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Verizon and Motorola Slash $50 Off MotoMaker Moto X for Limited Time

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I hate to keep telling you that you are a genius for waiting to buy the Moto X, but at this point, you really are starting to look like one. From the beginning, many of you held off from buying the black or white woven versions that were sold directly through carriers as you waited for MotoMaker customizations to leave their exclusivity on AT&T. Bold move, but smart. Then once they did arrive elsewhere, we saw prices mostly drop across the board by $100, to $99 on-contract and $499 off.

Today, another $50 has been slashed off of the Verizon version for a limited time. From today (November 14) through November 18, Big Red customers can pickup the 16GB version for $49.99 or the 32GB version for $99, both on-contract of course.

Not a bad deal for a phone that was made specifically for you at no extra cost. Couple the price discount with a potential Android 4.4 update in the coming weeks (soak test already incoming) and you have a tough decision to make when choosing your next phone.

The discount is applied during checkout; no code is required.

Via:  MotoMaker

Cheers Shayne and Baldypal!

  • scottshu13

    Does anyone know if this works when you go to best buy to get a motomaker pin? Got a $100 BB gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and I want to ditch my gnex

    • eaadams

      Can you buy MotoMaker Pins at Best Buy?

  • papajorgio

    I may or may not have received $50 from VZW and $50 from Moto….

  • Jason B

    So, today was a good day: got a $50 Visa gift card from Moto for buying it on 11/11 after talking to a rep, and there was a box waiting for me at the front door that was delivered yesterday (wasn’t home). Yep, it was my custom Moto X. Wee!

  • Kenny Hopkins

    OK I have to get some input here. I have a galaxy nexus with unlimited data and leaving Verizon is not an option at this point. Should I jump on this deal or wait another couple of months to see what is coming down the pipe? Not sure what is coming next. I was hoping I would be able to grab a nexus 5 but Verizon played the villain again. So what say you?

    • gooner13

      Kinda in the same boat as you. I’m due for my upgrade on 12/2. I’m jumping on the X for both my wife and myself. I learned a long time ago not to wait for the “next big thing”. You will always be waiting. Unless you had a legitimate release date for say the Moto X2 or something like that, then just jump on whatever phone you like at the moment. Or, if nothing really jumps at you, just wait. As soon as you buy the latest and greatest, a new latest and greatest will be out within a month. X looks like an amazing phone at an amazing price, with great support as shown with the Kit Kat update.

  • Gsxr

    Thankfully I check DL religiously. Ordered my custom X on the 11th..got here for the 13th, saw this posted and gave them a call. $50 visa gift card coming within 4 weeks.

  • Justin

    It’s really tempting to buy this phone with the discount… Any news on the wood backs?


      Still stalling…..

  • cobalt27

    When I called, I was also able to get the $50 Visa gift card. If they give you only the $50 accessory option, ask for other options and they should give you the gift card one. I had initially tried the online chat but they only gave me the $50 accessory option.

  • Bruce

    I guess there’s no way you can do the alternate upgrade through the Motomaker site?

  • Dan

    Spoke to a Moto rep today about the $549.99 price today when it was $499.99 yesterday. Apparently the $50 discount promotion does not apply to off-contract phones. I didn’t see any fine print anywhere, but it must be somewhere. However, Moto can only apply the discount to all Verizon purchases the way they have their system set up so they increased the base price of the phone to offset the discount.

    The only thing the rep could do was to offer a $50 credit to accessories as a substitute, but I don’t need anything other than the phone. I really like Moto and it’s future, but may stick to Samsung for the time being. Verizon may get the boot come Dec when my contract is up as well.

  • Bruce

    Poor Motorola….only 500,000 units of Moto X sold so far….
    They had good ideas, but didn’t execute them right.

  • David Chu

    so they raised the price by $50 and are offering $50 off. What a scam. And now they aren’t giving the little clip for free anymore either. What BS. I should have just ordered last night like I intended on.

