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Google Officially Unveils the Nexus 5, It’s the Slimmest Yet With 4G LTE

nexus 5 official

The Nexus 5 is finally official. Google and LG took the wraps off their new flagship phone, while also giving us Android 4.4 Kit Kat. It has been an intense journey of leaks…and more leaks, but we’re finally here. The device is mostly what we expected with it’s 5-inch HD display, 4G LTE, 8MP camera with OIS, and black or (mostly) white color schemes (full specs). 

The phone is available today on Google Play starting at just $349 for the 16GB version. If you want to bump the storage up to 32GB, you’ll only pay $399. It’s quite the deal; probably the best deal in the industry for a top tier smartphone. If you don’t want to order through Google Play, you can find it at Best Buy, Sprint, T-Mobile, Amazon, and RadioShack “soon.”

If you were looking for special Nexus 5 features that you can highlight for friends, look to all that Android 4.4 has to offer (full details), but the camera should also be greatly improved since it has optical image stabilization and a new HDR+ mode. This phone is also incredibly light and thin at 4.59 oz and 8.59 mm.

And in case you were wondering, here are all of the bands the phone works on:

  • 2G/3G/4G LTE
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • CDMA: Band Class: 0/1/10
  • WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
  • LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41

So we’re looking at T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T.

You can buy the Nexus 5 here. [Play Link]


  • Shilamar Drea Shockley

    I wonder if Otterbox will support Nexus this time. They were rude to not support the N4.

  • Taglogical

    All the coverage for this phone… Not on Verizon? Next.

  • mcdonsco

    So what are the theories as to why Verizon never gets/allows nexus’ on their network?

    My guess, it would slow DROID sales…?

  • overrated

    moto x is still better. camera isnt all that on this, and battery life is far better. hi specs dont mean a thing unless you are launching a satellite.

  • redskins59rocs .

    F you verizon

  • DeathtoVerizon

    Eff you, Verizon. I love your service, but my word you are petulant money-grabbing hooker.

  • donkeykong85

    Not trying to start a rumor or get anyone’s hopes up…BUT I just talked to a verizon rep who said that this phone may indeed be coming to verizon and we will hear more in the next few days…obviously these reps are not reliable but it is what I was told.

    • donkeykong85

      appears this is definitely false

  • ajm531

    Isn’t there a band on there or 2 that makes it technically work on Verizons 4g ltr?

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I get sprint LTE all over my area so im pretty happy…will most likely pick up the nexus 5 as a side phone to my note 3…AOSP is great and all but I prefer the larger screen real estate

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Bad news, Verizon customers. I just spoke to a sales rep who said that the Nexus 5 was incompatible with the network. After I explained that the Nexus 5 was technologically compatible with Verizon’s network, with the exception of band 13 LTE, she replied that the phone is still incompatible. I realize that sales reps typically have no technological knowledge, but it seems like Verizon is actively trying to keep the N5 off its network.

    I’ll try to get the phone activated on Verizon when I receive mine, but in the meantime, my Nexus 5 will be on T-Mobile.

    • Bradley Siegel

      I saw the same thing in the specs. I am very curious to hear if that works or not!

  • Anon

    The Galaxy S4 is 7.9mm thin with 4G LTE – Am I missing something?

  • Joshua Bailey

    Bought 2 N5s immediately. Status reads “Pending.” Anyone else?

  • h8thepain

    I have a complaint, against BOTH Verizon and Google!

    Verizon for being overbearing on adding their own customization to their phones and screwing things up. Loosen up VZW!

    Google needs to build in the additional radios to support VZW. They WILL get the sales to justify it! Besides, those of us who truly want a stock android phone will end up rooting it and running an AOSP ROM anyways.

    Verizon has the BEST service and coverage around. Google has the best phones around.

    If they keep this up, I’ll switch to a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone and move to Sprint.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. So, Verizon and Google, get with the program guys or you’re going to lose business.

    • Skittlez

      if verizon won’t allow the phone, google has no reason to put the radios in. don’t blame google. this is all verizon’s fault

    • akhnaten

      Verizon coverage sucks where I live (major metro area).

  • chris_johns

    no verizon :'(

  • Brandon

    question: my VZW contract is up 3/30. what does everyone think the next big thing will be then? or will N5 still hold up?

