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Verizon Moto X Drops to $49.99 on Contract Through Amazon

Moto X

Is your mind still set on getting Motorola’s latest and greatest on Verizon’s network? Well, Amazon is now selling the Moto X for just $49.99 on contract through its website, which is a pretty great deal for a device that we are still in love with. The deal is open to anyone upgrading or setting up a new Individual Plan or Family Plan, so if you were in the market, be sure to check it out. 

If you ask anyone that owns one, chances are they will tell you that they love their Moto X. It’s a solid phone with great performance, better than average battery life, and it simply looks hot.

Moto X owners, still loving your phone?

Via: Amazon

Cheers Frank!

  • SEA

    Does this work with grandfathered unlimited data plans?

    • Eric G Canoy

      nope, you’ll lose your unlimited plan if you upgrade

  • Donald Sweeper

    I don’t know if it’s because of my region, but Amazon is now selling it for $19.99 on contract. Crazy deal.

  • Terin H

    Just ordered on a new line through Amazon for $19.99

  • alexz

    $0 – it needs to be zero on contract. Verizon contracts are a rip off anyway.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    I hopped on that deal yesterday as soon as saw it. Was already searching around for a good deal on a Moto X upgrade.

  • John E. Smokes Jr.

    I just ordered a Black Sprint Moto X online from Radio Shack for the same price ($50). Can’t wait until I get it!

  • gokusimpson

    This makes me a little upset, but my Droid X wasn’t going to hold out for another two months.

  • JPfingsten

    This phone is amazing. Still highly suggest people debate between this or the N5.

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Still LOVE my Moto X

  • Dave

    I was almost sold until I lined the GN3, MaXX and MX together in store and ran browsers and other functions with settings on the devices and services running similar. Even with TW, the GN3 edged out the MaXX and smashed the MX in the mouth. Granted it was pulling about 5 more mbps than either. Still indecisive…. might just keep the GN2.

    • Suralin

      I lined up those 3 as well, except I focused more on how I actually use the phone. When it came to functionality, the Moto X won hands down – The voice activation with Google Now I actually use, the camera is very simple and very fast to use (and with the latest patch, pretty decent), the Motorola extras like Connect, Assist, Active Notifications I use regularly, and it was far smoother switching between apps than the Maxx and GN3. And with a 720p screen, I get long battery life. All of this in what I consider a high end phone for a mid-phone price.

  • MikeSaver

    when those wood backs comin do?

  • klyonawesome

    Just paid 99! oh well love the phone.

    • klyonawesome

      Actually I called and they gave me the better price! Great deal!

  • runner30

    Anyone know how contracts work on VWZ if I have an extra 2 gigs of data from a sign up bonus and I plan on upgrading? Basically I have 4 gigs a month for $30. Will they take that away the extra data when I upgrade? I suspect it is like people with unlimited data and you lose it if you upgrade.

    I plan on getting the X through motomaker when it hits.

    • oxymoron

      You will lose the extra 2GB when signing up for a new contract.

  • C-Law

    I love this phone! It blows away the s4 I sold it for. All you need is root and search xda for GravityBox and you’ll have basically all the mods you thought were only possible with a rom like CM, like quick toggle changes, status bar, lock screen, nav bar, transparency settings, power menu, audio, etc., it’s perfect

  • cjlee89

    This or Droid Maxx? Besides battery life, and size, what are the differences?

    • gabe

      droid maxx has inductive charging

      • hkklife

        Maxx has wireless charging, a massively larger battery, 32GB internal storage and a 5″ screen with capacitive buttons vs. 4.7″ with virtual buttons. The Maxx also has more bloatware and (IMO) worse design and a less comfortable formfactor.

      • Dave

        If you’d ever need it…LoL

    • Dave

      Run them side by side…MaXX smokes it.

  • Guest

    This or Droid Maxx? Besides battery life, and size, what is are the differences?

  • Ronald Bernard

    I certainly like my Moto X so far but it is not a nexus. If the unlimited data glitch on Verizon did not occur i would have jumped ship. Still might as i have an additional line on my account with out contract. But the wife would not be happy with me forking out more money for a phone.

  • edmicman

    So whatever happened to Verizon getting MotoMaker or offering a 32GB version without having to go the dev phone route?

