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Thursday Poll: Did You Buy a Nexus 5?

Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is now here, and everyone who was interested in the phone quickly scrambled to Google Play, snatching up their devices as quickly as they could. It seems that a couple of the models are already out of inventory, so let us know down below if you were able to grab one.

Seems like a straight question, so let’s hear some straight answers. Also, if there is one thing that is stopping you from picking up the Nexus 5, let us know down below. Go!

Did you buy a Nexus 5?

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  • Scott Wood

    Bought 2,white and black 32gb for me and the missus.

  • Bob

    I have a order for the Nexus 5 and I spoke to a rep from VW and they said that they will activate the phone. Am I missing something? Will i be getting te same service?

  • EvanTheGamer

    No, already have a great phone. A Galaxy Note 3. Yeah!

  • Richard Jackson

    As a day one Gnex user I’m under contract till 12/15/13. At that point is when I can think about what I can do.

  • xyzlene

    i purchased one to flip on ebay and make a nice profit… verizon has the best coverage in my area.. otherwise i would probably have canceled my contact and say hello to AIO….

  • i cannot wait to shove this phone in my iphone friends throat… some of them literately…

    • tomn1ce

      You really want to mess up your spanking new Nexus like that o_0

  • Tim242

    Bought the Note 3, returned it. I missed my S4. Waiting on the S5. It will be a beast!

  • joejoe5709

    Still on the fence is my answer mainly because this phone is awesome, but I’m not really willing to leave Verizon for it. So unless someone finds some miracle work around (and it doesn’t get taken away), I’ll probably have to wait a bit for my dream phone.

    Can’t wait to see all the reviews though! Also cannot wait for Kit Kat to come to my Nexus 7. Kind of excited to wipe my Gnex and eventually load Kit Kat.

  • JMonkeYJ

    I want to actually get my hands on one before I decide whether to ditch my HTC One. It’s probably gonna happen, but I do love my One so much…

  • Rodeojones000

    Still on the fence. I got an LG G2 the other day for $49 and I really like it. And with ROMs and mods mine looks like it’s running KitKat already. Verizon’s coverage just can’t be beat where I live, and losing unlimited data didn’t matter too much as I would have been going to a 2GB prepaid plan anyway. I’ve got 9 days to return this should I change my mind, but if forced to make a decision I’d stick with Verizon and the G2. But man, that is a nice looking phone.

  • Luke Thomas

    Contract on verizon won’t be up untill March. ;(

    I wonder…since I’m on my dad’s plan technically, can I get off of it early without penalty? Anyone?

    • SplashMTN

      Not if you upgraded on a 2 year contract. I’m currently on my parents’ plan (bought the Droid Razr on Black Friday in 2011) and I would still have to pay to get off contract.

  • danofiveo

    I didn’t buy one. I really wanted it to have an irresistibly breakable back just like the Nexus 4.

  • ctrlV

    This poll should include, Will buy one when contract with VZW expires or I can AoL.

  • Droon

    After reading these comments, I think “THANKS VERIZON” should become an alternative to “THANKS OBAMA”.

  • JDMendiola

    i must be lucky , moved to tmo for the nexus 4 , and i haven’t complained once about its 4g/HSPA+ . i currently have a moto x and i love it ! im not as excited for the N5 as others are , because i know ill miss my moto x , but either way black N5 32g ordered ! i know ill change my mind after i have the n5 in my hands :’)

  • DRAF_Werd

    Confused. Why is “Fu@# you Verizon” not an option?

  • mikeym0p

    I really hope eBay scammers didn’t get them again like with the N4….

  • mikeym0p

    Option 8: Sold out before I had a chance!

  • Shamu

    White is where it is at!!!

  • Guest

    32 gb Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrhug3

    Well, I ordered the 32gb after rumors of the Moto G turned out to be the “cheaper X”. I tried to cancel but the site was having errors. Not really wanting to leave VZW due to coverage. I’ll try AT&T prepaid, if it sucks, sell the nexus and get an X. If not, I may finally cut the VZW cord and go full blown AT&T.

  • Scott Tilney

    Bought it, then canceled the order 5 minutes later. I just had to get it out of my system.

  • SplashMTN

    Not yet, but I’ll be picking one up in 2-3 weeks (If they’re not back-ordered). Until then I’ll be rocking a Gnex on Verizon until at least Nov. 25th.

  • Robert Boluyt

    Not yet. Currently have an HTC One, so I don’t feel the itch to upgrade just yet. Especially when I want to get that 290X video card.

