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Video: Nexus 5 vs. Moto X vs. Note 3 vs. Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy S4

nexus 5 moto x galaxy s4

We’ve unboxed the Nexus 5 and given you a tutorial on how to unlock the bootloader, so in this video, we’re taking a look at how it compares in hand and in terms of size to a whole bunch of this year’s flagship phones. Since we have most of them in house (outside of the G2), here is how the Nexus 5 stacks up against the HTC One, Moto X, Galaxy S4, Note 3, and Nexus 4. 

As one would imagine, the build quality isn’t on-par with the HTC One, simply because the Nexus 5 is all plastic. But with its weight so low, it feels a lot better in hand, at least in my opinion. If you want the best feeling device of the lot, I’d still go with the Moto X. Motorola really has crafted this phone so perfectly for anyone’s hand. Coming from it to the Nexus 5, you can instantly notice the size difference. That doesn’t mean the N5 feels bad by any means, in fact, it feels great with its matte finish.

In terms of specs, you can’t really beat what the Nexus 5 has going for it. It has next-gen or currently top tier everything from its 1080p display to the Snapdragon 800 processor. The only real questions we have are whether or not the camera is any good, and if the battery life can hang with the pros like the Moto X and G2. Those tests will come later, for now, let’s look at these comparisons.


  • feztheforeigner

    Why no LG G2 comparison, I would have thought that would be the most applicable comparison other than the Nexus 4 considering that’s what it’s based off of… Plus the G2, IMHO is my favorite device of the year. Specs are killer, only the Note 3 can compete with them.

  • slick

    dual speakers on the bottom for the nexus 5?? i thought it’s not stereo and the other grill is for the mic??

  • Sporttster

    I’ve got the Note 3 but can’t help having this nagging feeling there’s something out there I’d like better. The size is a little off-putting. Things huge! I was interested in the Maxx but it doesn’t have HDMI out nor a sd slot. I suppose I could get 32gb to work, but it’s sad I’d have to. Why not just include 64gb internal??? I was very rushed with the Verizon glitch weekend and was forced to decide quickly to do the deal before the window of opp closed, so I chose the N3. I’ve never bought a device sight unseen or without reviews, but I jumped here. Still on the fence, though….will I keep it or will it be on Swappa soon…..decisions decisions…..

  • Yassir

    Note 3 is best simply because of its 2 day battery everything else is a bonus

  • Nathaniel Otto

    whaaat? why no g2? i feel left out now -_-

  • shanita10

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    • Adam Marr

      Its because she is naked.

  • john

    Are you sure Nexus 5 has two speakers
    Is not one of the grills the microphone???

    • Steve B

      Yeah, confirmed it only has a single speaker.

  • Chris Choncek

    Kellen, do you think you could get the G2 (at least temporarily) to do a comparison between N5 and G2? I think this is a much needed analysis because folks are deciding whether to stay with VZ or leave to get the N5. The G2 provides a close experience to the N5.

  • HarvesterX

    Don’t worry bout the G2. You don’t need one. It best every other phone listed there. Only the Note 3 phablet is a match (and loses out to benchmarks once throttling is disabled as being aa aggressive as it is with a custom kernel on the g2, or running resigned and renamed bench apps.

    Phones go like this. G2, Nexus 5, Moto X or GS4, then Nexus 4.. And Note 3 wwinskit’s own category. That’s my opinion on personal usage combined with trusted reviews from ones I haven’t used. Just my opinion in a nutshell. Not fancy comparisons.. Was done quite well in the article.

    • bionicwaffle

      I don’t know, I think the Nexus 4 and Moto X are both pretty bad. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. The G2 is fine but I’d take the GS4. Sure the GPU on the G2 is twice as powerful as that of the GS4 but the one in the GS4 is not bad at all and to me running two apps at a time (even from the limited selection that support that) is more valuable than any feature LG adds. I also don’t like having buttons on the back. Using the phone on a desk would be a pain. Really, I like the Droid Maxx. It’s a nice right-sized device with a huge battery.

      • Jacwhite22

        Have you tried one? I love my moto x….

        • bionicwaffle

          I’m a total fan of the 720p display as I think 1080p display is a bad choice for 5″ and smaller screens. I also love the fact that it has a great dual-core CPU and an excellent Adreno 320GPU – plenty of power to handle any game at 720p where as the Adreno 225 of last year was adequate but a little underpowered for some things at 720p. I think there is more value to the this processing setup paired with the natural language processor and the contextual processor then a quad-core processor like the Snapdragon 600. All of that I think provides the horsepower that’s needed and great power efficiency. On top of that the Moto X may well get 4.4 faster than anything else out there that isn’t a Nexus. On the other hand, Android, as of 4.0, has matured to the point where I’m not dying for updates. On top of that after using mobile devices (PDAs then phones) for more than 15 years I’ve come to find that while it’s great to have a really fast device it’s even better to have one that you don’t need to worry about the battery dieing on you. I think the Moto X should have at least a 2500mAh battery in it. For me, given the choice, I would go with the 3500mAh battery in the Maxx. I have a Maxx HD and have been very happy with the battery life and the device overall. Also, since having the Maxx HD I hate having on screen buttons. Android 4.4 apparently fixes that to some degree at least (sounds like maybe apps need to be modified to support this) but still, as long as phones have the room for buttons below the screen I think that’s where they should be.

          Enjoy your Moto X! I do think it’s a great phone! i shouldn’t have said it was a bad phone. If it had off screen buttons and a big battery I’d really like it:)

      • Shilamar Drea Shockley

        The Nexus 4 is far from a bad phone.

  • David

    Kellen. Was this an attempt to see how many times you could say the wrong name of the phone being spoken about??

  • slik101

    With these specs priced at $349, how can other makers now justify a $600 price tag with similar specs??

