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Limited Edition OUYA in White With 16GB Now on Sale for $129.99


OUYA, an Android game console powered by a Tegra 3 quad-core processor which launched in June of this year, is making headlines for the first time since its release, thanks to a new limited edition White model. The only difference users will see besides the exterior paint is the addition of twice the internal storage available, now at 16GB instead of 8GB found on the black model. 

The new coat of white paint and the doubling of storage only costs an extra $30, bringing the console up to a price of $129.99.

With a show of hands, who here is rocking an OUYA at home?


  • Rob

    Bought one a long time ago, played it for less than an hour, and then packaged it back up and sold it on eBay. I have a SHIELD, it costs 3x more, but it does a thousand times more stuff.

  • Anthony Saylor

    I really regret backing this on kickstarter. I have played it maybe 5 times since I got it

  • duke69111

    That’s a clunky looking controller.

    • poop

      Get one and you’ll be in for a surprise 😉

    • Anthony Saylor

      hands down worst controller i have ever used. it just feels so cheap.

  • b00sted

    I have not found a better XBMC box for 100 bucks.. show me one and shut me up. 🙂

  • Dave Whyte

    Bought one was super excited about emulators on it. Played about two weeks now it sits in my spare bedroom collecting dust….

    • b00sted

      buy it from ya 😉 save me from having to nab one for fleabay or the store for xbmc for the bedroom 🙂

      • Dave Whyte

        I would but that is essentially what it is in the spare room for. No cable box in that room so when someone stays over they have access to the movies on my computer. Thank you for the offer though!

  • Daniel_Weber

    *raises hand* got one through their kickstarter campaign. It pretty sweet for a quick play every once and while

  • MistaButters

    Dreamcast anybody?

  • djdsf

    WHy would anyone want one is beyond me. Just get a nexus 7 on the cheap and you can take the games with you rather than being tied to a TV.

  • nooberrific

    Ouya 2 tegra 5 2gn ram 32gb storage 149.99

    • poop

      By the time that happens the Tegra 5 will have been a year old and 4GB RAM will have become the norm, as well as at least 64GB of storage. Sorry, buddy, but $150 on that once Tegra 5 releases is not happening.

  • Ian


    • Pierito

      *Raises hand embarrassingly*