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Verizon Timeline: MotoMaker November 11, G2 in White, Ultra and Mini in White Too, One Max November 21

Moto X

Almost a month ago, we first heard a report suggesting that MotoMaker would finally arrive for the Moto X on Verizon by November 11. We can now confirm through multiple sources that Verizon and Motorola have indeed scheduled November 11 as MotoMaker launch day. It has been months since the phone and customization service first launched as an AT&T exclusive deal, with November being rumored as the end of the exclusivity from the beginning. Come Monday, those on Big Red should finally be able to make their own Moto X

We do not have confirmation on pricing, but Verizon dropping the price of the Moto X to $99 on-contract, I’d imagine you’ll be able to customize a phone for the same price, since that’s how it has worked with the AT&T model.

In other Verizon news, we’ve been told to expect the LG G2 in white on November 14, the HTC One Max around November 21, and white versions of both the DROID ULTRA and Mini around November 22.

We tend to see new variants of phones arrive just before the holidays to help with promotions and to spark new life in what can be a fading product cycle. With new colors of popular Verizon phones, that appears to be the case here. Nothing like a shiny new white phone for the holidays, right?

Cheers all who sent this in!

  • Chippah

    Thinking about swapping my note 3 for an lg g2 in white. Whaddaya think? The note 3 is a big in the hand.

  • Jacob Brown

    I am so glad that Verizon is making a white LG G2. The black is so ugly and fingerprints will show less on the white version.

  • InvaderDJ

    I’m tempted by this, I know my mom would love it for her other line. Motorola really hit it out of the park on the customization thing. I was sure it was going to be a dumb gimmick, but it really is a valuable differentiator (unlike other OEMs and their insistence on trying to change software when they don’t know anything about software design or UX).

  • Had anybody here every traded their phone service for somebody else’s service? I’ve got a VZW unlimited data line, and I need a AT&T unlimited plan to switch to. I’ve looked at cellplandepot, celltradeusa, etc but most of the listings are months old. Anybody have an idea how to go about getting this accomplished?

    In about to pull my old man hair out of my head this is driving me insane!

  • ki11ak3nn

    I don’t like white phones. But this is pretty cool though. I wish Motomaker came sooner. Like before I got/fell in love with a Note 3. Oh well. 2 more years on VZ for me!! Yay!!! (kill me now)

  • I’m glad i held out. I was this close to getting a G2. But MotoMaker kept calling me back in. i’ve been playing with motomaker and saved over 15 or so choices i’d like to get. I settled on this one. https://www.motorola.com/us/motomaker?intent=motomatch-buynow&pid=FLEXR1&front-color=color-black&rear-color=OP100013&accent-color=OP100060#review/

  • Sam

    Any AT&T folks on here had any bad experiences w/ the lighter colors? Cement, Chalk, White, etc. I’d be going caseless and worry about it showing dirt and wear over time. Or even any VZW white owners over that past month or two?

  • Eric

    Noooo, the white G2? I just got my G2 last sunday…

  • StingRay

    So Verizon’s holiday lineup is simply different colors & variants of phones that are already out? now that’s the Verizon we know and love…


    How about the Droid Mini in a 32GB version VERIZON!

  • Razma

    should I get an off contract moto x now, or wait till june for my upgrade and whatever the probable successor to the moto x is? was going to hop off verizon in favor of the nexus 5 but that’s probably not going to happen so Im stuck on verizon (only provider with decent service in my area)

    • joejoe5709

      Unless you have $500 to burn or if your current phone is complete crap, I’d wait. Maybe even wait for a killer deal on Amazon or something.

      • Razma

        good point, however i would like to customize it, so an amazon deal wouldnt help much. wonder if motomaker will ever offer a deal (black friday perhaps?)

    • M3D1T8R

      Get a DNA used for $250 or whatever. Asuming you’re coming from a G.Nex it will be a major uprade, and hold out for next years Moto X. I’m pretty happy with my DNA, will probably wait for next year’s X, hopefully a 64GB option by then.

