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T-Mobile Enables MMS for Google Voice Users

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For the longest time, only Sprint has offered Google Voice users the ability to receive MMS messages via a Gmail message. Starting today, T-Mobile has now enabled this same function for Voice users on its network, which is a big positive for anyone on the network using Google’s texting service. We are still waiting for Verizon and AT&T to follow suit. 

Alex Wiesen, a Google employee, posted the following statement on his Google+ profile.

We’re happy to announce this week another step towards improving MMS support for Google Voice. T-Mobile has allowed MMS messages from their users to be sent to Google Voice users. Similar to MMS messages from Sprint users, these messages will appear in Gmail, and you can be notified of the message via SMS. We continue to work with other carriers to broaden support for messaging and bring MMS to Hangouts. More good things are coming!

The whole “more good things are coming” is music to our ears, as it means they haven’t given up hope on AT&T or Verizon.

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Via: +Alex Wiesen

  • morgan boyle

    i just received a MMS from an AT&T number. did hell freeze over?

  • MrDivaNYC

    I can’t wait until we are able t use our T-Mobile numbers as our Google Voice voicemail numbers like we can with Sprint! This is the only draw back!

  • Nathan Thomas

    Really dont know how you all missed this. But I have been recieving mms since I installed GVoice for years now. I am on big red. What are you doing wrong?

    • Oresteez

      Picture messages??

  • nickdrake

    To clear my confusion, does this mean I can send MMS from GV to a regular carrier given number?

  • Guest

    Im really confused on how to activate this…

    • CARPDM

      it just happens, when someone from a Tmo or Sprint phone sends you an MMS to your Google Voice number, the MMS gets redirected to your gmail. At least that’s how it has worked for me when a Sprint person sends me pics to my Gvoice #

  • Nate Bousfield

    I’ve been on their $30 prepaid plan and it’s always been like that for me. I also never had any of the voicemail problems everyone talks about. Maybe it’s because I ported my number from Sprint and had Google Voice enabled on that line.

  • Blue Sun


  • Travis Brolund

    Is there any particular reason why they don’t just integrate MMS into the Google voice website/app itself, rather than sending the MMS messages to the Gmail inbox?

  • droidrazredge

    Just another reason for me to feel bad that I’m on Verizon, this has been a brutal week for me :(>.

  • bucksam

    That’s kind of odd. I’m on Verizon and when an MMS get sent to my Google Voice number it pops up in my Gmail account.

    • Ryan Stewart

      Its from, so if its coming from a Sprint user then you are good.

  • Just another reason to live tmobile more and hate verizon more

    • kim k

      Verizon will do it soon. The Unfortunately part of verizon Is they do have the best network but the do the absolute minimum. Tmobile, sprint, or att are always coming out with better services first. At that point Verizon implements it right after to stay with the other companies so their customers will not leave them. They lose some customers Everytime one of the other three big providerd come out with a new service. Verizon customers just need to get used to being the last one to get new services because they don’t really care about providing their customers with what they want. Their goal is to make as much money with the least amount of services possible and continue to boast about their network. I’ve been with all the companies and I got to say I’ll take a drop call every once in a while to cut my bill from $285 at verizon for 5 phones to $165 with tmobile. Tmobile, sprint, and att raise the bar. .. verizon follows. Sorry that’s how it always seems to be.

  • Ryan Stewart

    Oh hell, if they fix the voicemail integration then I might just pay the premium to go straight to TMobile instead of Straight Talk.

    • ilovetechnology

      What’s broken with it? I use it right now and am not aware of any issues.

      • Ryan Stewart

        Unless its changed since I was on T-mobile last year its not actually forwarded but the only option is to turn voicemail off and then let the person hang for 5 rings until google voice eventually picked up. And you couldnt make google voice your default handler on the phone because it would require that forwarding.

        • ilovetechnology

          Ohhh, I think that’s a difference between pre-paid and post-paid. I am using a post-paid no contract account, so all the forwarding works like it should.

    • LionStone

      They said beginning of the year they’ll integrate it… Yea T-Mo is looking good, looks like I’ll be setting up shop there with my new work phone, N5… especially since my workplace is getting LTE soon, gotta love that!

  • d-rock

    Does an MMS over GV through Tmobile still count as an MMS through Tmobile? Or is it still data only with no texting fees?

    • Very curious to see the answer to this.

      • andrew borrelli

        I don’t think you can send an MMS over google voice over tmobile… you’d need your T-Mobile number to be an actual google voice # to do that as the google voice application doesn’t support sending MMS.

        • d-rock

          Did you not read the title of the article? It says you can do this very thing, like sprint, but I think sprint just emulates your GV number over your sprint number.

          I guess the next question is does it count as data or text with sprint GV?

          • Tim242

            No. T-Mobile users can only receive MMS. They cannot send them through GV.

          • Matt

            wrong. I’m on Verizon and can receive MMS through GV from Sprint users.

          • Tim242

            Did I mention Sprint? Nope, I didn’t. Sprint has GV integration. T-Mobile is not getting that same integration.

