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Nexus 5 Specs

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 11.27.45 AM

The specs on the Nexus 5 aren’t going to shock anyone since they were leaked a dozen times over the last couple of months, but we wanted to get them down for you officially. As expected we’re looking at a 5-inch HD display, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 8MP camera with OIS, 2300mAh battery, and more.

We’ve got it all for you below. 

Phone Specs

  • Display:  4.95-inch Full HD IPS (1920×1080, 445ppi), Gorilla Glass 3
  • OS:  Android 4.4 (Kit Kat)
  • Camera:  8MP rear facing with Optical Image Stabilization (1.3MP front)
  • Battery:  2,300mAh (17 hours talk time, 7 hours internet on LTE)
  • CPU:  2.3Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (quad-core)
  • GPU:  Adren 330, 450MHz
  • Weight:  4.59oz (130g)
  • Dimensions:  69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59mm
  • WiFi:  Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Storage:  16GB or 32GB, no microSD slot
  • 2GB RAM
  • Ports:  3.5mm audio, microUSB, SlimPort enabled
  • Sensors:  Accelerometer, GPS, Compass, Proximity/Ambient Light, Gyroscope, Pressure, Hall Effect

Network (2G/3G/4G LTE)

  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • CDMA: Band Class: 0/1/10
  • WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
  • LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41
  • Carriers:  Officially support on T-Mobile and Sprint; should work on AT&T
  • Almon Poole

    If only the Nexus 5 would work on Verizon I would buy one today!

  • nomar

    would someone just put a verizon sim card in this thing and see if it works

    • staticx57

      It MIGHT work in the VERY limited markets where verizon has band 4 deployed, but ONLY data would work. The nexus 5 just isn’t for verizon.

      • nomar

        so if it works for Sprint and your are in an area that Sprint roams off Verizon then the phone will not work? (this is common where I live)

  • Brett Ward

    is it not out for verizon yet?

  • Skittlez

    any word on wifi-calling out of the box?

  • joejoe5709

    Well… even if this is God’s gift to phone nerds, I’m probably not leaving Verizon.

    SO… UNLESS someone can figure out a way to make this work on Verizon – even if that is in the future with VoLTE. Some sort of hope is better than none. That glimmer of hope aside, this is the only options I can think of.

    1.) Get the LG G2. Find a good ROM and be reasonably happy until next year when Google makes a phone that works on Verizon VoLTE. At which time I will try sell my G2 and get that phone for Christmas 2014. That’s fine and all, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve given into “the man” and settled for a phone I wouldn’t normally purchase. Same goes for the Moto X. No offense to anyone who purchased those phones. They’re incredible phones and you should be proud of it! The Note 3 is pretty impressive but that thing is just silly huge and I really dislike Touchwiz.

    2.) Wait it out. Who knows. I don’t expect Verizon and Google to mend their relationship, but VoLTE might change things in the coming months and during that time I could probably find an N5 for cheap and have it work on Verizon.

    3.) Wait it out. Sounds like Moto has some fun things in the pipeline and a Moto X successor might be close to a Nexus. The Galaxy S5 sounds better and better with each rumor and that’s probably only 4-5 months away. I’d much prefer to have a GS5 over a G2. The specs should be the same or better, likely, better build quality, traditional buttons (I’d prefer on-screen buttons but whatever), and dev support for anything Samsung has been pretty good. I see more future proof staying power with a GS5 vs a G2.

    Problem is… I’m just getting tired of the ROM world. I’d love to just do stock and stick with it. Getting anything other than a Nexus means rooting, loading a stock-ish ROM and dealing with nightlies. It gets old after awhile. And of course waiting means holding onto my GNex another 4-6 months. Hmmmm…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re thinking wayyyyy too much about this. VOLTE isn’t going to be rolled out in any large capacity until the end of 2014. Just buy the phone and sell when you’re ready to move on. If you’re on VZW and plan on staying there then you have simpler options.

      • Taglogical

        Pretty much this. For instance, I am on Verizon and I have a Bionic; since I am looking for an upgrade to the Bionic and am staying on Verizon, my only option is to wait. Doesn’t get any simpler.

  • volvo240


  • Adamania

    “Should work on AT&T”?

  • skinja99

    Is there something I am missing?
    Besides the processor, aren’t the specs almost the same or less than the S4?

    If you want the phone, that’s great. I am not knocking it.
    I am just curious what the excitement is. The price for sure, and kit kat. But anything else?

    • joejoe5709

      Once you own a Nexus, you’ll know. It’s not about the specs. A Nexus will give you two years of worry-free updates wrapped up in a flagship package. It’s worth the slight dip in specs.