    • Sagar

      Exactly my point!

    • Adam Marr

      You are kidding right? Stupid manufactures, always trying to make a profit. Why can’t those idiots just sell their devices for cost?

      • Ian

        We’re consumers. We care about what we pay, not how much the corporation makes.

        • Adam Marr

          Then you’re not a very good consumer. Let’s not forget google subsidizes the cost of the device to make it up on the back-end, similar to the amazon model, and that there is virtually no advertising expenditure for the nexus phone devices, not even a release show this time. Personally, I like good devices, and, unlike someone who’s income might be based on chores, I understand that if a device manufacturer has to sell a device for no profit, they are no longer going to keep making devices. Would I love for the Moto X to cost $300 off-contract, sure. Am I going to call it “unjustified” – as slik did – that they aren’t selling it for cost because google sells the nexus on the cheap? No. Just curious, do you work for a living? Maybe for a company that (the horror) sells things at a profit so that it can pay your salary?

          • Ian

            So I shouldn’t want something at a lower price?

            Am I supposed to feel guilty when I buy things on sale or at a discount?


          • Adam Marr

            Maybe you should work on reading comprehension, and try to look at things from an overall market perspective, as opposed to the singular (me, me, me). I’m not saying, nor did I ever say you shouldn’t look for a good price. I simply replied to a comment about “other manufacturers” being “unjustified” in pricing their phones at a reasonable profit.

          • Ian

            Reading comprehension works great thanks! If I were at all concerned about a manufacturer’s objectives then I should think I would be also getting paid by them. Until then…viva la Nexus.

          • Adam Marr

            Sure, and tell me. Do you use google, gmail, the app store? Let me take a wild guess, and say you’re the type of person who probably pirates all their apps? Takes all types I guess. I wish disqus had a “kiddie table” sometimes.

          • Ian

            I do use those apps. Also, I have not pirated a single app. I support the Google ecosystem which I know to be the driving reason behind the Nexus line. I encourage similar competitive attempts from other companies.

            If we are to be assuming then let me take a stab. Are you looking for the “kiddie table” so that you may finally win an argument?

          • Adam Marr

            Nice comeback. I just prefer arguing with people that can see past basic constructs (“I encourage similar competitive attempts from other companies”, talk about not getting the point), and make valid points against arguments actually being made, as opposed to arguments they are making up in their own head. Sorry.

    • I think this is the biggest point of the Nexus program. The carriers and phone makers are gouging the public. Both in service cost and in phones.

      As a group, we are a gullible lot. The carriers are not really competing on price because we are bedazzled by the cool new phones that sure seem like they should cost a lot.

      Nexus is the closest thing to a disruption of the OEM an carrier pricing we have, which is one of the major reasons Verizon wants none of it – and the best reason to get a Nexus 5 and go with T-Mobile, even if the service is sometimes inferior to Verizon – which in San Diego, its really not that much worse.

      • Adam Marr

        Hardly. The nexus line is great, but it has little market impact. Sure, there is a small group (don’t pretend that the percentage of consumers hankering for a nexus device is representative of the general pop) that is willing to spend $350+ on a phone off contract, but until carriers and consumers change the model as a whole, the general population will, for the most part, purchase devices on contract. This means there is really only 2 or 3 price points to hit ($99, $199, – and for certain devices $299). It is not in the interest of the device makers to sell their phones right above cost. And I’m a bit confused as to how how device manufactures are “gouging” the public, as – with the exception of Samsung and Apple – many manufacturers are still failing to post a profit. Hardly greedy gouging on their part.

        • I said Nexus was the closest thing to a disruption so you are arguing a moot point.

          Effectively nowhere else in the consumer electronics market, and especially in such massed produced markets, is their as much profit as in mobile phones. Best case in point for the gouging is in the historical difference in price between the iPod Touches and iPhones (older versions are better examples). Marginally superior spec’s in the iPhones, 3x the retail costs.

          When left to natural market forces and not coupled with contracts, iPhones, and other phones, could not command the same prices they do with the contracts. Same thing is true of the cost of College. Government guaranteed loans for tremendous amounts of money allows colleges to raise prices to meet the credit limit allowed. Or in the housing market. How much would houses cost if everyone had to pay cash? Much less. Instead, people look at their monthly outlay and decide they can afford it that monthly payment and forget about the actual cost of the item included with their contract. Car dealers talk monthly payments to inexperienced buyers, not actual car costs, because the buyers lose sight of the actual value of what they are buying and pay attention to the monthly financial burden, which seems minimal by comparison.

          As for the failing handset makers, do you know what their contract with the carriers looks like? Are they required to produce a tremendous number of phones, only to have them sit on shelves or in warehouses where they make nothing on them? I propose that the major carriers are putting the screws to the smaller phone makers (taking most of the profit) and giving them less profit per phone, so these makers only get to eek out a profit, if at all. iPhone is on the other end of the spectrum and can put the screws to the carriers, or at least it used to be able to.

          • Adam Marr

            Good point with the last paragraph, as even when I pen’d the last line of mine I knew there what much more to it (management, marketing, royalties, etc). However a few points… One, you’re argument still has nothing to do with device makers pricing (sans apple) as a whole, it is still falling back to issues with the carrier. Two, verizon is probably more or less indifferent to the nexus line. They have their rules, and google’s nexus device doesn’t fit into them. Not saying that is a good thing, it just is what it is, as seen by the galaxy nexus. Not to mention the sales scale of the device is probably not enough to even register on their radar. Also, the ipod touch vs iphone is not a great comparison. You are not talking about a 1 to 1 comparison, there is not only more tech that needs to go into a phone, but much more licensing. The ipod costs quite a bit less to manufacture from a pure parts perspective, and there is less hassle as far as regulations, mobile patents, etc. Not to mention you don’t by an ipod “on contract”. Phone prices are based on “on contract”. Sure the iphone carries a bit of a larger subsidy, but it doesn’t make any business sense for a device to sell for $600/$700 to the carrier, and $350 to the public. And apart from google play, it sounds like the N5 will actually carry a retail price higher than $400 at most retailers, so you are talking about even less of a difference between set prices.

