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Could Officially Bringing Google Play to Blackberry Save Their Devices?


Last month, Blackberry finally brought its once-amazing BBM service to Android. It was viewed as a way for Blackberry to still stay somewhat relevant in today’s market, but wasn’t received very well thanks to delays to its release. Another problem is that this strategy was not selling any Blackberry devices for the struggling company. If these leaked images from Crackberry are true, Blackberry might be trying to bring Android onto its devices. 

The photos of a very dirty Z10 are presented without any explanation, but it has certainly started a lot of speculation. They could very well be faked images, but this story does seem to be gathering steam with the start of BBM coming to Android. It is possible at the moment to sideload Android apps onto a Blackberry device, but it is far from official. These shots suggest that the Play Store, as well as official Android app support, could be possibly coming.

Could this actually work well for Blackberry? Or is it too little too late?


Via: Crackberry

  • Keg Man

    too late. Look at HTC, LG, Sony etc barely scraping by to make money in Android. BB’s reputation is destroyed amongst even the non tech people

  • TC Infantino

    Although I have never been a BlackBerry fan. (Basically because before the smartphone really kicked off, the BlackBerry users seemed to be even bigger Douches than many iPhone users are now) But competition is always a good thing to breed inovation, and if BlackBerry used Android OS with a BlackBerry skin, that might be a good thing. Let’s see if they can come up with something interesting and useful, instead of being So far behind the Curve (pun).

  • Cyber Jethro

    Random thought, Would it be possible to have an Android Run-time on QNX instead of Linux?

  • Emilio Figueroa

    I would buy their phones if this happened!

  • Mark

    insert fart noise here..

  • tariq

    but i like android as a whole os not just the playstore. i would still go for for android since i can get bbm on it and enjoy android experience. i think bb should just chuck the bb 10 software away and go with android which might save em but they eint gonna do that

  • CensoredByU

    Dump QNX and adopt the church of Droid. Put RIM services on the devices. That is rims only salvation.

  • Guest101


  • JeffColorado

    The only thing that will save Blackberry devices is to actually put Android on them. The Play store is a bandaid fix.

    • symbolset

      Over a million apps is not just a bandaid. It adds considerable value to the BB platform.

  • jmsbwmn

    Here’s one for you: “Can Google Save Blackberry?”

  • Knlegend1

    Nah I like android as a whole not because of the play store. Putting it on blackberry is just putting it on blackberry but I’ll still be on android.

  • chris125

    Even with Google apps through the play store, there really is nothing compelling to getting a bb, especially if you like BBM you can already get that via IOS or android device.

  • Jkdem85

    or it could be a screen shot from an android phone sent to a bberry

  • master94

    Blackberry needs to go all Android before it has a chance. Same with Nokia

    • Adrynalyne

      Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile phone business.

      That is not going to happen.

      Nokia is the only thing keeping WP relevant (slightly).

      • master94

        I know, but I can hope.

      • CensoredByU

        MS has no freaking clue what they are doing..

        • Adrynalyne

          Either that, or they are betting big on the future.

          The prior is probably the case though.

  • PalmerAdam

    Adding Google Play to the Nook really saved Barns and Noble too…

    • Adrynalyne

      It might have, if the Amazon app store didn’t exist.

  • Tyler

    I think if blackberry brought a high end android device with 4.3/4.4 with their skin atop that it could fare quite well in the business world. They would obviously have to add some sort of enterprise features but getting rid of the BB10 and moving to android could possibly save them.

  • Mike Hilal

    I just want their email service to use for the standard android email. BBM was nice when you could send files through it…now it’s neutered to the point that even iMessage is better

    • Chris

      google buys Blackberry and uses the mail service as a new backbone of Gmail?

      • Mike Hilal

        This is where I was going. Think about google enterprise integration….would be epic win

  • joejoe5709

    At that point, why wouldn’t you just fully move over to Android and use BBM? I’ve always thought Google/Android should purchase BB. Take all their patents and their encryptions. Either integrate them into Android, kill off the brand and call it day -OR- Keep BB as a separate entity, convert them to a skinned Android experience and market it as a more business oriented version of Android.

    Side note: That phone is FUGLY. Why the massive bezels? HTC could put Boom sound on those suckers. Yeesh.

