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Video: LG Shows Off “Self Healing” Back and Durability of the G Flex

G Flex

Since its unveiling, LG has touted the “Self Healing” backside of the G Flex, which features a special coating that helps the device stay in pristine condition even after being lightly scratched up. The video LG posted this morning shows just what type of treatment the G Flex can take, and we must say, it’s quite impressive. 

Not only can the device take some scratching (you kinky phone, you) and come out looking new, but the device appears to be extremely durable, with LG throwing on weights and bending the display to a flat state. Then, once the weight is removed, it pops right back up into its curved positioning.

Hoping to buy the G Flex here in the States? According to evleaks, we should see the device sometime in the future on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Once more info is made available, we will post it.

Check out the G Flex torture session down below.

  • JoeInMO

    I’m impressed. LG seems to have gone from a non-player to the leader in the Android market. The G2 is a very impressive device and if the G Flex is even better the competition doesn’t have much to offer.

  • Ryan

    I don’t care what anyone says LG is currently the only phone manufacturer innovating with their phone’s hardware. I love my G2.

  • NorCalGuy

    Amazing …typical, cool phone with real life application and its not coming to Verizon…

  • Jonathan Bunch

    …but will it do that with fingerprints….???

  • Joe Cross

    Self healing back? I’m on board. Curved phone? how does that contribute to the usability or performance of the device? Oh wait it doesn’t

  • Dave

    Certain Zagg shields do this up to a certain tolerance. I dropped my keys on screen one time, and got real tickef off, about five minutes later it was gone.

  • ckj


    • Daistaar

      Random Gladiator quote lol

  • Liderc

    What is this voodoo? Pretty neat, despite the curved screen not being that interesting for actual functionality.

  • Roberto Taylor

    All they need to do now is come up with self-healing glass and we’ll all be set.

    • JoshHenry

      dont forget the battery you never have to recharge.

  • Kevin N

    Its the devil!!

  • Amit

    I see +LG Electronics doing these days looks gimmicky or are just poor imitations of what other cell phone makers are doing. But I saw this video of the new LG G Flex and it looks pretty amazing and useful. Now if we can just solve the battery life problem.


  • stache

    While its cool, i feel like the video is a little misleading. Why in the conventional side bright enough to see the yellow of the brush and definition of the bristles and the flex side too dark to see the color of the brush or bristles. Seems like the low lighting helps reduce the appearance of scratches.

    • zurginator

      I think that has to do with the glossy back reflecting more light up to the brush.

  • jerflash

    OK it seems like they might just have something there

  • coolsilver

    Drop that 32kg weight from about 2 ft on top of it and see how durable it is.

  • Kiril Vatev

    Okay, so that is admittedly awesome. Now just do the same for a flat phone.

  • steve30x

    I understand this flexible screen curvature that LG is doing compared to Samsung round. Like a small IMAX screen for your phone.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    That thing looks like the gnex grandbaby so much. And wow. Thought it was a crap gimmick, but I’ve been proven wrong. That and a 3500 mAH battery? Forrealzy?

  • Kevin

    i’m impressed. wish my g2 had that self healing tech.

    • Bald_Sasquach

      Dude me too. My G2 looks like I threw it in a blender, and I baby this thing. It has 20+ deep scratches in the screen, just from being in my pocket by itself. Huge annoyance.

      • Kevin

        i got a diztronic case on amazon, i’d recommend it. 12 bucks, slim profile and fits/feels good.

        • I can second that. I got it too (matt black). Fits great, feels great in my hand.
          I never took off the back plastic protector thing either, so my phone is in good shape.

        • Bald_Sasquach

          ………..And I have a poetic slim case. In no way does that prevent the screen from getting scratched. Lol the poetic is nice though. Its rough matte texture lets me stick it to my couch cushions at a 75 degree angle which is very cool.

          • Kevin

            hah i think i read over the part where you said screen, i just assumed you meant the back since that’s where the self-healing coating is on the flex. i haven’t had any issues with screen scratches, but usually my phone is in its own pocket, no keys or anything.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I like!

  • Jason Geiger

    Pretty cool. I’d like to see how the screen handles drops though.

  • jbdan

    Umm this is pretty freaking cool

  • aye_winchell

    so, we have contextually aware devices, devices that are always listing, and now devices that are self healing…so whats next, self aware devices….the LG SkyNet

  • Sjschwar

    i could have one in each back pocket and use them as seat cushions!

    • palomosan

      I can even use it as a pillow.

      • michael arazan

        With the curve it could be used as a cup as well

  • Ryan Powell

    It’s a witch! BURN IT!!

    • richkoos

      but does this witch float?

      • Anonymous

        But will it blend?

        • Maxim∑

          Half Life 3 CONFIRMED

      • Walter Partlo

        It clearly weighs less than a duck.

    • CAPerkins22

      It turned me into a newt!

      • Sharkh20

        A newt?

        • CAPerkins22

          …I got better.

          • Sharkh20

            BURN HER ANYWAY!

    • Detonation


  • Thorboy

    That is pretty amazing, especially the flex tests. Kudos to some real innovation LG.

    • Rusted Edge

      Self healing properties in polyurethane is old news. Xpel and Suntek already do it for entire cars (clearbra).

      Everyone should be upset that these companies (and it happens in other tech sectors too, like Intel and AMD) are selling you tiny iterations of improvement so they can charge you 500 dollars for 4 cores after they sold you 2 cores for 500 the year before. Sweet 400ppi right? Not really, boom 405 ppi !GIVE ME THE MONIES! There is no bleeding edge anymore, the only thing bleeding is your bank accounts because you allow these corporations to collude in milking dated tech instead of actually innovating. Apple isn’t the only one, they all are guilty.

      It is said necessity is the mother of invention, so I guess since there is no necessity in personal computing/phones there can be no true inventing. You all let Ubuntu Edge fail and so too will phoneBloks, because all you care about is cranking up that ghz to .11.

      Perhaps no one has the creativity because all that money that should be spent on research is being spent on lawyers to sue other lawyers to come to an agreement that everyone is stealing from everyone. Perhaps it is because money is being spent at all…

      • Samvelavich

        calm your tits.

      • gambit07

        While I agree with a couple of your points to an extent, that has almost nothing to do with the comment you replied to. There is no relation, beyond the material itself, between engineering self healing polyurethane for a car lining compared to developing a self healing polyurethane shell for a phone. They are totally different use cases, and the design required to make it work within a phone (while allowing this kind of flexing with internal tech materials), is very different than deploying it on a car. I agree that is an innovation by LG and should allow for more interesting things in the future

      • Kevin

        so what you’re saying is I can go to a body shop and have them coat this on the back of my phone?

      • Elliot Kotis

        PhoneBloks succeeded, misinformed much. Motorola has already begun (before phonebloks was in play), and is now working with Dave from PhoneBloks.

    • Scottyb112

      Watch the test closely. The brush used on the other phone was like a brass wire brush. The one on the LG Flex was Black plastic like, or like a paint brush. Totally misleading there

  • Colton


    • Kevin


      • Colton

        THANK YOU. haha I seriously figured no one would catch this.