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Isis Mobile Wallet is Now Available Nationwide on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile

isis mobile wallet

Isis Mobile Wallet, the mobile payment joint venture between Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, has finally gone nationwide as of this morning. After what seemed like an eternity of testing, those who live in Salt Lake City, UT and Austin, TX are no longer exclusive members of this mobile payment community. Apps for each carrier’s version of Isis are available on Google Play, along with showcases of the service in individual carrier stores. 

For those not family, Isis Mobile Wallet allows you to use your phone as your wallet. Thanks to tap-to-pay terminals at retailers and checkout stands nationwide, your phone can be used to pay for goods with credit cards stored securely on your device. Isis currently only supports Chase and American Express though, so even after a couple of years of testing, it’s not exactly the powerhouse mobile payment system we were hoping it would be. It does support loyalty and merchant cards in case you were looking for a place to digitally store those.

But assuming you have a Chase or American Express card that you’d like to attach to Isis, you’ll first need to pickup an “enhanced” SIM card from your carrier that will allow Isis to work. You’ll also have to own one of the 40 smartphones that have been deemed Isis-ready.

If you make the cut, the newly revamped Isis app that hit Google Play today should include a tutorial on how to get you up to speed and cards added. The previous version of Isis was, to put it bluntly, terrible. Hopefully this new version is much easier and smoother to use.

So, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. Isis is typically thought of as the reason we were blocked from Google Wallet for so long, however, it feels like it has completely under-delivered with its lack of universal credit card support. Or maybe I’m just still irked by the Google Wallet fiasco. Either way, feel free to give it a shot and let us know how it goes, assuming your device is supported.

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Press Release

Isis Mobile Wallet® Available Nationwide

Updated App Delivers Simple, Elegant User Experience; Showcased at Thousands of Wireless Carrier Retail Stores

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Isis®, the mobile commerce joint venture created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Verizon Wireless, today announced the latest version of the Isis Mobile Wallet® is now available to consumers for download in the Google Play app store and at thousands of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless retail stores nationwide. The Isis Mobile Wallet allows customers to pay at contactless payment terminals, and to save money through special offers and loyalty cards at participating merchants – all from their Isis Ready® smartphone.

The Isis Mobile Wallet allows consumers to shop and pay using their mobile phone, by securely storing virtual versions of a customer’s participating credit or prepaid cards, as well as coupons and merchant loyalty cards. To use the Isis Mobile Wallet, customers simply select a payment card and tap their smartphone on the point-of-sale terminal.

The redesigned Isis Mobile Wallet features a simplified user interface with a clean, white background and easy-to-navigate toolbars. Integration with American Express Serve® makes it convenient for Isis Mobile Wallet users to load funds to their American Express Serve Account from a U.S. debit or credit card, bank account, or through direct deposit, as well as pay bills online and send money to friends and family using an American Express Serve Account.*

“Today’s nationwide launch of the Isis Mobile Wallet is a milestone for consumers, merchants and banks. It’s the start of a smarter way to pay,” said Michael Abbott, chief executive officer, Isis. “Together, with our partners, we’ve built a seamless mobile commerce experience. We’re pleased to bring the magic and simplicity of the Isis Mobile Wallet to consumers across the U.S.”

Starting today, customers with one of the more than 40 Isis Ready smartphones available from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless can receive a free enhanced SIM card from their wireless carrier and download the Isis Mobile Wallet for free from Google Play.** Customers who visit a carrier retail store to activate the Isis Mobile Wallet will receive hands-on support and education from store associates.

Customers can use the Isis Mobile Wallet at merchant locations nationwide that accept contactless payments such as Toys”R”Us, Jamba Juice and Coca-Cola vending machines. Aite Group projects that hundreds of thousands of locations in the U.S. will have contactless-ready payment terminals by year end, making it the most broadly deployed mobile payments technology at the point of sale. Explore local merchants at www.paywithisis.com/where.html.