    • guest

      Galaxy S 5 slated for earlier then normal release, right around then.

    • Skittlez

      Nexus devices generally last about 2 years.

  • Robert Willis

    When does the Nexus 6 come out? Trolololololololol

  • Jeff Helget

    32GB in black, on the way. Can’t wait to leave Verizon and return to T-Mobile, the prodigal son, home at last.

  • ben

    10 year + Verizon customer right here just jumped ship! 32gb black on the way! I’m going ATT go phone btw. Still want decent support and t mobile has no service here, but oh well.

    Just a heads up I added it to cart and a few minutes later it showed out of stock, switched browsers and it was in stock again and let me purchase!

    • donkeykong85

      lucky. i am on a family plan i cannot get out of at this point. i hate verizon. att is going to be just as good if not better.

    • Alex Coldstone Simon

      how much is the go plan? what do you get with it? i’m interested in doing this as well.

  • Droid Ronin

    and not surprisingly…out of inventory.

  • Don Crist

    My credit card just got charged. Normally a sign that shipping is eminent. Hello Nexus!

  • nivek31

    Got the 32gb black. Good bye Verizon. I won’t miss you..

  • delrayser

    Okay, so can someone explain to me in not-too-technical terms why you can’t buy one of these and just activate it on Verizon? I thought VZ and Sprint ran on the same technology.

    • Justin W

      Different CDMA bands. This only supports CDMA bands 0/1/10, which are Sprint’s, not Verizons.

      • donkeykong85

        what are verizons?

  • vincent scala

    unfortunately i gotta wait till tomorrow to order definitely want the 32gb

    • col3rsc

      Order now update payment info tomorrow.

  • zapote21

    Soooo No Verizon? Shocking

  • That-Guy

    i’m leaving verizon this month since i’m pretty sick of this crap. not only do they not get the phone i want, but they are horrible at rolling out updates. i’m thinking Tmobile. nexus 5 over moto x?

    • Steve B

      Nexus 5, buy it now!

    • donkeykong85

      n5 over moto x any day. moto x will have no support in about 6 months.

      • guest

        moto x is getting kitkat in couple of weeks!!

  • Steve B

    Okay. Ordered white 16gb. Now, Ringke or Spigen Hybrid?

    • RhinoShock


      • Steve B

        Diztronic is great, I had it for the Gnex, but I want a clear back to show off dat ass.

        • Steve B

          Screw it, went with the Spigen.

  • David Wanless

    this or Oppo N1?

    • GJV

      This, no question about it.

  • Stephen Melley

    When wil Kit Kat hit my Nexus 7?

  • j-wood

    Hey everyone look! The google blog says the new hangouts app does SMS AND MMS!

    ” And with the new Hangouts app, all of your SMS and MMS messages are together in the same place”


    Do i get credited for a new find Droid-life? haha

  • New Nexus comes out and everyone is asking “IS IT ON VERIZON?”…. I think we all know the answer to this question. We just don’t want to admit it….

  • JPfingsten

    If anyone was actually expecting Verizon model I have a lottery ticket for 100 Million I’ll sell you for 500k!

  • Clint O

    Why no microSd? Come on Google

    • hkklife

      Not counting the GPE GS4 (where the SD card is essentially useless), no official Google Experience device has had a microSD slot since the read-only Xoom. No Nexus has officially had it since the Nexus One. Call it laziness, forward-thinking, greed, or arrogance, Google ain’t ever going back to expandable storage. Heck, I personally don’t even see Google ever releasing a 64GB storage device (at least not in the foreseeable future).

  • live stock report!
    16 GB black – out of stock
    32 GB black – first batch out, 11/8 batch in stock
    16 GB white – first batch out, 11/8 batch in stock
    32 GB white – in stock

  • saint_stephen

    Hopefully the 4.4 update for the GPE HTC One comes out soon–can’t wait to flash it.

  • Tim Swann

    I thought VZ operated on band 1. that’s the 1900 MHz band, no? would this not work at all on Verizon?

    • Adam Truelove

      Nope, no Verizon.

      • tony

        I disagree. Verizon LTE works on Band 4 1700. Also if you put in a phone sim in the new Nexus 7 it works. I would love to have the Nexus 5 to see if I can swap sim like the Nexus 7.

