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Motorola Offers $0 Down, Zero Interest Financing Options for Purchases

moto money

Motorola really wants you to buy their new products. And we’re not just talking phones here, it could be almost anything from accessories to Chromecasts to baby monitors from what we can tell. You can buy all of those things using their newly launched “Motorola money” initiative, or better put, a line of credit with Motorola that requires you to put $0 money down on purchases while seeing zero interest if paid off within 6, 12, or 18 months. 

They’ve entrusted Comenity Capital Bank to provide the lending, which if approved carries an APR 28.99% should you not pay your purchases back in full in those 6, 12, and 18 month slots. Things like phones or any other purchase over $549 will get you the full 18-month pay period. Purchases under will be subject to 6 or 12 month payment periods.

Obviously, you need to be approved by Comenity Capital Bank in order to participate, so that means a credit check. But hey, if you don’t have cash up front and want to buy all sorts of Motorola products, this is an option.

Via:  Motorola [FAQ]

Cheers Anish, Kit, Mike, and Rashad!

  • This is a great way to mitigate full price upgrade policies at carriers. Good move, Moto.

  • Danny Calderon

    They should of partnered with Bill me Later..

  • Colin Wolfson

    Well I went and applied, got approved for $2,000, and decided it was time to upgrade my Galaxy S3 to a Cardinals’ red Moto X. I designed it, upgraded it to 32gb, added a Chromecast to the purchase and was off to purchase. Then it asked me for my Moto Credit number. I looked through my 4 emails from them… no dice. Logged into my account and could see my $2,000 credit limit and last 4 digits of my account number but no full number anywhere. I called and was told they can’t give it to me over the phone and would mail it to me with my acceptance paperwork. I bitched and moaned about how stupid this was and went up to a supervisor who then told me… the same thing. No one could help me. As a result, I will probably just keep my Galaxy S3. I had $2,000 ready to spend with a wife that would probably like a new phone for Christmas too but… Now they can go to hell. I am not waiting 2 weeks.

    • B!

      Damn! It’s nice that you got approved for that but unfortunate that the process is as tedious as it is. I have the $500+ to spend on a Droid Maxx outright at Verizon but if I could get a Developer Edition for $649 & pay it off in a couple months I’ll definitely go that route. Just have to wait 10 days to see if I got approved.

      • Colin Wolfson

        I just wish I had known I needed to write the number down for the ONE screen it showed it on. As for your application, I could be wrong but I work in the financial industry and do loan applications all the time. Usually them telling you to wait 7-10 days for the decision via mail is the nice way of saying you were declined and they will be sending you the reason for the declination (which is required by law). Again, I hope they are doing it differently and wish you luck there but I would not get your hopes up.

        • Eric G Canoy

          so if you got the 7-10 notice, that pretty much means you are declined

    • Joel Street

      I’m in the same boat here. I’m approved and ready to purchase but I forgot to jot the number down. My $150 coupon expires tomorrow and I have no way to retrieve my account information, I must wait for the welcome letter which unless it arrives tomorrow won’t do me much good…

  • Raven

    Hmm, this may be my route to the Moto X dev edition on Verizon Unlimited that I want so bad. Now I just have to talk myself into being OK with the white back since I normally hate the look of white phones.

  • stabone

    I tried doing but it said 7-10 business days and I would get an answer back about the credit.

    • B!

      Same thing happened to me & I just got a new place & installed U Verse in there with no problems so I don’t understand. Trying to get my Droid Maxx this way instead of walking into VZW & dropping $500 plus tax.

    • stabone

      I’m reading that some people are getting that answer, yes or no, immediately. I’m confused.

      • B!


  • AbbyZFresh

    Bye Bye credit score.

  • Prodstick

    A credit hit for a cellphone purchase? Seems a little extreme.

  • hoosiercub88

    So.. when we get wood backs, I’ll be all over this.. for sure.

  • Eric Palmero

    Wow, this…..this is actually really cool.

  • Ordering off contract with the financing for my wife.

  • Ben

    Was thinking about a Moto X dev ed but the comenity page doesn’t load

  • Johngi

    Question, Will this be considered a revolving credit account?(eg. Walmart Credit Card) or is this a installment account? , (eg. Buying a piece a furniture)

    EDIT: I upvoted myself in hopes someone might know 😀

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Whatever ratchet bank Moto is using, their website is down. LOL! They should do it like Bose does. Much better way to buy something spur of the moment. No credit check and Janky websites. Just a larger up-front payment then twelve months same as cash.

