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Gmail Adding More Quick Action Buttons to Help You Get Things Done Faster

gmail popouts

For a lot of people these days, the email inbox is like Grand Central Station with information coming and going constantly. Google is hoping to make that experience a little bit better for Gmail users by adding in even more time-saving buttons that they refer to as “quick action buttons.” Now you can get more done without having to leave the safety of your inbox tab. 

Coming soon to your Gmail inbox are buttons that allow you to act on the content of the email just through a simple click. Google lists examples like reviewing a restaurant or changing your OpenTable reservation by tapping the little button that appears on the side of your email. Opening YouTube videos and Google Docs documents are also on the list and Google promises they are “continuing to add even more buttons” in the future.

Sounds like it could really save some time, as long as you are ok with Gmail knowing the contents of your emails.

Via: Google

  • Darren Ellis

    The only thing I want from GMail is what I have needed from the start – SORT! They keep giving the same BS replay whenever someone requests it – “we are a search company, we don’t do sort”. GMail is not useful unless it has a sort feature!

  • Janeta Barge

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  • babygirlga

    I wish they’d provide a way to select one email from a sender and allow you to clear all similar emails in one function. Would love this in the android gmail.

  • i9

    Cool, but can we please have keyboard shortcuts for these “buttons” ?

  • ghogue

    I work at Chop’t..thanks for the shout out! Would love to meet you guys.

  • Trueblue711

    Good! I love the “Track Package” and “View Order” buttons, wouldn’t mind some more.

  • Smeckle

    I’m already seeing this in my inbox.

  • rthvk

    You know what, Google?

    You’ve proven yourself. Read my emails, know my location, I don’t care anymore.

    As long as you continue to make it useful (Now, Gmail, Opinion Rewards, etc.), I’m all in.

    And Eric, already like three posts for today! Sounds like you have the day off 🙂

    • AbbyZFresh

      The NSA will be very proud to hear that from you.