  • Lynton

    Anyone know if the Nexus 5 will work on Wind Mobile in Canada? The Nexus 5 spec sheet says it only supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM bands and the Wind website says that it only supports 1700 & 2100. There was that Wind Nexus 5 leak a few days ago where their Nexus 5 “pre-registration” page went live early, so that leads me to believe that it should be compatible with their network (source: http://mobilesyrup.com/2013/10/28/nexus-5-pre-registration-goes-live-at-wind-mobile-reveals-full-specs/ )

    • hans wee

      it should. wind has the same bands as t-mobile usa for everything .

      • Lynton

        Oh really? Awesome. It would be so dumb if N4 was supported and not the N5.

        • hans wee

          actually i looked it up. t-mobile uses AWS LTE band 4, and UMTS on AWS and PCS in refarmed areas. Wind uses HSPA+ UMTS on AWS and doesnt have LTE. wind basically operates the way t-mobile USA did a couple years ago , so any t-mobile phone from the last 2 years should work fine on wind (just no lte)

          • Lynton

            Yea, no LTE from Wind 🙁 I’m not too concerned though as I’m still on their super cheap unlimited promo plan. As long as it works with the N5 it’s good

  • Jason

    What are the plans most of you got who switched from Verizon? How much money/data a month?

    • Droon

      I am waiting until I get my phone to switch, but I am going AT&T GoPhone with 2gb for $60.


    The nexus 5 is my dream device but Im patiently waiting for Verizon to one day have something spectacular like maybe the next nexus or something. Sorry it’s just not worth me giving up my unlimited and going to a mediocre network.

    • cwillen

      It’s never going to happen. Google isn’t in the hardware game (in the sense that’s not their main profit driver). That being the case, they can be picky with who they work with and the conditions. They tried working with VZW and the way that whole roll out was handled by VZW all but guarantees it’ll never get a Nexus device. So wait for a good phone, sure, but don’t wait for a Nexus; it won’t happen.

      Now that’s not to say VZW doesn’t get good phones. The G2, HTC1, and S4 are all stellar phones.

      What do you define as “spectacular”?

      • Tim242
        • SplashMTN

          I read that earlier today, and it’s promising for anyone who’s staying/stuck on Verizon. But what’s to say this isn’t going to be another Gnex disaster?

          • cwillen

            The only reason I don’t think it’ll be a Gnex disaster is that it won’t be a Nexus device. It’ll probably be support for a Google Play Edition phone, but Google won’t risk bruising the Nexus name with VZW again. Downgrading the expectations for the device should help.

            The biggest issue with the VZW GNex is that the Nexus name actually means something, and the experience owners got with those devices was not a Nexus experience.

            However, if you put just some random phone in their hands (not a Nexus) and the upgrades and bloatware we still there, I’m sure there would still be angry users, but they wouldn’t be as justified.

        • cwillen

          You shared an article confirming Google said the Nexus 5 isn’t coming to Verizon, and a bunch of unannounced speculation about some side project which we don’t even know anything about. Yea… totally eating my words here.

          When Verizon ACTUALLY gets something, we can can talk.

          They’ll probably get something like a G2 GPE or something. In which case, it’s still not a Nexus.

          • Tim242

            This isn’t speculation. Google confirmed. Who cares anyway. There are much better phones out there.

  • rohail6

    Still so happy with my S4 Google Edition, and considering the Nexus 5’s camera still isn’t up to par with mine but I’m getting all the features, I’m a happy “No, not going to buy one.” 🙂 But damn Google what a HOLOween, not disappointed at all so far 😀

    • cwillen

      Is the S4 camera really all that great? I know it’s got a high MP count, but MP isn’t everything. What makes a camera is the lens, not the photo size.

  • DanWazz

    Will patiently wait for my contract to expire, then buy one and head to T-mobile. 4.4 ROMs will have to keep me semi-happy until then.

  • cwillen

    Well looks like they’re officially out of the 16GB models and backordered on the 32GB models. I wonder what the ship date will be tomorrow after I get paid.

    • ilovetechnology

      They don’t charge your card until it ships, if that helps at all.

    • ilovetechnology

      Update: looks like they put the money as a pending transaction and just don’t finalize the charge until it ships. When I ordered they said they wouldn’t charge until it ships, but I see a pending charge in my credit card account. So if you’re paying with debit (which I would assume you are if you needed to wait on a paycheck), then you would have been out of luck anyway.

      • cwillen

        Ah… gotcha. I think I remember that from when I ordered the Gen1 N7 and Q (… don’t judge me…).

        I appreciate the info though!

        • ilovetechnology

          Haha, hey at least you ended up getting that Q for free, even if it is totally worthless now.

