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Sprint Offering Up Free Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Bundle Thanks to Coupon

galaxy nexus extended battery

Owners of the Galaxy Nexus can pick up a free extended battery and compatible backplate from Sprint this morning, a $50 package for absolutely free. And yep, there’s even free shipping. 

The battery is the Samsung-made 2100mAh unit, one that most Galaxy Nexus owners should be familiar with. More than likely, supplies will deplete quickly, so go grab it!

Use coupon code “BATTERY1” at checkout. Buy here.

Galaxy Nexus

Via: DealNews

Cheers JB, Mike, Danny, and Greg!

  • Higher_Ground

    Nothing like being a day late to the party… and then scrolling through the comments to read multiple posts of people claiming to have bought one (or three!) even though they have a new phone.

    Oh well, glad you’ve got 3 spare batteries for a phone you don’t use all day…. mine will have to last another 6 months.

  • Shawheim

    Dammit i needed one of these for the GF. FAWK!

  • HarvesterX

    I’m actually sling a package myself. I have it in the shop now but will sell to any DLers who need power and for cleave cheaper. For $25 you get an external wall charger to ensure batteries are always charged (in original packaging), two oem. Samsung batteries, one oem extended Samsung batteries, an two third third party GNex batteries of higher capacity then the OEM extended ones. Also in the bundle are a set of the tools used for dissembling Samsung devices to replace hardware inside.

    Hit me up at [email protected] if interested. Be the weekend if not sold it’s gonna be online posted somewhere. I can take PayPal payment. Sorry for the plug but that’s a far better deal of anyone needs more juice. It’s what I used when I used my GNex after my USB Flex died at its end of life. By the the replacement flex arrived in the mail I just gave up and bought a new phone.

  • Ken

    cool. now that should make the phone last about 3 hours….

  • Mraz

    Over on dealnews it says the offer has expired :”(

  • Mraz

    I cant get the darn thing to show up. Do yo have to be a sprint costumer?

  • Mike Hilal

    Been sold out

  • Armus

    Only one person I know who could use this and he said he didn’t want it, already has one. Gees can’t even give stuff away some times.

  • John Smith

    they did this promotion over a year ago! OLD NEWS!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Just tried. Viewed all 71 items for the gnex and no batteries

  • Christian Östman

    Cant find it 🙁 tried ie 10 chrome, Chrome Android Version, and Firefox Android verison

  • Butters619

    Wonder if you could sell these on ebay.

  • Zach Davis

    I’m kinda surprised you guys are reporting this so late lol, I thought all Gnex owners already knew about this, I’ve already gotten a few batteries over the past couple weeks doing this lol. And just so you all know, the back battery cover does say “Sprint” on it, but the actual problem is that one of the clips on the Sprint backplate doesn’t match up with the Verizon Gnex, so there’s a small bump from where you can’t push it down all the way. But the Verizon Extended Battery backplate works just fine

  • Jeff C

    hell ill give someone my spare battery/charging station/ usb splitter for $10.

    • Josh B


      • Jeff C

        yea. lol. theyre just sitting in my nightstand drawer

  • duke69111

    Thanks for posting these deals. I do wish the DL articles had the time posted next to the date.

    Do you think they were just clearing stock?

  • Arthur Boddie

    This deal is done i guess look for the battery and its gone from the site …..that was quick

  • Nicholas Kent

    First I miss the fire sale on Amazon for a new phone and then the free battery for my current brick! WTF work, why do you keep getting in the way of me getting sick deals?

  • Tyler T

    Anyone see it now?

  • mike dunham

    Bummer, dead deal

  • kaufkin

    posted this to G+ a few days ago, got mine delivered. battery works great w/ NEC, etc, etc. it may tell you to go to a store, don’t bother. they can’t see the orders.

    • Ian


  • Stetson Owen

    Are they already gone? I don’t see it even searching all accessories for G Nexus…

  • dustin

    ya i cant even find it on there web page… must be done

  • gnexer

    Is it unavailable now? I’m not seeing it…

    • John Maguire

      Same, I think it might’ve sold out. Darn!

  • Justin Fosco

    Lost the chance cause of stupid chrome on my phone….was trying for the past half hour and kept getting a white page when I go to checkout…