  • Jeffrey Huber

    Ordered mine yesterday…. Was Able to get a $50 Visa Gift card though. Works for me.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I am trying to order this phone on moto maker.
    I have some issues.
    First, i went to the login with google account and I didn’t keep in mind that i am on my girlfriend’s laptop. So now at the the top it has associated her google account and won’t let me log out.
    I guess I can get on my Nexus 7 and try again from scratch using my Google account…
    This oversight really makes me question motorola from the get go.
    The other problem i have is when selecting the line, it pops up and says something about share everything and if the line has unlimited data it will lose it.
    I am doing the upgrade on my father’s line… not on my line, which does have unlimited.. the plan is to get the phone and switch it over to mine and keep unlimited..
    Will this process force all three lines on my plan into Share Everything? Because I DO NOT want that.
    And finally, when you go forward, it asks for activation. and mentions it will run a credit check? As if im a first time VZW customer..
    It says activations done through best buy ??? WTF I thought you activate the device once you receive it..????

    This just seems like a no go for me

  • Raven

    Anyone else notice that Motorola would rather you not say anything about Droids on your Moto X?


      But you are able use “Android”…Weird

      • Raven

        Yup, it can contain Droid such as anDroid, but it cannot start with Droid such as DroidLife.

        • IWANWOOD

          Tried TheDroid and would not work either. Clever Girl…..

          • Raven

            Hmm, yes, I guess they blocked droid, then excluded android because android works, but mandroid does not.
            What is even funnier is looking at the strings in the page:
            mo.jsmsgs[‘configurator.error.engraving.profanity’] = “We’d rather you not say that. How about another try?”;
            Apparently they consider “droid” to be profanity.

          • IWANWOOD
    • Blue Sun

      Did you try “Verizon Sucks”?

      • Raven

        That works just fine, lol.

  • Norsedakotan

    Has anyone had luck ordering one on a business account? Spoke to our rep and her response was “according to all launch docs this is retail only”. Really Verizon?? I can’t order a 32GB model for business use? Lame!

    • eaadams

      Our rep tried to send us white ones. I told them don’t send me anything unless I can do motomaker. Have not gotten a satisfactory response.

      • Norsedakotan

        I found out that you can go IN STORE and purchase a PIN on your business plan to order via Motomaker. I did actually go into the local store and confirm this. I ended up getting an LG G2 last week, but I think I may return it. It’s got some great features and the hardware is great as well, but the size and the skin I’m struggling with. I think I am just too used to stock (or close to stock) Android after coming from the GNex on Shiny ROM.

  • rjg978

    No wood, No deal

  • VZW honored this and gave me $50 credit for both Moto Xs that I ordered on Monday. $100 credit in my bill now.

  • Higher_Ground

    not that i’m in the market for a new phone, but I’d still hold out for the wood version 🙂

  • LoganLopez

    Just ordered mine 🙂 Arrives Tuesday!

  • Kelly

    How many of you are waiting for the wood backs?



      • Kelly

        Sitting here wondering if it will be worth the wait. Have until monday to make the decision.

        • IWANWOOD

          Given that they are completely refusing to answer any questions about it I would assume that they are still having problems with the manufacturing process and it wont come till next year or next version or that it will be available this week and they want to keep it an annoying surprise.

    • Vigilarus

      You could apply a wood veneer, or worse, a wood-pattern print shelfpaper

  • John Clausen

    I’m fine with my standard black one. I love the carbon-fibery look

  • Renjamin

    Verizon increasing the off-contract price to nullify this discount is deplorable. Solidifies leaving them on 12/15.

  • carluverdrm2004

    So I ordered my custom Moto X through Motomaker on Monday, but there wasn’t an option to choose a data plan. I lost unlimited data and got zero data. Going to Verizon today to fix it. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

    • spideme

      Please give an update on this, I went through the checkout and noticed it didn’t say anything about loosing unlimited data. Let me know if Verizon is letting you keep unlimited or making you switch!

      • Bruce

        If you went through the Motomaker, it does say that you will lose the unlimited data plan if you upgrade at the bottom of the plan selection page, just above the “next” button.

      • Silver Veloz

        I checked my account twice yesterday and again today. My account still says unlimited data. I keep watching it to see if it changes to a data plan. I selected the “keep existing plan” also. If it was going to change to a data plan, it never game an option for how much data I wanted on my account. I will continue to watch my account to see if unlimited goes away.

        • spideme

          Thanks for the info! Hopefully you get to keep it, I might try that if it works out for you!

      • Jason B

        Once you enter the device IMEI and SIM numbers in your account for activation (they don’t change it automatically since you’re ordering through MotoMaker), it’ll say that the device is no longer compatible with your current plan and give you the usual data options. It’ll default to 2GB since that’s an equivalent price to the previous unlimited plan.

