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Reddit Dude is Back With Android 4.4 Kit Kat Screenshots!

kitkat1 kitkat3

The redditor who posted up new pictures of the Nexus 5 last night, along with a Q&A, has returned this morning with a series of screenshots taken from the device. The quality isn’t great, but I’d imagine the photo upload service he used is to blame. This could be our best view yet of Android 4.4. 

In the top images, we’re seeing a couple of screens that aren’t necessarily new. One is the Kit Kat Easter Egg that can be found by heading into Settings>About phone, and then tapping on the Android version multiple times. The other is of the home screen, with the new Google launcher and icon set. You’ll notice the search bar says “Say ‘OK Google'” – sounds like an always-listening mode for Google searches. We’re still not sure if that can be performed with the phone locked, though, so until we hear from Google, it may not have quite the power that the Moto X has.

kitkat4 kitkat5

In these shots, you are seeing the search activated with “Ok Google” plus the widget adding screen. The widget screen shows the transparent app drawer that we are expecting, along with a new frosted glaze over the individual widget buttons.

Below, we’ve got the Google Settings screen, which doesn’t look any different outside of a missing “Verify apps” option. There is a view of the Settings screen with “Tap & pay” option, a look at Google Keep for proof, and how previous search results are displayed through the Google Search widget. You’ll see the transparent navigation button and notification areas throughout many of the screens, except when the phone is in Settings or apps.


Can you taste it yet?

Via:  reddit

  • Franz

    Anyone have that red Android Kit Kat as a background/wallpaper?

  • Iyvin Benjamin
    • cucabueno

      dude… this is how i knew it was out. you’re comment. i love this page.

      • Iyvin Benjamin

        I’m glad I was able to inform people about it

  • Luke Cooper

    apparently carphonewarehouse in UK taking tele orders for 16gb at ÂĢ295

  • Razball

    anyone know what’s going on?

  • Eric

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the dots to indicate the pages?

  • Hatyrei

    Can they make an Android Update App in the Playstore so everyone can download it ! Instead of waiting for the OEM’S manufacturer’s to update their phones via OTA.. 🙂

  • DanSan

    me all day long…

  • n11

    It still doesn’t look like there’s a percentage meter for battery remaining. I would love to see that instead of a quarter-based battery icon, sigh. Other then that I’m excited.

    • Jeff

      XPosed Installer + battery icon modules = fixed

  • Razball

    Anyone else starting to get a little sad and upset and less hypebeastish

    • envoy510

      Yes. Dammit.

      • Razball

        It’s depressing lol

  • Herinel Pichardo

    Still no HANGOUTS update. Ugh…….

  • joejoe5709

    Alright people – it’s 10am. Where we at?

    • Razball


  • Stacey Liu

    That Settings icon looks terrible.

  • You know what I’m the most excited about? The “clear” notification bar. My screen is on a LOT, and on my Droid RAZR I had the “burn in” (I know it’s not really burn in but that’s what I’m calling it so back off) of the notification bar. I’m so afraid of having the same thing happen to my MAXX, so in nine months when the MAXX finally gets the update, I won’t have to worry about it anymore!

  • Martin JoFX

    Uses micro sim, kernel is 3.4.0, “Ok, Google Now” listening is present and works with screen off, you will have to swipe up when you use google now while the screen is off, the display is very good, the camera is acceptable and the OS experience is smooth and very responsive.

    • Martin JoFX

      No mention on the active display though

      • Jeff

        Without an AMOLED display that would murder the battery.

        • Martin JoFX


    • thunder

      what do you mean “you have to swipe up”? basically if this phone is in my pocket and i hear a notification can i interact with the phone without touching it like i can on the note 3?

      • Martin JoFX

        I was wondering the same thing, i just coppied and pasted the comments from the Reddit site…

  • dazz1996

    Looks like the widgets are not in the app drawer anymore…

  • rutgersjaffo

    Why should I be terribly excited about the look of this? Looks exactly like what we already have in terms of appearance. Or am I missing something?

    • joejoe5709

      It’s nothing radical, but it’s probably the biggest update we’ve had since ICS – arguably even more than Jelly Bean. Expect a lot more integration with Google’s ecosystem such as Hangouts, Wallet, Drive, etc. Also expect a lot of “under the hood” changes. It seems this is the update that finally brings many of the features we’ve been begging for. This update won’t blow our minds in design, but it should make our lives much easier. We won’t get a major design overhaul until at least the next major update and that might not be for another year or two. That said, this might be a “missing link” update that will usher in Google’s new design language for Android.

  • Morbid138


  • Justin

    Wondering if it has the newest version of Hangouts?!

  • PaulyD

    omg omg omg, he just confirmed google now works with screen turned off.. great success!!

  • Android1031

    Can we assume Hangouts will be out today as well?

  • flosserelli

    Needs a larger dialer icon.

  • Frank Lopez

    how about sopmebody or this guy if your rerading leak that hangouts apk already PLEASE!!!