          • It’s a little older, but… iPhone 4S $463.42-$579.42 per phone profit to Apple. The contracts kill our sense of value… And the US carriers make something like 10x the amount of money per customer than the most profitable foreign company. Dunno where the chart went that listed the top 50 or so carriers globally. If I find it, I will share.

            Source: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/07/how-much-does-apple-make-on-every-iphone-and-ipad-sold/

          • Adam Marr

            I would be interested to see that chart if you bump into it. I have no doubt American carriers are at the top (thanks in part to heavy regulation overseas) however is it a case of $(.5 vs $5 or higher? Also, to play the devils advocate a bit, american carriers also tend to have a lot more ground to cover per capita (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sovereign_states_and_dependent_territories_by_population_density) than the other main mobile-centric countries, and generally less regulation. As far as iphone profit, yes, as above, I left them out of the overall for a reason, they are a bit of the exception to the rule, but most (american) apple consumers don’t care. If they have to pay $100 more for an iPhone with 1/2 the specs of a cheaper android device (and the carrier then another extra $100 on top of the subsidy comparatively), they will. In that case, it is simple supply and demand, There is a high demand for it, with people willing to pay, and carriers will to subsidize, and so you get crazy profit margins. If carriers no longer subsidized phones, it would probably be a slightly different story. When someone had to choose between an iPhone ($799ish) and a nexus 5 at $350. But that is still an unfair comparison to other device manufacturers as it is unlikely that people like HTC/Moto etc could compete with that price point in the mobile marketplace either and still build high quality devices, as you are now talking about a device that is STILL subsidized in its own way. Just by the OS/Ecosystem creator to make money off your use of the device, vs the carrier to make money off the contract. And while we like to think that (google > verzion), it doesn’t mean that one subsidy is better overall for the market than another.

          • I think US companies make something like $100-$150 more profit per user per year or something – regardless of the size of the network. And I am pretty sure the iPhone tends to only be about $10-$30 less expensive to manufacture than top tier Android phones? iFixIt usually publishes these numbers.

            I do not know this, but I am under the impression that a company like HTC is forced to give 90% (unknown example for emphasis) of what would be their profits to the carriers while iPhone requires huge order commitments and revenue sharing from the carriers.

            The big plus to their being so much profit in mobile tech is that innovation in mobile tech is astronomical.

            And I agree, there is money being elsewhere that is hard to factor in. Hopefullt Amazon can come up with something that is truly disruptive like it has done with their tablets.

          • Adam Marr

            Well, HTC has high subsidies as well. For instance, one chart I saw had approx. $500 – apple, $450 – HTC, $400 – samsung. Ironically Samsung had the highest % subsidy, as they had the lowest cost phones. But HTC is paying royalties to apple & MS, and samsung can pretty much manufacture their devices end to end – which apple & htc cannot. But apple is an odd one, as it makes a lot on the device AND on the post-sale services, where google/amazon are just making it on services, and Moto/HTC/Sam/LG are mostly device profits – where profits exist. It will be interesting to see what amazon does with their pending phone, but again, I’m not sure how much better service subsidies are for consumers and the marketplace than carrier subsidies. Getting rid of carrier subsides doesn’t really solve the issue either however – just look at verizon’s edge program, its double dipping at the finest, and just a sign that a lack of subsidies would not mean the US carriers would lower prices in tandem.

          • I’m with you. What I would like to see is carriers sell service only, and be out of the phone business. That way phones are competing on features and price only. Just like landline phones.

      • Daistaar

        It’s not about gullability. It’s about choice and before when we were at the carrier’s mercy there really wasn’t any. Now with the Google providing choices outside of the carriers and T-Mobile breaking carrier conventions, we’re getting some choices.

    • Rick Lopez

      It may be because Google shares are over 1000.00 per share and can afford to sell this phone at a loss.

  • mikeszekely

    “Way back in early 2013”.

    7 months ago doesn’t make the HTC One dated, considering that most handset makers update their flagships annually, that the Galaxy S4 came out around the same time, and that the Nexus 4 that this phone is replacing is just two weeks shy of a year old.

    Besides, between the One and the Nexus 5, it’s not like anything definitely better came out. Everyone’s got their personal preferences, but a case could be made that the HTC One was the best smartphone on the market (regardless of OS) until the Nexus 5.

  • Liderc

    I still don’t understand why they put a 2300mAh battery in the Nexus 5, it doesn’t make sense considering other phones with similar dimensions are stuffing larger batteries in their phones. Just doesn’t make sense, considering a 3000mAh battery is such a big jump up.

    • LionStone

      Other phones don’t cost the same either… just part of cutting things back to deliver at that price…

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Why is the Moto X even on this list?… Can someone please try to justify the off contract price of the X now that the nexus 5 is out?

    • jonathanphx1

      You would know why the Moto X is on this list if you actually had one. In day to day tasks it performs the same or faster then the HTC One or the S4. Go over to the Moto X forums on xda and see how many people came over to the Moto X from the S4 and all they say how much better it is.

      • Adam Marr

        Agreed, people are just looking at specs at not real world use. If you love touch-wiz or sense, by all means enjoy your S4/ONE, but as someone who prefers stock & on-screen buttons, and has grown to depend on active notifications, and love the speed and feel of the Moto X, I wouldn’t trade it for any phone on the market right now, other than maybe another moto x that I could customize.

        • Jacwhite22

          ^^ This.

