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Gameloft’s GT Racing 2 Hits Google Play, for Fans of Realistic High Speeds

GT Racing 2

Gameloft launched GT Racing 2 to Google Play this afternoon, the next title in its realistic racing series. The game gives players access to 67 different models of cars, and the ability to race them on 13 different tracks across the world, including the gorgeous Laguna Seca raceway in California. If you played Gran Turismo, you should every turn of this track. 

The game file is massive, weighing in at over 1GB, so make sure you have plenty of room on your devices. Also, the game does require a constant data connection, which is sad, but just the way it is. You can grab it for free on Google Play, but don’t worry, there are plenty of IAP opportunities.

Note: The game is still rolling out, so if the link comes back as unavailable, be patient.

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  • John W.

    Once again, another big company paying for fake 5-star reviews, all with the funny foreign names. There ought to be a law against this… Also, I don’t know about u guys, but I’m a Level 96 RR3 racer, and there is no way this GTR2 is “more realistic” than RR3. The controlling physics are no where near as realistic as RR3. But, I really love the “fake” tracks. They are really fun. I wouldn’t mind if RR3 broke tradition and added a few of these…

  • Sqube

    How much of this game can actually be played without IAPs or disproportionate wait times?

  • Armus

    in app purchases need to go. Most are way overpriced. I can understand someone wanting to make some money on their product but many of these games bring in hundreds of thousands a day. That’s crazy

    • HarvesterX

      Agreed and which is why this game won’t ever see the lights of day on this phone. Sure it’s probably playable without the purchases but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that I’d he driving the same tracks over and over with the same handful of crappy cars over and over and over again because the rewards are tiny. I bet these upgrades to the car are minor each time I get one and that each one is super expensive. I also guess there is some multiplayer aspect like a ranking board or being able to actually race other players online. So a ranking system where everyone wants to be the best combined with in app purchases means that those people at the top of the leaderboard have already paid far than the game is worth ..good for them. I know I’m right..lol.

      Seriously, I’ll never go for a multiplayer game or one where there are rewards for ranking and that have infinite IAPs again. What the developers NEED to do is figure out what the game is worth to them (as if they were selling it as a standalone product). Then include IAPs and keep the game free. Once a player has purchased enough IAPSs the entire game is unlocked to them period and the IAP option disappears. Then those who just want to play with it first before buying it can, or those on limited income (think kids) can incrementally purchase the game…or someone could just pay the amountthat to them equals a good gameplay experience.

      All these racing games with IAPs should just ditch all the upgrades and just let everyone obtain those more easily with rewards from racing. The IAPs can come from filling your cars up with gas before each race…or for paying repair costs costs on damaged cars (or opting in for for the optional in game insurance policy..hell, we could even have the options of iinsurance companiestto close from. Get into a mmajor car wreck and injury yourself? Well you better press the IAP button for paying your hospital bill. Again, or just pay the deductible and pay for health insurance…how much real could you get..

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    Cant find it on my nexus 5

  • JackMeOffski

    More crap Freemium garbage for the SHEEP. Would have been a $4 full game but NO the sheep ruined it all!

    • Adrynalyne

      Because sheep designed the game and decided the payment model, right?

      “I don’t know who is at fault, but lets blame someone!”

      Now let us use our heads instead of saying sheep are at fault.

      1. Gameloft likes money, like all businesses. IAP model earns more.
      2. This allows developers to work on one, unified version for everything (trial and full, free and paid). This saves Gameloft money, so they profit more.

      Wow, pretty simple why IAP is the new popular business model when you actually break down the reasons why. Stop blindly pointing fingers.

      • Tyler

        Sheep did decide the payment model. People are cheap bastards who won’t pay $4-5 to buy a balanced, properly developed game, but then will inexplicably shell out several dollars to progress faster/easier. Therefore, game developers just release the game for free but make it annoying/impossible to advance without IAP. It’s sheep behavior that results in this actually making more money than just selling a balanced game to begin with.

        • HarvesterX

          The games all hold your hands too and don’t cater to an actual gaming audience. They cater to the cusual person wanting to play something light. Problem is when this s%&t pops up in real games that real players would want to play and the game is multiplayer or has a ranking system and the IAPs are unlimited. This creates a broken system. A system that in many cases (least in two games I played and I’m both I was at the top of the player list hut only because I started the game right when it was released ) can be manipulated. Before the bazaar in rage of bahamut eons ago, I was asking on Rage Trades forums and the guy people came to for prices on their SSRs and Legend builds (so they knew what to sell for or what price to trade for in game). Then another forum related to that game posted a permanently stickied price guide to help players. Both our sites were the top sites players went to, and I abused the hell our ofbl that other site’s guide (pop OK that part has nothing to do with IAPs but funny) by posting fake trades on certain cards over and over again leasing others to believe that was the actual price. Then I’d post as me asking to buy one and when someone offered me one, where do you think they got current price from? Lol

          This game is different I assume as there isn’t any trading. So the top players who own everything because they bought bought everything or stole from others aren’t able to become even richer by manipulating sales. Various ways of controlling the market ..

