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Qualcomm Toq Available December 2 for $349

qualcomm toq

This morning, Qualcomm announced that its smartwatch, dubbed the Toq, will be available December 2 at the starting price of $349.

For those not familiar with Qualcomm’s take on wearables, the Toq features a Mirasol display that allows the device to be seen easily in bright sunlight, but also last for days without a charge. The Toq has no buttons, shows information you need at a glance, is always ready for your interaction, can charge wirelessly, and probably does more useful tasks than the Samsung Galaxy Gear out of the box. 

With that said, talk about a risky price. The Galaxy Gear is $299 and is considered by almost everyone to be too expensive even with its camera and solid build quality. Since Qualcomm isn’t necessarily known for making consumer products, I’m not sure how the general public is going to react.

Anyone interested in the Toq for $349?

  • James Devenberg

    Qualcomm, making Samsung pricing look reasonable since 2013.
    I was genuinely interested in the Toq when it was announced. Certainly more interested than I was in the Gear. For one, I specifically want a smartwatch that does not have a camera. I work somewhere that security is imortant and we are specifically prohibited from having cameras at work, so any smartwatch with a camera is a non-starter for me. With a $350 price tag, it looks like I’ll be getting a Pebble or waiting to see what Google brings to the table.

  • Eric

    I thought this was the better of the smart watch’s. Still do but at that price it’s gonna fail.

  • alex drum

    I NEED HELP. My 2012 nexus still has yet to update. is there anyway I can force/pull the update besides system update “check now”. yes I know there is adb but It flat out won’t work on my computer me and my buddy (computer engineer) tried for hours and it just wont work (used his computer to root my phone but he is away now). so I was wondering if anyone knows another way to make it update? I know a while back with my Gnex you could clear the system cache or something and it would help to pull the update.

  • Ray Gray

    So I can buy a “smartwatch” at the same price I can buy a nexus 5… decisions bahhhaa

  • Tyler

    Waiting for Google watch which I’m guessing will be like Google glass just in watch form.

  • Radgatt

    Can we get a review for this watch like we got a review of the galaxy gear?

  • Guy Pierce

    Looks way better then Gear!

  • panicswhenubered

    Dat lagggg.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I would pay this price for the screen tech, days of battery, and comfort of not having to attach a brace to charge it. But am I interested? No. There’s no way to know the Knicks score at a glance or simple swipe.

  • This is such a disappointing price.

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    I had a Sony Live View (First Edition) that I got on eBay in a fire sale. It was $20 too much. I think I’ll skip the watch thing an try my hand at Glass. That looks amazing.

  • TheDrizzle

    I’m not interested in Smart Watches, but that is a sexy looking watch. If they drop the price I could see getting this as a gift for someone.

  • I can’t wait to not buy this!

    • JoshGroff

      I can literally feel the money NOT leaving my wallet!

      • DJ PHame

        I feel it not going anywhere!

    • Sirx

      Yeah, I’m basically like…

  • ice456789

    $349… can it play Crysis with 4x AA?

    • Maxim∑

      Anti Aliasing was turned off to save battery life but if you root you can re enable it and attach a nuclear battery

  • lgreg64


  • slpbird

    The price of smart phones cost more than laptops and all every does is complain about the price of a watch.

    • Adrynalyne

      And how useful is that watch that costs as much as a low end laptop vs a smartphone?

      • slpbird

        A $3k tag huer only tells time. The camera feature alone justifies the price no matter how stupid it may seem.

        • Adrynalyne

          At that point, it is jewelry. This is not.

          I mean, I could strap a TI-89 to my wrist. It tells time and has more uses. Does that make it a Tag, Rolex, Movado, etc?

          Ok then.

          • DoctorJB

            Here’s that calculator watch you wanted. It’s a Seiko! 😉

          • Adrynalyne


          • SA_NYC


        • slpbird

          Oops wrong watch lol

    • JoshGroff

      A computer that you can fit in your pocket is a bit more valuable than one you need a bag to carry around.

      • slpbird

        A smart phone can barely do half of what a laptop can do. So why cost more cause it fits in your pocket guess that justifies the price.

        • JoshGroff

          Portability, always on connectivity, high end small SOCs. Smaller tech is generally more expensive. Smartphone/Tablet > Laptop > Desktop.

      • cg

        I’m not typing a term paper on either a smartphone or a tablet. The tablet has to be one of those Surface deals where I have the convenience of a tablet, but the productivity of a laptop.

        I do get what you’re saying, Josh, but phones and tablets (without a PHYSICAL keyboard) aren’t (YET) in productivity land; those are consumption devices.

        • Adrynalyne

          But you COULD if you needed to.

          You also cannot make calls with your laptop (I’m sure some genius will mention VoIP), nor do you have an all day (or more) battery life.

          Your argument has merit, and that is where MS is going with the Surface. Of course, for real productivity, you need the Pro, which costs slightly more than your smartphone, and a lot more than a tablet.

          • cg

            With all due respect, Adrynalyne, there is no scenario where I would NEED to type a 10 page paper for grad school on a tablet or phone. Even if I included a BT keyboard and one of those dictation apps…such a scenario does not exist. I’m going to need AND want a laptop/desktop where my wrists/eyes are comfortable.