Isis Mobile Wallet users can take advantage of hundreds of dollars’ worth of money-saving deals, with full offer details available in the Isis Mobile Wallet:

  • Free soft drinks at Coca-Cola vending machines. With My Coke Rewards in the Isis Mobile Wallet, users get their first three drinks free.
  • Free smoothies at Jamba Juice. Isis and Jamba Juice are giving away one million free smoothies to Isis Mobile Wallet users at participating Jamba Juice stores across the country.
  • 20 percent back on purchases made with American Express Serve. Isis Mobile Wallet users can get 20 percent back every time they tap to pay using their American Express Serve Account for up to $200 in statement credits.  Offer available now through January 31, 2014. Additional terms apply.*

“Isis is one of few truly independent wallets that is not tied to a specific financial institution, merchant or online marketing scheme. This wallet-as-a-platform approach positions Isis to unify the consumer experience across the many developing mobile shopping environments,” said Rick Oglesby, senior analyst, Aite Group. “The national rollout is an important step towards making mobile payments a part of everyday retail experiences.”

To learn more about the Isis Mobile Wallet, visit www.paywithisis.com or [email protected] Twitter.

About Isis

The joint venture is between AT&T Mobility LLC, T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Verizon Wireless and is based in New York City. The venture is chartered with building Isis, a national mobile commerce venture that will fundamentally transform how people shop, pay and save. The Isis Mobile Commerce Platform™ will be available to all merchants, banks, payment networks and mobile carriers. Isis, Isis Mobile Wallet, Isis Ready, Isis Mobile Commerce Platform and the associated logos are trademarks of JVL Ventures, LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other logos, product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. For more information visit www.paywithisis.com.

  • seano

    I got the “secure” element sim from AT&T and the Isis mobile payment app works just fine on my HTC One. I found, also, that once i put in the new sim I could, for the first time, download Google Wallet on my HTC One on AT&T and load my credit card onto it successfully. However, I guess AT&T and/or Google are still blocking the use of Google Wallet on AT&T because the tap to pay feature that works fine on ISIS has not worked on the otherwise seemingly functional Google Wallet app.. Grrrrrr.

  • Michael Luscher

    Wait a minute
    Verizon “isn’t restricting google wallet” Its just it needs Secure element that VZ phone’s lack. What about the NFC “Secure element” ISIS ready SIM card?

    If Verizon isn’t blocking anything……

    OTS/OTB Droid MAXX + Secure element SIM = Google Wallet & ISIS support?
    This should be do able now, Don’t even have to wait for #kitkatawaits

    Can someone test this? Is my theory correct here?

  • rocketdaddy

    I regularly Google Wallet at two different grocery stores, four different gas stations, countless fast food places and several restaurants. I live in one of those blessed areas that’s been “testing” ISIS so everybody is getting on board with the tap and pay hardware. The hilarious thing is that Wallet actually works. I’ll have cashiers say “that’s the first time I’ve seen ISIS actually work!” I don’t even try to let them down softly when I say, “that’s because I’m using Google Wallet.” According to my bank records I make nearly half of my purchases with Wallet… on a rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I love my phone.

  • Incompatible with my Gnex so oh well

  • Zack Kolev

    F ISIS! I will not use it based on principle. It’s the reason Verizon has been sabotaging Google Wallet this whole time.

    Why doesn’t Google find some BS excuse to block ISIS from the Play store? You know, give Verizon a dose of their own medicine.

  • bionicwaffle

    I installed it to see what it was like. It turns out it will not work in my Maxx HD without a new SIM card. Isis needs a SIM with a “secure element”. I called my local Verizon “premium retailer” and they wanted $20 for the new SIM with the “secure element”. That sounded like a huge rip-off even for an evil company who blocked access to Google Wallet so I called Verizon. Sure enough, the new SIM with the “secure element” is free at a full/real Verizon store. Make sure you go to a real Verizon store if you’re going to get the secure SIM.

  • wmsco1

    I would say block it, turn about is fair play!

  • flosserelli

    Big whoop -_-

    • NemaCystX

      Thats when you give them the middle finger by leaving them high and dry and going to another carrier off contract

      • SUMmaro400ex

        When I moved my 5 lines from Verizon to TMobile I saved $100 a month and now have unlimited everything on all phones. Giving Verizon a HUGE list of reasons why I dropped their ass felt great!

