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It’s Official: Pandora Now Works With Chromecast

pandora chromecast

Thanks to screenshots uploaded to the Play store for the new Pandora 5.0 that was released yesterday, we sort of knew that the streaming service would soon receive Chromecast support. This morning, Google and Pandora made it all official. So yes, Pandora can now connect and stream through any HD TV as long as it has a Chromecast dongle attached to it. 

While streaming music on WiFi, and with a Chromecast somewhere in your house, you should see the cast icon appear in the top right of the Pandora app. Tap it, then select which Chromecast you’d like to cast to, and be on your way to streaming through your home stereo system.

Keep in mind that you have to have the new Pandora 5.0 that was released yesterday.

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pandora chromecast

  • Suman Gandham

    Works nicely, but I need Spotify support please! 🙁

  • WAldenIV

    They need to add things my Roku can’t already do.

  • LionStone

    hehe…aw Kell…you didn’t “sort” of know it had Chromecast support until somebody in the comments mentioned it…remember, you were too busy making a comment about if there were any more Pandora listeners anymore 🙂
    Pandora FTW! BTW I checked out All Access and just like most of the Google services they are very network intensive. On a 2G network, the All Access barely loads up, yet I can stream Pandora on 2G no problem. I know that All Access has off line listening so I will be checking that out too.

  • ddh819

    i might need to get one of those hdmi audio adapters

    • TV not have audio out?

      • ddh819

        i want to be able to play it without the tv on

        • ah, makes sense

        • Not sure how your setup is but I’m guessing you don’t have a receiver that has HDMI inputs. I hooked mine up that way so I can listen to music without the TV on. It still changes the input on the receiver as well which rocks!

          • ddh819

            right, i have an old receiver that just takes RCA or toslink inputs

  • All i need now is a way to Pull videos off of my media server computer.

  • Jon

    Wow. They are still developing things for Chromecast! Whew. I thought I purchased a device that was going to fall through the cracks.

  • Sam

    I’m sure the Pandora logo won’t burn into my TV after a few hours of listening…

    I’m glad they finally brought it to the chromecast, but were any of the developers thinking

    • ddh819

      did you try it yet? hopefully it has a screensaver like the pandora client on my blu ray player

      • Sam

        After about five hours of streaming, I can confirm no screen saver

  • MichaelFranz

    All i read was “It’s Official” and thought nexus 5 and ktikat….then i saw pandora and my hopes and dreams were crushed…thanks DL

  • viewthis66

    i love chromecast and all that it will become.

  • ZeeX1

    Every post today should be Nexus 5 related because if Google does not launch this baby today, I swear these kids aint getting any kitkat tonight!!

  • Dan-O

    nexus 5… Nexus 5…NEXUS 5….
    User has exploded

  • Kyle

    This was actually the big Google announcement today. Okay, maybe not. I heard the Google announcement is coming in 55 minutes though!

    • Razball


  • Razball

    Kellen, you’re up early

  • lmarkov22

    Blah. Pandora, who cares. Bring on Plex!

    • Yes I want Plex working for Chromecast and from what I can tell they are working on it. Then the question becomes could it play MKV files without transcoding them?

  • OG Droid

    Now just get HBO GO and I’ll be good to go!!

    • Pierito

      And throw TWITCH in there while you’re at it!

      • JRomeo

        What is Twitch?

        • chihova

          Google is your friend

          • JRomeo

            at the time, it was too much effort, not that interested… but now that i’m even more curious, the 1st result on google is the definition of the word lol. the 2nd result says its a streaming tv service… interesting.

      • MrAdeio

        This is what I most want right now. Twitch, Youtube, and Netflix are my trifecta.

  • Pierito

    Admit it..when you saw “It’s Official” in the title, you thought it was for the Nexus 5…ADMIT IT!!!

    • Kevin

      but i didnt…

      • Pierito

        Oh….well I guess you don’t have to admit it then :'(

    • jbdan

      I did. I admit it, I’m jbdan, and I’m a nexaholic…. =)