          • cwillen

            It still looks cool as hell, but now that I have a Chromecast, there is literally no use for it… at all… except to glow and look cool

  • SilvenLode

    Went with the LG G2. Coming from a GNEX I could care LESS about a removable battery anymore. The LCD screen is gorgeous, the G2’s camera is probably better as well. I would like the Nexus button placement and vanilla 4.4, but I am perfectly content with my purchase.

  • whosinaname

    I’m on verizon so I went with Galaxy note 3…. no nexus for me…. sad panda.

    • Tim242

      Turn that frown upside down. You got a better device

  • tomwhite86

    Definitely waiting on Amazon. Can’t use it until my launch day Verizon/GNex contract is up anyway and I’d prefer to not pay the shipping/tax fees through Google Play. It was something like $45 extra to ship to Chicago.

  • DoctorJB

    Waiting a few days till it gets on Amazon for my 10% cashback through shopdiscover.

  • NexusMan

    Still waiting to see reviews, customer feedback, and to sample in hand how it looks and feels. Then I will make my decision whether to get it or Moto X.

  • John May

    I couldn’t, my wife would kill me if I did, seeing as we need food and all for the kids.

    • SA_NYC

      Priorities, my friend…

    • Incognegro

      Ugh, what a miserable existance. I hate kids…

  • argeebee99

    I’m still under contract with more than a year to go.

  • bob

    on a family plan with verizon and the rest of the family has iPhones. Will probably switch (to an iPhone) upon my next change…

  • JT3

    I went from a GNex on Verizon to a Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T — one zero support nightmare to another. The N5 is definitely on my radar, but I’m going to wait to see some reviews first, from someone who has spent more than 5 minutes with it.

  • krair

    GAH Verizon unlimited here with my GNex. I’m thoroughly torn between getting the G2 and rooting/flashing it, or giving Verizon the finger and moving to another carrier for the N5. The only thing is I need to have coverage as I travel a lot for work. T-Mo is awfully tempting… HALP!!!!!

    • Miles Prower

      My primary phone-smartphone up until last month was a VZW-unlimited G’Nex (which I bought on eBay) running Shiny ROM. Put I also carried a smartphone-smartphone whenever I traveled — a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile prepaid unlimited. Why? Because the G’Nex was pretty much a dog when it came to using it for anything remotely related to “work.” Regardless of the ROM I had installed on the G’Nex, Drive applications were dog slow. So was OfficeSuite and Quickoffice. Chrome — ohmagosh — was a friggin’ joke on the G’Nex. So much LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG. Therefore, I used the Nexus 4, oftentimes Wi-Fi tethered to my G’Nex, to get anything done. BUT… if you travel a lot, T-Mobile’s service sucks compared to VZW’s. Hence — my dual-phone dilemma.

      Then recently, I bought myself a Moto X at retail. Even though the Moto X is currently on 4.2.2, it kicks so much @ss. Now I no longer carry two phones. And I still have unlimited on VZW.

      And the only two features from 4.3 that I really miss are the clock-hand setting of calendar-entry times, and integration of Google+ photos in the stock Gallery application.

      • krair

        Definitely worried about the coverage thing, although I still don’t have an issue with speed on my GNex. Then again, maybe I just haven’t held the latest and greatest yet to compare.

    • SilvenLode

      Get the G2, its a Nexus with better hardware. You sacrifice some things, but this phone is gorgeous. I’m getting used to the buttons. But overall the phone is quite the jump up, and the battery life…..oh the battery life!

      • krair

        Ya that’s what i’m thinking. And for the other VZW GNex owners will jump to the G2. Hopefully some good AOKP 4.4 builds will be out quickly as well.

        • dragonflyr

          been keeping an eye on xda .. looks like we’ll (the G2 crowd) be getting some good roms. gonna go stock for a few weeks .. and then see whats available for roms.

    • dragonflyr

      Day 1 gnex owner here. Made the jump to the G2 wednesday .. LOVING it. Still have unlimited and good vzw coverage. the G2 is a beast! After tweaking the phone for 20 minutes it is gorgeous. Go for it!

      • hushdrops

        If you maintained unlimited data , how much did you have to pay for the G2? Thanks

        • dragonflyr

          Had to add another line. $99 for the g2 on contract. Store honored the vzwdeal code..and the rebate.

          • hushdrops

            Got it, you had to add another line. Thanks for the info.

            I really can’t see adding another line as already we pay even with a corp discount quite a bit for VZW service – either adding a new line or paying full retail – not seeing anything likely to keep VZW , time to move on, I can’t keep paying $150+ for two phones monthly total PLUS buy 2 new phones at retail and still keep paying the high price which includes a subsidy for the GNex from 2 yrs back.