  • I’m still very worried about battery life.

    • jbdan

      Why worry about something you can’t control? Such a waste 🙂

      And remember this is an important point: we have NO IDEA about the battery life of this phone!

      • I can control whether or not I purchase the device, though, which is why I’m worried about battery life.

        • jbdan

          What is the return policy? If it didn’t work out for you with the “unknown” battery life, would that be an option for you?

          • Possibly, although I would have to look closely at the Play Store policy. I’m not sure I can return a device for a refund if I simply don’t like it.

    • AndroidUser00110001

      Get a G2, root and put custom ROM on then you will have a supercharged Nexus 5.

    • joejoe5709

      Shouldn’t be much of a problem. Will it be on par with the G2? Maybe. Probably 90% there though. But the G2 is actually a stellar exception on par with the Note 3 and nearly the Droid Maxx. The Nexus 5 should achieve battery life along the lines of the Moto X, HTC One, and likely the GS4 despite a slightly smaller battery. And no one has really complained about their battery life. So we’ll be fine. Get over it.

  • Tyler Casilio

    I love me some Kit Kat’s

  • saint_stephen

    Looks as though I will have to root my T-Mo HTC One as soon as the GPE 4.4 rom is available…

    • ROBAN

      image image …..

  • volvo240

    Whoomp Whoomp Whoommmp

  • guest

    Always on mic works only when phone is awake ..and also does not run on top of low power coreits just mic left onburning battery when you have it enabled and work only of the phone is not in sleep

  • Guy Pierce

    So excited!

  • Steve B

    My grandfathered unlimited plan is going up on eBay in preparation for today’s announcement.

    • jbegs

      How does this work and how much does the unlimited go for?

      • Steve B

        You have to do an AOL through Verizon. Unlimited goes for $200-400+

  • MikeSaver

    What is a good photo upload service then? I ususally put mine on picasa or gmail

    • jbdan

      I use photobucket

      • joejoe5709

        Ditto but I know there are a lot of options out there. Google+ and Google Drive aren’t bad but be careful to only share the photos you want out there on the internet! Haha.

    • Droidzilla


  • Guy Pierce


    • Rishab Shah

      Bruce Almighty reference? 😀 😛

      • Guy Pierce

        Yes sir.

  • mac58

    whats the phone icon at top left?

    • jbdan

      Looks like he/she’s on a phone call (outgoing maybe?)

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      “a better phone may be found… thataway!”

    • Guy Pierce

      An outgoing call and on speaker phone.

  • Philip J. Fry
  • dan

    What is Google is leaking info to hyperbeast so they don’t have to have a major event….

  • Tim242

    Camera not as good as the S4? Fail.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      The S4 didn’t have a very good camera .. so if this one is worse, what in the world??

      • Tim242

        What are you smoking? You must be the only person to ever say that the S4 camera isn’t good.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Not smoking anything. I owned the S4, my wife owns the S4 still and the camera is nothing to write home about. Higher megapixel, blah. The IQ is still junk.

          • hoosiercub88

            I think you must be smoking something lol

      • Steve B

        Are you an idiot? The S4 is top 5 on the market now.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Yes, I am an idiot. I disliked the image quality just like I have disliked the image quality of every image sensor in Samsung’s recent devices.

          I’m not interested in megapickles, I want great IQ.

          • hoosiercub88

            Then you must really hate those same sensors in iPhones too.

      • joejoe5709

        Sorry dude, but most reviews still rank the S4 as one of the best Android cameras. I think only the G2 meets or beats it.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      Tell me the truth, are one of you DL guys already preparing a “Why I own the 5S and not the Nexus 5” article?

      • a3uge

        ONLY $300 more expensive than Nexus 5!

        • hkklife

          The ONLY, and I repeat ONLY areas where I am jealous of the iOS folks is guaranteed OS updates with no carrier meddling or bloatware and the availability of 64GB (128GB in iPad) of local storage. Otherwise, the N5 is looking like a screaming bargain and performance powerhouse.

          • starnovsky

            With Nexus 4 (and I assume 5) you have guaranteed OS updates and no bloatware. Not a plenty of local storage though. But Nexus 5 is likely to have 32Gb options, at least the rumors say so.

    • jbdan

      To be fair, we don’t really know that. However, if that is the case, if it is slightly worse than the S4 then I’m a happy camper as the S4 camera is superb imo

      • joejoe5709

        Exactly. Most of us are coming from the GNex so as long as it’s better than the N4 and nearly on-par with something like the S4 – I’d be a happy guy. If it comes with OIS, the quality might still be lower but the shots should be pretty good.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    I’m not really digging the look of the widget screen. Maybe it looks better in person, but that screen shot is ugly.

  • Razball

    I wonder what android lollipop will look like

    • mac58

      id show you, but im not allowed to post porn shots 😉

      • Razball


    • Christian

      You mean Liqorice right?

