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Falcon Pro Lives – Receives Update to Version 2.0.7, Brings Kit Kat Fixes

falcon pro

With Falcon Pro development currently on hold with the release of Flyne, it appears that the app hasn’t been completely forgotten. After the release of Kit Kat, Falcon Pro users noticed that there were issues with the application’s font and other various bugs, but the developer has now released a fix for Android 4.4 device owners who still rock Falcon Pro. 

Inside the update, version 2.0.7, a bold font bug has been fixed, plus a big fix for attaching pictures from the gallery. Anyone on Android 4.4 would have experienced these issues, so if you are on Kit Kat, make sure to go update the app.

The update was pushed to Google Play, but it is unlisted as of right now, so searching for it won’t do you any good. If your account has a token, then you can also download and sideload the app from this website here.

Falcon still can’t support new users, so unless you already have a token, you won’t be able to use it. Hopefully one day that will all be straightened out.

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  • jayydela

    It’s almost perfect. Once it does a better job in the notification aspect of things, I’m sold.

  • Christian Tolentino

    best twitter app ever. just want to ask though. what is the difference between the falcon pro with a round icon and a more simple and square icon found in the website itself? I have the square one. TIA.

    • Matthew

      The circle was an old icon set used prior to 4.3 I believe. It should force every to update to the square, purely cosmetic.

  • Phil Quinn

    You can’t upload full resolution pictures in the new version like you could in the old one. Very disappointing.

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    Thank God for this update! Love Falcon Pro. Love. It.

  • Rohan Shankar

    I only hope that one day, Falcon will be able to sync Mentions and New Followers better..
    One can dream…..

  • Justin Haglund

    “Unless you already have a token, you won’t be able to use it.”

    That’s not exactly true. I would have thought that the token workaround would be common knowledge by now: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57592163-285/falcon-pro-updated-with-workaround-for-twitter-tokens/

    Just download the app from http://getfalcon.pro and use the workaround method. Been running this way since it was first published with no negative effects.

  • Craig Queenan

    I love Falcon and wish it was still getting frequent updates. I intend on using it for as long as possible. I would love to see the people at Carbon come out with an update to give it some more features. If they included some of the features of Falcon, i could see potentially making a switch down the line…

  • jbegs

    You can also get to the update through the play store on your phone and heading over to the My Apps section. Swipe to the All list and find the app. He made the updates available this way as well.

  • Droid Ronin

    I was dealing with the bold font bug for a week now with 4.4, but got the thin Roboto font back with the update. ::thumbs up::

  • Blue Sun

    Google Play link states file not found. So sideloading is currently the only option…for now.

    • jbegs

      Upload is still available in your My Apps>All in the play store on your phone/tablet.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Falcon pro needs a ui overhaul to match Flyne.

  • veRdiKt

    I wont ever stop using Falcon. It’s the greatest Twitter app I have used. Glad to see an update.

    • kervation

      I agree. Falcon Pro is still superior compared to the official Twitter client, IMHO.

  • Jeff

    I’d like to just use Flyne for Twitter, but it doesn’t have nearly the functionality Falcon Pro does. Hopefully by the time Flyne is out of Beta it’ll have the features of Falcon Pro.

    • Dedop

      I don’t think Flyne is supposed to be another twitter client just a reader so you may be waiting a while.