        That won’t happen if you bought it full retail.

    • Lunkman

      Also ordered Monday, only option on Motomaker was “keep existing plan”- which is currently unlimited- I’m certainly curious to see what happens.

      • carluverdrm2004

        Well this is what I have now…. before going to Verizon to fix it. I’ll update later tonight.

        • spideme

          This showed up for me when trying to add, so it doesnt look like it will work for me 🙁

          • Silver Veloz

            Exactly what mine showed, but nothing has changed on my account yet. It still shows unlimited data. Who knows maybe it will catch up to me and change. Did it give you an option of how much data you wanted on the account for the upgrade?

          • spideme

            No, I was too scared to go any further and risk messing it up, haha.

          • carluverdrm2004

            Yeah, I’m now at 2 gb. And that’s fine. Haha.

  • yeah wtf!?! why does it cost more base now!?!

  • Jeremy Wray

    I took advantage of the Verizon system glitch a couple months ago so while I was not able to do Moto Maker I’m still happy with my white one seeing as I got it for $140 and got to keep my unlimited data.

  • Ian Smith

    when will we have sales figures available on the X? curious how it’s doing

    • LoganLopez

      Saw an article somewhere saying they were up to 500K in phones sold. Not doing well but i have a feeling with Moto Maker coming to verizon, the numbers should shoot up somewhat.

  • Sam

    Bought yesterday, paid $49.99 w/ VZWDEAL promo code. Called and they credited me w/ $49.99. So paid only $30 upgrade fee. They also mentioned I could have done this anytime within 14 days of the purchase.

    • magnimus1

      How do you use VZWDEAL for the Motomaker option? I understand how you can use it for Black or white….but not the motomaker version

      • Sam

        Sorry, wasn’t for the Motomaker version. Just got the woven black directly from the VZW site. Sounds like a got a nice rep too. Others are reporting they just got VISA cards.

        • magnimus1

          Thank you

  • Motorockinit

    So prices go down as a product gets older… I will have to make a note and see if this genius observation continues…

    On a serious note, as a Droid MAXX owner I have to say that the new Moto phones and features (Active notifications, hands free control) are some of the most helpful features I have seen in a while.

  • kevintufts

    FYI with VZWDEAL the black and white ones are now free through verizonwireless.

    • Walter Partlo

      This is a great deal. Since the fronts are either black or white anyway, get one of these, and spend $10 at dbrand.com customizing it.

  • EC8CH



      Yep. Want.

  • Tim Swann

    I’m kicking myself for not buying the white one at Amazon for $199 off contract when they had the system error.

    • Jeremy Wray

      I think you are confused with the LG G2…..

      • EC8CH

        no he’s not

      • Tim Swann

        Nope I’m not….I screenshotted it too and tweeted it to DL

        apparently the GS4 got knocked to $300 off contract too, but I missed that one

        • Jeremy Wray

          Hmm I missed that one, I never even heard of it.

          I guess they must have been changing prices that day on Verizon phones and someone messed up.

          • Tim Swann

            I actually called AMZ and tried to see if they would give me the black one at that price, but by that time they were already listing all the phones that had price glitches as Unavailable.

            The rep was like “there is a crazy panic here with the sudden influx of off contract orders”. They didn’t know what was going on.

  • MikeSaver

    Already bought, received, and am enjoying mine, but I bought off contract anyway to keep unlimited.

    My girlfriend would definitely hope on this though if only those damn wood backs were out already.

  • rslh

    Oh how I wish Google Play Store would offer the phone in addition to the Nexus 5.

  • JD

    Anyone else experience the “credit check” screen on MotoMaker when you are upgrading and signing a new contract?

    • MaddHatterr

      Yea that’s part of the process. Dumb IMO. Was a little disappointed they didn’t offer PayPal option or add onto my VZW bill.

    • NastyEmu

      Yeah, that happened to my wife last night. She put off ordering so I could research it a little today. Glad she has more patience than me, she saved us $50.
      She chatted with Verizon support about it last night and they told her it was to “verify her account”, which is BS. They already verify it by having you log in and then you have to put in the last 4 digits of your SSN before you even get to the credit check page.