      • Razball

        Good point didn’t think about that one lol I thought for a second lemon meringue pie lol

    • jonzey231

      It’ll probably be something ridiculous like Lemonhead and Google will partner with them at the last minute. Lol.

      Edited: for typo

      • Razball

        Yea true that it’ll probably code name, lemon lollipop and then lemonhead bam

  • Morbid138

    • zach471


  • htowngtr

    At this point it’s no wonder Google doesn’t even need a press announcement. Everything is out there including demos.

  • Tim Swann

    it looks like Hangouts is the stock messaging app. Like I commented on a previous post, if the SMS integration is seamless and it works like iMessage, then this is great news otherwise it’s pointless sine many people still don’t use hangouts. Would love to see OEM’s push this out in updates to their handset to allow for mass adoption of this.

    • Michigan Guy

      He said on the reddit that both SMS and hanouts messages are in the same thread

      • Tim Swann

        but he doesn’t say if it’s seamless integration like iMessage right?

        The point is, if I send someone a message from Hangouts will it go to their hangouts if I have a gmail email for them? or will it going to them as an SMS. With iMessage, the first time you send them a message the system figures out if they they have iMessage. If they do, it automatically sends that way. If I send a contact (that has a gmail email) a message (SMS or other) from hangouts and they don’t use hangouts, what will happen? Will they ever see my message? Google didn’t clarify that the other day.

        • Michigan Guy

          True, that is a good question. I assume Google would have worked that out. Especially because Google Talk (and now hangouts) comes pre-installed on android phones (I’m assuming? Does on Razr HD), it should appear as a hangout message in Google-Google messanging. What would be even more awesome is if the message asked the iPhone user to install hangouts. If not, they would still get an SMS. That way, it would spread to all iPhone users pretty quickly

        • mattj78

          It should work how iMessage does, when you first use it it should ask you if you want to link your phone number and then Google’s servers will know who is on hangouts or not, so when you send a message it doesn’t matter if you use their email address or their phone number if they are on hangouts it will just get to them and fall back to SMS if they are not.


          I bet how it will work is that when you start to send a message you have to choose the between the contact’s phone number or their gmail address. So you’ll have to be really careful which you choose – It’ll probably default to gmail too. If you choose incorrectly people without hangouts will get a email sometime later pestering them to install hangouts. Then they’ll SMS you saying they’ve got some weird message asking them to hangout. Then you’ll reply using SMS and never think about hangouts again!

          Or am I too cynical?

          • Tim Swann

            nah man, you’re probably right on point with that. It needs to work like iMessage and be the stock messaging app to take off.


    I’ve been eating a lot of Kit kats

  • Peter Blanco
    • Bobby Cornwell

      Normally, I would say that’s enough internet for today but today is a special day

    • Michigan Guy

      LOL @ the bra after he takes his shirt off

    • JoshGroff

      Gets me every time.

  • JohanV
  • Yaniv

    What’s taking Google so long? 🙁

  • samosa king
  • markgbe

    ok, let do this.

  • jbdan

    The revamped phone icon looks good

    • Pierito

      Really? It’s been getting some hate on the comments section here.

      • jbdan

        It looks, going off of memory, revamped twice

        • Steve B

          Yeah, it looks different from the previous Kit Kat leak. Much better.

  • Godzilla


  • Bobby Cornwell

    I keep refreshing DL every 5 seconds just waiting to see some news about the announcement!

    • Tucker Nebel

      You should keep refreshing http://www.reddit.com/r/android instead.

    • evolutionx1

      tbh, the best place for that thing is Google+

      • Seth Merritt

        This is the best answer.

      • Morbid138

        Link? Please!

    • Razball

      I think several thousand are right there with you, I refresh d-l then go to play store refresh over and over.

      • Bobby Cornwell

        Since coming to work at 9 AM, there has been very little work accomplished. I point the finger at Google

        • Razball

          Fact same I answered the emails extremely fast and have done absolutely nothing since lol

          • michael arazan

            AP “say” they have 4 sources confirming today, but it will be this afternoon. They even created a Confirmation Page on their site


          • Razball

            I don’t doubt it’ll be today I don’t know why they can’t just put it out now. Lol

          • Peter Blanco

            They know, the whole press knows, the just can’t say much cause of the embargo. It’ll be today.

        • meijin3

          Same here. I’m so unproductive right now…

    • Mayoo

      I do the same thing with the play store.

    • Butters619

      I might as well take the day off work.

    • Don Crist

      Just set up page monitor. Let Google work for you!

      • ArrowCool

        Agreed. I use that all the time for releases like this.

    • JRUIV

      follow droid life on Twitter and turn on text notifications and get a hold of your life 😛

    • Kane Stapler

      Stealing top comment..

      The settings icon is new. You can see it on the settings page

      • JRUIV

        I hate it, reminds me of Samsung

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    • Brian

      Trust me, one more hour. 7pm European time, 6pm UK etc…