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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 16 Answers


This past Monday, we asked you to submit your questions for Volume 16 of the Droid Life Q&A Sessions. We received an overwhelming amount of comments, so we took a few of the good ones and had our team answer them. Next week during the DL Show, we will take a few more questions and answer those live as well. So, if you don’t see your question down below, keep your head up.

This week it seems to be all about the Nexus 5 vs. the Moto X. It’s a good question, and each device has its ups and downs. And naturally, with Christmas coming up, folks want to know what we have on our wish list. Let’s get to it! 

As a reminder – T is Tim, R is Ron and E is Eric.

Nexus 5 or Moto X? Why?

T:  Sorry, Nexus, but think I’d have to go for the Moto X. The Moto X has a much more consistent battery experience, and even though the camera is still not very good on Moto devices, I could get used to it. The Nexus 5 is all over the place in terms of battery and camera, and those are the two big factors for me. Kit Kat isn’t such a big deal at this point, since we know it’s coming extremely soon to the X. So, in short, Moto X. Plus, it’s so damn sexy with that dimple.

R:  I personally like the look of the X more, especially since you can customize it. If you’re on a career that let’s you use a Nexus and you’re debating between the two the only questions are: do you like the look of one over the other and do you care about the specs? If you’re even considering the X then you probably don’t care about specs, so it’s all about the look of the phone (and maybe some of Moto’s custom software).

E:  Moto X just because I already own one and will own it for the next 2 years! Just kidding. If I had to put a mobile device on my christmas list it would be the Nexus 5. I don’t need to root or ROM my Moto X to make it run better like you used to have to do with almost all Android phones. That’s why I want the N5, for doing developer flashing, booting and having fun with Android without having to worry about ruining my phone.

Now that you are on the Nexus 5, what do you miss most about the Moto X?

T:  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wish the Nexus 5 had an Active Display and Touchless Control. I miss the Active Display by far more than any other feature though. It’s perfect.

nexus 5 google

If you had to choose a Verizon phone, which would it be?

T:  If I seriously had to choose just one, I’d probably opt for the LG G2. It’s a beasty device, with awesome performance, a superior camera experience, great battery life, and the display is stunning. The G2 is a good phone.

R:  If I were getting a new Android phone on Verizon I would pick the Moto X. Second choice would be the One, then the S4.

E:  I know the “Moto X Money” joke is getting pretty old, but why wouldn’t you get the Moto X at this point? It’s either $99 or $49 dollars and you have MotoMaker now which is one of the coolest things to happen to mobile in a long time. The only thing you could still be waiting for are those wood backs.

What is on your Christmas wish list for the year?

T:  A case of Great White from Lost Coast Brewery and a gift card to Burger King. Do work, Whopper!

R:  I have a lot of wants, but nothing I can afford. I’m very happy with what I have right now. If money were not an issue I would probably enjoy getting a ton of comics on Comixology the most. There’s a lot of new Batman for me to catch up on.

E:  Let’s see here. FitBit Force, Pacers ticket packages, Gunnar computer glasses (staring at screens all day is quite taxing on my eyes), a new Chrome bag, Moto X Dock, NBA 2K14, Madden 25 and Battlefield 4. There’s some other stuff, but those are the highlights.

What are the first five apps you install on Android devices?

T:  Instagram, Snapchat, Candy Crush, Twitter, and Google Voice.

R:  Nova, Tweetings, Tumblr, Instagram, and Evernote.

E:  Twitter, Cerberus theft protection, Doodle Jump, Instagram, and SwiftKey.

As time has passed, which OEM do you prefer the most?

T:  That’s a good question, but I will have to go with Motorola – “A Google Company.” Moto has been turning things around for themselves since the acquisition, and I love that. They show a lot of promise, and I truly feel that we will see some great products coming from them in the near future.

R:  That’s a tough decision. I’ve been an HTC fan for a long time, but I don’t know how long they’ll last. Gun to my head, I like Motorola’s latest design stuff the most.

E:  It’s hard to pick just one because they each do something different so well. We all have history with Motorola and the Moto X is just awesome, but the HTC One is a great phone and Samsung did a (half) decent job with the G-Nex, so I gotta respect them as well. Don’t make me choose! (Editor’s Note: Clearly he won’t be receiving a check from Moto this month. LOL)

motorola logo

Do you think you think we will ever see a Moto Nexus device?

T:  I think 2014 could be the year of the Motorola Nexus. We’ve had two from Samsung, two from LG, so now it’s either HTC or Moto’s turn to step it up and show what they can offer. If the 2014 flagship from Motorola is incredible, I think the chances of it being turned into a Nexus are quite good. But of course, nothing is confirmed.

R:  I think it’s possible, but unnecessary. The X is pretty close to a Nexus. I think we’ll continue to see similar work from Motorola, so it makes more sense for Google to avoid suspicion by choosing a company they own for Nexus.

