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Moto X Wood Backs Still on the Way, Leaked Screenshot Gives us a Quick Peak

Moto X Wood

Thanks to @evleaks, we can rest assured that Motorola still has plans on releasing wood backs for the Moto X. We still don’t know exactly when, but thanks to a leaked screenshot, we can at least start debating on which option we would choose if we were to buy another Moto X. 

From what we see listed on the site, there appears to be four choices, which are the same ones Motorola told us to expect; Teak, Ebony, Rosewood, and Bamboo. Selecting a wood back will up the device’s price by $50, a price that is right on the money with previous rumors we have seen. When purchasing, it appears that you should still receive your Moto X within the four day time frame, except with bamboo. There appears to be a “delayed shipping” mark on that option, but we don’t know the full details on that.

While we do wish the wood options were launched right alongside the regular colored backs, this is still a great idea, and we are happy Motorola is sticking to it.

Now the only question is, which wood back do we want?

Via: @evleaks

  • Anthony Bottari

    I would so engrave “Woody” or “Master Splinter” on one !

  • Alex

    Is there any chance there will be a market to buy the wood backs and replace ourselves?

    Verizon waited way to long for me to wait for MotoMaker

  • Ken

    Unless I planned on keeping this phone forever, the only engraving I would get on this phone is “Custom Moto X”. I actually think that would increase the resell value.

  • I think I’ve decided that the X is my next phone, and that I’m waiting for the wood back on VZW to finally pull the trigger. Hopefully a stable 4.4 ROM on my GNex will come soon and be enough to tide me over till then.

    Ebony with a black front would be my pick based on what I’ve seen thus far.

    • guest

      it should be coming on nov 11 to verizon ..

  • jpg

    This has only around 30 comments and has been posted for a while. I’m sure it’s a great phone, but it is a business fail for moto. Too little too late.

    • Andromedo

      Exactly this. I would have gone full price and then some for one of these day 1 — but I got tired of waiting, and ordered a Nexus 5. This option suddenly seems to have very little appeal.

  • hokieputter

    just give me motomaker on VZW.. don’t need no stinking wood back.. they’re cool & different, but..

  • boybert

    Rosewood on Verizon, please…

  • aaron

    FSC certified?

  • crazed_z06

    Too late.. already have a phone with a faux leather back

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I don’t want to see this post. How do I hide it?

  • 655321

    That’s not the only question: will the wood backs be engravable via MotoMaker?

    Also, what happened to the ceramic and fabric backs that were being tested alongside the wood backs? Did they not make it through the testing phase?

  • jonathanphx1

    If there is no Verizon logo on the back of my wood backed moto x I’m sending it back

    • WiseGuy

      I see what you did there.

  • EC8CH

    I just wish they would add a beige option 🙁

  • Patrick Flanigan

    I hope this drops soon, I bought the moto x when that glitch happened but I really wanted a wood back and I hope to exchange it before my 14 days runs out. Anyone know if I can return my phone, keep my renewed contract and simply get a credit to purchase the moto x when the wood backs arrive? Is that a possibility with Verizon?

    • verizon

      The only problem is when you return the phone they return your account to pre-upgrade status. When you go to upgrade again the unlimited glitch won’t be in the system.
      source: work for verizon retail

      • Patrick Flanigan

        Thats what I figured, I was hoping I could do an exchange for a motomaker version and not have it affect the plan, but it looks like I’m stuck with the regular black one unless motomaker launches early enough for me to just do an exchange.

  • Chiaroscuro7

    Peak vs Peek!!!! Always!!! Come on guys!!

    • WiseGuy

      How do you know it didn’t give them a peak?

      • BobButtons

        It is about Moto X giving wood after all.

    • ChrisCorp

      Just a tip: PEEK has 2 Es like you have two eyes that SEE.
      PEAK has an A like a mountain TOP.

  • Jpx

    I hope this comes out along side with the end of the MotoMaker AT&T exclusivity. And I hope they announce it right after the Moto G announcement. But I dunno, I doubt they want to take the focus away from the Moto G

  • tyguy829

    Called it 😛

  • Dominic Powell

    The Signature part is back too.

  • MikeSaver

    My girlfriend wants to get a moto x on verizon with a wood back. She can’t wait much longer though, already caught her admiring the new gold iphone!

    Hurry it up Moto! Does anyone think these will come out on Nov. 11th along with the Verizon MotoMaker?

    • Dominic Powell

      if that is when Verizon Motomaker comes out, I am pretty sure these will appear at the same time.

    • Eric R.

      My sister got the gold iPhone and I thought it was going to be ugly, but it’s not that bad. The Moto X is still better though

  • dtraini30

    Judging from the screenshot we could also be seeing the custom signature on the back of the device when wood launches.