  • gtg465x

    I was going to buy one if the camera was good. I’ve already seen a couple quick comparisons this morning and people are saying the Moto X and iPhone 5 (not 5S) take better pictures. That’s just sad. The Moto X camera is super mediocre. Also, people are saying the screen is a little washed out, not as good as the One and S4. I’ll stick with my One and might try 4.4 when the GPE update comes in a few weeks.

  • Clint O

    If they would put a microSd in there I would have considered getting one.

  • chris125

    Man poll results are pretty surprising, with so many saying they are not buying one. Wonder how many of those are verizon customers. Should be an option: Wanted one but am on verizon

    • Mike Hilal

      that $30/mo TMO deal makes this a nice second phone for me

    • SA_NYC

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Suralin

      A lot of us jumped on the Moto X, which is a superb phone in of itself. It’s hard to think that we would have chosen poorly.

  • Michael Nichols

    where’s the option for when I get paid?

  • Jeremy Martin

    Nope because I am on Verizon…but with the release of the Moto X I honestly don’t care much that Verizon does not have the Nexus 5. I would like to see it though on Verizon for those who do care about it and on this carrier.

  • Yukon Cornelius

    huh… apparently i bought a white 32gb already. sweet thanks DL

  • webz

    As much as I loved my GNex, no Nexus 5 for me. Picked up the Note 3 last week.

    • Shawn John

      sorry to hear.

  • bfjdsn

    Everyone needs to watch this video, this kid is so dumb its actually funny


    • contagous


    • jzwerlz43

      how old is this kid? he looks like he cant be older than 13 lol how can he rant about a phone he doesnt even own. funniest part was the “pocket demonstration”

      • JDub

        He probably would have said a 4″ screen is to big when the iPhone had a 3.5″

        • JDub

          Oops *too. Gotta correct before the grammar nazis get me.

          • T4rd

            Protip: There’s an “Edit” button below all of yours comments. 😉

          • JDub

            Even on mobile? All is see is reply and share. Maybe because I don’thave a disqus account set up.

          • T4rd

            I see it in the mobile browser, yes. But it’s weird in your case, your name is pink like you’re signed in as SilvenLode, but the e-mail notificaiton I got for your post says your name is “JDub (Guest)”. Why is that?

          • JDub

            Not a clue. It shows JDub in gray for me.

    • AJH

      This is the funniest thing I’ve seen today.

    • TonyK

      “The faster processor deletes battery life.”
      “1080p is ridiculous! …it gives you eye cancer.”

      For those of you on the fence about watching. Heh heh.

    • Trevor

      I lost brain cells watching that video.

    • Suralin

      I can’t tell if he’s trolling… or purposefully trying to ruin his future life?

      • T4rd

        Trolling without a doubt. Look at all of his videos slamming everything except the iPhone, lol. I like them just for the comments.

        • brkshr

          look at his name “androidphonessucks”

          • T4rd

            Ahh, yes, there’s that too. Lets all flag his videos so they get taken down, lol.

          • Alex James Simon

            Its been removed from youtube

          • T4rd

            That’s awesome, our flags actually brought it down. Now lets do the rest of his vids. X-D

    • TheDrizzle

      I hope for the sake of humanity that this kid is just trolling. No one can be that stupid. I refuse to believe it.

    • Alex James Simon

      best part is when he compares the prices lol

    • jose

      You get “eye cancer”. lolol, that was a good laugh.

    • T4rd

      I don’t know what it is about his face, but I just want to deliver my fist right into his suck hole very rapidly and repeatedly.. it’s a very overpowering feeling.

    • Hothfox

      I could not watch more than 1 minute into the video. Like… what?

    • Shamu

      Someone send slenderman to his house

    • robotturkey

      he sounds a lot like ron

    • Bassdj

      Apples new marketing director right here, boys.

    • nno

      you realize you’re giving him money by watching this right…?

    • valapsp

      Cancer occurs … eye cancer! :DDDD that part is EPIC.

    • Name

      And this kids is what meth does to your brain!

    • Alex James Simon

      Removed from Youtube… HA lol

  • MikeSaver

    No because I’m on Verizon, unlimi..yadda yadda yadda

    If I even were on AT&T, I might still hesitate though. I really love how the Moto X sounds to be super smooth. I find even my Nexus 7 (2013) can have a little bit of jank, and after my experience with the GNEX becoming pretty awful in less than a 2 year contract, I really want a phone optimized for the hardware that will last a long time and not have any jank, and also have good battery life.

    • dragonflyr

      the G2 has the specs to last a while. the battery is amazing! a very nice phone .. but you do have to go on a rampage and kill a lot of “jank”.

  • Shawn John

    Note 3 is officially running old software now. lol