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DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD Receiving Bug Fixing Update to 9.18.94 and 9.30.1

razr maxx hd razr hd update

Shortly after Verizon released the support docs for a new DROID MAXX and ULTRA update, they also posted up documents detailing a new DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD update. The update is not on the same level as the camera-improving update for the MAXX and ULTRA, but since the phone is a year old, we’re happy to see it still receiving support.

In the update, Verizon and Motorola have updated Backup Assistant to the latest version, made Rapid Charging a thing when the device is powered off, improved HDMI connectivity, and fixed a finicky GPS indicator. Again, nothing major, but an update nonetheless.

Be on the lookout for the update over the next few days.

  • Ben

    DON’T update to this version! I just updated and my RAZR MAXX HD now shuts itself down almost immediately after booting. I should really know better than to “update.” I just wanted to get the reminder popup to go away.

    • Blueglacia

      To stop the reminder from popping up, I just disabled Sync Service. No root necessary.

  • jonatha

    did the music issue resolve? the skipping or sometimes when i press next the music shuts off completely.. or the phone freezing also

  • Courtney

    Mine updated 2 days ago and it has been rebooting itself 3+ times a day ever since. What’s wrong with it and how can I stop it? I can’t get anybody on VZW Support.

  • bogy25

    Camera still sucks but the Verizon back up assistant works great now ??? *rolls eyes*

  • Daniel

    Got the update on Friday, installed with no issue (Unrooted Maxx HD), but apps seem more sluggish and are definitely crashing more. This almost never happened before. Anyone else seeing this?

  • JJ

    Im new to rooting, so will it still root?

  • Gospodin

    Has anyone tried FoxFi after this update? It works great on my unrooted RAZR MAXX HD and I don’t want to mess it up!

  • bionicwaffle

    I got the update this morning on my Maxx HD and it installed without a problem. I use the HDMI so I’m interested to see how that improved. I notice slower framerates over HDMI with some games so maybe they fixed that. I have one app that stopped working over HDMI for some reason. Everything else seems fine. It probably stopped working about 6 months ago.

  • Gospodin

    I have the Razr Maxx HD. This phone is only a year old. I really think MOT should roll out KittKat to it, after all support is for 2 years as LivingInKaos pointed out. The improvements sound great, but it sounds like almost impossible to root it.

    • bionicwaffle

      Last I read Moto is considering KitKat for the Razr HD/Maxx HD. I think it would be a good move especially since the Razr M, HD, and Maxx HD are nearly identical phones internally. They could make essentially one release of KitKat and have a lot more happy customers!

  • Board373

    This update popped up on my wife’s phone and I was able to manually retrieve this morning. I attempted the install and it failed. I had Safestrap installed and rooted. I have removed Safestrap partition and uninstalled the Safestrap recovery as well as a Temp un-root and the update will still not install. Is anyone else having any issues?

    • Blake Wilkinson

      I’m having the same issue. It has failed with and without root and I even did a hard reset to no avail.

  • just received mine

    • Board373

      Did it install without any issues?

      • yep! took about 4 minutes and then back up. Working perfectly. 🙂

        • Board373

          Was your phone rooted?

  • Tovar

    has anyone gotten this update

    • Kevin McClave

      I haven’t yet. Been checking.

      • Daniel

        Installed this update on my un-rooted Razr Maxx HD yesterday and I’ve noticed its significantly more buggy. Particularly Firefox which has crashed numerous times already, whereas it rarely if ever did before. Is it just my phone or is this happening to anyone else?

    • themygy0

      I got it on Monday. My phone is not rooted. Updated without any issues. Only difference I noticed right away was that the free Backup Assistant size is now 5 gigabytes. Don’t remember what it was before, but it was definitely smaller.

  • JR

    Will the music skipping/cutting issue be addressed?

    • So that was an issue, and not just me…

    • Ian

      Same problem here… Pandora audio cut out’s. I hate this Maxx HD. Never buying Motorola again. Last two phones were terrible.

  • Suman Gandham

    Cool story VZM/Moto, but, where’s my mf’ing Android 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4, please?

  • Sean Elliott

    I have the Maxx and actually love it but I just got a 32GB Nexus 5 and am saying goodbye to Verizon. I’ll miss the battery but the bigger screen, faster performance and most importantly, actually getting timely updates will be worth it. That and saving $40-50 a month

  • Mike

    What’s “rapid charger”? Do I just need to turn my phone off and it chargers quickly with any charger or do I need to purchase a special charger? If someone can explain, that would be AWESOME. Thanks.

    • Robin

      I wonder why no one answered your question about “rapid charging” in the last 5 days. Guess no one knows the answer. I’ve also seen developers add support for that in various roms, but no one ever seems to be able to explain what it is. Very strange.

    • Robin

      Looks like it’s a special 2.1a charger. Ser link below.


      I actually own this one. It’s a great charger which doubles as a data cable.
      I didn’t know it could rapid charge my phone. Guess now it can with the latest system update.

  • Maybe they secretly made the bootloader unlockable again.

    Somebody go try to break it. 🙂

  • Michigan Guy

    Will it break root?

    • bryce

      yep. found out the hard way

  • Nick Moyer

    Anyone know how to re-lock the bootloader for this thing? Any music i play skips all over the place..

    • LivingInKaos

      Can’t be done. An unlocked bootloader or even root by themselves has no bearing on your music playing ability.

      • Nick Moyer

        The music skipping happened before i unlocked the bootloader. Happens on any rom i flash including stock.

    • krubby

      I have the Razr HD. The music skipping thing drives me banannas. I do have one solution that I found after much searching that works temporarily. Do a simulated battery pull (hold volume down and power button for ~ 10 seconds). I have read the issue is the amount of RAM/Memory used up and this resets it.

      Anyway, when I do this, then go to Pandora, Google Music etc I don’t have the skipping issue. Fixes it at least for the session I am listening.

  • Cyber Jethro

    I don’t know about you guys, but the one complaint I had about this phone was the out-dated Back-up Assistant Pro application. /s

    • TroyConley

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  • LivingInKaos

    This thing is still on 4.1.2…… I am still waiting for “support”

    • UndergroundWire

      Are you rooted?

      • LivingInKaos

        Ummm….. I have a dev device, so yeah. Regardless of the alternate firmwares out there, the fact remains, Moto has been slacking on this device for “Joe” consumer.

        • Sanchez19

          Hi, my name’s Joe and it sucks.

        • teevirus

          I have recently unlocked my bootloader but can’t find a method that works to root. I frankly I’m very upset the official version is stuck on 4.1.X. This phone has almost the same specs as Moto X.

          • Blackhawks

            Wait, how can you have an unlocked bootloader without being rooted?

  • LivingInKaos

    “but since the phone is a year old, we’re happy to see it still receiving support.” Whaaaaa??? Two years…. two years…. not one. Shouldn’t be happy, it is expected still.

    • DanPatrickFlores

      Are you thinking about the Razr and Razr Maxx? The HDs came out last year.

      • LivingInKaos

        No, you misunderstood. Support is for two years, it’s only been one – Why in the Heck are they “happy” to see it still being supported. That is a ludicrous statement.

        • Ryan O’Neill

          if you can even call bloatware updates “support”

        • michael arazan

          The last time the GNex got support was months ago or more, they stopped supporting it right after the 1 1/4 year mark with 4.2

          • Joant

            At least you got up to 4.2.

    • dirtyfingers

      Most phones are lucky to get a year and a half

      • LivingInKaos

        Yes, but this device should have been on 4.2 looong ago……

        • dirtyfingers


        • DEJello

          should have gotten 4.3 long ago

  • zach471

    VZW is such a tease….