    • bionicwaffle

      If I was considering new phones on Verizon the Moto X wouldn’t even be one of the options. In no order it would be GS4, HTC One, or Droid Maxx. The Droid Mini is perfect for someone who wants a small phone. There is no reason the Moto X or Droid Ultra for that matter should even be on Verizon. Ok, I guess the Moto X is a draw for iPhone people who care more about how their phone looks then how long they can use it on one charge.

  • Trevor

    My only concern with leaving Verizon for a nexus 5 is it’s made by LG. Everything I’ve ever owned by LG has been “Like Garbage.” Longevity is usually the problem when I use stuff made by LG. It always gets worse overtime. How are the Nexus 4’s holding up?

  • Scott

    Still don’t regret my Moto X! Sticking with Verizon for another two years is another story.

    • Khary Anderson

      Same here! especially with MotoMaker coming out next week for VZW and i’m 100% sure there will be no trade-in options

  • Steven Berger

    When it mentioned that the Nexus 5 was on every carrier except Verzion, I felt a giant dagger being stabbed into my stomach.

  • mustbepbs

    I think you just wanted to do this to show off your phone collection.

    • MotoFanBoy

      Hell, he should just do a video of all the phones he owned since he started the site :p

  • Kellen, still wondering whether the nexus 5 actually has 2 speakers. I think it was engadget that said only one of the grills has a speaker.

    • Steve B

      It doesn’t. One speaker.

  • Alex Goings

    Can we get a comparison to a gnex? Lots of people, including myself, who are making that transition.

    • flosserelli

      If you are not locked into a contract with Verizon, and you get good service with another provider, then it’s a no-brainer. Better specs than the GNex in every regard, and the N5 battery life is unlikely to be any worse.

  • Radgatt

    No G2 comparison?

    • CensoredByU

      Really someone call the waabumlence part 2

      • dizel123

        I think we need to call the short bus for you. Don’t forget your helmet and drool cup.

        • CensoredByU

          Lol touche..

  • CensoredByU

    Who cares there all Android!!

  • Wheres the comparison with the OG Droid? I think Verizon doesnt want to deal with rooters and bricked device claims but this was also in part the GNex on Verizon had terrible battery life, lot of devices had hardware issues and lets not forget untimely OS updates which caused many whiners who blasted VZW on social media and online. My thoughts on why no more Nexus on VZW. If I was CEO I too would say lose all those customers and serve the ones that arent going to complain which sadly is the majority.

  • dizel123

    leaving out the G2=fail

    • CensoredByU

      Really someone call the waabumlence

      • dizel123

        Why? did you fall and break your vagina?

        • CensoredByU

          Lol no just your moms.

          • dizel123

            my mom is 82. If that’s the best you can get then have at it buddy.

          • flosserelli

            Ah, the old “yada yada your mom” comeback. Any respect that you had just went down the toilet.

          • CensoredByU

            “Why? did you fall and break your vagina?” It’s begging for a yo momma comeback. I’m old school, but not cool..

          • flosserelli

            No, you’re just another assh0le.

          • CensoredByU

            This coming from a guy with a with family guy as an icon. By the way the only difference between the g2 and n5 is the camera and some software. If you need someone to make video to explain that to you. Your a bigger retard than I am..

          • flosserelli

            That’s why I said “the N5 and G2 are the MOST COMPARABLE of the lot”.

            Reading comprehension fail.

          • CensoredByU

            “Leaving out the G2 is a glaring omission.” No your just that stupid and an ignorant jagoff. Here’s a clue One says Nexus an says G2. Google the rest.

          • flosserelli
          • big007hed

            That was awesome!

          • Ian

            Actually about the only thing the N5 and G2 share is the processor and manufacturer. So a comparison would be nice.

      • flosserelli

        The N5 and G2 are the most comparable of the lot. Leaving out the G2 is a glaring omission.

    • HarvesterX

      First paragraph. They didn’t have one to test with, but the G2 is king of l thise phones. The phablet gives it a run for the money but once you even the playing field the G2 comes out ahead. Either flash a custom G2 kernel and change to performance mode and turn off temperature throttling or resign and rename the benchmark apps so Samsung doesn’t recognize them.

      On a stock ROM with stock kernel I achieved IceStorm unlimited score of 17468. That’s comparable to the Note 3 cheating. Take away the advantage and the G2 comes ahead. Now, some would say flashing CyanogenMod on the Note 3 and G2 would improve those scores. In fact, they go down. With CyanogenMod and custom kernel I only get 10-11k, and the Note 3 theoretically would achieve the same because of lack of optimized 3d library files. I’d put these two devices as equal and chose depending on size needs and TouchWiz vs LG features.

      • Jeremy Wray

        The phones are still pretty new so the cyanogenmod team hasnt had time to perfect the phones yet. I remember everytime a new cyanogenmod version came out for my Gnex on a new Android version how much battery life and performance sucked.

  • Tyler

    Black Nexus 5 and White Nexus 5 are different looking. Black has black matte sides, where the white has gloss sides. Saw this in the latest MKBHD video.

  • interstellarmind

    Just realized my 32gb N5 has 26gb of actual usable space – are others getting this amount, too??

  • SilentSpring

    Kellen can you do a signal comparison between these phones?

  • Tejas Karandikar

    Kellen just can’t get enough of his Moto X….He kept calling N5: Moto X in the N5 vs MotoX comparison 🙂

    I can understand, I have a Moto X on VZ and absolutely love it….No regrets about not getting N5 on VZ and I can wait for KitKat too, since the MotoX ships with such great software out of the box !

  • JMonkeYJ

    I was hoping this was going to be some sort of everyday usage performance comparison (eg web surfing, opening apps, multitasking).