            But JoshGroff and Adrynalyne, we can make counter-arguments all day and still make each other’s points; however, my point is that while a smartphone is essentially a computer in one’s pocket (and it is…especially the higher end ones like a Note 3, G2, etc.) those phones are not going to replace a laptop for productivity purposes anymore than a laptop would replace a phone (VOIP or no.) I could use either device for either purpose, but most people aren’t going to; most people are wayyy to busy for that. If I have to start getting into BT keyboards and such, I’ll just deal with an appropriate device, as would most folks (and Adryn, for my line of work, it would be a Surface Pro…I need native Office and RDP, which RT doesn’t provide… 🙂 )

          • Adrynalyne

            With all due respect, you completely misunderstood what I said.

          • cg

            I don’t see how…I could use a tablet and smartphone (as a productivity device) if I needed to…and I answered why I wouldn’t.

          • Adrynalyne

            But nobody asked why you wouldn’t or if you would. All we said is, you have the ability to do so. That you choose not to is irrelevant. Hence, smartphones are capable, despite your personal desires. No smart watch can do these things or anywhere close to them. There are things the smartphone can do that the laptop cannot. There is nothing a smartwatch can do that either cannot (except waste money).

          • cg

            Many things are capable, despite and in spite of one’s personal desires; that doesn’t mean that using them in that manner is a good idea. In the case of a smart watch, it will notify me if I have a phone call, text message, can take crappy pictures without me taking the phone out of the holster/pocket. Would I buy one? NO!

            What I choose to do/not do IS relevant if I’m the target demographic being marketed to (and I am) so in spite of how you feel about my feedback or not, really doesn’t matter if it is relevant to you. We do agree 100% that a smart watch is a waste of money though.

        • JoshGroff

          Almost all tablets have the option of using a bluetooth keyboard, same for phones, but who wants to type a term paper using a sub 10″ screen? Either way, I’d definitely say a 15-17″ laptop is much preferred, especially one with a num pad.

  • fauxshizzl

    I am not going to even take a second glance at these until I see what Google has up their sleeve for a smart watch.

  • ArrowCool

    Kellen, this is an early post for you. Is it safe to say you’re back on the “clock”?

  • cg

    Unless Omega or Tag Heuer comes out with one…I’ll pass. Yes I’ll be paying a lot more, but at least my watch will look a lot more stylish than many of these smartwatches and I won’t look like a complete dweeb wearing one.

    • Ryan Stewart

      That is my feeling. I want the APIs to exist for regular watch-makers to integrate some of this functionality into their watches. Then you could get a nice watch with the added ability of notifications/etc.

  • Maxim∑

    Ha 349$….

  • Anthony Tyson

    Hears the millions of complaints about the Galaxy Gear pricing. Prices own smart watch higher….insert scumbag Qualcomm meme here.

  • HitokiriX

    Ummmm no.

    • jamillmpu569

      The price of smart phones cost more than laptops and all every does is complain about the price of a watch.

  • michael arazan

    I heard one of the new watches actually has a stand alone music player inside that was coming out. I think it might have been the smartwatch 2, hopefully they will design these to be taken where you won’t want to take your phone, especially during rigorous physical activities

    • Wyatt Neal

      I think that’s really going to have to be the kicker. I’d like to see the watch basically be a way better version of my garmin running watch; keep music on it, connect to my head phones, keep track of gps and be associated weather / condition tough. Basically, I just want something with a less crappy interface than what garmin has 🙂

      • BSweetness

        Motorola was ahead of the curve, releasing a device with all of that a while back with the MotoACTV. I absolutely love mine.

        • King Lo

          Even though I been through 3 of them, Id buy another in a heartbeat. Nothing compares to it.

          • BSweetness

            What kind of problems did you have? I’ve had mine for a year and a half or so and haven’t encountered any issues. It’s been nothing but pure awesomeness.

          • King Lo

            1st one was a screen issue that was replaced by Moto. Second one wouldn’t hold a charge after I ran in the rain (had a loose usb cover) again Moto replaced. The third one came apart when I was trying to take it out of the wrist accessory had to pay for that one since I was outside warranty. I’m still hoping that there is a MotoActv 2 in the works.

    • BSweetness


  • Jimmy Dean


  • ben

    how are they charging this much?? i just got a sony smart watch 2 for £100 (a very good quality bit of kit) so why is this over twice the price? they’re crazy, if this actually works well with music and sports apps id consider £150 but this is too high

    • droidftw

      The battery lasts for 5 days with the screen on 100% of the time. Its display is viewable in direct sunlight. That’s why the price is justified.

      • ben

        Erm, same for the Sony so keep thinking genius!

        • droidftw

          Nope. The sobt snartwatch turns its screen off to save battery life or it would die in like 6 hours.

          • ben

            Nope! i own one, it turns the backlight off but the display works the same as mirasol, on 100% of the time & i can read the time even in a dimly lit room without the backlight on!…..any more incorrect suggestions?

          • droidftw

            I’m going off of reviews I have read. They claimed it dies in 6 hours with the screen on all the time. 5 days vs 6 hours is a massive difference.

          • ben

            feel free to post links to those reviews so i can correct them, the screen cant be turned off on the sony and it easily lasts 5 days, sure your not confusing it with the pos that is the samsung galaxy smartwatch? because everyone knows that only lasts a day

          • John Galt

            I’d like to suggest that smartwatches have no purpose. However, that’s a correct suggestion, so I have failed. However, by posting a correct suggestion when you’ve requested an incorrect suggestion, I have fulfilled your request, so I have succeeded.

          • ben

            Well correct and incorrect so good try champ, smartwatches have no purpose for people who have no use for them but for people that do have a use for them there is indeed a purpose 🙂