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Splitwise Makes it Easy for Roommates to Track Expenses and IOUs


If anyone here has ever had roommates, then you may know what a struggle it is keep track of all of the expenses that comes with living together. There are bills that need to be split, road trips that need to be divided evenly, and so on and so forth. Splitwise is an app that can easily keep track of all of the expenses, plus make sure your friends are staying honest with their IOUs. 

The application recently received a very nice face lift, which went live on Google Play this morning. On top of that, the developers have built in PayPal, so you can all settle your debts with friends directly from the app.

The app is free on Google Play, so go grab it and make sure your roomies do the same.

Play Link

  • monkey god

    Very good app. The cool thing is that the app syncs across phones so you both have record of who owes who and what payments are made.

  • Ethan T

    I’ve been using a similar app called SettleUp with 6 other people. We’ve put a lot of transactions into it, and it works well. The method SettleUp uses to describe debts and optimal transfers seems a bit more intuitive than what’s shown in these screenshots of Splitwise.

    SettleUp: http://www.settleup.info/

  • Andrew

    The new design is very good looking.. I think the earlier version was just a webview wrapper app, so I appreciate the move to a true native app.

  • Michael Hammond

    Wow, really? You can’t just use a Google Doc to keep track? Sheesh… smh

    • Weber

      Why do that when this makes it much easier? I guess you aren’t a fan of productivity apps? Or making this easier?

    • Nathaniel Webb

      Yes, you sure can! So please do!

  • sk102704

    This would have been awesome to have when I was in college, if we had smartphones back then. I didn’t even have a cell phone until I was a junior in college. Its amazing how far we have come!

    • W. Paul Schenck

      I would have used it. Too bad I’m so old there weren’t even any PCs when I was in college.

      • The_16th_Doctor

        the trade off is that you guys had more fun than we can have.

  • cwillen

    I’ve actually used this before when I was splitting an apartment. It’s a great app and the web app is solid too.

  • Matt

    VENMO has been doing this for a while

  • picaso86

    It called: a Calculator people…

    • adh328

      This helps with keeping people accountable. So quick to make a stupid comment. Clearly you have not had roommates.

    • j


  • Jon Redeker

    Glad they delivered on the visual redesign. Was very aged before this update.