  • Panks103

    At last, the wait ends!!!… the Nexus 5 is released… !!!

  • Veal

    Ok, so dumb question… If Verizon is in the process of firing up LTE band 4 all over the place, wouldn’t that mean the N5 could be supported? I’m not clear on how this works.

    • Michael Suriel

      Technically, it could, but Verizon would never allow it because they haven’t allowed VoLTE yet and the N5 doesn’t have the CDMA radios to allow calling anyways.

      • The phone works on Sprint, right? Is their CDMA radio different?

  • jnt

    I just want to know if this statement by Vic – “And in Nexus 5, Google Now and Search are always at your fingertips or activated with a simple ‘Ok, Google’” – means from a locked / screen-off state, or just from the home screen. I know the processor used has a similar ability to the way Moto’s X8 architecture is setup, from what I read on Anandtech… so one can hope.

    • Adam Truelove
      • jnt

        Pretty cool – thanks for the link. Sounds like it might be even more baked into the system than Moto’s way of doing it (basically a separate app that launches Google Now).

      • jnt

        I think engadget might be wrong – from the official KitKat page: “When on your home screen* or in Google Now, just say “Ok Google” to launch voice search, send a text, get directions or even play a song”

        • jnt

          That asterick just points to a note that says it’s only available on the Nexus 5.

  • leffer

    Dumb VZW… Hate em.

  • skinja99

    No LTE Band 13?


    Got my 32GB Black one ordered! Really wish there was an announcement for the Nexus 5 & Kitkat 4.4 :-/

  • Michael Suriel
    • capecodcarl

      Can I interest you in a new Motorola Droid Mini or perhaps a nice Windows phone from Nokia? 😉

  • Michael Suriel

    I love my Note 3 on VZW but DAMMIT! Stock android is my heroin. Why couldn’t you be cool for once Verizon?! :'(

    • Kit Tihonovich

      I just bought the N5. Dropping my Verizon Note 2 like it’s hawt.

      Such a hard decision.
      Saw price…uh…oops…I clicked buy “by accident.”

  • Ron Bernard

    My Moto X was growing on me…until now. SO BUMMED. I HATE YOU VERIZON!

    • Adam Johnston

      same here! lol I switched to AT&T though when i bought the X..specifically because of the potential for buying a Nexus

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Just bought my 32GB Black Nexus 5! Couldn’t be more excited.
    So now I wait….

  • Now i wait to get my hands on the wallpapers this phone has.

  • samosa king
  • Ian Smith
  • Pakmann2k

    And somehow it was argued that the Moto X was worth 599 off contract. Conversation over!

    • socarwolverine

      I tried to upvote you multiple times.

  • Jesus christ that was fast. Sold out.

  • Tyler

    Incase you’re wondering whats new in 4.4 heres a link. http://developer.android.com/about/versions/kitkat.html

  • Ian Smith

    it has a “Hall” sensor – what is that?

    • Godzilla

      so that when the Enterprise hails you, you can hear it.

      • Ian Smith


  • Shamu

    BOUGHT A 16gb White!!!

  • Hatyrei

    When is the Android 4.4.1 update coming to Nexus 7 2013?

    • Godzilla

      tomorrow probably

    • hfoster52

      On the android blog it says in a couple weeks.


      Android 4.4, KitKat, which comes on Nexus 5, will also soon be available on Nexus 4, 7, 10, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play edition devices in the coming weeks.

  • Brian Usher

    Verizon Moto X DE it is then.

    • Godzilla

      That is a shame since you are paying twice what the nexus 5 cost

      • Brian Usher

        Completely agree, but Verizon is the only carrier that has decent coverage where I need it.

        • Godzilla

          yup same here. I live in a city where i can have any carrier i want, but i go camping and fishing out west during the summer and verizon is the only working signal

    • Pakmann2k

      Bought the ultra. Love it. To each his own I suppose.

  • Brucipher

    So, does this one not have support for AT&T? I don’t see it listed as a supported carrier?

    • Godzilla

      it’ll work on ATT

    • grumpyfuzz

      where does it say that?

  • Godzilla

    I love how some of you are so shocked it’s not on Verizon. I mean come on. If you want a nexus phone you cant be on verizon. Got it?