      • poeddroiduser

        Really Joe? Then why is my Galaxy Nexus STILL on 4.2.2?

        • spovat

          one word – Verizon.

      • staticx57

        Flagship-camera of course

    • JMonkeYJ

      yeah, i guess besides the processor, price, and OS it’s not that great 😉

    • NexusMan

      Well, the price and Kit Kat are reasons enough.

  • Mariano Corzo

    “Hall Effect” – Is that for sound?

    • Pedro

      Not sure if serious…
      ..or trolling.

      Hall effect sensors are the magnetic sensors.

      • Mariano Corzo

        I had no idea. Thanks.

  • madkoda

    is there a notification light on this bad boy?

  • Dave

    So, in courteous DL fashion, answer me this. If I don’t need OS updates at laser speed and already know how to root and flash ROMS, and keep phones for 2 years, why would I pick this over a Droid MaXX? Thanks guys….

    • Price off contract. $350 without any contract is absolutely awesome.

      After rooting/romming for years and then having a Nexus for last two (Gnex then N4) I don’t see why anyone would rather root/rom than have pure android nexus.

  • Sam

    F U Verizon. I’m not shy in admitting that I’m butthurt right now.

  • The dude

    Isn’t verizon on LTE bands 4 and 13? Seems like the 4 could be supported by Nexus 5? Hmmm…

  • Sprint’s CDMA Band 0/10 are supported by Verzion. And, Verizon is deploying LTE Band 4. I am wondering, if I have Band 4 LTE around me, will I be able to drop in an activated Verizon SIM card and use the Nexus 5?

    • doubt it as it still has to be activated on their network. The only way this *may* work in future is when Verizon has VOIPLTE phones and drops everything below LTE.

  • Motto

    what Sim does it take?

    • DanSan


    • Jason

      And they laughed at me for uploading this before…

  • Rob

    I thought this was supposed to be smaller than the nexus 4…

  • Eric

    SO where is the Nexus 10?

    • hkklife

      At best, delayed until next year. At worst, DOA.

      • Eric

        How can you honestly say delayed until next year? Do you work for google? lol

        • cheese

          the LG-V510 is coming out later this year or early next year. It’s the Nexus 8 from LG.

          • Eric

            Annnnnnnnd anythign to back this up? I highly doubt thats true. Why would they do a 8″ tablet when they have the nexus 7?

          • joejoe5709

            This is sketchy information at best. I wouldn’t expect a Nexus 8 until it comes time for a Nexus 7 replacement.

      • joejoe5709

        I don’t know about that. I bet there will be a minor Android update in about six months and they’ll have a new Nexus 10 and/or a Nexus watch to spearhead it. Either way, no new N10 this time around. Which isn’t bad. It still competes decently well with the market.

  • Tyler

    So i was looking into the Hall Effect sensor and this is what wikipedia says: “Hall effect devices (when appropriately packaged) are immune to dust, dirt, mud, and water. These characteristics make Hall effect devices better for position sensing than alternative means such as optical and electromechanical sensing.” Does mean that the Nexus 5 is waterproof?

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      i’m pretty sure its talking about a specific sensor being waterproof and not the entire device.

    • Pedro

      The appropriate packing means that the packaging makes it immune to dust, dirt, water, etc.
      Put it in a magnetic field, the circuit responds. Remove the magnetic field, the sensor rests. Magnets don’t care about dirt, water, etc.

      • Tyler

        So after looking into it more it looks like its for the smart cover case. Nothing to do with being waterproof.

  • RGiskard

    Since I was doing this for myself anyway, here is the size comparison to the GNex:

    N5: 137.84 x 69.17 x 8.59mm – 130g
    GNex (CDMA): 135.5 H x 67.94 W x 9.47 D – 135g

    So, the N5 is 2.3mm taller, 1.2mm wider, .88mm thinner, and 5g lighter. Considering the increase in screen size, that’s pretty impressive. I doubt that I’ll be able to feel a 1.2mm difference in width (or any of the other changes, for that matter).

    • kkloster

      i think you’ll be able to feel the difference. I can tell a difference between my old GNex and my nexus 4 (the N4 is 68.7 mm)

      • joejoe5709

        But it’s probably not enough to affect usability, right?

        • kkloster

          honestly, for me its barely across the border – it is *just* wide enough that it is less comfortable in my hand than the GNex.

        • kkloster

          It might sound stupid, but for me the Nexus 4 is just barely over the line – the GNex is more comfortable in my hand than the N4. Its not that I don’t love my N4, but whenever I pick my GNex up after having used my N4, the GNex just feels noticeably better. And for me its because of the width.

