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Amazon Selling Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB for $199, 32GB for $239

Nexus 7 Amazon Deal

Just in time for the holiday season, Amazon is selling both models of the new Nexus 7 for about $30 off. Usually priced at $229.99, the 16GB model can be purchased for a flat $199.99, and the 32GB model can be had for only $239.99. It’s a pretty sweet deal on a tablet that performs insanely well.

No telling how long it will last, so head on over to Amazon and pick one up if they are on your list.

Via: Amazon

Cheers Joe!

  • Guest

    Is the Google play card in the box?
    Get the credit when you activate?
    Best buy guys not finding it in their system

  • JeffColorado

    This thing spanks the iPad Mini’s display – http://www.displaymate.com/Tablet_ShootOut_4.htm#Table

  • HarleyGuy72

    Ebay is too, I think just for today only though…

  • ZeeX1

    Or you could just print that page, head to any Best Buy that has N7 in stock and they will match it and you walk out with it today!

    • ZeeX1

      Scratch that, they already have it reduced and you get $50 in google play credit on top of it. Winner!!

  • skinja99
    • pachik

      That’s the 1st generation Nexus 7.

      • BSweetness

        Yeah, it’s definitely the 1st generation. It’s odd that is says (2013) next to the name though, which could easily make someone who doesn’t really look at the images or read the specs think it’s the 2nd generation at a glance.

        • skinja99

          Thanks for catching that.
          The fact that they called it “2013” almost had me believing it was the new one.

  • Jorge Lozada

    If you purchase at best buy the 32gb wifi comes with 25 dollars in Google play credit. It was a nice surprise and yes same price as amazon 239 with no price match

  • chjapa

    If your lucky you might get one whose screen works.

  • markp99

    Just grabbed a 16GB N7 from Staples for $179, $50 off coupon code: 24373

    • ferrari187

      it says that coupon is expired?

  • Someone

    I really can’t decide, should I go for a N7 or a N10 2? I plan on mostly using it to read, email, play games, and will occasionally stream video. I am leaning towards a Nexus 10 2 because its bigger, but every time I see the N7 I wonder if the 10″ is TOO big. How did you decide which one to get?

    • Nexus5Forum.com

      We don’t even know if there is going to be a Nexus 10 2 yet. No real good solid leaks yet. Just a few graphics that could have been faked. As for the size decision. If you want something you can slip in your pocket and carry around with you then get the N7. If you want something you’re gonna use at home while sitting on the couch or while watching tv then get the N10. I personally prefer the N7…I take it everywhere…like cameras…the best tablet is the one you actually have with you. The N7 can go with you everywhere easier than the N10 IMO.

  • Tom Yarrish

    Anyone notice this with the 32GB version under the comparison section:

    Operating System Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

    • Maxim∑

      latest and greatest

  • palomosan

    By the way, my N7 HD just received 4.4, maybe the second batch is coming through.

  • paticao
  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh… paid 6 dollars more for the staples deal version after tax (yes that tax is ridiculous in KC) so I don’t feel the need to send it back or price match.

    Didn’t actually think Amazon would do a deal so fast, and probably favor their Kindles more

    • Buy This

      Where in KC if you don’t mind me asking? (I’m from the area.) I went to the Best Buy out by Town Center, wondered if you got a better deal..

  • Buy This

    Solid. I was able to walk into Best Buy with the Staples deal pulled up on my phone and got them to match the discount. Luckily he didn’t scroll down an inch to inspect the page or he would have seen the 16gb variant was sold out, per the post’s update. Spent 195 after tax with no shipping cost/wait. Feeling good about my decision after seeing this Amazon deal.

  • Disqus_n00b

    And off contract for $29.

    • blackjaguar25

      OMG ROFL.