  • NYS

    Just the other day i thought the price was 499 without the $50 off, but there was a coupon code THANKYOU10 for 10% off… these guys are doing it wrong.

  • Dan DeMagistris

    I just called their customer service as well seeing I ordered the phone Monday and received it yesterday, they offered me the $50 store credit or a $50 visa card. I went with the store credit because I want the dock.

  • morgan boyle

    but when will we get WOOD!

  • kevintufts

    Has anybody been able to do an upgrade transfer to keep unlimited and use motomaker? I tried calling and in-store, no one at verizon wanted to help me, there must be a loop hole.

    • Walter Partlo

      Go into a store and transfer the upgrade and use it to get a motomaker pin. Then use the pun in the motomaker site. Hopefully this will cost $50 too.

      • kevintufts

        At my store they were unwilling to do that or were lying as they were adamant that I would lose my unlimited data if I did that.

        • Walter Partlo

          They were either lying or ignorant. Hard telling w/ VZW. Just get a woven back model and put a DBrand skin on it. 😉

          You could always have them do it, and if your unlimited goes away, just return the phone too.

          • josh

            transferring an upgrading forces both lines to accept new pricing. they weren’t lying.

          • josh


          • Walter Partlo

            Except for it doesn’t. I have a third line that I use to keep my 2 smartphone lines on unlimited. There has a been a whole post here about this.

          • Dean

            So is there no way around this then… has Verizon officially won?

            I was planning on doing the ol’ switcheroo when the wood varieties become available.

          • Walter Partlo

            It has worked fine for me and countless others in the past. Don’t lose heart.

          • Walter Partlo

            No, it doesn’t.

    • forthelulz

      I did it through motomaker. It allowed me to keep my dinosaur plan. (twice, did it once for both my lines.)

      • JoYu


        Transferred from line 1 to line 2 then
        Purchase on line 2?

  • my92agsr


    • MaddHatterr

      See mine/Ryan Powell’s comments bellow

    • Adam Truelove

      Call them, they should give you a credit or something. If not, threaten to cancel your account.

  • Robert Willis

    We already know that they are not selling well. Now they are enticing people with bigger discounts. How about some better specs and maybe more people would have bought them. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess Moto. Goes to show you can’t charge premium prices for mid-range phone.

    • Larry Wei

      1. the moto x hardly performs midrange
      2. apple has already shown the world you can charge premium prices for a midrange phone

    • sr_erick

      Time for you to actually use one. It’s by far the best Android experience I’ve ever had – came from a Note 2.

    • Bryan

      I just got my Moto X yesterday, and I can already tell you, this is an amazing phone.
      It’s everything the original Galaxy Nexus should have been. Fast, great looking screen, stock Android and some awesome features in touchless control, flick to camera, and active display.
      I can now see why everyone that has actually used one raves about it.
      I suspect the not selling well part is because their advertising has been pretty sparse and the AT&T exclusive on moto maker. Now that it’s available for everyone, let’s see how it does over the holidays.

      • chaoslimits

        Agreed. Seeing and using the Moto X are experiences that are worlds apart. Motorola nailed it. I would find it difficult to even go back to stock Android (former GNex user).

      • Larizard

        dat camera doe…

    • Rick Lopez

      i keep hearing all the dorks scream about specs. My wife has the HTC one and I cant see the difference. This is such a tired argument. Time to move on because the Moto X kicks ass.

    • jak_341

      BGR had a report saying this phone is considered by both Google and Moto to be a failure. The numbers quoted as sold were less than < 500,000. Plus Google investors are continually questioning the Moto acquisition. Moto can't compete in the upper tier, as Apple and Samsung have the market cornered. The mid tier is a mess, with HTC, Moto, Samsung, LG, Sony, and lots more. The low end market is also a mess, but with little profit.

      Moto is in deep trouble.

  • Nathan Cude

    I ordered this phone on Verizon yesterday through MotoMaker. I just called Motorola customer service (1-800-734-5870) and asked them about this discount. They offered me either a $50 gift card to the Motorola store or a $50 Visa gift card to be received in 4-6 weeks. I took the Visa card. Sucks it is going to take so long, but good on Moto for honoring this deal.

    • Jacob Sconyers

      I ordered two off contract phones Tuesday. Just called, no arguments or anything, two $50 Visa gift cards on the way.