    • Steve B
    • joejoe5709

      Oh sweet. I was going to do a similar search. It’s a teeny bit bigger. It’s actually a hair taller than the GS4 which is a little disappointing considering the similar screen size. Virtually the same width though so obviously slightly larger bezels are the issue. I’d say the GS4 is a pretty good estimation of size. Either way, you’re right it’s not going to be terribly larger. 1 or 2mm isn’t a huge difference.

  • Dave

    Does the SD800 have the “always listening feature we heard about way back? This would probably be as good if not better than “touchless control” by Moto.

  • Guy Pierce

    Why sprint. They have the worst network. Oh… and you suck Verizon.

    Edit: Awesome specs though.

    • palomosan

      That’s how they’ll get more customers.

    • Frettfreak

      Cause they are willing to let google do their nexus thing and not F it up. You can buy the device from the playstore and activate it on Sprint! Meaning updates straight from google, just like every other nexus. VZW probably said no.

  • anezarati

    Does it have a notification light?

    • RGiskard

      GOOD question… I hope so.

      • palomosan

        Of course…so far all of the nexus since the Gnex have it.

  • Clint O

    Wish it had a microsd. my note2 will be sticking around I guess

  • stephen.

    Why not the 3000mAh battery of the G2? 🙁

    • Dave

      7 hours internet….LoL never going to happen.

    • Skittlez

      to keep cost low, and still keep the phone efficient

  • JohanV


  • lembowski

    By “should work on AT&T” is there anything specific that may make it not work?

    • moelsen8

      yeah i’d like to know what that’s about. i can’t imagine it wouldn’t work.

      • trwb

        It better work on LTE. Should work on HSPA+ at least.

        • moelsen8

          there’s no way they’re selling the phone knowing it won’t fully work with at&t. they’ll have a ton of returns. i’m not worried.

          • trwb

            Good point

    • Droon

      I would like to know more about this as well.

    • Dale

      Is their LTE open? No doubt the phone will work on GSM, but will it work on LTE?

      • Ian Case

        Yes, it will. Their LTE is open, you just have to make sure the SIM you used is provisioned for LTE.

  • Jared

    Sucks that this won’t be on Verizon as I am a big V customer. If only I could get unlimited data on ATT!

  • Godzilla

    I know like 5 people who are buying 2. LOL, that is why they sell out so fast.

    • Skittlez

      i think i bought 3…..by accident though. long story

  • Drome

    no IR blaster??? 🙁

  • how about the wireless charging pad? might get from play store for my g2

    • RGiskard

      The Nexus 4 wireless charging pad is not for sale on the Play store anymore. The N5 page also says that the N5 works with “Nexus charging pads” (plural). Maybe something new is coming? I definitely want to pick one up…

      • check engadget, they said a new one is coming soon. potentially today. rectangular rather than circular!

  • Kevin Gallagher

    how much usable space on the 16 gig version? Trying to figure out which order to cancel lol

    • Godzilla

      my guess on a nexus device would be 10.5

    • Droidzilla

      Kit-Kat is supposed to be lighter than previous OS versions, so expect maybe upwards of 11-12GB. But you really ought to just order both and sell the one you don’t want on eBay for a huge profit since these’ll sell out probably by day’s end at the latest.

    • Dominick White

      should be like the n4, so about 11-12GB

  • Droid

    android 4.4 page is live

  • Murph

    not being sarcastic….but why in the world is it not Verizon-capable?? I would seriously consider selling my GS4 on eBay for this…

    • Godzilla

      politics between google and verizon. It is not a loving relationship

    • zurginator

      Because for a device to work on Verizon, Verizon has to ok it. Hence why the N7 doesn’t work despite having the hardware needed.

      • Godzilla

        goes far beyond that

  • Batman

    Comparison to Nexus 4?

  • Alex Goings

    Well I’m not getting anything done during my lab today…

  • hldc1

    And no love from Verizon. 🙁

    Stop being a bunch of toolbags Verizon and give the people what they want!

    • Godzilla


    • 1bad69z28

      Yeah, BIG FAIL for Verizon!!!!!

  • MichaelFranz

    So apparently touchless controls works on it….instead of “OK GOOGLE NOW” like on Moto X, just saying OK GOOGLE will work….so i’ve read..

    • gueat

      not when the phone is in sleep and locked ..

      • MichaelFranz

        that makes sense….but give it a few weeks, dev’s will make it work with root apps and such

      • guest

        also it doesn’t run on low power core like on moto x

    • monkey082506

      “While at the home screen”

      • MichaelFranz

        yup, forgot that part it seems

  • thedonxr

    I hate Verizon… But I love their coverage…

    • Godzilla


    • Alex Goings

      I might jump. I can’t decide.

