couple years now.

  • areyouaqueer?

    facebook is for queers.

  • Great to see them working on something usefully, oh wait, I still haven’t received the new newsfeed that was announced back in March. Glad to see they have priorities.

    • terry12s

      I still haven’t received the new News Feed layout either

    • Pratik Holla

      I signed up the day they put it up. Some of my friends who didnt even sign up have received it.

      • MiMo1986s


  • Mike Hilal

    I love how everyone panders to apple. smh.

    • Chris

      you’ll get over it.

  • Danny Dodge

    This is exactly the same add the 2010 iOS Fb app.

    • Chris

      Not really….

  • strozykowski

    Because who needs to follow the Android Design Guidelines? Am I right guys?

    • Laughable

      They’re a guide not a requirement. Not every app needs to look exactly the same with zero original thought.

      But hey at least now we have DroidSheep who cant think for themselves once every app looks the same.

      • Prime7

        They don’t need to look exactly the same…just exactly the same as the iOS versions, right?

        • Laughable

          NO. It would be great if the developers actually had some kind of design team with half a brain. Right now every halfwit and motard thinks every app needs to look exactly the same. So it doesn’t matter if your using RetardBook or No One Is Here+ the only thing that is different is the ActionBar color.

          Android’s design language is starting to look like Windows Phone 7+. No originality.

          • Prime7

            Personally, I don’t mind iOS 7’s design at all, but it’s such a huge departure that even a lot of iPhone users don’t seem to like it all that much.

          • Chris

            Why should Android go the apple route and have apps look the same? Action bar on android. The bottom task bar on iOS.

          • Laughable

            Have you even bothered reading what I’ve said?

            I’m against every single app, from file explorers to email clients looking exactly the same. Dev’s should mix it up a bit and not just throw in an action bar and that horrid cards ui just to get the flameboi acceptance.

    • Chris

      Those are just like. A GUIDEline. They are not required. nor should be. Its good to have a mix up. its android. not iOS

    • Bojan Tomic

      Android would get extremely boring if every one of the apps looked the same.
      It would look like……………..iOS.

    • jmsbwmn

      Well, since you asked, no, you’re not. 🙂

  • mikeym0p

    Any word on the excessive layering and GPU Redraws?

    • You’re expecting toooo much! This is Facebook we’re talking about. It only took them two years to half-bake some flat design into their godawful app.. the rest, in 2020!

  • Guest

    This is partly why I left FB some time ago. They constantly changed their UI, especially on desktop, and did so so frequently that you were constantly learning how to use the darn thing.

    • James Briano

      I’m using FB less frequently. But their UI is far better than Google+.

      • sc0rch3d

        I like G+ having multi columned news. If I could customize the news by column, that would rock.

      • That’s shocking to me. The Google+ UI is far better imo on the desktop and mobile app. If you look at the current Facebook mobile app it has slowly but surely borrowed design concepts and style from Google+ for the past year or so. Which is a good thing.

        • Silver Veloz

          Over time, I am now on Google+ more than Facebook. It took some getting used to, but with everything Google integrated together, I think it’s great.

          • Natty Bee

            My only issue with Google+ is the inability to save photos to share outside of the app…

        • Chad

          Would you people give up on G+ already?!?! Face it, it’ll never eclipse Facebook. I’m no Facebook fan but I do live in reality.

          • Bill Mitchell

            I don’t think any of them ever claimed that it would eclipse Facebook, just that it was better. That’s like saying Apple should give up on iOS just because it’ll never eclipse Android. It’s still popular and a lot of people like it, so why rain on their parade?

        • James Briano

          Here’s where I get my criteria: Three (admittedly older) family members joined G+ in the past year; there’s been no end to the questions and complaints.

          Heck, I have a few questions of my own.
          What’s with all the rollover stuff on the desktop?

          Why isn’t there an easy way to go to the top of the current web page on the desktop?

          Why can’t I share a photo directly into an existing album on mobile? Seriously: WHY?

          When I click the “people” link on desktop, why is the default page “find people?”

          Why does clicking a timestamp on desktop open a new browser window?

          • Relaxasaurus

            I know it’s only partly related, but why why why can’t I share a Google Streaming track on Facebook? If anything I’m trying to get my friends to switch from Spotify.

            Many folks are still oblivious to the fact that Google Streaming even exists. Goog’s shooting themselves in the foot disallowing users to share links to their content imo…

          • Thanks for the response. Good to know you have rational reasons. I’ve not had the experience of helping my family with g+ because they aren’t on there yet 🙂

            1) The only rollover stuff I can think of (if I understand what you mean) is the drop down home button menu and when you hover over a profile/page name. Facebook has the same thing for profile/page links so it’s too much more and personally I like not having to click. Or do you mean the rollover of the top menu? I like that too.

            2) You can click that rollover top bar at any time to go to the top of the page.

            3) Directly meaning it automatically goes into the album when you take the picture? Not sure. If I click on a picture I can share to Picasa album easily but it’s not automatic.

            4) Do you think it should go directly to your circles? It’s only one more click, but I agree with you. I’ve thought that too.

            5) I didn’t know clicking on a time-stamp opened a new tab. I’ve always right clicked to open them in a new tab, so it makes complete sense to me. The reason I right click on a time-stamp is to either be able to bookmark that post or read the comments more completely later without losing my place in the stream. For them to realize that is the normal usage and make a regular click open a new tab is the kind of thing I like about g+.

            That’s my best fanboy response lol… Google Plus is always improving whereas Facebook seems to have stalled out except when they are borrowing from g+.

            I signed up for the new Facebook design during the livestream of the announcement several months ago and still haven’t been upgraded. Maybe they have something big and great coming soon, but it’s almost like they’ve given up and are afraid to do anything innovative at this point.

      • Michael G

        You seriously think Fb’s UI is far better than G+’s? I guess it all depends on the person but I think G+ is one of the most beautiful Android apps out.

        • Chris

          if only they stop shoving suggestions down my throat. Yes i work at xxx…. doesnt meanm I know all these ramdom people from xxx that arnt even in my state….

          • Michael G

            Yeah I agree with ya there. I really tried to integrate into G+. It’s a great site with a great app but it got WAY too cluttered with B.S. I use Path instead.

    • Intellectua1

      I love new.. Keep the changes rolling in.. I like to stay on the cutting edge..