  • jer85008

    OK – quick poll: what’s up with all the discounts and fire sales on the G2 lately? I could get one free right now on Verizon with the discount and coupon code, but am still hesitant for some reason. I do like the Moto X, but would like a larger screen. The Note III is too big and expensive for me (and it’s a Samsung). Hmmmmm……

    • joejoe5709

      Check their return policies. Buy it. Return it if it’s not what you thought. For free, why not?

      Otherwise you’re kinda stuck. You want a larger screen but not too large. The only other phone that isn’t a Samsung (GS4) is one of the new Droids. I don’t know about you, but I’d take a G2 over one of the Droids. I’d say HTC One, but the screen is the same size as the Moto X.

    • Discount and Coupon Code? Do you mean the Verizon30 or is there another one?

    • harryballs

      Get the maxx. Same as the x with a 5″ screen and huge battery.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Moto seriously dropped the ball with the at&t exclusivity… Just imagine how much better this device would’ve sold if moto maker was available throughout all carriers at launch..most ppl I know (myself included) got tired of waiting and went with the G2 or note 3

    • joejoe5709

      Maybe a month earlier would have been better, but it’s fine. We’re not quite to the shopping season yet. Most consumers won’t even realize there was an exclusivity. I think their pricing was a bigger mistake than the exclusivity. Even the average consumer is going to question why the specs don’t match up to similarly priced phones. I also think the 32GB exclusivity was a big mistake. People look for that stuff. They like to see a lot of storage space especially when compared to the competition. They desperately need to play up the Migrate option in MotoMaker. Watch the iSheep come in droves. I guarantee it.

  • runner30

    Anyone know if that VWZ discount code could be used somehow with a MotoMaker Moto X?

    Will Verizon sell those redeemable MotoMaker cards in store like AT&T?

    • Razma

      been wondering if this was possible too, i doubt it tho

    • Matthew Rebmann

      I’m wondering if there’s a way to use a coupon style code with the Device Payment Plan. That’s the option I’m going for, regardless. Any less money spent would be an added bonus though

  • rthvk

    Watch every single combination of colors on the Moto X go through a 3-4 week certification process.

    • Dorian Brooks

      It’s 6 weeks…. IJS

      • socarwolverine

        “IJS” …”I Just Sharted”?

        • Dorian Brooks

          Close enough when we’re talking about Verizon.

  • Ethan Hartman

    I wonder how many people are waiting to retire their VZW GNex for a Moto Maker 32GB Moto X like me…

    • Omar Amer

      Not sure, but im stuck with GNex for 5 more months. So I might be one of the last people to drop the GNex for a new and shiny phone.

      • Ethan Hartman

        Just go off-contract. I’m doing because keeping unlimited data is worth a few hundred extra dollars to me

        • Omar Amer

          eh, Im fine with GNex for that long. not worth spending the few hundred to replace before being replaced again.

          • joejoe5709

            Yeah 5 months is an eternity in this industry. By then we’ll probably have a Galaxy S5 and maybe that leaked One successor. Heck… who knows… maybe we’ll get the Nexus 5. You actually might luck out better than those who jumped on a current flagship.

          • Omar Amer

            yeah. I know. seems like every month or two there is a new phone that is even newer or shinier than the previous. I’ve had the GNex for 16 months now, surely another 5 isnt going to kill me.

          • joejoe5709

            If you ROM, keep an eye out for a decently stable 4.4 ROM. I tried out a buggy version and it rocked my world. I went back to 4.3 for stability but 4.4 will breathe all new life into your GNex.

          • Omar Amer

            yeah, eventually. Im using stock verizon for now as I have no need for ROM, but will have to travel down that route once a good version of 4.4 is out for it to play around with it for a bit.

          • Tyler

            Thats exactly what I’m hoping maybe might happen (doubtful though). I can get a Moto X customized and if a nexus 5 for verizon comes i can sell online for $400 maybe and buy a 32GB N5.

          • maximillian 2000

            [email protected] 5 for Verizon. Like that will happen.

      • Razma

        stuck with mine till june…

    • Geoffrey Gunter

      Me, but probably at full retail. I don’t really want another two year contract with them.

      • Ethan Hartman

        Same here

        • Razma

          same, i like the moto x alot, but is it worth the full price off contract…

          • Fozzybare


          • michael arazan

            Will be going with the 12 month payment option, at $50-100 a month could have it paid off in 6-10 months and not be tied to a contract.