E:  Probably not. As much as we’d all love it, Google seems pretty adamant about their “firewall” between official Google and Motorola so that they don’t play favorites.

Do you see curved displays being mainstream and marketable?

T:  Marketable, of course. Mainstream? Meh, not quite yet. Until companies can actually prove a point to consumers that they are necessary and valuable to everyday use, I don’t see many users needing/wanting them. I mean, we aren’t really seeing anything of true value coming from them. So far, it’s just a d*** measuring contest between Samsung and LG.

R:  Anything is possible. I think curves displays are still more about aesthetics at this point. Maybe if an OEM finds a compelling reason for them then they might become mainstream, but I also thought giant phones were ridiculous and look at the market now.

E:  Not really. It seems like the latest feature that companies could slap together into a mobile device to make it new and different, then try and push some units out of the door. The “healing” backplate of the G Flex however is definitely something that I would love to see in more phones going forward. Or at least research into that stuff.

What do you think of Marshall Mathers LP2?

T:  It’s definitely a step in the right direction for old school Eminem fans. He is bringing some of that violent behavior back, but he’s just not the same as he once was. I’m sorry, but until you take Rihanna off of your singles, I don’t care about it. That’s just me, though.

What would you rather be – a famous actor, singer, or writer?

T:  Oh, a famous singer/rockstar all day everyday. I like to party hard.

R:  I’ve done a little of everything in the past. I really don’t want fame as much as I want to put out products that are well made, be that writing, acting, or singing. The biggest section of my free time right now goes to leading my church in worship on Sundays, so I guess you could say being a good worship leader is what I would rather be if I had to chose one vocation.

E:  I already am a famous writer and you all are my loving readers.

  • Pat Leck

    I don’t have a nexus but I want all the information possible before I try to get one. http://68e1509c.theseforums.com


    Lost Coast Great White ALL DAY!!! Love that beer

  • This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  • LG G2 is the most UNDERRATED phone out right now. Especially for power users, its perfect. Moto X is great for newbies or people that don’t want to tinker. But for us power users still on Verizon, LG G2 hands down fellas.

    • JoeTi

      I wouldn’t call the g2 underrated. I think it is Verizon’s top of the line alternative to most other top phones. It looks like it beats the Nexus 5 in many categories where the Nexus 5 fall short. It is hard to beat that price when comparing it to the Motorola/HTC offerings. I’m a Maxx user and that was the runner up for my dollars. Still, it has some importan things over it in terms of screen an d camera. So for that matter, I think you have a lot of general interest and appeal as a top phone. But I agree, when you compare it to the galaxy s4 (most sold), I would consider it under rated. Its a step above the s4.

      • Just doesn’t seem like it gets much love…

  • Richard Giordano

    nice to see droid life liking the new Motorola . Go moto

  • Ronald Bernard

    I have to say that as much as I wanted to have a Nexus device again. I really am not disappointed with my Moto x. I love active display and use touch less control like its going out of style. The only thing I am disappointed about is that the phone dropped in price so quickly so I kinda screwed myself in a way. But I did keep my unlimited data. Still have an upgrade on the mother in laws line so I can still use that if I decide to customize another X. Really would like to have the 32GB version as well.

  • cheezer88

    Where is Kellen?

    • michael arazan

      The NSA was getting to close to him, he had to drop off the map for a while.

      • Rex7

        I heard he used is moto X and nexus 5 at the same time and opened the ultimate easter egg, a temporal wormhole. Hopefully when he comes back he’ll have some awesome devices from the future to show off

  • Droid4Life

    Can someone tell me if they believe the Moto X is the better pick against the G2 and why. I have been agonizing with the decision. I originally had the G2 ordered but had to cancel because Verizon wouldn’t give it to me at sale price even though I had my ordered confirmed at sale price. All input appreciated. (Coming from a G-Nex)

    • G2 is really great

    • JoeTi

      I came from the GNex. I know the form factor is different, but I went with the Droid Maxx. All the benefits of the Moto X, but twice the battery. It’s a sweet phone and I love it.. I would push the Moto X on most people considering the customization though. G2 was my runner up. No looking back.

  • By the way, now that so many of us have Nexus 5’s (or some other inductance-charging phone), could you guys do a write up on your favorite wireless chargers? It would be nice to hear your personal experience with a bunch of them and hear what you recommend. Thanks!

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  • Chase Chick

    I agonized over N5 and Moto X, but once I saw the $49 Verizon deal (and talked verizon rep out of their retarded upgrade fee by threatening to leave) it was a done deal. Waiting for mine to arrive!

  • SplashMTN

    I really want to want the Nexus 5, and I did in the beginning, but the battery life and camera are concerns for me. I don’t doubt that the Nexus 5 can take adequate pictures, but seeing what the G2 can do makes this a very tough choice. Plus coming from a Gnex and an OG Razr before that I’ve totally had it with battery issues.

