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Samsung Offering $50 in Google Play Credit to Galaxy Note 3 Owners


Samsung must be feeing mighty generous, as they are now giving away $50 in Google Play credit to all U.S. owners of a Galaxy Note 3. Claiming your $50 is extremely easy, and works for any carrier you are on, as long as it is in America. Simply put in your phone number, fill out the address form, and then input your device’s unique IMEI number. Once completed, you should receive your Play credit code to the email you submitted within minutes. 

Let’s give a nice big “thank you” to Sammy this morning.

Via: Samsung

Cheers Nathan, Matt, Mat, David, Jeremy, Michael, Jim, and Nathaniel!

  • george241312


  • Pete

    FYSA: I received a confirmation, but never received the email with the actual credit attached. I called PrizeLogic’s customer service. They are currently reviewing the eligibility of submitted IMEI’s. There are still $50 credit available for individuals who entered their information; however, no ETA according to rep.

  • Sporttster

    Definately BS that this ‘until Jan 6th’ lasted ‘half a day on Nov 20th’. BS! Fking ridiculous…..didn’t even go one damn day!

  • TankerTuff

    Update: now website says since they ran out the offer is over. The whole “While supplies last.” came into play.

  • aimfire72

    Wow, they ran out in under 24 hours?? That’s BS… F off, Samsung!