      • BoozeRob

        I jumped to ATT… adios big red

        • Jordan

          As did I. Haven’t regretted it one bit.

      • Skittlez

        do it! i am!

      • Frettfreak


        • Pedro

          I prefer
          Jump! Jump! Jump!

    • Artune

      Exactly, the only reason why I didn’t wait for the Nex5 and just got the G2. Data speeds are amazingly fast and consistent coverage. With my unlimited data i might add.

  • markgbe

    cool. SHIP IT TO ME.

    • Godzilla

      got mine at best buy

      • Kofi Williams

        how much?

        • Godzilla

          im kidding. But Best Buy is going to carry it.

          • MichaelFranz

            hate you…lol

          • markgbe

            ill stab you

          • Ej McCarty

            this made me lol

      • MichaelFranz

        didnt see it online, where do u see it?

      • markgbe

        they’re available? Was it 349 there?

      • Godzilla

        im kidding jesus

  • wonderyak

    No details as to SIM card size. Anything official anywhere?

    • jscofi


      • wonderyak

        Any source for that?

        • Steve

          The Redditor who had his hands on the device earlier this month and leaked pics/impressions of it said it was micro.

          • Steve

            Sorry, earlier this morning*

    • wonderyak
    • 4g63mark

      My G2 is a micro sim.

  • Godzilla

    Can I just say that google nailed the pricing, good job google.

    • MichaelFranz

      agreed, should of been what moto X was out the box

      • Godzilla


    • nexusplay

      There’s no 1700 or 2100, what does that mean for TMO users?

      • Godzilla

        Not sure, but i find it very hard to believe TMO would be a problem area.

      • kkloster

        it just doesn’t use 1700/2100 for GSM (which it looks like they’re using to mean EDGE) connectivity. WCDMA (3G) band 4 is 1700/2100. In other words, 1700/2100 is supported on the N5

    • Greg Morgan

      Also no play store issues as of yet. that’s a big plus.

      • Frettfreak

        Except that supply issue!! 😉

        • Greg Morgan

          well that can’t always be accounted for. Even apple has supply issues.

          • Frettfreak

            Honestly i say thats a great problem to have! As long as supply wasnt limited to create “selling out fast” demand.

    • Dave

      And they missed the nail and smashed their thumb with the battery. Keeping my GN2 for much longer it looks like.

      • Frettfreak

        why do idiots like you talk crap about a phone that has had no reviews or even hands on time. the 2200 battery in the x does great.. why would you think this would suck without even see a fn review.

        • Ian Case

          Exactly. This is like saying ‘Oh, its only got a 2.2L motor? SLOW!’ without knowing the gearing, weight, or the HP/TQ specs. The Moto X, I get 4 hours of screen time and 18-22 hours of total time with it, unrooted, stock out of the box. People that think they know how big a battery needs to be should just keep their mouth shut.

          • JoYu

            Well I want more battery life than what you just said so I will not keep my mouth shut.

            The fact remains that we do NOT need a new thinner phone (my opinion), the benefit of a bigger battery will always be worth 3mm of thickness to me. This is what I want, if you are happy then so be it, no need to be rude.

          • Frettfreak

            You seem to be in the minority. If the maxx was really that much of a hit just cause the bigger battery moto would be pushing it more than just on VZW.

            And really… show me another phone that isnt the MAXX that gets that kind of screen on time without some serious mods? Not iphone thats for sure.

          • decayo

            You shut your mouth.

          • Ian Case

            There are 2 devices that get more battery life than I just said, out of the box, without adding a VERY large battery to them. The Droid Razr Maxx and the Droid Maxx. If you seriously think you’re going to get 6+ hours of screen time and 36 hours on ANY flagship phone without a removable battery, then you’re sadly going to be waiting for a very long time.

          • Dave

            I’ll hold off further criticism until a review. You’re right, I’m just used to 7+ hours of available screentime.

          • 4g63mark

            My Droid Mini and LG G2 are VERY comparable in regards to performance and battery life. AMAZING considering the G2 is 2 days old and the Mini is 2 months old. Also the Mini has a WAY smaller battery. 2000Mah vs 3000. I knew the Mini would perform good. But running neck and neck with a quad core G2 with the Snap Dragon 800 is icing on the cake……. Spec sheets officially dont mean crap to me any more.