    EDIT: My Verizon contract is up in 10 days so I’m trying to make the choice ASAP. I’m definitely NOT sticking with Verizon, but any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

    • Chase Chick

      If you can talk VZW out of their upgrade fee, the Moto X at $49 is a tough deal to pass up!

      • SplashMTN

        I’m not sticking with Verizon either way. If I get the G2 I’ll be heading to AT&T, If I get the Nexus 5 I’ll be heading to AIO.

        • Eric

          Get the G2, awesome phone.

        • Chase Chick

          Why AT&T over VZW? If I was going to leave VZW it would be for off contract and N5. No way would I leave for anything other than that. I’ve had all other carrier except Sprint, and VZW service if superior. Every time I call I get someone who a) isn’t in India or the Phillipines, and b) doesn’t have some ghetto dialect and acts like they are pissed that they had to answer the phone. That’s big in my book.

          • SplashMTN

            That may be big for you, but if I stay on Verizon that means not getting a nexus phone. At least if I go with AT&T I can use a nexus 5 while still on contract. Also AT&T has better coverage where I live and where I travel a lot. I’m not saying I’m going to purchase as Nexus 5 after I get a G2, but if I do I wasn’t too be able to use it without breaking my contact.

    • Al-Burrit0

      The G2 camera is hard to ignore, so was the nexus; but i went with the moto x on AT&T. So far awesome phone and great service. I don’t have much of an option here in AZ its either verizon or att. Att was my choice because it has hspa to back up its service unlike Verizon. In my area I only get hspa if I had gone with Verizon I’d be stuck on 3G!!

      • SplashMTN

        I think the Moto X is a solid device, I just really like the screen and the screen size on the G2. I’ve had a crappy camera on every smartphone I’ve had (OG Droid, OG Razr, Galaxy Nexus) so I’d really like a solid performer. If I could get the Moto X software (minus the camera) on the G2 it’d be perfect, but I guess I can always throw cyanogenmod on the G2.

        I’d like to say that I don’t care about specs too, but that’s just not true.

        • Al-Burrit0

          The g2 is great phone as well I really am jealous of that camera though 😛 Glad your leaving Verizon we left after they screw us over twice.

          • SplashMTN

            I’m really starting to lean to the G2. I figure if I get on AT&T I can always pick up a Nexus 5 next year when/if they do a price drop or I can pick up a Nexus 6 or whatever they’re going to call it.

          • Al-Burrit0

            Yea that’s good plus like you said you want a solid performer and what I seen reviews from the N5 its all over the place with battery and the camera is not great.

        • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

          Just got the G2 on VZ for free with a mail in rebate (found a great sales rep who let me walk him through keeping my unlimited data 😉 ) & I’ve just been blown away. I’m coming from a GNex as many of us are, so maybe that’s not saying a lot… But getting to my point – i was really attracted to the Moto X for a variety of reasons (was also going to jump ship to the N5 w/ a pre-paid service if i couldn’t keep my unlimited)… But the G2 is just such a gorgeous beast i couldn’t resist… But i HAVE to be able to root, ROM, & mod my device to my heart’s content… Which is no issue with the G2 at all, in fact it feels like a Nexus with a battery that i just CAN’T kill.. AWESOME dev community with some amazing ROMs… that have everything from PIE to Halo… to Moto’s Active Display ;)… & more. Just do it. You’ll be in love 🙂

          • how u keep unlimited data?!!?

          • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

            All thanks to the wonderful folks here at DL. Option #2 in their guide to upgrading on VZW without losing unlimited. Transferred an upgrade I’d been holding on to to a regular feature phone line with no data, activating it on that line, reactivating the flip phone which removes the data fees, reactivated the phone on my line &…. winning. Until they just up & take it away from all of us for good that is. Also, like i said i found a really chill sales rep who was happy to let me walk him through the whole process step by step. Could’ve done it all online but i work in retail & wanted someone to get commission. He definitely got chewed out for ding it when he had to call tech support for something though.. but that comes with the territory so far as I’m concerned lol

      • Rich Robinson

        G2 is an amazing phone! Battery life is perfect, camera is best available on Android, great screen size, and speed is very fast with the Snapdragon 800. Vzn customer & I couldn’t be happier running 4G on this monster!

    • Jon

      I say get a Samsung device like the S4 or Note 3. Load up the new Google Experience Launcher, and it will feel a lot like Kit Kat. You’ll have a great camera that way, and swappable batteries, plus SD card slot.

      • SplashMTN

        Samsung phones do have great cameras, but I’m a big fan of on screen buttons and the SD/removable battery would be nice, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

      • BSweetness

        Solid cameras, removable batteries, and microSD card slots are the three main things that keep making me return to Samsung devices. Those are three things I use extensively with a phone.

