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Updated Facebook Messenger With Refreshed UI Now Available to More Users


Back in October, Facebook launched an updated and sexified version of its Messenger app. The update was only available for a small amount of test users, and even for some that did get the update, it was later updated yet again to remove the improvements. It was a sneaky and upsetting move to users, but Facebook was clearly looking out for its users’ best interests. 

The update not only has an updated and better look to it, but there are a few features added in, such as the ability to clearly see which of your friends is available for chatting and a completely redone menu system for easier navigation throughout the app. It is a night and day difference to the say the least.

The update is now available for more folks over on Google Play, so go grab it if you can.

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  • john

    Funny but people can complain about “Apple” but majority of customizing our phones is related to “Apple”. I love Apple even though I have a GS3 and I’m happy with my GS3. But the UI for Apple is awesome.

  • terrorist96

    What ever happened to the ability to make “free calls” via Facebook Messenger?

  • romma

    As long as there are stupid chat heads floating around, I want nothing to do with Facebook messenger.

    • Fb

      You know you can turn that off right…?

      • romma

        Hadn’t really bothered. I get a notification when I have an FB message. To me that’s enough… Thanks..

  • Kyle Christopher Sheridan

    Why is the text integration removed?

  • I find it quite interesting and use a new update for the utility, brings much convenience and quick to use.

  • Ryan

    To much like iOS 7

  • John Ligons

    I like the new UI, a bit cleaner and organized. Have anyone tried the SMS intergration of it yet?

  • Steven Berger

    It looks like there still is texting…sort of…from Engadget “The new version arrived on some of our Android devices within the last 24 hours, and an update to the company’s blog post says that now it’s coming to iOS as well. The new design is meant to be faster with swiping to switch between conversations, and it also asks users to confirm their phone numbers so it can fall back to texting when they’re not signed in.”

  • TSY87

    besides being hideous, it works well. DAT THUMB DOE!

  • rthvk

    Heh hidden HTC logo

  • Ruel Smith

    OH GAWD!!! iOS 7… MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!

  • Twist

    We hangouts now?

  • Phil Hyde

    I installed the update from October, and the really annoying thing about it was that you could not select the ringtone for Messenger. I hope they have changed that!

  • Danny Dodge

    I reverted to the old one – chathead sms is too good to lose.

    • alex drum

      I think its still there. chathead is the bubble icon that pops up on the side of the screen right?

      • Danny Dodge

        Chatheads are still there for Fb chat but not SMS

  • Mark

    I wish they’d hurry up and release it for NZ >.<

  • Steven Berger

    If only they brought texting back….love the UI and the chat head combination

  • Actually looks pretty damn sexy…

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Did Facebook just hire Hangout developers?

    • MGardnerDA1235

      That was my first reaction: OMG…I can see who is available right now?

  • Jason Kahn

    What ever happened to Google’s design guidelines it seems like more and more big developers have thrown them out.

  • Josh Starr

    They removed the SMS feature. So I uninstalled and backed up from TB to the old version

  • Lou Guberti

    This update is so much better. Before, the menu button was right near the spacebar on my HTC1 and I was constantly getting my messages mucked up.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      yeah, and i like this render of the One w/o the logo, now if we could get it w onscreen buttons…

  • Droid Ronin

    Been rocking the new Chat Heads app for the last two weeks through an APK sideload, but have to disable the update to this app through Google Play since it wants to update it back to the old-school version. 🙁

  • Tj

    I don’t like iOS 7 design in Android, it looks out of place. Facebook should recognize platform independence; the stark contrast is a nuisance IMO.

    • Pratik Holla

      This may be true, but I’ll take a iOS7 lookalike over a iOS 6 look alike any day.

    • annalisedyy264

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