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HTC One Max Now Available From Sprint, Priced at $149.99 With New Contract

htc one max official2

HTC’s massive phablet – the One Max – is now on sale over at Sprint. The device is starting at $149.99 on a two year agreement, but can also be purchased off contract for just $599.99. The One Max is an extremely large device, featuring a whopping 5.9″ Full HD display, a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor (the same that is in the One), 2GB of RAM, an UltraPixel back-side shooter, 4G LTE, BoomSound, Fingerprint Scanner, and a 3300mAh battery. 

The specs aren’t bad by any means, but you have to realize that this device has a bigger form factor than a Galaxy Note 3, which is rather large. If you can hang with that fitting inside of your pocket, then you will be good to go.

Are you looking to pick this device up on any carrier? If so, let us know what your draw to it is.

Via: Sprint

  • Tim242

    Only $150 if you port a number, and only online. Otherwise it is $250.

  • Flat_Stanley

    It’s official, I have no clue how carriers come up with their on-contract pricing.

    • Tim242

      It’s actually $249.99

  • Tim242

    It’s 249.99

  • Cael

    HTC One Tab Mini…all this is.

  • zachos

    How is it that we are able to say, with a straight face, “just $599” when talking about a phone, yet we start balking at tablet prices when they start approaching $400?

    • Ian

      Cellular radios + certification are not cheap.

      • Adrynalyne

        Google has accomplished it, twice.

        • Ian

          Google is amazing, plus they don’t need to profit on hardware.

          • Adrynalyne

            Unsold hardware due to price doesn’t exactly profit either.

          • Ian

            Yea but there are countless other factors at play in that scenario.

      • zachos

        Good point – I was only really considering the cost of the hardware (the cellular chip/radio). Do you know what the approx cost is to have a single cellular device certified (I know this can vary a lot (depending on the individual device and carrier), but I wasn’t able to find to much info on it)?

  • George

    Don’t forget that this phone is one of the first to support Sprints Spark 4g LTE network, which is capable of reaching 100mbps!

    • Uh, what? Tons of phones support Sprint’s LTE network…

      • Tim242

        Sprint Spark LTE

    • Tim242

      Not yet…it will actually leave those people without any LTE at all.

    • Adrynalyne

      Leave it to Sprint to bring out something new while ignoring a full rollout to all their customers for previous tech.

      They did this with WIMAX, and now they are doing it with LTE.

    • George
  • Dominick White

    I wish htc would put batteries this size in all their phones

    • richard dillon

      the butterfly s has it 3200mah

  • Jeff McLean

    I’d actually consider it if the current s-off method works on it …

    • richard dillon

      it does work and we have s off

  • ckj

    I saw a lot of other sites saying $249. 149 seems more plausible but that’s the first time I’ve seen that price.

  • rutgersjaffo

    I know it’s completely unrelated, but has anyone seen this? Because I pretty much feel like it’s the greatest thing ever and I am totally buying one for me and one for the wife. Thoughts? https://onlycoin.com/

    • Ian

      Google Wallet > Coin

      • rutgersjaffo

        Upon what would you base this opinion? Coin actually allows me to put ALL of my cards, debit or credit, store credit card or whatever, onto one single device which I can them use as I see fit, completely eliminating my need to carry anything other than my phone and one single card. Google Wallet? Not so much. I have to slide the money from my existing bank account into the Wallet and then use what I put in there, effectively making it a debit card in my phone which I have to constantly refresh and which is limited by what is in it at any given moment and still requiring me to carry an actual physical wallet full of cards too. Sorry, but Coin is a fantastic idea if it works as claimed and it is a completely different beast. In my opinion, it smokes Wallet and makes it useless for me. Why use Wallet, where I have to always slide money into the Wallet account and can’t link it with credit cards, when I could just use coin and have ALL of my cards in one convenient spot?

        • Ian

          I have my two bank debit cards and a credit card in GW….not sure what you mean by “slide money into GW”.

          GW does everything coin does plus provides PIN authentication and requires no physical cards. Only possible downside is that GW works via NFC opposed to a mag strip.

          Plus most “rewards” cards have bar codes and no mag strips, GW or similar virtual wallets can display bar codes on screen for scanning.

          Additionally on the security aspect, GW can be remotely wiped/managed. Coin might be able to tell you when its out of range but if its gets lost/stolen, they have ALL of your cards and all you can do is go about cancelling/locking all of them.

    • Adrynalyne

      My thoughts are that as a hacker, I’d hit it. All your cards are belong to us and I only need that one device. 😉

      • rutgersjaffo

        And how are you going to “hack” something which is sitting in my pocket and which is not connected to the internet in any way, shape, or form? Unlike Wallet, which would allow you to instantly get into my bank account were you to compromise it. Did you even watch the video?

        • Adrynalyne

          Are you looking for opinions, or do you plan on attacking whenever someone replies to you?

          You asked for thoughts.

          Terminals get hacked all the time, bro. I had my card stolen from one, and nobody ever took it out of my pocket either!

          • Ian

            rutgers, Adrynalyne,

            If it were a terminal hack, they’d probably only get the card you had the coin set to. It looks to cycle through physically emulating any cards you have loaded.

            If they stole coin from you, shopping spree! If they stole your phone, they’d have to guess the PIN before you could remote wipe it.

          • Adrynalyne

            Hackers are pretty resourceful. Not sure I’d risk it either way.

          • rutgersjaffo

            I agree about the stealing of the card and the terminal hack. And of course Wallet would also be subject to the same thing as far as a terminal hack, I would think.