          • Razma

            dont suppose this is possible with motomaker

      • NexusMan

        I heard that.

    • NOCHnoch

      This guy…is it coming on contract?

    • NexusMan

      Here here.

    • Russ

      Me. Very excited. I’m actually a little relieved the Nexus 5 isn’t on Verizon because that makes my decision fairly easy 🙂

    • tardis don

      Why Moto X and not a Maxx? Just wondering…

    • mariarowles

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  • BobButtons

    LG G2 KitKat timeline?!

    • Shawn Spring

      A french website reported Nov/Dec, saw it on Android Authority a few days ago (or Android and Me, one of those two) – now, how true that is, is anyone’s guess.

      • Dale

        Soooo….March or April for Verizon customers?

        • Dorian Brooks

          So MUCH truth in that statement!!!

        • BobButtons

          And that’s if we’re lucky.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I’m beyond ready for this!

    • CrewF24

      Ha! I did the same thing today… I have 3 different models set up, my billing and shipping addresses and credit card info already saved in my profile. I might even wait up to see if becomes available at midnight

      • carluverdrm2004

        I went through several different color combinations, but I decided to go with this one. I put in my billing address, but I’ll probably do all those things too as soon as I get home from work tonight.0

      • carluverdrm2004

        Now would that be midnight Pacific or Eastern? Haha. I’m in EST, and I can’t do it at 3 am….

    • Dorian Brooks

      Iron Man MK VII colors??

      • carluverdrm2004

        The colors are similar, but it’s not based on Iron Man.

        • Dorian Brooks

          Lupin III, Vash the Stampede, & Edward Elric.

          Save for Vash (in the manga his hair turns silver/black) I see what you’re cooking.

          • carluverdrm2004

            You,sir, are my hero for the day! And I didn’t know that about the Trigun manga, I haven’t read it.

  • MikeSaver


    • That’s what I’m hoping for. I just got the off contract G2 from Amazon this morning in that ridiculous deal but I might have to sell it for and get a Wood Back Moto X if they’re available on Verizon next week.

      • theswillmerchant

        That is exactly what I was going to do but I didn’t get to amazon in time to get the G2. I really want an ebony backed 32gb moto x on vzw.

  • br_hermon

    Is it possible to use motomaker and buy the phone carrier-unlocked, off contract?

    • Omar Amer

      dont think motomaker offers carrier unlocked versions.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      not quite yet. The T-Mobile version is rumored to be available via MotoMaker tomorrow, which is essentially what you described as it is off-contract & not carrier-locked (though it says “T-Mobile” on their site, it does not have any T-Mo branding)

  • red014

    I’d totally buy the Maxx if it came in red.

  • Gregba

    I have it confirmed from 3 different VZW sources that 32gb moto maker edition will be 149.99 as of monday moved up to a 5 day wait though

  • AndrewScottRox

    No black HTC One in sight.

  • tanknspank

    “…I’d imagine you’ll be able to customize a phone for the same price, since that’s how it has worked with the AT&T model.”

    When have we given VZW the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making sense?

    • Ben

      AT&T, sure, VZW and AT&T seem to be in lock step. Compare AT&T Next with VZW Edge for proof. If this was comparing VZW to Sprint or T-Mobile then all bets are off.

  • MichaelFranz

    bring on 2014….

  • JiGSaW525

    Slow clap for VZW

    • Geoffrey Gunter

      I’d give a slight nod in their general direction, but no slow clap. Ever.

  • joejoe5709

    32GB Moto X anywhere in those rumors?

    • chris_johns


      • joejoe5709

        MotoMaker means it’s automatically a 32GB model? If so, awesome but I wasn’t aware.

        • MikeSaver

          naw but you get that option in motomaker

          • Big_EZ

            We assume (and hopefully correctly) that it’ll just be part of Moto Maker since it’s currently available for AT&T through Moto Maker.

  • litobirdy

    damitt, i wanted G2 in white. blah oh well

    • Thomas O’Brien

      Meh, you have to put a case on it since the glossy back makes it so slippery…you wouldn’t see it anyway..

  • EdLessard

    They’re not waiting for Kit Kat to be on it to “certify” the Moto Maker versions?