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Friday App Sales: Paper Artist, Neon Shadow, Super Hexagon, and More

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It’s Friday, so let’s take a look at what apps are on sale through Google Play to take us into the weekend. For the gamers here, you can grab Super Hexagon (an awesome game) for just $1, as well as Neon Shadow for only $2. For those of you that fancy yourself an artist, you can pick up the popular Paper Artist app for $1, and musicians can grab Tunable for only $2.

There are a few solid deals, so check out the full list below. 

Friday app sales:

Go support the hungry developers!

  • Ray Gray

    I get to pick a couple for free thanks to Google

    • Eric

      I only got one of those surveys. Kinda lame if you ask me. Hope I get more.

      • Ray Gray

        Surveys are probably location based

        • Eric

          That sucks, I will get none then. lol

          • Ray Gray

            You live in the country? I have had 4 surveys

          • Big_EZ

            I haven’t even had one. I live in the US, and in a capital city.

          • Eric

            Yes, Minnesota

          • Christopher Kroupa

            I live in a nowhere town, an hour away from any big cities, I’ve gotten three surveys and $1.50 total so far.

          • Eric

            I live 30 mins away from Minneapolis and only one.

      • avs

        I have received 3 so far…

      • jboogie1289

        I’ve gotten up to $4.00 now. Just building up till I see something I want….to pay for with my Google bucks. Nice!

        • Eric

          Keep rubbing it in….lol