        • SuperSam64

          Sadly, T-Mobile is one of the co-conspirators behind ISIS. Still, of the three involved I’d say T-Mobile is the least evil…

  • imnotmikal

    Are we still denied from using the service if we are rooted? Last time I tried it, it wouldn’t let me set it up because I was rooted.

    • Tim242

      Yes, but there is a hack on XDA.

  • LionStone

    When I tap the link in Play Store on my DNA, to check for which devices are compatible it just goes to all phones!? So friggin lame! Don’t worry, I’m not using it, I have a Nexus 5 now so Isis can kiss my arse! If the DNA can use it, I will install, get some free Jambas, then leave 1 star! 😉
    It doesn’t look like it’s off to a good start! Awww! 😀

    • duke69111

      I almost wonder if some of the reviews are not sponsored after yesterdays update. There were a lot of glowing reviews after the update, which I don’t believe.

      • LionStone

        Yep, I’m sure there are some too!

      • Alex Hutchins

        The Isis wallet has had those “manufactured” sounding reviews since the summer! No one reviews apps like that…

      • SuperSam64

        And yet, even with all the advertis— erm… “reviews”, it still gets a whopping 1.5 stars. They may need to hire a few more sponsors.

  • droidify

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  • Stevedub40

    Total failure. To all carriers: Please adopt the use of Google Wallet, which works with any card type.

    • Tim242

      All devices that get Kit Kat will support GW.

  • Travis Walls

    I’ve been using it in Tampa, FL for a few weeks now. Got a new VZW Moto X, which just happened to ship with the right SIM card pre-installed. Added an AMEX card and have bought a few sodas with it at work. Thought it was funny since they only listed the two cities above as having it available. We’ve had vending machines advertising Isis for awhile now. Glad they replaced the Gingerbread-ish UI with something cleaner in this update. The slap in the face, however, is I’m being told now that my device is “incompatible” on Google Play (yes, for the VZW version)…

    • PrDawg

      Probably cause Moto bought by Google. They playing schoolyard bully.I can use on S3. Just have to turn off root. We should be able to hack root check. The apk can be sideloaded with root explorer if someone pulls it.

      • Travis Walls

        That’s just it though. They have 8 other Motorola phones on the supported list still. It is like they specifically targeted the Moto X. I agree that there is probably something petty going on here, because it looks like even the phones with very similar hardware (X8, etc.) are still supported.

        • PrDawg

          I agree. Yea. Moto X was first Moto under Google control.

          • NemaCystX

            if your in a business you would think they would want to support it to get other users to user their service (even if it is crappy) instead of Google Wallet. Unless they just don’t care and don’t give a crap about competition since the carriers made that easy for them to NOT have to worry about competing, that is, until KitKat comes around lol look out ISIS, Google has your number, literally

          • PrDawg

            I’m currenty running Isis and Google Wallet on 4.1.2.. Just have to turn off root to run Isis. Nothing we can’t fix when we find time. Just have to work on 4.2-4.4 to see what we can do. lol

      • SuperSam64

        Yeah, but if you’re going to hack, why hack ISIS? Google Wallet is infinity better.

        It’s like a car thief looking at a Ford Focus and a Maserati and saying “HELL YEAH! A FOCUS!”

        (No offense to Ford Focus owners, I don’t mean to insult the car. It’s just not a Maserati.)

    • mec

      How well detailedwere the purchases on your amex statement. This was my gripe with wallet. It was a generic line item, and was nothing like it would indicate if Iswiped my card. This is why i never was huge on wallet.

      I also have a moto x and am pretty pissed the ultra and maxx are still supported.

      • Travis Walls

        Pretty detailed. This is what it looks like (in text form, looks better in HTML) when I expand the purchased item on my recent charges:

        Isis COCA COLA TAMPATAMPA FL 10/30/201310/30/2013 WedIsis COCA COLA TAMPATAMPA FL

        UNITED STATESReference Number:320133050421303751Dispute/Inquire about this charge

        Category: Restaurant – Bar & CafPRINT

        Granted, this is a benefit of having AMEX and not from using Isis.

