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Verizon HTC One Receiving Mystery Update to Build 1.10.605.15

One UpdateOne Update

HTC One owners on Verizon are being prompted this afternoon to download an update to build 1.10.605.15, although there is still no official changelog posted as to what is in the update. What we do know is that it must be extremely minor, as the device without the new update, is on build 1.10.605.10. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say this is not the Android 4.3 update. 

As soon as a changelog is posted to VZW’s website or we have some idea as to what is new, we will update this post immediately.

Cheers Sat and Joe!

  • mike
    • Stephen

      Thanks Mike.

  • Hunter

    As a One owner on verizon, I don’t care about 4.3 anymore. The update was so minor that they should just stop wasting their time and go straight to kitkat

  • RBI411

    Probably frags rumrunner, but I suppose well see.

  • TopHat

    HTC just tweeted that this is a minor MR as a step for 4.3 – https://twitter.com/HTCUSA/status/402959972608139264

    • DERP

      WTF man. It’s been 6 weeks since the other HTC Ones received 4.3 and HTC said the VZW update would be delayed a month. Now it’s gonna be 2 months?!

      • Deathblossom

        Welcome to owning an HTC device, be lucky that you actually are getting an update in the first year of the device release. Some devices have only seen 1 update throughout there entire life of product coverage on htc, ask one x dna and rezound owners about how bad HTC is with updates,

        • Vidjunky

          I don’t think it’s all HTC, and in this case look some versions of HTC One have 4.3. It’s Verizon and other carriers. Big Red will be last though, count on it.

      • Jeremy Gentry

        you are whining about a 2 month delay do you know how long they delayed the ICS update for the thunderbolt. if i owned an HTC device i would be happy that i got something/anything….but never again

  • Blue Sun

    ISIS is part of the update package.

  • billybob

    They should change the title to “non moto x gets an update….but did we tell you we love the moto x.”

  • Darren David Brooke

    Hmmm… curious to see if this breaks the rumrunner S-OFF exploit.

    • Josh

      Looks like it… Mine just keeps rebooting and it says waiting for device over and over.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Verizon wants to repiair its past reputation as a poor update carrier. No surprise there.

    • Adrynalyne

      Except that they were the first out of any carrier to have 4.4 on a device.

      As I mentioned, I love me some Verizon bashing, but don’t cheapen the experience by bashing at the wrong time.

    • Chris

      They don’t care, They only care about making money off expensive phones with huge ass logos on then. 5-10Gb worth of bloatware and poor updates.

      • droidbeat

        In fairness, there is no Verizon logo on the front of the HTC One. Bravo!

  • Dave

    Insider secret: It’s Android 4.5 Lollipop.

    • possomcrast1

      I honestly can’t imagine Google pushing it to 4.5 without finally moving to 5.

      • Mitchman

        Gingerbread went to 2.3.7

  • p4

    i dug through it a little .. some changes were made to the camera/audio/encrytpion libs .. also a kernel/radio update as well

  • Adam

    When Nexus 7 is allowed on their network then we are in the twilight

  • raddacle

    You mean Android 4.4 update.

    • Vance McAlister

      No, 4.3. We are still on 4.2.2 and were promised the 4.3 update by the end of September, IIRC.

      • raddacle

        Right, I just remember them giving a 90 day promise for 4.4. Why would they release 4.3 only to shortly after release 4.4. Seems like a waste of time.

        • rdrizzle

          I wouldn’t mind forgoing 4.3 if we got 4.4 first (er after the Moto X I mean)

          • DaveTea

            I installed a 4.4 ROM on my VZW One a few days ago and its been amazingly solid, if you are unlocked you might want to check it out.

          • Guest

            which rom did you go with? cm11?

          • p4

            which rom did you install? cm11?

          • DaveTea
        • Vance McAlister

          I agree at this point. We are supposed to get 4.4 by the end of January, so I don’t see the point in a 4.3 release now.

  • muffnman

    Probably an ISIS update.

    • rdrizzle

      Just downloaded. No ISIS. Don’t know. Think radios, kernel updated.

    • DERP

      Yeah I was wondering if this was gonna fix the lack of ISIS support even though the last update was supposed to have added it.

      • DERP

        Nope. Nevermind. Still no ISIS