  • sk3litor

    I really don’t like these “vs” things. Their all the flagship devices of the year, completely different of one another and everyone has their favorite. (For whatever reason). But at the end of the day their all sick ass phones and anyone would be lucky to have anyone of them. (Even if the note 3 IS clearly the best) ; p

  • Chippah

    Safestrap=Note 3=SERVICE= suckas


    • Shawn Spring

      Got a buddy of mine who gave up on his Note 3 since development is probably going to be limited if it never gets unlocked or Loki (safestrap isn’t enough, IMO) – which is a bit of a shame since it seems like such a great device. ROMable/flashable is a dealbreaker for me.

      • Chippah

        This is true, But after 2 years of flashing 2-7 times a week on a gnex and Droid X before that with constant bugs, added features that introduced more bugs.

        Perhaps im wearing rose colored glasses but Touchwiz 4.3 – rooted, with Xposed and its modules give me all the features of any custom rom.
        But with 100% stabilty, great battery and overall performance, Im happy with it.

        Flashing 9000 times really didn’t get my much in the end, But a broken, buggy device that let me down when i need it most. It DID it inroduce me to certain new and very useful features.

        “giving up” on the Note 3 so early in the game. thats cool, the only other viable option on VZW is a G2. another amazing device. But it really early, I mean its only been out how long, in actual dev hands who know what they are doing? Hell Root came from a dev who flew blind.

        Im confident that a solution will come for the N3 on VZW, althought there IS a small chance it could end up like the Droid X.

        But this video is about the Nexus 5. – I wish VZW werent such scumbags, i would buy one for the wife for that price.

        However after almost 4 exclusive years of 100% pure AOSP, .
        and hearing “touchwiz=slow-bloat” hammered into my head and then actually using this specific device, and using the KITKAT launcher for a week, I ended up believe it or not going BACK to touchwiz launcher..

        I kinda feel like a traitor..but I like it, it flows well, its lightning fast and it does what I want it to do to the tee. and thats what its all about i guess.

        Like Mudda would say to dat guy Darryl Jackson who used to test out her bed for her and make me go into my room. tss tss

        • Shawn Spring

          I feel you – his situation is that he got a rooted/unlocked Note 2, and he wasn’t going to give that up for a “chance” that the Note 3 might be unlocked someday. I know lots of folks on the G2 who are in your same boat – root, Xposed, and they’re done, no flashing required. I too was a GNex’er and the crack flashing does get old after a while – but its nice to be able to have the option at least. And while my G2 only has Loki, I still use a stock ROM (instead of AOSP) because I need a stable daily driver (which AOSP ROMs haven’t quite got to yet).

          But yes – the only winner is Verizon in all this, because they get our money regardless of how we feel.

          P.S. Great gif btw…

        • iNfAMOUS70702

          I don’t miss flashing ROMS at all on my note 3…tried the Google launcher and also ended up reverting back to the TW launcher :O

      • flosserelli

        All I want for my Note 3 is JellyBeans rom, and Beanstown has already promised it. I don’t care if the Note 3 never gets AOSP or CM. Notes are more functional with debloated Touchwiz and Nova/Apex. AOSP & CM take too much away from the Note experience.

  • p0k3y

    The Verge review trashes N5’s camera. Hope it’s not as bad as they say. Kellex – what do you think? Mine won’t get here until Thursday…

    • NexusMan

      On their podcast they took photos with it vs the iPhone 5s and Moto X, and they said the Nexus 5 lost to both of them. They said the Moto X (after the update) “takes way better pictures” than the Nexus 5. They also said the Nexus 5 camera is really slow.

      • flosserelli

        Camera and battery always seem to be the Nexus’ Achilles heel :/

      • p0k3y

        Yes, that’s what they said. But is it objective? Did GOOG/LG really screw up the camera again on a nexus phone?

  • Tony Stark

    You guys sure love white phones

  • Shawn Spring

    Who got the G2? Or did it not stick around…? Just curious, as I love mine.

    • Rodeojones000

      I absolutely love mine. Got it 8 days ago. I’m actually glad I decided to not forego quality coverage for the Nexus 5 and a prepaid service. Also had it rooted within a couple hours of getting home.

      • Shawn Spring

        I’m guessing you’re Verizon? If so, I agree – Red’s LTE coverage, mated with the sheer blistering speed/battery life of the G2 makes is a winner in my book. Even though I hate Big Red…I sure don’t hate their network. 🙂

        • Rodeojones000

          Yep. Verizon. I’d leave if I could, but AT&T is the only other carrier in my area that’s an option, but they’re hit or miss.

    • dragonflyr

      love mine. killer phone. gotta spend a few minutes de-bloating. throw another launcher on it. insane phone!! good option for those who have to stay with vzw.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Come Kellen we get it you like the Moto X but lets compare apples to apples and get the Droid Maxx in there with its full 5″ screen huge battery and beautiful Kevlar back. Thin profile and detailed look of quality. Droid Maxx is way better than the N5

    • Colin Zack

      lol beautiful kevlar back

      • RoadsterHD1

        Better than that plastic crap. 🙂

    • C C

      i’m sure its a good phone and i know its all personal preference, but in my opinion, the droid phones are absolutely hideous …

      • droidify

        Couldn’t agree more. The droid marketing has become embarrassing and the Kevlar is just chintzy in my opinion.

      • schlanz

        You must be blinded by your hatred of past droids because the Maxx is a beautiful device. Can’t say the same for the Ultra, the Razr or Razr HD.

        But the Maxx imho is the nicest feeling and looking phone out there even against the Moto X and HTC One.

      • RoadsterHD1

        You’re hideous. With those big ears long face and big nose.

    • Brian Utne

      You sound like the Richard Yarrell of Motorola, lol.

  • John T. Wildman

    Honestly if the Moto X had the same size and specs it would hands down blow away the Nexus! I personally couldn’t pass up on the note 3! It is bad ass!