        • mec

          Cool, about the same as swiping. That,s important to me. When I used wallet before, it would show something like googlemerchant or something generic. But it may have changed, from what tim is showing above

        • mec

          I checked what wallet transactions looked like on my amex statement… Same detail, but all the merchant info was Google, not the store I bought it from. The way Isis registers on amex is key for me… If only I can get it on my damn moto x

      • Travis Walls

        Honestly, the coolest thing (if it would work) is that Isis could somehow pass any loyalty cards and discounts in the same tap as the payment info. In other words, I tap the vending machine once, and it figures out this is my 10th soda in a row (so I get it for free). The catch is that the payment terminal has to be specifically compatible with Isis. You could also “clip coupons” to Isis in a similar fashion.

      • Tim242

        Google Wallet lists details for purchases. I use it a lot on my Verizon S4, See screenshot below.

  • PrDawg

    Root blocked. Hahaa. Something new to hack. lol

    • PrDawg

      So far if rooted can hide SuperSu and app works. Should be hackable. lol

      • Alex Hutchins

        There are Xposed modules to enable Isis with root.

      • Tim242

        The hack has been on XDA for several months.

        • PrDawg

          Working through. To see what works and don’t. I’m RC on XDA will check hack to make sure it still works. There is no debit and no prepay now so pretty much worthless unless have new card with no outstanding debt. If not get thrown into thecharge you interest pool.

  • CHRIS42060

    “Isis is one of few truly independent wallets that is not tied to a specific financial institution, merchant or online marketing scheme.” Nice quote by Rick Oglesby…… except you need to deposit money into an American Express account as opposed to Google Wallet in which I use my card and my card gets debited immediately (all be it through Google but I don’t have to transfer money just to use it.)

    • JRWestJordan

      My Serve card is set-up to charge my credit-union’s debit card (I set a limit). May not be an option now – I got my Serve card when it was still white and didn’t even have the AMEX logo on the front. Glad they finally added regular AMEX benefits that were offered to “blue” and “campus” debit cardholders (travel, pre-ordering tickets, etc). It’s worth $1/month. Especially now that I can drop by a certain pharmacy chain and put money in if I want to save money in my “reserve” or just don’t want it to go thru my regular account.

  • CHRIS42060

    How come I cannot get this on Sprint? Wait I can use Google Wallet….. forget I asked.

    • PrDawg

      Hahaa. I have Wallet and Isis. It all good.

  • panicswhenubered

    Root check? You make me laugh, ISIS/Verizon. GTFO.

  • WK

    i’m gonna install this just to give it 1 star. you know, for spite.

    • SuperSam64

      Looks like 1,165 (out of a total of 1,385) already beat you to it! Still, every middle finger to ISIS helps. 😛

  • DC_Guy

    I wonder why it doesn’t work on the VZW Note 3 any longer? It was working fine a couple weeks ago and now it says my device no longer supports it.

  • akhnaten

    Does Google Wallet or Isis work without an internet connection on the device? I tried using Google Wallet in Taiwan last year and it never worked on my Nexus 7 wifi only device. Of course it had no internet connection at the time.

    • CHRIS42060

      Pretty sure an internet connection is required. I do not get service in one of the local stores and I have never been able to use Google Wallet there

    • Alex Hutchins

      I have used Google Wallet with my connection turned off. I remember Google’s info page on wallet saying you don’t need a data connection to pay.

  • TSY87

    I would actually give it a try… if it actually worked on my vzw note 3… At least to take advantage of the free stuff and deals!

  • nahbro25

    I just learned that Verizon’s Isis shares the same name as an al-Qaeda terrorist group. Great job Verizon and thanks for calling it out with your #ISIS tag. It has a bunch of stuff about terrorist attacks in Syria by ISIS

  • SewWhat

    YAY!!! Verizon is giving me the opportunity to given even more of my money. How thoughtful.. See they DO care…(about getting as much of my money as possible)

    • SuperSam64

      Exactly! They had me at “Unlimited data? What unlimited data?”

  • Adrynalyne

    *Does a little dance*

    I am so excited!

  • bcorrell34

    My stock VZW GNex just let me download Google Wallet… Maybe they finally let us get it?

    • TallSteve

      You’re allowed to download it. But Verizon supposedly disabled to the Tap and Pay feature. However it’s enabled for me. Not exactly sure how. I’m on 4.2.2.

