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Hunger Games: Panem Run Endless Runner Hits Google Play

Hunger Games Panem Run

Hunger Games fans, with Catching Fire dropping tonight, you can play an endless runner game inspired by the movie while you are waiting in line to get inside the theater. Much like Temple Run, you play a character based on one from the movie that must turn, jump, duck, and shoot arrows at targets to gain coins and adventure through the various districts of Panem. 

The game is free on Google Play, so if you are a fan of the series, go check it out.

Play Link

  • Chris

    I don’t get whats so funny about teenagers killing each other. When I’m hungry I eat food. not a game,

    • I don’t think we said it’s funny. It’s a dystopa,also the movie shows the real though world and poverty which exists in a lot of country nowadays too. There’s an awesome main character in the movie whois against the dictators and she’s the hope to make things better. Well, If You’d see it you’d know why it’s good, no you wont find it funny, but you can think about it.

    • Tower72

      watch Battle Royale!! THAT is a good movie 😛

    • d-rock

      yeah not exactly funny…don’t think it’s listed as a comedy…great books/movie though.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Pretty huge fan of the franchise(only the films, not the books) so I’m definitely downloading this game. Also a huge fan of running games, so best of both worlds. Nice.

    • michael arazan

      Need the arnold schwarzenegger running Running Man Game

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, that would be like the ultimate running game! haha

      • Matt R Carner

        If someone made that, I’d buy it from all my Google accounts just to show my appreciation.

  • Jose Salas

    No iOS version?

    • Wosa

      This game was almost simultaneously released for both Android and iOS.

  • King Lo

    This is pretty much the third book in a nutshell.

  • emoney

    looks incredibly true to the book!!

  • Eric

    WOooooooo another temple run