  • Franswa

    Just an FYI I checked it out and don’t have really good credit at all and got approved for $500.

  • SpongeBobSquarePants

    So, what happens when you purchase a second-hand Moto phone from someone who’s failed to pay it off? Will the phone get blacklisted once the seller account goes into collections?

    • asten77

      Not in the US. Carriers hate consumers and refuse do do blacklisting, even for stolen devices.

      • SpongeBobSquarePants

        I’m on Verizon and they do blacklist a device if it’s reported stolen. I’ve read that other carriers don’t do it but can’t really comment. But people on Verizon do get burned buying second-hand phones that get blacklisted after the sale.
        Now that there’s a financial institution involved that loses money whenever someone stops paying for their financing … things might get ugly.

  • EC8CH

    I don’t want your credit Moto…

    I want your wood.

    • Pierito

      Your comment is extremely creepy…yet enjoyable.

  • htowngtr

    Yay, new lines of credit!

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    Id love to apply if the site would load… Tried in Chrome, IE & Mobile Phone… Says webpage is not available

    • Paul Quirk

      I’m having the same problem

  • akazerotime

    Dear Motorola,
    Please introduce a Motomaker 10.1 X tablet and I will consider using said “money”. If not well go home, you’re drunk.

    • Chris Hughes

      So you’re interested except you want a totally different product, delivered in a totally new way.

  • ddowner001

    That is a sweet deal. Grab that Developer Edition fast!

  • cgalyon

    Would rather see a price reduction to $350 (i.e., Nexus). That’d get me to go ahead and buy a Moro X. It got really close with the $50 discount

  • rehughe

    At 0% interest, even if you have the cash up front, you’d be stupid to spend it…

    • The only reason to pay full price is if you really don’t like having more and more bills to pay each month. While you could invest that money instead, for some people it’s nice to pay for it at once and forget about it.

    • Usty

      Except for the inquiry on your credit – which lowers your score while it’s still on there.

  • Larry Bublitz

    It’s like a loan from Grandma!

    • EC8CH

      your grandma’s a loan shark?

  • Jeremy Gentry

    they should just change the name of this blog to motorola-life.com 😀

    • Detonation

      Back to their roots like in 2009-10 when it was primarily a Verizon Droid blog and Moto was the only worthy OEM.

      • Jeremy Gentry

        LOL true, i still miss my droid 1 and all the freedom i had with it, my galaxy s4 is locked down tighter than miley cirus….oh wait

        • EC8CH

          droid 1?


          OG Droid

          • Jeremy Gentry

            thats what i meant, the Motorola Droid AE55 LOL shame on me for calling it the droid 1

          • 2Berad

            Shame on you for owning a S4… 😉

  • rthvk

    Anyone else crack up after seeing “Motorola Money?”

  • Kristoffer

    This is a pretty sweet deal! i’m tempted to get one, hurray for good credit! m/

    • Chris Hughes

      Opening an unsecured credit line for for 600 bucks for 18 months won’t help your credit…

      • Kristoffer

        As long at you aren’t late and pay it off within the time limit it’s all good baby, for my awesome credit score tells me so 😉

        • Chris Hughes

          Actually…having a short term unsecured credit hurts your credit score. Short term = less than 2 years. It doesn’t make logical sense. You’d think paying something off would be good for your credit.

          But banks see it as revolving accounts, not consistent payment history

          • Kristoffer

            in your case that may very well true, and good on you for keep good account of your own personal credit worthiness. But I assure you, your reasoning in my PERSONAL case are mis-guided, and I stand behind my proven ability to manage my finances……in short, the FICO don’t lie O_o

          • Chris Hughes

            I have a credit score well over 800. And I did credit checks for loans for a living.

            I’m just telling you the facts. Your credit score can still be good and have revolving credit. But it doesn’t help.

            I”m not commenting on your specific case. I know nothing about you. Just telling you how I (as a person who checked credit for a living) was informed how credit agencies calculate credit.

            Not trying to start an argument or say you should not do this deal. Just that revolving credit does not help. If it hurts is really dependent on you…

          • Justin W

            Right and wrong… Keeping your credit under 20% of your total revolving credit available is good, over 20% is not so good, over 30% is horrid. Keeping it under 20% is good, and paying as agreed each month is also good. Having a high revolving balance is bad, having late payments/underpayments is also bad. Having revolving accounts is not bad. Having credit checks to open revolving accounts is bad (that’s where you might get hit here).