        • kim k

          I just tried it and I have tmobile and it sent the picture to my phone but the text through the regular channel gv uses for text

  • Mike Hilal

    It only works on verizon if the MMS is sent from a sprint phone

  • Tristan the Marine

    I get all my Voice MMS messages in my Gmail, and I’m on Verizon. Am I missing something or special?

    • Nex

      Same here, all mms always just came to email.

    • Jaredsutter

      Are those messages coming from Sprint users? Until now, Sprint is the only one that has allowed GV to receive MMS coming from it’s network. Now, apparently, T-Mobile will also allow it.

      • Tristan the Marine

        Anyone who sent an MMS to my Voice number. I’ve received TMo, ATT, VZW, Sprint…. If they sent it I got it in gmail

        • LionStone

          I had a buddy (att) send me an MMS to my GV #, nothing…? Something in Settings?

  • Lakerfan

    Does this include TMobile prepaid and TMobile MVNOs as well?

    • Eddie R

      i hope. did it work for Sprint pre-paid?

    • Nayners

      Yes. This works on my T-Mobile prepaid ($30 plan), and my wife’s Straight Talk.

      • Good to know, may be switching to that soon.

    • Nick V

      I miss this feature. I loved it when I was on VZW…

  • jeff manning


  • TMKvamme

    The title should be: T-Mobile Enables MMS “TO” Google Voice Users

    • Cory_S

      Yeh, for a second I thought this was similar to what Sprint does where it combines your GV number with your Sprint number allowing you to SEND and receive MMS on your GV number.

      • Guest

        The Google Voice app doesn’t allow you to select images to send, At&t users can’t have that functionality.

        • Cory_S

          I’m not sure how that has anything to do with what I said.

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  • steve0617

    Wait, GV MMS capability has been restricted by the *carriers*? I always thought it was GV that was screwed up.

    • Droidzilla

      Do you really think Google would restrict the flow of information and the use of their services if they weren’t forced to?

    • itsgonnalast

      Same here, until today I had no idea it was the carriers that had to approve this. No wonder it’s taking forever.

  • No_Ledge

    This is only for mms FROM t-mobile customers to a GV number correct? If I have t-mobile and someone from att or Verizon sends an mms I’m still SOL, correct?

    • LionStone


      If it’s an MMS from GV, yes, SOL. lol

      • No_Ledge

        What if it’s an mms from att or Verizon from someone who doesn’t have GV?

        • LionStone

          Nope…not yet

    • Jaredsutter

      Correct, the article is wrong. Google Voice cannot send MMS, regardless of network (Sprint users can set their primary number as a GV number, so it works, but it’s not actually sent through GV). GV users could receive MMS from Sprint users, and now from T-Mobile users, but not from VZW or AT&T users

      • slowpok22

        I’m on verizon, so when I send a text from GV to and iPhone on AT&T and they receive it and I get an answer what is that?
        been sending and receiving texts like that for the last 2 years.

        • Jaredsutter

          Text=SMS. Picture Message=MMS. GV handles SMS just fine from all carriers, but has to work out agreements to receive MMS from carriers. GV cannot send MMS at all.

        • LionStone

          SMS to SMS, that is capable to do like you do for text, yes… this is MMS, sending pics/vids…

  • Tony Byatt

    I’ve had that capability ever since I switched to Google Voice and T-Mobile back in March. This is nothing new, I doubt I’m the only one that has been doing this…

  • mondeca

    Has Google ever said why they don’t just support MMS natively in Voice? It seems like that would be easier than dealing with each individual carrier for some weird SMS/email hybrid.

    • TJ Walsh

      It is specifically a carrier issue. They have to allow the route to each individual carrier for MMS. Carriers do not want to allow GV because of declining revenue of losing SMS subscriptions. Although, some smaller Tier 3 carriers like Bluegrass Cellular, Leaco, etc. do allow it.

  • JP

    Coming to Verizon in 2017!

    • Adam Truelove

      You misspelled “Never”.

      • Fresh360

        It has actually been confirmed for Verizon Feb 31st, 2014.

        • Steve B

          In your dreams.

        • BaconEater

          Oh, we have a new ‘Bionic’ on our hands

          • bobsagetstits

            Noooooooooo! I know for a fact I killed that mudda fooka. He’ll never return. god dammit now im gonna have nightmares of seeing his stupid arse posts everywhere wanting nothing more than to go back in time and kick his mother in the belly while she was pregnant with him. If you’re reading this bionic. rot in hell.
            everyone that looks at, thinks/knows about, leaves comments, or likes and dislikes comments at droid life.

        • Sirx

          Took me a minute but what you did there. I seent it…

        • I’d like a source.

          • acras

            you and Steve B do know there aren’t 31 days in Feb , and I’m missing why you are asking for sources and saying “in your dreams” , right?

        • acras

          Guy above you says Verizon will never get it and gets 67 likes , you say the same thing , using an imaginary date instead of saying never and you get people wanting to know how you know Verizon will be providing the service on that fictitious date.
          I’m going to predict that by Feb. 30 2014 they will do away with letters that form words in here , reading comprehension is going the way of the Dodo.

          • Fresh360

            At 1st All I could do was laugh then the lemmings piled on and I was sad for humanity…

        • michael arazan

          Feb 31st 2014? That’s the day the blizzard is suppose to hit hell

          • Fresh360