    • Silver Veloz

      Thanks for the info. I just got $50 gift card to Motorola store. I needed to buy accessories anyway, so this is cool. They were very nice at the number you gave above. Don’t we just love communities like this that help each other out. Thanks Motorola.

    • I followed the advice of the above commenters, and I was rewarded with the same option–$50 Moto Credit or $50 Prepaid Gift Card. I opted for the latter. I can wait 4-6 weeks for something that saves me a little extra cheese on the purchase of this phone. Glad to see that my early adopter status on Monday was not as painful as it can sometimes be.

  • Tom Luley

    Off contract for the 16GB was being shown as $540 WITH the discount applied…How does that make any sense? The post says its $499 off contract, I am not seeing that anywhere? It is showing on Motomaker for the 16GB it’s $549 off contract.

    • zmancbr

      You have to checkout for the $50 credit to post. So instead of the phone being $499 like it was days ago, its not $549 with a $50 off coupon. Or in other words the same effing thing…

  • Ryan Powell

    This upset me considering I bought the phone on Monday. Missing out on the 10% off code was a bummer but $50 off is horrible four days after purchase. I chatted with a Moto rep this morning and they are emailing me a $50 motorola online store credit. I suggest anyone that purchased at launch like myself do the same. Worth the effort.

    • Molly Housel

      Same thing happened to me, thanks for the advice!

      • Nathan Cude

        Aww beat me to it.

    • Nathan Cude

      The offered me a $50 Visa gift card, but I ordered mine yesterday.

    • Booyah

      Good on Moto to offer you something for it.

      • Ryan Powell

        I felt the same way. Reassures me that I purchased from the right company. At least on Motorola’s end, not Verizon’s.

    • runner30

      Stupid question, but the price is through Motorola and not Verizon….so calll Motorola?

      • Curtis

        Yes. Go here: http://goo.gl/4o8SHD and chat with a rep. As long as you purchased through Motorola the rep should give you the $50 credit.

        I purchased back in September through Verizonwireless.com and asked if I could still join the promo, he couldn’t do it, but was very helpful in checking.

        • Linda

          Thanks for the info Curtis, I hit your link, chatted with the rep and I have a $50.00 visa card on the way. Plus I got my phone today, I am glad I stopped on this forum, I was pretty annoyed when I saw the $50.00 off deal when I just ordered the phone Monday!

      • Ryan Powell

        Yep. Did exactly what Curtis did. Just do the online chat with Moto unless you really feel like talking to someone on the phone. Chat will probably be quicker option.

    • Josh

      I ordered Monday, off contract and got a $100 online store credit. Consider this $50 doesn’t apply to me, and the 10% would have only affected the case I ordered, I’m pleased with what they gave

    • Floyd

      Thanks for the post. I was able to get a $100 online store credit.

    • Gr8Ray

      I just chatted with a rep who offered me the Motorola store credit, but when I asked him if he knew when the car docks would be back in stock, he said he didn’t know, and the store credit would expire in 4 days. I told him the only accessory I really wanted was the car dock, so he offered me the Visa gift card instead. So I got $50 for each phone, and I also used the 10% discount code on my original order. Props to Moto customer service, definitely a satisfied customer.

      *Also, my phone is already out for delivery, so it will arrive a day earlier than they estimated.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      when ordering why does it say it wants to do a credit check?

    • NexusMan

      That’s great. Good for you.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    My only regret is not waiting for the wood back.

  • MaddHatterr

    Wow that sucks, I ordered my phone 2 days ago 🙁

    • Ryan Powell

      See my comment. Chat with a moto rep online and get a store credit. Not perfect solution but I’ll take it. Can get the dock or some headphones for free now.

      • MaddHatterr

        Thanks for the tip, got my $50 store credit. I’ll take it, I have much use for that.

        • Ryan Powell

          Yeah, I was contemplating buying that official dock anyhow so works out nicely. Also, the THANKYOU10 is still working so hoping I get my credit in time to take advantage of that on the accessories.

          • MaddHatterr

            The vehicle dock is out of stock, which is what I was planning on getting. Since the battery is not readily replaceable, i was considering get the 3000mAh powerpack.

          • NickMotoX

            The 3000mAh powerpack is a great thing to have. Regardless if you have a huge battery or a regular battery. Never hurts to have a little extra juice.