    • carluverdrm2004

      I still have my fingers crossed for November 11 to be the day that Motomaker comes to Verizon.

    • JPfingsten

      Evleaks said November 11th.

    • 4g63mark

      As soon as they bring in the 32GB model I’m all over it. The Mini is kicking ass in the meantime. And only $400 full retail.

  • mustbepbs

    “for a device that we are still in love with”

    Until you get your Nexus 5.

    • C-Law

      How? Some of us prefer the smaller phone size, 24 hour battery life, amoled, and active notifications the moto x offer. I know I don’t want an n5 over the x. Having active notifications is something I don’t want to lose. When I had an s4, I bought the app that tries to copy it and it didn’t even come close to the real deal. And if you’ve got an unlocked boot loader, you can run any rom, so while I’ll have kit Kat on my n7 tablet right away, the first carrier that updates the moto x to kitkat, I can run on mine too

      • mustbepbs

        I meant the DL crew, especially Kellen.

        He’s always changing phones.

      • 4g63mark

        Yup. I can’t hardly wait to get that phone. The conture and shape of it is so perfect. It’s a 4.7″ phone that is easy for 1 handed control as a 4″ – 4.3″ Not to mention it noticeably out performs my G2. COMPLETELY SOLD on Moto’s lineup.

  • XvierX

    I bought one off contract and returned it within 14 days. I’d like a nexus 5 but I’m not willing to give up my vz unlimited data. I’m just waiting for motomaker on vz.

  • chris_johns

    moto pleaseee drop this to $450 off cotract for the 32 mg motomaker on the 11th ill buy it instantlyyyy

    • Curtis

      32 Mega Gig version is sold out!!!

  • James Briano
    • Omar Amer

      kinda fruitless considering the nexus 5 doesnt support all verizon bands.

      • JJ69Chev

        And the fact that VZW doesn’t give 2 $hits about their customers

        • J Davis

          Or a change.org petition..

          • Dave

            Since the dawn of time, petitions have been the single most effective way of taking care of serious issues…..oh wait…never mind.

    • duke69111

      Someone created a petition that only needed 100 signatures. Why even waste your time???

  • Nate Webb

    Anyone who purchased a Nexus 5 yesterday looking to sell a Moto X (verizon) at a decent price?

  • jt O’Brien

    Once the retail price drops and MotoMaker comes I’m snagging this thing on Verizon. Anyone know how switching over to an unlocked phone exactly works? I heard rumors of people activating the unlocked phone and losing unlimited.

    • Matthew Rebmann

      There should be absolutely no issues. The rumors you heard must be false. All you need to do is hotswap your SIM (and cut it down if you’re coming from a phone with the larger sized ones)

  • PooCaster

    Anyone know if you can use an upgrade on a Verizon family plan and then activate the phone to a different number in the same plan? any fees involved?, I asked a Verizon rep on the site and all she would say is that verizon discourages buying through third party sites….duh the listing price is 150$ cheaper….(I know its 140$ with the VERIZON30 code)

    • Ryan Rhodes

      i think with amazon there is a stipulation that the phone you are upgrading to has to remain active on the line youre upgrading with for a certain amount of time

      • PooCaster

        There is a stipulation that the phone has to remain active in the service for 180 day I think – not sure if you need to actually use the same line though….

        • Greg

          I think just the plan has to stay the same. No way they can tell you which phone to use. As long as the dollar amount verizon is getting from you stays the same they shouldnt care. I used to get top tier phones on a new line and once I actived it I would drop the data plan and re-add a basic feature phone that I never used. Bought the Razr Maxx for 1 cent (amazons penny sale) on a new line, only cost me $9.99 a month for two years. Now they make you keep the data plan for at least 180 days.

          • mario

            I bought moto x 2 weeks adding a new line to family plan and then ESN swapped to basic phone. Called Verizon customer service had then remove default basic phone data plan and now I am paying $9.99.

  • Yancey

    What phone would you guys pick if staying on Verizon?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Moto X of course.

      The next best things would be the Droid Maxx, HTC One, or LG G2.

      • Greg

        I agree. I think the Moto X or LG G2 would be my first choices. If they were both 32GB and the same price, Moto X for sure. I wouldn’t by a 16GB Moto X especially if it costs more(from verizon). Then the Droid maxx followed by the HTC one if it was free on contract.