          • Rich Flores

            Because your 2.2L motor is going to get it’s dick ripped off by my 5.5L, supercharged, 525HP/580TQ motor and that’s because it’s a bigger, more powerful motor. What? All of a sudden you think a SMALLER 2200MAH battery is going to perform like the larger ones that have MORE CAPACITY and will LAST LONGER….?

            I agree, 2200MAH sucks.

          • Guest

            fq-400 0-60 in 3.8…..oh and it’s a 2 liter sedan

          • Ian Case

            You didn’t read what I said. How do you know my 2.2L motor doesn’t make 650hp/625ftlbs? How do you know its not in a 1350lb Ariel Atom vs a 3600lb Mustang? How do you know my 2.2L isn’t twin charged and makes peak torque from 2000RPM to 7000RPM redline? Sticking a 3000mah battery on something with a Tegra 4 and a 9″ 1080P LCD on Gingerbread isn’t going to last longer than something with a 4″ 720P AMOLED with a SD600 downclocked and undervolted on KitKat. You don’t know how its going to run until you have it and understand the optimizations behind it and all the variables involved. Just throwing MOAR MAHS NAOW! doesn’t make it better.

        • 4g63mark

          I like your logic. I’ve been seeing a lot of REALLY DUMB Android beginners that insist the same thing about the Moto X and their X8 processor chip set. They insist that because the spec sheet says dual core, that it will automatically suck. So your engine reference is PERFECT!!! ……. These people are completely ignorant to the kernel being a 3.4 that will allow Kit Kat to be used on low spec devices

        • Joshua P.

          There is no replacement for displacement is a saying from the motorsports world. As a maxx owner I can say that there should be one for Mah. Can you think of a catchy one?

      • I agree, this is basically the G2. Even with CM 10.2 the G2 (which has a 3000mAh battery) is decent at best

    • 4g63mark

      Good price for sure. I just can’t bring myself to buy one. Because if I do I’ll have to resort to sub-par service that will either cap my data, throttle my data, or in Sprint’s case, give me the world’s worst data. I tried Straight Talk last year for a month for the Nexus 4. Needless to say I cancelled the service and sold the Nexus.

      • Ian Smith


        • 4g63mark

          I’m looking through my previous post that caused you to get so emotional. Still can’t find the word Verizon anywhere in the post. Maybe it’s time for little Ian Smith to take a nap. LOL.

          • Frettfreak

            it was implied. 😉

          • 4g63mark

            That is what’s so nice about being an adult in America. We can think any way we want and say whatever we want. He had the option to ignore what was “implied” but he chose not to…… To each there own. I’ll speak the truth about topic related concerns, and he can contribute with high quality intellectual retorts like “SHUT UP” LMAO

          • Rich Flores

            You shut up about Verizon already!!!!!!!!!!!

          • 4g63mark

            I have to admire your intellect. The way you say “SHUT UP” just sounds so fitting for you. Especially how you talked about being so proud of your V8. HAHAHAH…… I can almost hear your banjo music playing from here. LMAO

          • Rich Flores

            Let the butt hurt flow!!!

          • 4g63mark

            Shooting down your simple-minded posts hardly qualifies as being butt hurt. However when I used to street race and beat up on cars like yours, I saw a lot of butt hurting coming from the drivers seat of the muscle cars. Especially since I did it with a 91 Eagle Talon. I’m sure you don’t know anything about cars like that, but lets just say you wouldn’t want to line up against me. 😉

          • Rich Flores

            The simple mind baiting… the simpler mind? 🙂

            I’m not interested in the measurement of your e-penis. You’re speaking more of less of what you know, than I am. But I’m simple minded! 🙂

          • 4g63mark

            “E-Penis” ? “Getting your dick ripped off” ? You seem to be needing a counselor kid. Comments like that makes it sound like you have a lot of homosexual frustration going on in your life. You should go see somebody about that rather than trolling the forums.

          • Rich Flores

            You have something against homosexuals, kid? This is entertaining, or rather, YOU are entertaining 🙂

          • decayo

            What is is with you and Verizon? Just SHUT UP already!

          • Rich Flores

            EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID VERIZON!

        • nomar

          I really wish this worked on verizon

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    • jose

      Godzilla’s comment has upvotes? Whoa


  • Godzilla

    Jesus it’s hard to keep up with droid life today, good thing im off work

    • MichaelFranz

      im still at work…

      • Godzilla

        well i work retail so it would be impossible to stay caught up at work for me

        • MichaelFranz

          funny, i work for retail….but i do the point of sale software stuff…lol

          • Godzilla

            lucky you

        • Jordan

          Should have seen me trying to order a Nexus 5 while also working retail(sales floor).