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Google Releases Sneak Peek Into Glass Development Kit


This afternoon, Google is giving third party developers a sneak peek at what to expect when the official GDK (Glass Development Kit) drops. Developers can already tinker and make basic apps for Google Glass, but once the GDK is made available, the quality of apps (as well as quantity) should skyrocket. 

The GDK will focus on three big categories – offline applications, real time services, and better access to the Glass hardware for developers. Once available, developers will be able to utilize the Card/Navigation area that Glass users are quite familiar with. As of right now, this area is a no-go for third party developers.

If you are a developer or Explorer for Glass, make sure to check out the video and be on the lookout for a few new apps that are available for download starting today through the MyGlass app on your Android device.

Via: Google


    Why is he using an APPLE Laptop!?!?!?

  • Disqus_n00b

    Raise your hand if you read “allthecooks” wrong -_-

    • calculatorwatch

      Coincidentally I’m planning on making a chat roulette app for Glass and I believe I just came up with a name for it 😛

  • calculatorwatch

    Wow this made me realize how cool traveling with Glass would be. Essentially making you able to read (and probably audibly translate) in foreign languages, plus having instant access to map information and snapping quick pictures/ videos. Not to mention it could easily pull in interesting information while sightseeing.

    It might not be worth buying one for, but I can see people renting one for it. Of course you’d also have to pay for the cellular service but still totally worth it

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wonder how much lower than $1500 they’ll go for consumer model… Either way… I want it. Day 1.

    • AbbyZFresh

      I saw someone walking into my local Apple Store with Glass and the employees were all excited to see an actual Explorer for the first time. Don’t worry he didn’t record any of us.

      The customers were more mixed, some were interested while others were wonder if he was a robot. lol

      • tripleR

        Thought the manager would of given him a court summons if you walked into an apple store with an android product

    • zurginator

      I suspect it will start at $400 minimum… They have quite the R&D budget to recover, after all.

      • deathblossom

        Wonder how much verizon is going to charge to teach people how to use their google glass models, if they even get them at all.