        And, if someone wants all of that plus a nearly 100% stock experience, there’s always the Google Play Edition S4. It’s expensive, but worth it if you’re looking for the best of nearly everything.

    • get the G2 off contract for 450

  • Eric

    I like my G2. The Moto X is great but G2 for me. I feel like the Moto X is kinda a last year phone.

    • Al-Burrit0

      Nope the X is Awesome. I was worried about buying it as well, but so Far I don’t regret it. 🙂

    • I just played with a G2 yesterday. Jesus, I dont test a lot of phones in person but I am a fanatic for them, but the G2 IS the fastest phone I have tried.

      • Eric

        yeah, the second i saw it in person I was sold on it.

    • Jem

      My g2 has been off the charger since 7:30 am. I still have 54% left and it’s been nearing 14 hours. Yesterday…err more…I got 25 hours out of one charge. Seriously the best thing that’s happened for me ever in phones.

      • Eric

        Yes the battery life is great!

    • G2. respect.

  • Colin Huber

    How dare you do that to Rihanna, Tim.

    • Adrynalyne

      Leave Rihanna alone!

      • Jeremy Gentry

        You are lucky she even performed for you!!

        • Adrynalyne

          You spying on me through my bedroom window???

  • rthvk

    Eric had some sweet answers this time around, especially the last one 🙂

    Glad I got one of mine in – but aww, no Kellen to respond in favor of the N5!

    • Yeah, it’s a bummer he wasn’t able to get his answers in. He’s a busy dude this week! I can pretty assure you he would agree with everything I said, though. We have discussed that each of us are going back to the Moto X once Kit Kat becomes available.

      • rthvk

        It’s got to be the Moto checks.

        No other explanation for this! 😛

        • Have you ever paid for upkeep on a Ferrari? It ain’t cheap! 😛

          • rthvk

            You had enough Moto money to buy a Ferrari? Dang man! 🙂

          • In my dreams… 🙁

      • fartbubbler

        gut feel/ prediction on when VZW will get 4.4 on the X ?

        • By the end of January is my prediction.

          • Pedro

            Which year?

      • Sean Elliott

        I gotta wonder then, if the N5 had Active Display and Touchless or maybe just Active Display, would you choose it over the X?

      • Droidzilla

        How are you all getting such inconsistent battery life on your N5s? Mine did the usual thing Android phones do the first couple of days (up, down, up, down) due to location services finding their stride, but after that it’s been smooth sailing. With ART enabled and location settings tweaked a bit (basically GPS only), my battery life has been insanely good given the battery size and screen size.

    • BaconEater

      He just had a Kellen Jr. So he’ll be busy for a while to come.

  • chris125

    Wow a non nexus device being wanted more than a nexus. Oh how the times are a changing.

    • aye_winchell

      its not that surprising though, people love stock devices, and the moto x is pretty much stock, after stock they want value added, which i think the moto x nailed, without it bordering on bloatware, like i think some of the other skins do, i dont think this would still be the case if the nexus had touchless and active display though, as we power user still prefer the openness of the nexus line. a moto neXus w/ customization would be game over man, game over…

      • chris125

        No “tech geeks” are the ones who want stock. If everyone wanted stock we wouldn’t have all these skinned devices and nexus devices would be top sellers. Most have no idea what “stock” is. If everyone truly wanted stock android the galaxy nexus would have sold like crazy which we all know isn’t the case

        • Adrynalyne

          My wife isn’t a tech geek and likes stock better than Sense or Touchwiz.

          The words, “speak for yourself” comes to mind….

          • Al-Burrit0

            Yup my mom really likes my moto x and it is not even customized! My dad has the htc one x and she says it was more complicated then mine. She is an iPhone user though :/

        • aye_winchell

          Not trying to be a dick, but dude, you comment on people that run a tech geek site wanting a non nexus device over a nexus device, which i agree is a change from the past, but is not surprising given theirs and my own preferences (as i’m one of those “tech geeks”) and what the moto x bring to the table. WE have preferred stock and openness because we needed it to get the experience WE wanted, with the moto x we don’t necessarily need openness (although i still prefer it i understand that if the experience isn’t good it might not be needed, i still like it in principle).

          • Pedro

            I’ve read this three times, and still not sure what you’re saying.

        • Chase Chick

          This is like saying building your own custom computer isn’t as good because not as many people do it. Sure most people buy the crappy OEM jobs, but if you want the real deal you gotta be a man and put it together yourself. Much better deal too.

          Same thing with phones, most people are going to buy what is getting advertised the most on TV, visa vie, the civies aren’t going to know much about the nexus devices. And what does Google care? They don’t want to sell 10 million of them anyway because then that would be more work for them on a device they aren’t even making money on.