          Even still..if we are allowed to infinitely pay money to a company to remain at the top of the rankings then the system is broken. In some events on Rage, I noticed a few players who could rank top 50 (I usually ranked between 15-50) sometimes who didn’t pay real money. Problem is the resources the spent to get there were far more than the value of their prize. In blood brothers, you aren’t going to rank under 180 period without paying someone. You’re either paying the company or buying stuff elsewhere. Not unless you were around since day 1 and knew about and used the back which gave you 9999xxxx horns. I’d happily pay between $5 and $35 for an Android game depending on quality and even a subscription fee if there are server costs involved (like $3-5 a month for a runescape type game…and runescape itself was only like $6 a month when I played it…stopped playing long long ago at level 114 or so…was always accused of cheating and reported lol.. So made this video to show everyone what I was doing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVaa7I4wFb4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

          There are quality games out there that only have a one time fee or that implement a usable IAP system. Take Deprofundis: Requiem. This game is a Diablo clone (more like Diablo I), developed by one guy and you can tell as it’s unpolished. Graphics are onpar with Diablo II sort of, and the game is fun. For like $2 or so thou can buy full game which removes ads and gives access to drops higher than magic quality. There isnt any multiplayer whixh

      • HarvesterX

        Yeah but this model also creates a situation where there is a sect of players who are paying over $100 or more a month to remain the best ones in the game and in a multiplayer game this breaks the model completely. Especially if in the game there is trading of game items because these are the same people who also set and manipulate market prices. I used to be an admin on the Rage Trades forums for Rage of Bahamut, ran a top 50 order and before the bazaar was introduced was the guy responsible for pricing all the high end rare SSR and Legend builds. Then I played Blood Brothers and the same situation happened. Granted, I never paid for items in the game hut was well set because I started Blood Brothers from the day it started and had so many horns I could buy whatever I wanted in game anyways.

        But the point is that if unlimited IAPs are allowed it breaks multiplayer games because there should be a level playing field. For a good game I’m happy to drop good money for and have in the past. Like I suggested earlier they can keep the IAPs and still make it work. Just after a certain point when a player has paid them enough through IAPs to justify the cost of the game (as if they were selling the game as a standalone product), then the game he comes a fully functional game to them without any Kore IAPs and the option itself is removed from the game. Then everyone has an equal chance at competition. An unlimited IAP system is a broken one and one I won’t support or play in anymore.

        I always used to hear “but its my money so who cares how I spend it for entertainment” and my response has always been “you’re 100% correct but if that’s the best entertainment you can come up with for spending $100-$1000 a month on, then I feel sorry for you”. I doubt on a drivinggame aanyone would be spending that much and that was directed more to people doing that on DeNA/Mobage games. I do play a few games with IAPs like Dead Teigfer 2 but the only IAP there that I’d even care about are the ones for gold for removing the upgrade timers. That’s why I stopped playing it after heating single player campaign.

        I’m more than happy giving MadFinger my money..bought a bunch of their games. But not going to coniously give them money to speed up upgrqding and production. I don’t know when it would end (need to do the math in my head..but I don’t know how high a level tech upgradesand weapons can go to..if I paid for gold to skip all the upgrade timers and it came to $20 or less I wouldn’t mind. Actually I should look into that.

        The whole model is just stupid but hey when you’re pulling in the quarterly income that these guys are (GameLoft, DeNA, etc), then nothing is going to change because of all the sheep playing and paying them. Sheep in this case means Android users too. If anybody wants to point fingers you better look in the mirror first. If you’ve made IAPs on a game with a broken IAP system (99% the games I see), then you found the one responsible. If nobody lined those companies pockets each month so they can live in luxury beyond what most of us will ever know, we wouldn’t see this kind of crap.

        Real world example…when I quit Blood Brothers, I sold one of my Legendaries for $240, and my account for $180. Sold them at bloodbrothersrpg.com. See, you could play and not spend a dime and get a 0.0001 chance at drawing something nice…and play for a year to get a nice brigade..at the same time there are far more players paying to get the latest greatest and instead of one brigade of nice familiars they’ll have several brigades of the rarest best available and you will never catch up. IIn was friends with a bunch of guys who have a permanent shop set up on those forums and one guy showed me a screenshot of his monthly PayPal earnings and he was over $17,000.

        You can buy from the merchants there your resources and familiars at huge discounted prices, or you can pay in game and instead of 0.20¢ per resource pay $1 per resource in game plus the thousands you can go through in $$ trying to pull a legendary.