    • JoshGroff

      I’m still rocking out with my note 2. (Owned a few phones since but went back to it.) Best phone I’ve owned hands down.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I wish I had all those phones on hand 🙁

  • Daniel Russell

    My take away from this video: Kellen still uses the Moto X as his daily phone.

    • Reginald

      I don’t blame him, I just got my N5 today and I think I’m sticking with the X… especially if it gets 4.4 in the next few weeks.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Don’t leave out the DROID MAXX

    • Sirx

      Seriously though! Kellex and the Droid-Life team has been sleeping on it so hard that they can probably put teeth under it and get tooth-fairy money >:-O

      • RoadsterHD1

        That makes no sense.

        • SemahjLam

          How? He’s saying they have been sleeping on it so hard its basically a pillow…what do you do with pillows? Put teeth underneath them. What happens after that? The rock comes in a pink tutu and puts money under it. I dont see how that joke flew over 10 peoples heads

          • Ralph Luciano Padro Jr.

            Long jokes never go over well.

          • Sirx

            I know it’s been 16 hours later, but thanks for the explanation; I honestly didn’t think it would be needed. Although anything is worth a visit from the Rock, so maybe Kellex is on to something…

          • RoadsterHD1

            ITS A PHONE NOT PILLOW. LOL “sleeping on it so hard” Really? Get your thoughts together man. Say something that makes sense….. by-the-way I liked that movie, hilarious….

      • MichaelFranz

        I think the problem is the got their hands on an Ultra at first. Maxx was the same just bigger battery and matte style back cover. I love mine. Im spoiled with the software features on it. Can’t tell you how often i flick my wrist for pictures, say ok google now while doing something, or use that active display.

        Performance wise it is top notch, keeps up with any other phone. the one thing i would of asked for was a 1080p display, but i can deal with it being 720p.

        The battery is out of this world.and nothing compares to it. might as well be a tablet battery. I easily can squeeze 6+ hours of screen on time in a 24 hour period and if i use i minimally – easily 48 hours.. I give it a bump charge a few times a day while in the car driving to and from work and i dont have to charge it maybe for a day and a half.

        I would just hope Moto does the right thing and gets this device along with Moto X 4.4 before other OEM’s. This thing is the closest to a nexus you might be able to get. There is barely a skin to deal with, only carriers to push it.

        • Zach Walls

          I have owned all three the Maxx, Ultra, and am now using the moto X. I think the battle of resolutions is not worth the time. What we should really be worried about is the ppi of each screen. Who cares if the note 3 has a 1080p screen…it also has a 7 inch screen so the ppi is comparable to most normal sized 720p screens. The moto X feels great in hand and is very easy to use with one hand. Nexus 5 looks nice though. I think I might have finally found an android phone that I will stick with over an iPhone. My problem was always that verizon did not truly support the Nexus line. I have always been a fan for a pure android feel. Cant wait to see what else Motorola/Google will come out with next.

    • schlanz

      I love the Maxx. Silly how much neglect it gets.. maybe since its exclusive and everyone loves to hate everything Verizon around these parts.

      • Fozzybare

        or the fact that it is the same phone as the moto x…just with a larger screen and battery

        • schlanz

          Yeah so its a better, bigger, longer lasting Moto X with wireless charging. You can throw absolutely everything at it all day and still have battery to spare but some people pretend that its not a big deal for a phone to have that kind of longevity.

          For all the love the Moto X gets the Maxx is treated like a red headed step child when its actually its bigger, brawnier, sleeker brother

          • Give me battery life over Quad Core, Ram, Camera and any other bells and whistles, who wants to charge there device 3 times a day or shut of every single feature just so the device lasts 12 hours.

          • ChrisI

            Precisely with you. Why I didn’t buy the N5 and will likely go S4 to get that ZeroLemon bad boy.

          • Fozzybare

            My moto x goes for 5 hours of screen on time… Don’t really need anything more than that…

          • phissith

            Funny, you are so funny hhahahah not!!

          • Fozzybare


          • Fatty Bunter

            You know feature phones have amazing battery life?

          • NexusMan

            Bigger is not always better. People think the Moto is the perfect size, shape and design for the hand, so clearly, those people feel the Maxx is not. Also, Moto is customizable, Maxx is not, and doesnt the Maxx have more bloatware than the Moto?

          • schlanz

            Bigger battery is always better. The bloat is minimal and isnt an actual problem since we’re dealing with 32gb internal storage. The build quality is exceptional and though it lacks the contour of the Moto X, it feels more solid and better constructed. Customization is overrated. I prefer my phones professional and sophisticated, not shiny or comprised of garish color combinations. If you desperately need color on your device, cases exist.

            No matter how you slice it the Maxx completely outclasses the Moto X, the denial stems from carrier unavailability or a misguided hatred for Verizon exclusivity. The fact that the bloat is limited to VZW apps and there isn’t a single logo on the front speaks volumes as to how VZW is trying to tone things down with their historically tacky appraoch to their Droid devices. Even the commercials have come a long way.

          • George264

            Only your opinion.

          • schlanz

            Which is based on common sense, and actual experience with the device (had it since launch) not just regurgitating the same tired arguments against the size, bloat, or whatever that DL said in their review, without actually having used it aside from touching a security laden store model.

            I’m no droid fanboy, I hated the Razr, Razr HD, and pretty much every Moto phone since the OG Droid. I like the Moto X. I have about 4 different phones every year. So I come from a position of unbias and experience so yes, it’s my opinion the Maxx is superior to the X but it isn’t a baseless one.

          • NexusMan

            This wasn’t meant to be a tit for tat….just responding to your question as to why in your eyes “the Maxx is treated like a red headed step child when its actually Moto’s bigger, brawnier, sleeker brother.” There are people who clearly disagree with you.