    • MikeCiggy
      • Godzilla

        We all know verizon politics. Lets just say google hates their politics ok?

        And trust me verizon hates the nexus program

  • BTLS

    Not jumping ship with the masses (here anyway)… I’m sticking with Verizon and unlimited data. I would love a new nexus, but I’ll be much happier when I have a great signal in the mountains this winter, and hopefully with a new or modified nexus next year on Verizon (or at least when they go to full LTE)! http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/31/5051304/google-nexus-5-wont-work-on-verizon

    • MikeCiggy

      This! Pandora or XM while I board is a must.

      • BTLS

        Especially on the east coast where many places such as Snowshoe are gigantic dead zones for many carriers… Getting stuck on one of those back roads without verizon would suck.

    • Dominick White

      i wish this was on verizon, but i am not jumping ship, because they are the only ones with good coverage here in central ny

    • Guest

      I can’t wait until Verizon eliminates unlimited data. So many battered wives just holding on hope that old Big Red will change from being an abusive bastard into a kind and loving husband. You just need that extra push to realize that Big Red is an alcoholic womanizer and couldn’t give a crap about you.

  • pcdroidski

    Check the Android.com page for full 4.4 KitKat details!


  • no hope for verizon bands? 🙁

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    When will we see a write up on Kit Kat?

  • Jeff C

    is it bad that i have a note 3 and still want this. but i knew vzw wouldnt get it, so i went with the next best thing

    • BTLS

      you shouldn’t with that beast of a phone, however it’s that Nexus allure that can tug at our nerdy hearts, so it’s OK buddy guy bro pal!

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    That press embargo must have hurt soooooooooooo bad….

    Glad its all coming out though. Want Moar 4.4 newz plz!

  • Razball

    I freaking picked 3-5 on accident damn it

    • grumpyfuzz

      Same, well 2 days ago. Mine shipped yesterday though, how about you?

      • Razball

        Yea mine shipped yesterday too I’ll get it by Tuesday

  • Ian Smith

    Nexus 5 talk time: 17 hours
    Galaxy Nexus talk time: 8.5 hours

    I am so happy.

    N5: 445 ppi
    GN: 316 ppi

  • teleclimber

    Happy and all but… Where is the new Nexus 10?

  • aQuickBit

    In honor of Halloween…. Heeeeres Nexus!

  • Michigan Guy

    Check out that speaker where the front facing camera used to be!

  • Josh Carroll

    I wonder how many people left Verizon for this and/or logged in to check their contract expiration date. I for one am gone in T-minus 73 days and counting for me…

  • Godzilla

    Best Buy will probably have more stock than the play store has.

  • Droidzilla

    I’m all giddy and giggly. I feel like a 7 year old on field trip day to the zoo.

  • Bharath Kannan

    Even though sundar pichai said that the nexus 5 wont work with verizon, can’t it technically work in the future? it has the right cdma bands and all we have to wait for is band 4 is go live everywhere

    • BTLS

      I was thinking the same… Hopefully

  • Kofi Williams

    Shipping Dates are moving out to the 8th now

  • JasonWhite

    So weird that there was no actual announcement. Just all of the sudden 4.4 and N5 exist. At least they exist!

  • Prox

    What size sim card does this have?

    • mackjao

      micro sim

      • Prox


  • Yaniv

    I Do Google.

  • Kyt44

    This Nexus 5 is so beautiful..

  • Jared Denman

    No SE feature for NFC? So what’s this mean for wallet?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Rumors stated the new Wallet implementation would bypass the requirement for an NFC SE. How is anyone’s guess until details are released.

  • Zander

    Ordered immediately. Cannot wait! Soo excited.

  • Stephen

    Im already depressed enough i’m on verizon. Can’t wait to get my hands on a white 32 gb.

    • Molly Housel

      so depressed/angry

    • hfoster52

      There is mention of projects with Verizon next year. But who knows what that means.

      • Xeeros

        It’s a nice way of saying have hope, but after the LOOONG overdo HTC One I don’t think I will sit and wait.

  • MindBlower3

    Will it work on AT&T?

    • John Motschenbacher


    • Zander

      You know it 🙂

      • MindBlower3

        You better not be fooling me!