      • bcorrell34

        I’ve had the app before when I was running a ROM. Got a replacement and haven’t bothered messing with all that until I upgrade. Since I was allowed to download it, I’ll try and make a purchase with it and follow up with whether it works or not.

        • entertainmentopia

          I’m running Wallet on Shiny 4.3.1 and it works perfectly, just paid at McDonalds the other day, quick easy and the guy behind the register was perplexed as to what I was doing…

          • Jonathan Williams

            My vending machines at work got tap to pay. I’m on 4.3.1 as well.

        • Tim242

          It won’t work for tap & pay unless you are rooted, and using the hack.

  • Rich Robinson

    Going into Verizon asking for an enhanced sim card is about the last thing I might ever do. Better chance I’d use an Apple product and that’s saying something

  • Jon

    Greeeaaatttt! You can’t use your own debit card unless you transfer money to American Express and use your money that way. Why can’t I use my own dang card direct? I want my Wallet! Reminds me of the time when I had a line of credit from my bank for house construction. Home Depot wouldn’t allow me to open an account with them unless I used their card. So, in essence, I had to open a line of credit to use my line of credit from the bank. I went to a locally owned building supply store and they said no problem. Tired of all the companies in bed with each other.

  • topherct

    Toro is not a supported device

  • djab

    No Moto X support. Should be able to do this once I get 4.4. Fingers crossed.

    • CHRIS42060

      You should be able to with Google Wallet….

      • NemaCystX

        AFTER KitKat

        • Travis Walls

          Agreed. In the current state, it’ll install, but you’ll find that tap-to-pay is disabled in the About/Settings screen. All signs say that 4.4 will change this. I’ll believe it when I see it, and even then I’ll be skeptical because it’ll only be a matter of time before it gets killed with some damn update or remote deactivation. Really tired of the bloody game that mobile payments has become.

          • SuperSam64

            KitKat does change this for sure. I have KitKat on my Verizon S4 and sideloaded the new KitKat version of Google Wallet without making any kind of special modifications whatsoever. I used tap and pay twice today and can confirm it works like a charm. The instructions in the app say that you only need to unlock your phone though, not go into the app, and both times I actually had to go into the Wallet app to get it to work.

    • Travis Walls

      Moto X used to be listed as supported for all carriers on the site. Seems they’ve had a change of heart with this update. Sigh.

      • mec

        Maxx and ultra still are… Wtf

    • mec

      And somehow, the ultra and maxx are supported. Wat.

      I was hoping to try Isis, and see if the line item billing was more detailed than wallet was, on my american express statements. Oh well, thanks Verizon.

    • NemaCystX

      No secure element and nano sim doesn’t support secure element from what i can recall

      or is that intentional? hmmm #KitKatawaits

      • Travis Walls

        I installed the last version of Isis on my Moto X about a month ago (build info says it is from July 2013). No modding, workarounds, sideloading, etc. Loaded straight from Play Store on 4.2.2. Special SIM card came in the phone preloaded by VZW. Secure element, etc. is all there to make things work. There was previously no reason for it to not work, but they yanked support today after the update came out. Rather pissed off about this, and I’m using every channel I can find to make sure they know this.

    • Guest

      You will.

  • deadpenguins

    Omg, yes. I’ve been waiting so long for this piece of crap to reach my hands.

  • TallSteve

    I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet’s tap and pay feature works perfectly fine. Not exactly sure how, but who am I to argue 🙂

    • Steve B


      • TallSteve

        4.2.2. Only explanation I have is that I exploited the loophole to download Google Wallet early last year. But then Verizon removed that. When it became available again a couple of months ago, I had tap and pay enabled.

  • duke69111

    Still doesn’t work on rooted devices.

    • Steve B

      Haha, shocker. See what I did there?

    • aaron nyquist

      Worked on every rooted device I have had. Infact I had to be rooted to change the build prop temporarily in order to be able to install it and configure it because Tmobile was cock blocking from my Note 2.

      • duke69111

        Apparently its root blocked on the Verizon G2.