          • Chris Hughes

            All I said is that it would Help…

  • JPfingsten

    Very easy to do. They credit check was instant, I had my phone ordered within 10 minutes of starting the process.

    • Greggys

      How did you order it, Moto site is asking for my account number, I’m approved but I can’t find my account number anywhere on the credit site.

      • David

        Same problem for me. I called the customer care number and they told me they can’t give account #s over the phone. All I can see is the last four digits of my account # on my homepage. Please help!

        • Teng Taing

          i signed up and instant approval, they give you the account number on the approval page.

          • David

            Crud. Somehow I missed that and can’t find it anywhere else.

          • Teng Taing

            even gave an option to print it. I believe they send you the stuff over the mail though.

        • Dwight Crane

          Same here… I didn’t realize my 1 and only time to capture the account # was on the approval page… now they are telling me I have to wait on Snail Mail to deliever.. WTF. why can’t they just email the # to which the account is registered… still stuck in 1999

  • George Fayad

    wow. better pay that off. or that 29% will kick you in the ass.

    still, kinda wish i would have waited and gone this route instead of jumping on a contract renewal when verizon’s site was letting you retain unlimited data. oh well.

    • You can still buy and sell new phones just like before. If you were going to get a new phone anyways, then Verizon basically just paid you $400 to get a 2 year contract. I’m more than happy to sign a contract to pay only $10/mo for unlimited data!

      • lilfleck

        What do you mean they paid you? Could you elaborate?

        • JoshGroff

          The subsidy, assuming you were planning on sticking with them anyway.

        • JoshGroff is correct. If you were already planning on getting a phone at full price to keep unlimited data, then using the glitch to pay the subsidized pricing is basically like Verizon paying you the difference to stay locked into your unlimited data plan for 2 more years.

          • lilfleck

            My plan price doesn’t change though if I choose to pay full retail price… so how are they paying me? Sorry, I must be missing something here.

          • Ok, so let’s say you were going to buy a Note 3 at full price, which is $700. Then you hear about this glitch, so you buy it through Verizon for $299 with a 2 year contract. That alone right there saved you the $400 in exchange for a 2 year contract.

          • lilfleck

            Ah, I see… not really a glitch now is it? Your plan includes a $10-20 subsidy in it already (which you, the consumer pays for each month). I am planning to depart from VZ. My other line is not eligible, so I will finance the Moto X and sell it in a year when the other line is due and switch…

    • JeffColorado

      You can’t pay $550 in 18 months? $30 a month is not a hefty bill.

      • michael arazan

        I’d rather give moto $600 for their phone than verizon anyday, I applied for this and told me to wait 7-10 days. Will buy one for my brother first since his GNex is crapping out on him with a screen that flickers. If I like it I’ll get myself one if nothing is announced by february.

  • Ben Murphy

    Credit check? Blames college.

  • sparty569

    This is very interesting. They are basically doing the same thing that the carriers, at least T-Mobile, are doing with paying for your device as your plan goes along.

    so you basically can get a new phone whenever you like, as long as you keep paying for it.

    A new phone every 6 months, selling then off to pay off Moto seems interesting to a lot of people I think.

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Have you guys heard anything about wood backs? Soon as those drop I plan on taking advantage of this offer…

    • maverik013

      Last I heard slated for holiday season, so give or take another 2-3 weeks before we see the lights on it.

  • Dan

    Broke down and bought the Galaxy Gear, updated it per. XDA and wow.. Just sayin

    • nopenope

      Thanks for your very relevant comment

  • T S

    i like that they’re doing this but you have to wonder is this even putting a dent in Samsungs profits? I mean, am i the only one that’s thinking this is the reason they’re being so aggressive with their recent promotions?

    • Jeremy Gentry

      i drank the samsung coolaid and regretting it. my bootloader is so locked down 🙁

    • PhillipCun

      It’ll take a few years to build the Moto brand. It doesn’t happen over night no matter how much better the product is than the competition or how much money you throw into marketing your product.

      First is awareness then comes adoption.

    • B!

      Motorola doesn’t care about putting a dent in Samsung’s pocket. THEY’RE MOTOROLA. They’ve been relevant since the 80’s. Samsung’s non-smartphones were terrible. They’ve only been a factor in the smartphone industry for 3 years. Yes, they’ve conquered that market in a short amount of time, but Motorola is not trying to catch Samsung. They’re just improving Motorola.

  • Jaxon Wright

    why can’t they just be like “Free motomaker moto x’s for the first 100 people to make one today”. i feel like that’s the only possible thing they can do next