  • Chris

    nope. it’s like titanic. the ships about the split any moment now.

  • Nayners

    Does anyone really care at this point? Blackberry’s ship has sailed, I’m sorry. Too little, too late.

  • Stewie

    Have you read, yet another CEO BB story – 85 million in options to stay, 1 million base yearly salary, (double check me on those last two, I may have misinterpreted), and 6 mil if terminated without cause … http://www.theverge.com/2013/11/11/5091452/blackberry-new-ceo-john-chen-pay-package-88-million
    Getting the play store on it is not going to help …

    • Adrynalyne

      They will always have the cause with the ultimate being: cause we can no longer afford to pay you :p

  • bigdav1178

    I think adding the Play store would help them by greatly expanding their official app support, but the better solution would be to do away with the blackberry OS and move to Android.

  • Kyle Miller

    *Walks on stage…adjusts mic…takes breath…* NO! *leaves stage*

  • Mike

    No. Does anybody buy Blackberry phones anymore?

  • Ryan B

    Either way, eat the powdered doughnuts first, then play with the app store.

    • SparkysShocker

      Its his coke habit.

  • traumadog

    Hmm…. and here I was thinking that Google buying BBM would be a nice defensive maneuver against the Rockstar Consortium lawsuit…

    • michael arazan

      BB and tegra seem to be the only ones not in the handset alliance. And what’s with sony’s postion? Excluded from lawsuit, and is in direct conflict with it? I think that could bring the whole suit to be dismissed.

      But Google should seriously consider buy a part of BB for cash infusion for them and exclusive patent protection for themselves.

      • traumadog

        The Rockstar lawsuit isn’t by or directly against the Open Handset Alliance… that said, BBM is part owner of the Rockstar patents, along w/ Apple, MS, and Sony/Ericsson, so they may consider Sony as a “license holder” already.

  • trixnkix637

    If you can’t beat them, join them. Still too little, far too late.

  • EC8CH

    It’s almost uncomfortable to watch… like someone slowly drowning gasping for air and flailing their arms at anything within reach.

  • moelsen8

    that’s a very interesting strategy. it’s like the closest you could get to “going android” without actually doing it. hrm.

    • SamFromDowntown

      Andoid people: What you do not seem to understand with your calls for BB to “go Android” and that Android could not run within enterprises. That is BB’s bread and butter. (It also does not run in other regulated environments like cars.) Android, when it comes to security, is the s/w equivalent of medical waste. For BB to adopt Android would be to through away its core customers. By having an Android runtime, BB users get the best of both worlds.

      • Adrynalyne

        “Android, when it comes to security, is the s/w equivalent of medical waste.”

        Please. That title belongs to Windows, and it is far less secure than Android while being used in businesses.

        • SamFromDowntown

          Android is not getting approved for regulated environments. That’s why Samsung is going Knox. Plain Jane Android is not cutting it and won’t cut it for the more demanding environments BB works in.

          But by running Android inside BB10 (where it can’t do any damage) user gets best of both worlds.

          I think bringing Google Play to BB 10.2.1 is a great idea. Cuts Apple off at the knees.

          • Adrynalyne

            Well for starters, Google will never approve this.

            Secondly, RIM’s services are what makes it ideal for regulated environments, not the OS itself. Its always been about the enterprise services and not the OS.

          • SamFromDowntown

            >> RIM’s services are what makes it ideal for regulated environments, not the OS itself.

            This is plain incorrect. QNX — the OS underlying the BB10 ‘skin’ — used to run in regulated environments long before BB bought it. For example, QNX underlies most automotive s/w the user sees. This is all hyper regulated. Also — medical devices. Again — hyper regulated. High speed trains — ditto. So when you say it has nothing to do with the OS, you simply don’t know what you are talking about.

            As for Google not permitting this — why not? It grankly gets more people on Android = more user data for Google = more advertising revenue for The Man. Google is not even competing in BB’s space. They have nothing to lose here.

          • Adrynalyne

            QNX wasn’t on BBOS devices in enterprise before that, so that is irrelevant.

            I think the person who doesn’t know what they are talking about is yourself.

            Google does not license their app store to anything BUT their products and Android.