      • Cathy Fleming

        I think it IS a perfect solution. They could be D’s and say no; you bought it yesterday and the deal started today – tough luck. I think it is great that they care enough that they are essentially giving you money back.

        • Ryan Powell

          Was simply referring to the Moto Store credit over say a $50 refund or Visa Gift Card as other received. Some people might not want to spend money on accessories. I know Moto doesn’t have to do anything but they should unless they want to see a lot of custom Moto X orders returned to them because those who bought this week can simply return the one in route and buy another one at the discounted price.

    • srn

      Same deal – got my $50 coupons towards accessories.

  • cgalyon

    Can it be applied to the off contract price? And could it stack with that other 10% off? Then that would be something to talk about!

    As a side note, the Moto X is available on Republic Wireless for $299 today

    • fd2blk78

      No Motomaker on Republic. Black or white only. Still, killer deal

    • fd2blk78

      There’s gotta be a catch with Republic right?

  • delrayser

    Ah, good old Verizon. They also upped the non-contract price to $549, so with the discount it still comes out to $499.

    • zmancbr

      I noticed that too! What a joke. Let’s offer a deal but wait we can mark it up by the discount first. I despise vendors that do this.

    • sr_erick

      No kidding, this is shady. I guess they think we are all idiots. It was definitely listed at $499 when I looked two days ago, just like the rest of the carriers.

    • hokieputter

      what a crock!! the regular versions are now $449 if you buy them through the Verizon site. such BS that they raised the motomaker prices..

    • NexusMan

      So wack.

    • hmmm

      I chatted with a VZW rep and she claims it should be $449.99 and that the Motomaker site is wrong. But then again, we all know how knowledgeable VZW reps are about their own products. I’m going to bug Motorola and see what happens.

      • I chatted with a Motorola rep on the site and he/she denied the price was ever $499. That it was always $549/$599 and that it still showed it on their end.
        The even more messed up part was It still showed $499 on the left portion of the screen where the picture of your customized X is, but on the checkout total to the right it read as $549(16g). I sent in a screen shot and was told their tech staff would correct the mistake. I assume this means they will make sure the $499 price is scrubbed from everything.

        It’s too bad. At $499 I would buy one, but the sales tax in my area is 10%. The extra $50 really isn’t worth it to me. Customization or not, I don’t really care.

        • hmmm

          Yeah, despite how much I’d like my Alma Mater themed moto x, I am tempted to get the standard black weave for $450. :/

        • apingaut

          The developer version is $549 and that’s 32 gig.

        • hmmm

          Finally got through to a Motorola rep. She said the $50 promo only applies to new contracts and upgrades so they bumped the off-contract price to $549.99 to compensate. Only the standard black/white version is $449.99 from direct from Verizon. I sent her the chat and she interpreted that the VZW rep thought I was trying to buy the black/white from motomaker, which is not offered.

          Soooo…. who do we want to bet is the misinformed one?

          I’m with Timoh. I’ll wait last minute to see what happens then purchase then.

        • hmmm

          GOOD NEWS!

          It’s definitely Motorola being a bitch.

          I went to Verizon store and they sold me a 16GB Motomaker pin for $449.99 (+tax). That’s the price listed on all their displays and in their system (he showed me his iPad screen as he filled out the order cause I told him about Motorola jacking up the price). No questions, no hassle, easy as pie. Went home, checked my email and there was a Motomaker pin waiting for me. Entered it in at Motomaker.com and price showed up as $0.00. Cheers!

          The only difficulty I had was the guy who takes your name down kept telling me to just order online. Otherwise, sales guy just put the order through

    • br_hermon

      1. Upgrade to the 32gb for $99.
      2. ETF for $350
      3. $350 + $99 = $449
      4. Sing up new or service and sit on the upgrade.
      5. Profit*

      *Dependent upon the fact if you think staying with Verizon is in fact anything profitable.

  • Uday Kiran

    Wait for a couple of weeks for better deals. Black Friday is around the corner! And nothing’s a good deal when you sign a contract. But that’s just me..

    • Jason Brown

      hopefully there are deals for off contract phones on verizon! hard to find new phones with decent (nexus) pricing off contract for verizon.

  • T S

    great deal for a great phone. . .now about that carrier that’s offering such a good discount . . . . .