    • @bleakneonblack

      Whew… hate that they don’t have AT&T listed.

      • hfoster52

        Other places say it will but not confirmed.

    • Brucipher

      It does not list ATT as a support carried…??

    • Adam Truelove

      Yes, pretty much everything but Verizon.

  • Ordered as soon as I saw it. Apparently it’s leaving the warehouse November 5…I don’t want to wait! But at least I know how long I have now.

    • John Motschenbacher

      now the “in stock” is gone but says it will ship nov 8th

    • nexusplay

      Can anyone confirm whether it works on Tmobile’s 3G? The bands look weird. No 1700 or 2100.

      • I mean it has to, tmo ifs officially supported

    • maratu

      Ships “by” the 5th. It was 1-2 business days when I ordered, says by the 5th in my receipt.

      • Derin Richardson

        Says “Leaves the warehouse by the 5th on mine.”

        • Then you’re probably right. It did say about 1-2 days when I ordered. I was in class so I didn’t pay full attention. Glad I didn’t wait until I got out of class to order.

  • Zach K

    and no support for BigRed…we lose out again. Really thinking about switching carriers when my contract is up…

    • I’m replying to you from my vzw s3, just ordered my nexus 5. Goodbye Verizon.

      • What’s the best way to switch if you still have time left on your contract?

        • Matthew Fura

          There is no best way. You just have to eat whatever your ETF is. Luckily my contract is up in December since I signed up for two years when I got my GNex, so I’m only paying a months worth.

        • Blue Sun

          There’s an equation that is used to calculate how much your ETF is based on how many months are left on your contract. Someone here knows it or you can contact Verizon for details. I had to do an early termination back in April on a VZW kine my wife no longer needed

          I think it is $250 – [(the # of months left on the contract) x ($11)] = the ETF owed.

          • capecodcarl

            Last time I checked it was a $350 termination fee for smartphones and they subtract $10 from that for each month of your contract you’ve gone through.

          • Blue Sun

            That sounds right to me.

          • zionlion02

            Also just a note here guys. This directly from Verizon as of last week. ETFs are pro-rated, but only to a point. For instance, my contract is up Dec 15 (hello gnex launch day), so I assumed my ETF would be about 20 bucks or so. Unfortunately, VZ puts a minimum on smart phones ($120.00). So even though its only 1.5 months away, I’d still have to pay 120.00, even if you were 3 days away. They really make it hard on you to leave.

          • Blue Sun

            Ohh, just when you think Verizon couldn’t get more Evil-er! They pull that little caveat shenanigans.

          • Moeyknight

            Thanks for the info. I’ll wait the six weeks. It won’t kill me and I, not Verizon, will have my $120.

        • Col_Angus

          If you’rre grandfathered unlimited data, Assumption of Liability. People will pay you for your plan.

          • Chris Hannan

            Yeah it’s pretty crazy. I just upgraded my line with an iPhone 5S and kept unlimited, and I could take the phone and someone would be willing to pay around $200 to pay off my contract.

            It wouldn’t be worth losing unlimited data on Verizon though.

      • Matthew Fura

        Same here. Screw unlimited data if you can’t use it on an up to date, vanilla Android phone. AIO here I come.

        • Rojo623

          I want to know what happens if AIO decides to raise prices, or if ATT sells AIO off to cricket. I want to switch to AIO pretty bad. Is it any good?

          • Matthew Fura

            It’s no contract, so if that happens, I move on to something else, either TMo or ATT. One way or the other, I’m not giving big red any more of my cash.

          • ctrlV

            Same here. As of December when contract expires, I’m done with Big Red Douche. I’m a galaxy nexus user on VZW. Nuff said.

          • Col_Angus

            Why wait? Do an AoL, make a few bucks from your plan, put it towards a Nexus 5.

          • ctrlV

            umm…sorry is kind of noobish, but what is AoL?

          • Assumption of Liability. Basically you sell your unlimited contract to someone.

          • Matthew Fura

            Does that still work? If I can get some cash for my old line, I’ll do that instead of dropping it all together.

          • Col_Angus
          • ctrlV

            mind = blown. Never thought of that. Thanks ma.

          • Col_Angus

            No problem.