            “Google is not even competing in BB’s space. ”

            BB isn’t competing at all, so you are right there. Google has been steadily increasing security in Android, esp. with SELINUX. It only makes sense they continue this path, and not share anything with RIM,.

          • SamFromDowntown

            BBOS was approved for regulated environments. So was BB10/QNX. Android HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED for regulated markets. If it were, why would Samsung bother with Knox? It should be obvious to any user that Android w/o some heavy lifting from third party apps, is not even approvable. Even then, Knox is a pretty cut-down product.

            Your position that it is not the OS that renders a system ok for regulated use does not stand up to even superficial scrutiny.

            BB has its market. So does Android. There is no reason that can’t work together to lean on Apple.

            But if #HatersGonnaHate, so be it.

          • Adrynalyne

            BB has a market of 0.

            RIM is bleeding money and will either be bought and parted out for their enterprise SERVICES (not the OS) or they will end up bankrupt.

            My position is that enterprise services work WITH the OS to provide what you are describing. Without the services, the OS is meaningless. The services merely hook into the OS.

            Preach all you want about Samsung Knox, but you wanna know why its only available in 4.3?

            SELinux, which is something Google added to Android, NOT Samsung.

  • jaredgreenwald

    Blackberry should just take the look/feel of BB10 and convert that to a skin (a la Sense) for Android and then sell their handsets with that (kinda like HTC). Then they could restrict installs of BBM through the market to those devices.

    • NickA

      I like that idea, as long as you have the choice to have that skin or not. This would apease BlackBerry and Android users. BlackBerry has always made top notch hardware, that wasn’t the issue. I’d love to see a BB/Android phone, but not more that I’d like to see a Nokia Android phone.

      • jaredgreenwald

        Yea, that would actually give HTC a run for it’s money I think…

        GPE Z10 anyone?

        • Eric R.

          Maybe last year.
          1.5Ghz dual core S4 doesn’tcut it this year

          • jaredgreenwald

            yea – i was going for the sentiment rather than that actual device

        • Adrynalyne

          What money?

      • Chris

        root or buy a nexus.

      • SparkysShocker

        Always made top notch hardware…except for that whole track ball debacle. Although I hate skins in general (come on OEMs we are not on Windows Mobile anymore) I’d welcome a top tier hardware mfg.

    • Eric R.

      I was thinking the same thing, a BlackBerry branded device that runs Android with all BB services integrated

    • TheDrizzle

      That seems like a really good idea. Leverage one of Android’s intended purpose: to be a platform.

  • monkey082506

    I’m going to think really hard about this one…not a snowball’s chance in hell.

  • Cory_S

    Geez. You could probably run a background check off this guys fingerprints.

  • pookietookie

    Snooze. Can this company just go away already?

  • b16a2smith

    My brain won’t let me read past the title. It keeps trying to re-arrange the title to be readable. Damn it.

  • Jeff Helget

    This title hurts my brain.

    • PhillipCun

      its monday. this is making my brain hurt even more than usual on a Monday

    • Prox

      worst title of the day

    • JoshGroff

      It’s a bit too wordy, but it makes perfect sense. Removing officially from the title would clear it up.

    • Adrynalyne

      Could Official Google Play Store Save Blackberry Devices?

      This hurts a lot less.

    • danelletfz790

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    • oaxican509

      He must of wrote it on a iphone……

  • Jeremy Gross

    blackberry has great hardware, but putting android on it would be great. I dont know the economics with RIM but i know consumers would enjoy it. like when nokia put windows on their phones.

    • MikeCiggy

      Could definitely save the company. However I could see them going more of the Kindle route with a forked version with their own unique features.

      • Grizzly Atoms

        We already have a BlackBerry looking skin on Android, its called Sense.

        • MikeCiggy

          Bringing another Android device to market with only a different skin would not save this company. However bringing a forked version of Android, with their own app-store, their own unique features that everyone loved from the Old Blackberry and the correct marketing could be huge.

          One place Android lacks is in the business use field. As far as I know nothing is unified when it comes to Enterprise with Android. Blackberry took over the business scene years ago and could stand to take it back if they can create a custom version of Android with all of the Enterprise features from the past.