  • Steve B


    • flosserelli


  • ceejw

    “For those not family, Isis Mobile Wallet allows you to use your phone as your wallet.” Do you consider most of your readers to be your family Kellex?

    • ToddAwesome

      One big happy Android family.

      • CHRIS42060

        One big happy, and at times dysfunctional Android family.

  • Stephen Chen

    Go hell Verizon, I want Google Wallet.

    • Chris Hannan

      I think you accidentally a word.


    ist that a @##$%%! they blocked google wallet on my Gnex all this time, yet when isis comes out my phone isnt compatible (running 4.4) you suck Verizon

    • Tim242

      GW works fine with rooted devices using the hack. It also works on KK without a hack.

  • EC8CH

    What App Sucks more:

    VZ Navigator

    • moelsen8

      i’d have to go with vz navigator. it has like 4 years of suckage on ISIS. and how many different versions are in the play store at this point for every phone they’ve released since 2009? that’s also pretty hilarious.

    • theycallmerayj

      Haha has to be nav. Don’t they still make you pay for it?

    • Steve B


    • TC Infantino

      At first I would have said VZ Nav. VZ has been trying to sucker people into paying for what they can get for free (and better app through Google Maps) for years. ISIS has only been sucking a bag of d!(ks for over a year. Though ISIS does get a +1suckage for actively blocking its competitor, so it could very well be a tie in suckage.

  • Colton

    Seriously so pumped about not using this, I can’t wait!

  • leftiphone4droid

    I have a ATT Moto X running 4.4 Kit-Kat and when I go to the Play Store, the Isis app isn’t showing up. Maybe that’s because the Moto X will have “tap to Pay” ..I already have google wallet set up and it works flawlessly when using the Tap to pay feature..

  • Dominick White

    “for those not family”?

    • LionStone


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sooooo I can add this to my “Tap to Pay” section in the Nexus 5?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Never Mind….my Nexus 5 is incompatible.

  • Andy Stetson

    Google: Hey, we found a way for Google Wallet to work around carriers killing it!
    ISIS Consortium: Quick, get ISIS out of beta so that we at least have a fighting chance!

    • moelsen8

      eh i’m sure they’re not that worried. even if at&t and verizon users can download google wallet, i’m sure the tap and pay functionality will be stripped out of any kitkat phones/updates they release, effectively killing that option.

      “hey, you wanted google wallet, here you go! have fun using it without tap and pay!”

      • EC8CH

        Honestly at what point is the FCC forced to get a $h!t?

        • CHRIS42060

          When consumer groups get enough money to afford the expensive and high powered lobbyists that Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have. Our regulatory agencies in this country are a joke. They only regulate based on who the highest lobbying organization is, and sadly it is never consumers.

          • Ryan

            Yet I’m here with a T-Mobile Nexus 4 that I use Google Wallet with perfectly fine. Far as I’m aware, they had not actively blocked Wallet from being downloaded unlike Verizon and AT&T.

            Though I do bank with Chase and such, I have zero intention of trying ISIS when Wallet works perfectly fine, even with tap & pay. So I’m happy.

          • CHRIS42060

            Did you get your Nexus 4 from T-Mobile or Google Play?

          • Ryan

            T-Mobile store, not the play store.
            (SwiftKey sucks sometimes)

      • Radgatt

        I get the feeling that the Moto X will have tap and pay when it gets 4.4. Time will tell though.

        • SuperSam64

          There’s no question, when it gets 4.4 it *will* have tap and pay. Tap and pay works universally across every single NFC enabled Android 4.4 device on any carrier in the US without exception.

      • panicswhenubered

        Yea, in its current form Google Wallet tap and pay functionality has been stripped out of it for 4.3 devices.

        • Tim242


      • Tim242

        I have used Google Wallet for tap & pay for years on my Verizon phones. This includes Gnex, Note 2, and S4, XDA is your friend.

  • moelsen8


  • David Narada Brown

    DIE ISIS, DIE! Long live Google Wallet. lol!

  • zephiK

    No Nexus 5 support grr

    • David Narada Brown

      y would u want ISIS on a Nexus 5? Google wallet is perfect!

    • CHRIS42060

      Please tell me you’re joking….. Even if you’re not just please tell me you are.