        This isnt DeNA and a different style game but the mechanics are still there. Like I said previously, why not just charge us for gas before each race and charge us for car insurance (or if we drove without it the huge repair costs) as well as health insurance for hospital visits…Liao.

        TL;DR Sorry I think its unethical to drive others to pay you more than the actual value of the game by using multiplayer competition as a motivating factor. Without capping the IAPs at some reasonable point, the balance of the game is broken .

        • Adrynalyne

          Dear lord. That was quite a read.

          I hear what you are saying, but multiplayer games have have these unlevel playing fields for quite some time. Android apps are fairly new to IAP. It does break game fairness, I agree. However, businesses are greedy, and therefore the model is here to stay.

          Look back to World of Warcraft. Diablo III and the Auction House. Everquest I, and II. Dark Age of Camelot. The gold farmers.

          If there is a wallet big enough, there is a way for someone to get ahead in multiplayer games. It just so happens that companies are taking the profit themselves, taking a lesson from those such as the gold farmers in WoW. We find it despicable, but this stuff has been around even before IAP became huge in the mobile world.

          What I find more deplorable is when I purchase an app, and still have IAP. Even worse, they then make it a free app and triple the IAP spam. Yes, I am looking at you, Gameloft.

  • Christian Trevor Clauss

    Lol incompatible with ALL of my devices.

  • Guest

    For mobile phones to be seriously considered as a gaming device these days the standard has to be at LEAST 32GB on board AND a micro SD slot. This is why I have always felt that Samsung should have had their asses kicked for only giving a flagship beast of a phone like the Galaxy Note 2 only 16GB, and out of that users only got about 10GB as usable!!!! That was a joke from a gaming standpoint. 10GB can be used up these days with just 3-4 good HD games. This is one of the main reasons why I upgraded my Note 2 to a Note 3.

  • Mike

    LG G2 incompatible also…anything working?

    • Eric

      Works for me but I’m on Paranoid Android rom.

    • rww

      Works fine on my G2 running CleanRom.

    • Smeckle

      Works fine on my unrooted G2.

  • AbbyZFresh

    PS2 Graphics? In 2013?

    I thought this title said “realistic high speeds”, not “realistic high speeds” 8 years ago.

    • Adrynalyne


      You sure have a high opinion of PS2 graphics. What did you expect, for it to look like a PS3? Seriously? Its a mobile game…

  • coh303

    Time to get a PS3 controller connected to my G2!

  • grumpyfuzz

    Nexus 5 incompatible?

    • Kit Tihonovich

      Appears so.

    • kevin

      Note 3 incompatible as well

      • Justin Fosco

        Worked fine on my Verizon note 3

        • Adrynalyne

          Same. Too bad the game sucks.

          • Eric

            I like the game.

          • Adrynalyne

            I couldn’t get past how bad it looks.

          • Eric

            Really you think it looks bad? Looks better than real racing 3.

          • Adrynalyne

            I could just be spoiled. I didn’t play real racing 3, but I was expecting visuals on par with asphalt 8 at the least.

          • Eric

            It’s supposed to be more realistic. Simulators never have the best graphics compared to more arcade racers.

          • Adrynalyne

            Fair enough. It just seems cartoony, which hurts the realistic-ness IMO.

          • Jok3sta

            I beg to differ.. I think asphalt 8 graphics suck. The car models look better in gt racing.. Asphalt is pretty cheesy to me..

    • kevg73

      Droid maxx incompatible too. What phones can play this thing?

    • j

      Gnex is a go!!! She’s still good for somethin

  • Guest

    Play link is broken.

    • “Note: The game is still rolling out, so if the link comes back as unavailable, be patient.”

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Hmmmm posted about a couple games today…. know what this means?.


  • And yet people still ask why we need more than 16GB or microSD slots…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I mean honestly a phone is 16GB or lower it needs to have an SD Slot… but 32GB plus? I dunno…. I don’t care at that point

      • Adrynalyne

        Bards Tale has like 4gb in high res textures…. Its easy to eat up even 32gb.

        • hkklife

          I have eaten up 32GB on my N7 & N10 easily thanks to having a few big 3D games installed and a sma5tering of media files. I would do it on my phones too if I didn’t have a microSD slot for storing media content and for camera usage.

    • Pratik Holla

      Maybe 2014 is the year flagships will sell at 32 Gb standard. Hopefully…..

      • Eric

        A few phones already do. G2 and HTC One.

    • Armus

      Don’t forget that we are all going to end up on Safestrap eventually. That requires a lot of room to be comfortable. I don’t see how anyone today survives on 16 without actively cleaning out their crap. And no, cloud is no substitute for an SD card