          • rutgersjaffo

            Wasn’t griping, was just asking how exactly you were going to accomplish this impressive feat of hackery.

          • Adrynalyne

            I never said I was a hacker, but the fact is terminal hacks are a dime a dozen. Whats to stop a more complex one?

            You already conceded to admitting terminal hacks might be an issue. So why you are calling this an impressive feat is beyond me.

          • Ian

            Q: What stops a more complex hack? A: Complexity

            Bottom line is that if the terminal is compromised, no matter what you have in your pocket will be vulnerable.

            If you are talking about the item in your pocket a PIN enabled phone wallet is more secure than a carousel card.

          • Adrynalyne

            Complexity doesn’t stop a hack, it slows it down.

            Yes, whatever in my pocket is vulnerable for said hacks, but that doesn’t mean I want all my eggs in one basket on a single card to be pillaged.

          • Ian

            I guess stops is somewhat of a bad descriptor. It deters. For example, multi-layer authentication, if a single authentication layer were sufficient to prevent malicious entry we would need just that. However, multiple layers of authentication are used to increase the complexity of the exploit necessary to crack such systems thus deterring and in effect stopping a hack.

          • rutgersjaffo

            Actually, yes you did. You said “As a hacker, I’d hit it.” that’s a pretty clear statement that you personally are a hacker. It is what it is. Just saying. It’s all good, dude. You’ve raised some salient points, no doubt. I like this thing though if for no other reason than the fact that I can hand it to my wife or son or whatever and send them to get whatever I need at any time, without having to give them my phone to take with them and without having to carry all of my cards with me. I’ll probably be getting one of these.

          • Adrynalyne

            Considering I am not hitting it, I am obviously not a hacker. One statement depends on another. I was playing devil’s advocate.

    • Pakmann2k

      Not really wild about paying for something to access my money. I am happy to use Google Wallet because A. It is free, B. It is a side feature of something I am carrying around anyway, and C. I trust Google. For my other financial needs, I am perfectly happy carrying around my bank card and a credit card. I have to carry my license anyway, it’s not like the two cards next to it are bulging my wallet ‘Costanza style.’ If you have 7 credit cards that you need to consolidate into a bluetooth card because they are crowding your wallet, maybe it’s time to start prioritizing your finances, not buying more gizmos. (not you personally Rutgers, just anyone) Where I would like to see something like this work are for myloyalty and membership cards. The barcodes on these phones never scan right and I would love to have a programmable strip to put all my loyalty cards on to. For that, I would pay about $1 for an app and another $1/yr for new cards.

      Thats my thought.

      • rutgersjaffo

        Point taken. With regard to the multiple cards things, you have to remember that many people, myself included, have the credit rating to get multiple cards which are good enough to use in place of cash all month just so we get the rewards that come along with doing so. I then pay mine off in full every billing cycle. It’s pretty sweet and it pays for things like trips, etc. And many people, myself included, often also have cards to places like JCP and Lowe’s and Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. that we like to have on hand if we are out and about with the wife for dinner or some such thing and want to go shopping, you know? For myself, I have I think nine cards plus my debit card from my bank, so carrying them all and my license and my phone does kind of suck. That being the case, consolidating them all into one card would be pretty sweet for me. But to each his own and I have gotten some good food for thought here, so thanks much all.

  • GE918

    Naw, my Note 3 satisfies all of my phablet needs.

  • Michael Coneby

    No built in stylus, horrible camera, old processor compared to the galaxy note 3.. What is the point of this phone?

    • Ian

      At $150.. it is half the price on contract of the note 3. Expect compromises.

      • Adrynalyne

        There are compromises on every front though, sans build quality. They could have afforded 99 on contract. To me that makes more sense.

        • How does a phone like the One Max with it’s superior build quality deserve to only be $99, while the Note 3 with it’s plastic and fake leather build materials deserve to cost $299? Are you saying a few pieces of software and a plastic pen warrant $200 more?

          • Tim242

            I guess you don’t realize that it’s built like the One Mini, not the One Proper : /

          • Adrynalyne

            S800 > S600
            3GB > 2GB
            Stylus support > None
            SD support > None

            Even the camera is better on the Note 3.

            What exactly warrants it to have that price tag, especially since its actually 100 more than what DL reports? How long has the HTC One been out?

            Does a metal unibody and all these aging specs warrant it to be that price? This isn’t the Moto X, where the hardware was specifically designed for optimization.

          • hkklife

            Sense is vastly superior to Touchwiz so that’s worth something. Secondly, the One Max DOES have a microSD slot.

            Stylus support is endlessly debatable. Personally, I never use mine and would rather not have one to deal with (along with the additional software bloat that comes with pen support).

          • Adrynalyne

            Sense is worth exactly what Touchwiz is:


            Fair enough on the sd card slot. Of course, you conveniently glossed over all the others. Nothing on the other specs are debatable.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Plain and simple the HTC ONE MAX is a sad conclusion NOTHING on the level of the Galaxy Note 3. Not even for FREE would i want this device it offers NOTHING but a large screen. The Galaxy Note 3 embarrasses this handset so bad it’s really comical.

          • squiddy20

            Just because you wouldn’t want the One Max, “not even for free”, doesn’t mean others would too. Don’t be such a baby thinking everything’s about you.

          • jamie

            What is comical is how stupid you are. What the hell is comical about a phone that has better build quality and the camera on the galaxy is no better than the one maxes I know because my phone has the same camera as the maxes and I have compared them side by side. It is all about what you like and me personally I would go with the one over the note3 any day. The phones are basically identical.

      • Tim242

        It’s actually $250. DL has the price wrong.

  • Zach B.