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Motorola 30% Off Accessory Sale is Live: Docks, Speakers, Cases, and More

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Forget all of the Black Friday ads that are starting to appear well ahead of next week’s shopping festivities – we’ve got deals to be had right now. Motorola is hosting a 30% off accessory sale, many of which work with your Moto X or DROID phone. 

We’re seeing SOL Republic headphones at what appear to be slight discounts, but once you move past those, you’ll start seeing red (and red is good). If accessories have a red box near them, you should be getting the full 30% off. Anything from car chargers to bluetooth speakers to cases to bluetooth headsets to docks like the Moto X PowerDock can all be had at pretty incredible prices.

Here are a few to consider:

The deals run from today through November 27, so you have some time to decide if any are right for you. Keep in mind that things also tend to sell out when they have prices slashed this heavily.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Reginald!

  • DJVin

    Wondering if anyone knew anything about the Moto X Car Dock. I can’t find it in stock ANYWHERE! I doubt that anything’s different than a month ago, but gotta ask.

  • TC Infantino

    Sweet! Just ordered the car dock for my Maxx. I have been waiting for the price to drop before buying. Now I can easily see the screen as my Slacker Radio is playing.

  • What’s the best case to get to prevent damage from dropping, but that doesn’t add that much bulk or weight?

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    Ahh the $50 credit they gave just got sweeter. Time to splurge and make the best of it.

  • kongo

    You can get the S11-Flex HD for the same discounted price on Amazon ($90). Great discount, Motorola. -_-

  • Malcolm Love

    I might get myself a Skip. The latest OTA added Skip support for the Droids right?

  • Trooper

    Geez not sure if the power dock is worth it? Figured, just ordered the Griffin Reveal case from Amazon over the weekend.

  • Gr8Ray



  • jt O’Brien

    Can I get the Moto X for 30% off? Off-contract pwease 🙂

  • scottshu13

    Anyone had any experience with the Power Support cases? That air jacket grip case for the moto x looks nice…

  • pyroflyx

    I just spent 40 minutes in a chat with Moto Representatives – no estimate when the Moto X docks would be back in stock…

    • Gr8Ray

      Ditto. They’re remarkably clueless about something that most retail stores can usually tell me about anything they sell.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    Might be a good time to purchase those Jax headphones since they’ve got Amazon beat currently.

    • Max Ervin

      Are the Jax headphones any good? I’m in the market for a new pair. I’ve been reading mixed reviews on Amazon though. And this also doesn’t say whether or not they’re the model with the 3-button control or not.

      • Reginald Jefferson

        From the pro reviews I’ve read they’re pretty good. The model sold on the Moto website are the 1-button control. The 3-button versions tend to only work on apple devices and some androids for full functionality. Also the mixed reviews on Amazon are due to people ordering the 3-button version then getting upset that all the buttons don’t work on they’re android phone when those versions are designed for apple music control.

        • Max Ervin

          Thanks! From everything I’ve read they sound like they have pretty good sound quality, although a little heavy on the bass. But lord knows I can’t find a pair of earbuds anywhere else for $20-$30 that doesn’t just sound…..tinny,

  • Lucky Armpit

    I got excited about the PowerDock for the Ultra/Maxx but was immediately let down when I saw it was portrait mode. Oh well, back to my foam stand.

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    Moto X docks have been out of stock since before the sale. Nice of them to discount them tho… /s

    • mike dunham

      Yea, tried to get one over the weekend and it kept going to an “oops” page. Then the next day the stock was gone. How fitting.

      • BlynkOfAnEye

        Dude I have been dealing with that G-ddamn OOPS page for days!!! and their support is totally clueless as to why it happens. Even for in-stock items…

        • Silver Veloz

          I’m getting the OOPS! page right now ordering items “in stock” ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

          • BlynkOfAnEye

            Silver, are you trying to use a $50 credit?

          • Silver Veloz

            Yes. I tried with the credit.

          • BlynkOfAnEye

            Did you get a fix? Four calls, two chats and now TWO $50 credits, and I still can’t place a freaking order.

          • Silver Veloz

            @BlynkOfAnEye:disqus – Just tried again right now. My items are still in my cart, but I still get the OOPS Page when I Proceed to purchase.

          • BlynkOfAnEye

            I believe I may have figured it out. Was your order subtotal BELOW $50? Mine was, so I added another item to bring it over $50, and it went through without a hitch. Either that, or it just randomly started working right after I decided to buy more stuff.

          • Silver Veloz

            Thank you @BlynkOfAnEye:disqus . That was it. I wanted to purchase the Auto Dock and the desk dock, but they were both out of stock. But I did need screen proctectors and a case, so that’s what I used it on. I hope mine doesn’t get cancelled. Why would it get cancelled.??

          • BlynkOfAnEye

            Got cancelled due to apparent issues with my address, which doesn’t even make sense cuz it’s the exact same address they shipped my Moto X to last week. Call and just asked them to give me a $50 gift card instead, took some convincing but they eventually did it. Let’s just hope it makes it to me now…

          • mike dunham

            Desk dock back in stock, purchased one a few minutes ago. I did not use my discount code so I am not sure if that will work.

    • TheDave1022

      I contacted them earlier and they said they have no ETA on when they will be in stock.