    • SplashMTN

      Definitely the G2. I’ve only spent limited time with it in store, but if I was staying with Verizon that would be my phone right now. Beautiful screen, awesome camera and from what I hear it has pretty stellar battery life. I think the buttons would take a little while to get used to – especially the Verizon version (I hear a case can help with that), but all around it’s an awesome device.

  • frosty_nerd

    I am really torn between this and the LG G2 (stuck on Verizon). Does anyone have any experience with the overall qualities between the two (Radios, Microphone, Speaker, etc)?

    What about battery life? Do they even out in the end?

    • Ryan

      I love my G2. The snapdragon 800 and 3000mah battery are huge pluses for me. I get all day with heavy use no prob and the screen is beautiful. The Moto X is nice but cant justify it IMO. Plus the G2 has band 4 for their new LTE-A service. The G2 seems more future proof. just my .02

  • socarwolverine

    So we shouldn’t expect to see the Moto G on VZW I assume.

  • crazed_z06

    lol .. this is how much it should have cost from the outset. Now they need to drop the retail price. It should be cheaper than the Nexus 5.

  • I would totally jump on this if it didn’t axe my unlimited data plan..

  • Still loving mine :^)

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      I want motomaker on VZW, but cheaper off contract :/

    • RedXander

      Right there with you. The way I describe it to my friends is: “It does everything I need it to do exceedingly well”

      • 4g63mark


    • mike dunham

      What is the battery life like assuming you have been using it as a daily driver? I really still want this phone even over the N5 and the battery life will most likely seal the deal. During work hours I usually do not have access to WiFi so I am curious how long the battery typically lasts off of WiFi

      • Matt LeVeck

        I almost never connect to wifi, and I get a full day and then some. I’ve not charged it and and still had about 30% the next day. This is with fairly regular phone calls, irc, skype, and maps uses. This will of course probably not be the case if you’re constantly playing music or video on it.

  • Eddie R

    the wife wants this or htc one… how do the camera’s compare?

    • Daniel Grabowski

      Pretty similar in my experience. The low light was probably a little better on the HTC One at the moment, but I think with the Moto X getting the camera updates via play store now and the consistency of updates from Motorola, I would say they’re pretty close and more towards the Moto X in the future.
      Source: Sold my HTC One after buying Moto X outright. Haven’t looked back, the hardware buttons on the One suck.

      • Eddie R

        thanks for the insight. she’s got an Inc2 so she’s familiar with HTC. i think she’ll like the motox smaller size. but she actually asked “can i take a picture by pressing a side button”any ideas?

        • Daniel Grabowski

          I don’t see too much of a difference HTC to Moto. If anything the Moto would be easier cuz its stock Android and doesn’t have a lot of menus and layers like sense. As far as pressing a button on the side of the device to take a photo neither will do this out of the box. You’d be looking at rooting and adding a custom option to use a volume button to take the photo.

  • Walter Partlo

    Got my Moto X with the Verizon30 coupon code for $139.99 through VZW. That code may still be working. (It was Wednesday)

  • Daniel Clifford

    Love this phone.

  • Sam

    If I remember correctly Verizon’s internal documentation made it pretty clear that their salespeople should push the Ultra/Maxx/Mini over the X. And, when I went to look for one a few weeks ago, after looking around for 10-15 minutes I assumed that the Verizon store didn’t even have it. Turns out, it was buried in a display by models that were old, unremarkable and noticeably cheaper. So, all that being said it appeared that from the get-go Verizon had no interest in selling this phone versus its Motorola cousins, the G2 and others.

    • AbbyZFresh

      I doesn’t make sense that Verizon accepted the phone into their networks and even has dedicated posters of the X in almost every store yet they still continue to push the Droids over it.

      • jaydotelloh

        Ignoring Price and “looks”, there is no reason to get a Moto X over a Droid MAXX. Double the storage, insane battery life, wireless charging built in… The only thing i wish the MAXX had that the X has is on-screen nav buttons, and a little more “rounded” design. I know looks are a big factor, but honestly the MAXX is pretty nice looking on it’s own.

        • Stnkycheezman

          I’m probably in the minority here but i think the maxx looks nicer. It also feels more “premium” to me than the X. The white X looks especially cheaper to me.