    • Tim242

      Google WALLET

  • taylor banasiak

    I have had this stupid thing since it launched and I live in new York it was cool in the beginning. Every place I used it never had a specific Isis reader I just used it where ever pay pass is accepted. And it works on the galaxy note 2 for Verizon just call for the special nfc sim card. Oh not to mention it only accepts a few credit cards and debit cards unlike Google wallet which any card worked.

  • theycallmerayj

    Lol just downloaded to test it just to give it a chance, and if your rooted it won’t let you use it. What a joke. Seriously carriers need to get over the whole rooting unlocking issue. Just come up with a contract for me to sign to say if I damage my phone I’m SOL. I bought a dev maxx for a reason.

    • Tim242

      XDA is your friend.

    • michael arazan

      But if You use ISIS on a Rooted phone you could suck out the billions in Verizons accounts, and bring down their entire network in one shot.

  • NickA

    Ok, so I need to have a specific card, a certain phone, a special SIM, and a retailer with the appropriate equipment. Hmm, sounds like a winner.

    • Blue Sun

      Sounds like you checked all the Verizon boxes there.

    • Turbid

      Add that the retailer needs to accept amex. It’s like finding SETI….

    • SuperSam64

      Or, if you can find a KitKat ROM for your NFC capable device you can simply install Google Wallet with no hassles!

    • Chris Hannan

      I have none of those things. I’m off to a great start.

  • EC8CH

    Burn in Hell Isis

    • Steve B

      I’m with this ^^^^^ guy

      • cocoman135

        but whos that one bum who isnt?

        • SuperSam64

          The same one bum that uses ISIS.

  • What’s wrong with the new Google Wallet app?

    • EC8CH


      • But it works on every NFC enabled device with KitKat: https://support.google.com/wallet/answer/1347934?hl=en

        • EC8CH

          Yep, unless it’s running on one of the wireless providers that is supporting ISIS… funny how that works.

          *minus maybe some sim unlocked devices, of coarse not enough of those to matter

          • It doesn’t matter what carrier. All 4.4 devices will work.

          • EC8CH

            Well there’s your reason for why ISIS is coming out of beta now.

            Google Wallet has squirmed it’s neck out from under the carriers’ boot.

          • Jeremy Wray

            Google wallet works fine on my Moto X from Verizon, I mean I have a card added to it and the app works. I’ve yet to see a retailer with the proper equipment to allow me to fully try it.

          • Tim242
        • Joshyz73

          And which of those phones listed are on Verizon? And which have Kit Kat right now?

          • Yeah none right now, but once the phones are updated to 4.4, they all should work.

          • Joshyz73

            Yeah, and if Verizon and AT&T weren’t asshats, any phone with NFC would work with Google Wallet right now.

          • theycallmerayj

            This whole thing with bs “security concerns” that Verizon came up with to kill Wallet is just ridiculous. I’ve been using ebay, online payments, etc. since I was like 13 and I’ve yet to be scammed. If you are knowledgable about what you are doing you won’t get scammed. This is the same concept. If you know about rooting, unlocking, and the risks of putting cc info on a phone, you probably also know how to lock your phone and factory reset it remotely through google’s android device manager. Sorry End Rant.

          • moelsen8

            don’t think for a minute at&t and verizon won’t remove the tap & pay functionality from 4.4 when they release it on new phones or updates. then we’re back to where we are now.

          • Tap & Pay is a core functionality of Android 4.4. It is impossible to remove, which is why Google did that.

          • moelsen8

            i’d argue that they can do whatever they want with android – see touchwiz or any of the skins. but i’m really interested in knowing if what you’re saying is in fact true.

          • Jeremy Wray

            From what I’ve heard Google put their foot down and said it cannot be removed. It’s likely what got the fire under Isis’s ass to get this rolled out nationally…..even if it is useless.

          • Tim242

            Been using GW on my Verizon phones for years. Using it on my S4 now.

  • marko358

    meh. I’ll just keep using my Google Wallet app.

  • Larry Wei

    I was all “who cares” until I saw free jamba juice

    • Andy Stetson

      I would care, but there is no Jamba Juice where I am :'(