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Sprint and Best Buy Offers Students a Free Year of Talk and Text on New Contract


We have seen many of our readers here comment on how they are waiting for their Verizon contract to end to see what their options are going forward. All four major carriers are fighting over this customers just like you, and Sprint’s newest plan announced today is an example of that. The Now Network has teamed up with Best Buy to give students a whole free year of contract service. 

Starting today and running through January 4 of next year, students who qualify for this program can purchase a phone at the “Student Activation Price” with a small activation fee and walk out with a two year contract, one of which is free. This plan gives you unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data to use. If you need more than that, you can upgrade to unlimited data for $10 more per month when you start paying.

Sprint wants you to bring your friends as well. If you bring in contract referrals to your line, you will be given an additional 12 months of free service, so it sounds like if you refer one friend you get a 2 year contract without having to pay monthly fees.

Any students interested in this offer?

Via: Sprint

  • Trueblue711

    Sounds like a great deal. I think the only problem is that a majority of students aren’t the ones who pay their cell phone bill…

  • Manbearpig

    For every person that you refer you get an extra year of service free. If you convince one other person thats 2 years of service for $240 so $300 with tax unlimited. If you could afford the $700 for the phone its a decent deal. Plus LTE is slowly rolling out

  • mog386

    HAH! My College ID never expires. One good thing about my college is that we are always considered a student there, even as an alumni we keep our email address, our ID’s are always active. But no need for me to do this, sticking with VZW for the unlimited data.

    • Adrynalyne

      Must be UOP.

      • mog386

        Nope, UAT

    • Tim242

      Well do your math before you get too happy. 750 with taxes + activation – normal 220 with tax for subsidized cost = equivalent of $46/month for sh!tty sprint service.

  • best buy, more like worst buy

    Yeah, you might wanna clarify that the “student activation price” is basically full retail (and that doesn’t even include the “small activation fee”)

  • Shut up Donny

    It’s not a 2 year contract. You can cancel before 12 months is up. So it makes sense for the Nexus 5 since you can move on to a different carrier after the free period.

    • krudl3rx

      Yeah but you won’t get your sim from Sprint until 11 months into the free period.

      • dpopchopra

        lol wat?

        • krudl3rx

          I have a Play Store Nexus 5 and Sprint cannot get me a sim. Local stores don’t have them, customer service can’t ship them, and my order from international just sits there with no status.

      • CHRIS42060

        This made my brain hurt….

  • cg

    I’m a grad student and I’d qualify…

    However, no thank you. Sprint is just garbage, and so is this “deal.” $80 for unlimited everything? I never had a voice or text overage on my main lines…ever. The times I’ve came close? Just went to the Talkatone app and called it a day.

    Not leaving Verizon for this nonsense…

  • gotta pay full retail for the phone… 700

    say the phone is 200 on contract, they still have 500 they are squeezing outta you

    • Tim242

      Yep, over $40 per month.

  • rthvk

    1GB is plenty when the network’s too slow to use any data

  • Disqus_n00b

    The standard 2 year contract at $70 service and $199 phone is $1,879. In this case you are paying $1,439 total. So a $440 savings and you don’t have to pay for a year…good deal. They are hoping you will stay on the expensive contract when you graduate.

    • Except you have to pay $600+ up front for a new phone.

  • Tim242

    Students would be better off buying a Nexus 5 and going with the $30 T-Mobile plan.

    • Disqus_n00b

      Too busy oogling over $700 iPhones. Status > money for college kids who just signed onto 200k of debt.

  • mdrag2001

    Can you combine this with the 20% cash back deal that ISIS Wallet is offering?

  • inklenotrump

    blood in the water w/ T-Mo and all smaller contract free carriers gaining momentum.. gotta start the theatrics

  • Detonation

    “Student Activation Price” is basically full retail (if not higher):

    Don’t know how many students are going to have $500+ sitting around.

    • JustinD2473

      Rich Parents.

    • sdsd

      It’s actually discounted from full retail, albeit only a little

    • CHRIS42060

      Depends if they have a tablet, can rent their books from Amazon and have their student loan refund burning a hole in their pocket….. Hence default on student loans is so high.

  • darensdorff

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal…for students. What about us loyal sprint customers that have been with you for 10+ years. They took away the Silver and Gold perks (anyone remember those?) and haven’t really given anything back…

    • CHRIS42060

      You deserve a medal. I have been with Sprint for less than a year and I am suffering from their ridiculously slow data speeds.

      • darensdorff

        HAHAHAH!!!! Thanks!

        Sprint’s data does suck, no argument there. But they’re getting better and the 4G is rolling out pretty quickly (at least in areas that I travel). And in all honesty, I’ve invested sooooo much time and money into this company, I feel like I just HAVE to see the end result and where they end up in the future. It’s kinda like a waiting game, just waiting to see if they sink or swim (especially with all these “merger” rumors going around!)

        But thanks for the reply, it gave me a good laugh!

        • Cut ties with Sprint at the end of your next contract and go magenta! 😀

        • CHRIS42060

          I struggle with 4G here on a pretty regular basis as well. Two of the phones in my line are in Pennsylvania and I am in Michigan and all 3 of the lines frequently drop calls. When I contact Sprint about it they keep saying that they are “upgrading towers” in the areas. If they are doing that much upgrading then maybe the future does hold something pretty bright; however, I think its just a nice excuse.

    • Jason Brown

      I remember friends calling in to get minutes credited to their account for “dropped calls.” do they still offer that? lol

      • Quint

        I remember those days… it used to be $0.50 per call when I had them LOL… loved the $30 bills

  • Pierito

    That’s like a ballpark giving away half eaten hotdogs. Awesome for some, but most people want uneaten hotdogs. Or perhaps those big pretzels that they make….u know what…just pretend you didn’t read this.