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Dropbox Updated for Android, Brings New Notification Feed and Sharing Options


The official Dropbox for Android app was updated this afternoon, bringing with it a couple of features worth noting. For starters, a fancy new notification feed has been added for quickly accessing recent activity on your account. Users can now also send photos and videos to contacts right through the app, which actually requires a new permission for users to grant. To top it off, a new payment option for Pro users has been added in, so you will also see a new permission request for the app to use your camera. 

Here is the full changelog, so go make sure to grab the update.

What’s New:

  • New notifications feed for quick access to recent activity
  • Send photos and videos to contacts (adds contacts permission)
  • New payment options for Pro (adds camera permission)

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  • Chris Choncek

    Love the product. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to backup files on any platform. Use my referral link to get it. https://db.tt/o4jsgcD

  • JohanV

    DropBox, Facebook, who else is going to look like ios7?

  • Chris

    Very nice update. Its amusing lots of people are clueless when it comes to app permissions. for the legit reasons I understand, but for other reasons its amusing when the permission is usefull or is needed for the app to function.

    • antinorm

      Permissions aren’t hard to disable anyway, even if you aren’t on a custom ROM. Xposed + App Settings (both free) is how I do it.

  • Ben D.

    I really just want the option to store large groups of files or whole folders to my local storage for offline use without favoriting 1,000 individual files…

    • jab416171

      Can’t you throw them all in a folder?

  • Michael Quinlan

    Send photos and videos to contacts. Sounds like something I can already do by sharing things to Gmail, or any number of other apps. This smells like just another needless invasion of my privacy.

    What payment options could possibly require camera access?

    • droidftw

      You privacy nuts are really starting to annoy me.

      • Michael Quinlan

        Okay, how about a needless, half-assed duplication of functionality? I tried this new “send to contact” “feature”. It sends an email from (in my case) Michael via Dropbox , with a subject of Michael Quinlan shared “AndroidApp.pdf” with you. Utterly useless:

    • Chris

      Not any diferent from sharing things from “any number of other apps”

      and the payment options are to upgrade to pro accounts

  • Tyler Casilio

    Are they gonna change the App’s design every update lol

    • Chris

      The design is the same. The icon got a make over. blue on white instead of White on blue.

  • KleenDroid