          But, to each his own…

        • sirmipsalot

          If we’re ignoring price, then the dev edition moto x has a distinct advantage.

          • jaydotelloh

            Why not the Dev edition MAXX?

          • sirmipsalot

            A good point, though I haven’t seen that thing in stock (and I’ve looked as well) nearly as much as the moto x. As best I can tell, the dev edition maxx is about as practical an upgrade path on Verizon as a Nexus 5, since I can’t seem to buy either of them for Verizon. (One doesn’t exist, the other seems perpetually non-stocked). Otherwise, aesthetics (more about bulk and in-hand feel for me than anything else).

        • EC8CH

          If it weren’t for those stupid capacitive buttons it would be a tough choice for me between the X and the Maxx.

          • Curtis


          • jaydotelloh

            I gotta say, the Moto X is beautiful. But the MAXX ain’t half bad either. The capacitive buttons kinda suck, and I wish they were on screen, but at least you have all that screen real estate and a smaller “effective bezel” on the bottom.

          • JoeTi

            I’m getting *used* to the cap buttons of the Maxx after coming off my GNex. Not that bad of a trade off IMO after using this thing ALL DAY and still having 80% battery right now (its a little nerdy but I also run a LWP as a background with little to no affect).  But the size and look of the X would have been an easier transition from my GNex. If there was a Motomaker VZW Moto X during the “Glitch” that might have been my next phone…..or a VZW Nexus 5 but that’s just crazy talk.

        • hkklife

          Maxx is a MUCH more compelling option after the most recent price drop. I also wish it had a 1080P screen, maybe 64GB storage (or at least a microSD slot) and a more rounded/less industrial styling but its still a very overlooked phone. Now the Ultra…there is simply no reason for that device to even exist. The current Moto VZW lineup should just be Mini, X, Maxx.

        • Don Goncalves

          I don’t have a good feeling about Verizon –down the road– to continue to pass along software updates. With Moto X, I’m thinking Motorola will be posting them on Play. With Droid Maxx, I’ll be waiting for Verizon.

    • Denvertoad

      Same experience here. MX was in the back corner with second tier phones. MAXX and Ultra front and center. My wife ended up w/ Ultra and loves it. Shake camera and notifications fave features.

    • 4g63mark

      I noticed the exact same thing.

    • Jeff Mowbray

      I was just in a Verizon store yesterday and can confirm what you are saying about salespeople pushing the Maxx and Ultra over the X. I told the guy I was there to look at the Moto X and he showed it to me but immediately started talking about the other phones. I think I’m going to get the Moto X thru Amazon

    • Don Goncalves

      Droid Maxx and Moto X are on display at opposite ends of the Verizon Wireless retail store. I asked a rep if I could compare them side by side. Can I bring one over to the other? How can I do that? He said “you can’t.”

  • Omar Amer

    Moto X vs nexus 5.. which is the better phone to switch to?

    • DodgingDonkey

      Depends on your carrier ultimately. Most people would probably prefer the nexus 5 for updates, screen resolution, price and processor to name a few.

    • AbbyZFresh

      For specs = Nexus 5

      For maximum optimization with no lags = Moto X(keep in mind motorola already mentioned they are working on 4.4. at the moment)

    • Walter Partlo

      Depends on what you want. The Moto X is awesome, but not a nexus. It reminds me of the OG droid. Not skinned, but not a nexus either.

    • Jon

      If you care about camera, the Nexus 5 is the way to go.

      • Weber

        Not necessarily true…

    • Droid Ronin

      Nexus 5 totally trumps Moto X in specs, but I just love the Touchless Control, Active Notifications, and camera shake features in the Moto X, not to mention that slim curved back design.

  • Scott

    This is also one of the best under-rated Android phones out there.

  • Scott

    I paid the $199, but at least I snagged unlimited data during the glitch.

    • 4g63mark

      Wish I could say the same. However one of my lines that didn’t have unlimited got bumped up to unlimited during the glitch.

    • mcnulty732

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  • AbbyZFresh

    How sad. Is the Moto X really selling that bad on Verizon?

    Soon they might as well price it for free.

    • DodgingDonkey

      It’s still 199.99 through Verizon. This is pretty typical from secondary retailers. They’ll drop the price lower after a couple months. However, they have more stipulations/early cancellations in the contract terms.