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Acer Announces C720-2848 Chromebook, Pre-orders Start at $199

Acer C720

A new Chromebook is soon to hit Amazon, made by Acer and based on their already-impressive C720 offering. The newly-announced $199 C720-2848 is almost identical to the $250 C720, but Acer decided to cut this model’s RAM offering in half from 4GB to just 2GB. Both models feature identical 11.6″ 1366 x 768 displays, as well as the same Intel Haswell Celeron processor.

If you only have $199 to put towards a Chromebook, and you can’t stretch to $249 for the full C720 with 4GB of RAM, then this new model isn’t all that bad.

Pre-order. ($199.99)

Via: Google

Cheers Rithvik!

  • question

    anyone thing its worth it to upgrade from the 11.6in samsung chromebook to this? everything looks the same except for the processor. the samsung is actually thinner

  • Flat_Stanley

    Note the HP Chromebook 11 is no longer even listed on the main Google page; however, the still-not-officially-released HP Chromebook 14 is.


    • Theo

      It’s not listed anymore because they had a problem with the charger and HP suspended the sales

  • Blue Sun

    I’m really wondering if I should have gotten the Acer C720 instead of the HP 11. Having one less power brick to lug around is really nice. But is it worth the performance hit & $25-75 hit on the pocket?

    • s25

      Is the performance hit noticeable? Currently deciding between the two myself

  • Alan Paone

    The battery life on a haswell celeron must be ridiculous

  • Johngi

    WAIT, when did they announce the HP 14! Its either that one or this C720 for me.

    • Cowboydroid

      I was highly disappointed in seeing that the HP 14 still has the ancient 1366×768 resolution.

      When are they going to bury that dead horse?

      • Alan Paone

        On an 11″ display that isn’t too bad. Acceptable even, so long as the panel is decent quality. For $200 what more do you want?

        • Cowboydroid

          This is a 14 inch display. That’s terrible. 112 pixels per inch.

          I’d gladly pay $400 for a Chromebook with a high-res display. But there isn’t one. There’s only the $200 models, and the Pixel, which starts at a whopping $1300.

  • jmsbwmn

    The C720 is the only Chromebook I would even consider buying. I’ll double my RAM for $50, thank you.

    • EC8CH


      “All the variations of the Haswell Celeron models performed excellent and almost identical to each other, regardless of manufacturer or whether or not the model had 2 or 4 GB of RAM. I was a “little” surprised with this but not “shocked” at all, as the Haswell processor and the addition of zRAM to Chrome OS seem to be perfectly capable of taking care of almost anything thrown at it.”

  • I have the C720 and it is worth every damn penny! I have actually gotten a couple of co-workers obsessed with my Chromebook, and now they want this one. The crappy thing is how hard they are to get. Why is availability so scarce?

    • Maybe they’re selling like hotcakes!

      • EC8CH

        I know I got one 🙂

        Best deal since the Chromecast came out.

    • jdomann

      Same here! It took 2 weeks to ship, but totally worth it! My coworker had an older HP chromebook and I liked it, but god it felt slow to me. Probably because I use about 10-15~ extensions. Once I got the C720, no problems!
      Plus, if you want to use chrubuntu, it’ll be much more stable on the C720 since it’s running an x86 processor 😀

    • S25

      Try in Canada. I have tried giving an arm, leg, kidney to no avail