          • Cody Revels

            To me the deciding factor between the Moto X and the droid maxx was that the maxx feels terrible in hand. Its sharp and the screen is essentially more stretched out than on the Moto X.
            The Moto X actually feels good in hand and the battery lasts all day. I dont see why you would need more than that. I think most people charge their phone each night.

          • schlanz

            Well you’re showing your lack of experience with each device here, calling the Maxx sharp when in fact its edge is smooth and rounded on the bottom unlike the Moto X which is far “sharper” by comparison. The Maxx does not feel “terrible” although the Ultra does. The Maxx feels exquisite.

          • 4g63mark

            The Maxx with it’s soft touch Carbon fiber is the cream of the crop in touch and build quality. Just looking at this thing and holding it makes me wish other manufacturers would step up to that level. Unfortunately for me 1 handed use is very important. So while I’d have to take the Moto X based on 1handed size, I’d still be wishing it was made from soft touch Carbon fiber like the Maxx

          • schlanz

            Well said. I guess I’m blessed with large hands, I have no problem using the Maxx with one hand, and I can typically handle my Note 3 one handed without an issue, though texting on that is definitely more comfortable with two hands.

            Nice to see someone praise the build quality and feel of the Maxx despite preferring the size of the Moto X. Too many people are too quick to write of the Maxx because of either the Ultra or past Droid models.

          • 4g63mark

            I must be one of these crazy people who tries to not talk out of my ass. LOL!!!! I actually own the Droid Mini and couldn’t possibly speak highly enough of it’s performance. I actually just returned my LG G2 yesterday because the Mini beat it up in almost every category. The 2013 lineup of Motorola devices are best of the year in my book. I’ve had the Galaxy S4, LG G2, Droid Mini and HTC One. Out of everything I’d take the Moto over all of them. The only reason I took the Mini over the Moto X is because it was $200 cheaper off contract and the VZW version of the Moto X doesn’t have 32GB of storage like the AT&T model.

          • Derrick James

            all of these points you made are opinion

          • schlanz

            And there is no need to write “in my opinion” when after each sentence when speaking from a personal point of view. Otherwise opinion pieces would be riddled with it

          • Derrick James

            “Completely outclasses” does not belong in an opinion piece either

          • schlanz

            Lol whatever man this isn’t a NYT article its a disqus thread. Get over it. In my opinion the Maxx completely outclasses the Moto X. You can’t tell me what does or does not belong on some random post on a website thread.

          • Ben

            I was really hoping that the Nexus 5 would have a class-leading battery. It’s based on the G2 which has a 3000 mAh. Google now owns Motorola who have made several models with great battery life. I just don’t understand why no one is competing on this front. If the Moto X was available with a 3000-3500 mAh Battery and it was available unlocked for 200-250 (like it SHOULD be) then that would be my phone.

            I think it’s a case of consumers not pushing manufacturers to deliver something that they really want. Everyone used to want faster and faster processors and look how far they’ve come. I think the next big thing should be making batteries last more than 1ish day.

          • angermeans

            I guess we all have our opinions and this is androids best feature is choice. I think the optimiZations that Google put into the X make it the better phone. You might call the bloat minimal, but it is still very much there and causes problems with timely updates. The bigger deal here is verizon has a bigger hand in the updates where Google does on the X as it is pretty much a nexus like device. Motorola did a horrible job on their phones over the years and this is the reason they failed so badly and had to be purchased by Google. They constantly cut corners (literally with some devices) when it comes to the display and components, are plagued with bugs (we will see if that changes under new management), and worst of all they seem to always be behind when it comes to specs. The X will have the much longer life and still has the great battery enhancements whereas the Maxx is just throwing a giant battery at the problem.

          • jrbmed08

            I for one specifically chose the X for its smaller size.

          • Fozzybare

            The bigger screen on the maxx isn’t a plus…

          • MK17

            Unfortunately it has those dang on screen keys. I vowed to never own another phone with on screen keys. Otherwise I would consider not leaving Verizon for that phone.

          • angermeans

            I think that has more to do with what verizon has done to it. It’s a Droid and all droids come stacked to the gills with bloat, never get timely updates, always launch a version or two behind the latest android release, are known to have some of the worst displays on the market, and to some (like me) the hardware design is very ugly. This may be some of the reasons that it gets “neglected” like you say. You get what you pay for. Yes, battery life is great, but dealing with the above isn’t. There is a huge difference in the Moto X and Droid phones if only because Google has had their hand in the X design, etc and verizon has in the droids and it shows.

          • schlanz

            Except most of that isn’t even the case. Stacked to the gills with bloat? It can all be disabled except backup assistant, and its comprised of verizon and amazon apps and NFL mobile. Hardly stacked to the gills and hardly an issue worth mentioning since you never have to see it and it takes up less than 50mb of 25gb of usable space.

            Its already getting a pretty beefy software update that the Moto X just got very recently.

            The display is no worse than the Moto X, the pixel density difference is virtually negligible at only a 22ppi difference.

            And finally the design has been widely praised in all the reviews I’ve ever read and from reactions of the people I’ve given the phone to to hold. Again the Ultra and previous Droids are a completely different matter and its unfair to lump it in with them.

            You worded your post from a generalized point of view towards the Droid brand, and I think thats where most naysayers are coming from without actually having even touched the thing in many cases. Its not your average Droid.

          • angermeans

            You are a little right. This is a better droid than years past, but it’s still very much a droid. Yes, I’ve actually used the phone and it isn’t a good design, but then again design is very subjective so I can’t expect to think you share my opinion as you bought the phone. It doesn’t matter what you can do to the bloat it is still on the phone and still very much plays in the delay in updates (along with many other reasons of course). We both know Motorola could have done more with this phone and past droids but they didn’t they simply threw a bigger battery in an old design (which has been tweaked a little) and called it good. That is hardly innovation. I agree that the display in the Droid X isn’t great, but it plays into the better battery life and has a reason. The bad displays in all Motorola devices wasn’t so it could smartly squeeZe more power out of their batteries. It was to cut corners and save money just the like lack of top tier specs. I’m not the biggest fan of the Moto x either, but I do feel it is Motorolas flag ship at te moment and the reason for my comment wasn’t to challenge your phone of choice it was to show why I think droid life and others choose to ignore the phone. It feels like it is from androids past and android is moving on. I understand why it exists, but I also see that it will more than likely be abandoned if it isn’t already.

          • schlanz

            Well considering its been confirmed to get 4.4 since it was announced, lets not get ahead of ourselves and say its bound for quick abandonment.
            As for specs its been shown to stand up with other top tier phones with regard to performance aside from the camera which hopefully will be fixed with the update.
            Design wise, yes its still very much a Droid and its been tweaked slightly, but tweaked enough and in the right ways that separates it from its older, sharper, uglier brethren. I can understand not everyone will be swayed, but it’s come a LONG way from the design and feel of the Razr HD and Razr which I personally didn’t like one bit.

            This isn’t a phone I bought and it’s not my “phone of choice” (Note 3 cultist), its my work phone. I simply find it an underrated device that seems unusual given the general communal praise for the Moto X.

      • RoadsterHD1

        True, Droid Maxx is a great phone and DL should not play favorites or leave it out because of it’s carrier, its not right. I hope Kellex reads all the thoughts of the people who make them who they are…..

    • Gf1fanatic

      It was no contest for me. I walked into the store planning on the Moto X, but purchased the Droid Maxx. The Maxx felt solid while the Moto X felt cheap. The 32 GB storage and wireless charging were also big pluses. And, of course, the battery was the final deal changer. I go through the day without a worry now, regardless how much time I spend with the phone. Operationally, the Maxx is quick, smooth and fast. It leaves my wife’s iPhone in the dust. She often reaches for my phone rather than use her tiny screened iPhone.

      I dare say, the Droid Maxx is the best Android phone out there.

      • Jeremy Wray

        I get usually about 24-36+ hours of life out of my moto x with moderate to heavy usage. It has a basically stock experience. And the screen and phone size was close to that of my Gnex so it was an easy switch.

      • RoadsterHD1

        I agree.

    • CHRIS42060

      Why compare the Nexus 5 and the Droid Maxx when they are not available on the same carrier? I am sure the idea of this was to show the differences between the phones to help consumers make the choice. There are those rare few who may pass up the Nexus 5 for the Droid Maxx and join Verizon; however, I am thinking most of us are looking and thinking about getting/getting rid of a S4, Note 3, One, X, or Nexus 4 and possibly getting the Nexus 5.

      • RoadsterHD1

        Well…. when you say it like that…… it makes perfect sense 🙂

  • red014

    Kellen loves white phones.

  • TC Infantino

    I think you should have used the Droid Maxx in the comparison instead of the Moto X. Mainly because the screen size would be equal, though only 720 on the Droid Maxx.

  • Pdiddy187

    Will UPS leave the package without a signature? Just planning on whether or not to call in to work on Thursday.

    • Brandon Miller

      Sign up for UPS My Choice on their website. It is completely free. It gives you the option of giving a signature release and also allows you to choose where UPS leaves it (Front Door, Back Door, etc.) Mine came today and it worked.

      • Pdiddy187

        Thank you kind sir.

  • Bigsike

    The one thing I can take out of this comparison and the clear winners is………….Verizon Sucks!

  • C-Law

    Kellen showin the moto x some love. Its my favorite phone so far. I love the size and feel. Hope Motorola works quick to update it

  • tomn1ce

    Is Ron going to do the Nexus 5 and the iphone comparison? -_-

    • RoadsterHD1

      That would be hilarious!!!

  • hurrrrdurrrr

    Nexus 5 has a single speaker on the bottom not dual.

    • HarvesterX

      Just like G2 variants. International ones have a fse grill on the other side so it looks like stereo sound.. But it’s just for symmetry. Best next speaker arrangement I’ve seen besides the HTC

      • Jeremy Wray

        While it is easy to cover up I have yet to find a phone (outside of the One) thats louder then my Moto X. Its loud just holding it but if you put the phone down so it can bounce the sound off a surface it just gets stupid loud. I was really impressed.

  • bear

    Seriously didn’t compare it to it’s big brother, the G2?

    • C-Law

      Probably just doesn’t have the phone on him at the moment

      • jakes

        which he mentions in the first paragraph

  • Ryan
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  • rthvk

    How does Kellen charge this many phones?

    Or even keep track of them?


      Well, he does get a microUSB cable with every phone he gets…

      • rthvk

        He’s got to have run out of plug points though

        • tomn1ce

          Power strip anyone -_-

          • rthvk

            But you’d have to buy so many! :O

            Fine, you have me beat. 🙂

            But you’ve got to admit, charging them all could get annoying.

          • You can daisy chain up to 183(?) devices through usb before it will not be able to pass power through any longer. So, there’s that idea.

          • Greg

            He probably uses a few of these USB power strips. Also the USB daisy chain limit is 127 ports. can you imaging the the mess of 127 cables and devices plugged in? lol




          • Ah ok. Where did I get 183 from? I knew it was some unpractical amount.

          • Greg

            I had no idea until I googled it after you mentioned 183 and was curious about it.

    • aye_winchell

      slave labor…hampster style.

    • CaptainHowdy13

      I imagine he doesn’t charge them all every day. S4, One, and N4 will probably not be used anytime soon, so let them die.

  • fartbubbler

    sweet 1080p 🙂