          • Dan DeMarco

            AOL drops your Unlimited. VZW took a while but they figured this out. Sorry bro

          • michael arazan

            GNex on vzw not getting 4.4 either

          • ctrlV

            Yeah I read about that. The Struggle! In part, the way Google and Verizon have handled the Vzw GNex is why I’m disappointed with them.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      They haven’t publicly stated their disdain for Verizon, but given the issues they have had, from software to device certification, until they can negotiate to have full control over the device, Verizon will not be included in the Nexus program.

    • teleclimber

      Left last year for the N4. Never looked back.

      • Ej McCarty

        which carrier did you choose and why

        • teleclimber

          T-mo because $30/mo.

          • Ej McCarty

            T-mo just didn’t cut it for me. I’d lose service as soon as I went into a building at school. Since I’m in the same building for most of the day I can’t handle that. Plus I used more than 100 minutes so my bill ended up being 40 a month. I was thinking about trying out aio.

          • JRomeo

            then get the Nexus5 on AT&T or Sprint.

    • jnt

      I know it’s highly unlikely, but the N5 does support LTE Band 4, so if Verizon’s AWS ever gets pushed out on a broad basis, there’s a small glimmer of hope… though, then Verizon also has to approve it…

      • Godzilla

        If it only supports that one band on verizon you’d be screwed if you travel to a city or region not using it yet. Better just to leave verizon

        • jnt

          Problem with that theory is I could use the same logic for using a different phone and staying on Verizon. Actually, I guess I’m assuming T-Mobile, when I could easily use AT&T who has much better coverage.

      • pbolton70

        Plus that one LTE band is exactly that LTE…meaning data. It should be no surprise there is not support for VZW. Just about every leak confirmed that. I am shocked there was no big press conference

      • normmcgarry

        It says LTE Band 4 is included in the specs.

      • Josh Carroll

        Verizon wouldn’t let you activate the device anyway.

    • hockeytownmatt

      What’s this contract you speak of??

    • Captain America

      Im switching. Done with Big Red

      • patt

        Yup I am pretty sure you are switching 😀 if you are good luck with tmo lol

        • Captain America

          Nope, I’ll be going over to AT&T with this bad boy

    • crazed_z06

      Never leaving Verizon as long as I have unlimited data with them..

      • Asimoalex

        For real and coverage people bitch about T-Mobile but it has no coverage

    • adbFreedom

      I just hope 4.4 hits AOSP soon!! Without JBQ I don’t know …

      • Frettfreak

        Man i was thinking the SAME THING. However, Google has a lot of brilliant minds at their disposal. I am sure someone will step up to fill that spot

    • Stephen D

      Mine is up in February and I’m switching to T-Mobile. Can’t stand Verizon anymore.

    • JohnBergman

      You should do it! I did it and I am a much happier person for it!

    • Allen Yates

      The next Nexus phone should make for a good time to leave Verizon. VoLTE rollout will have started by then (which means Verizon may have to support it). Additionally, the other carriers will have substantially rolled out LTE by then. Verizon’s coverage advantage will start disappearing a bit.

    • It is Holloween. It’s a treat for T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T customers. But a trick for VZW customers.

      • Frettfreak

        Oh cmon… we should have expected this. VZW has been the thorn in google’s and the nexus side since day 1.

        • I’m not surprised by any means. Just tying in Halloween is all.

    • GutterIsATool

      I’m not even waiting for my contract to be up. Selling my S4 will pay my early termination fee, and I’ll be saving $40/month switching to T-Mobile. The network won’t be as good outside of the city, but I won’t have to deal with Big Red’s restrictive device policies.

      • Frettfreak

        THIS IS WHAT I HOPE A LOT OF PEOPLE DO!!!! The ONLY way verizon will EVER change is if people DO SOMETHING about it.

    • Tim Swann

      once vz yanks my unlimited data from me, I’m switching to TMO and never looking back..until then…Trick or Treat?

      • JRomeo

        but Tmobile already has unlimited data, no caps, no throttling……… why not get the Nexus5 and switch now?

        • Tim Swann

          I thought they did throttle? Don’t they throttle after a certain amount? And at minimum I’d have to wait till december when my contract is up.

          • JRomeo

            they have a 500MB plan per month, which is “unlimited” only because they throttle you down to 2G speeds after you reach 500MB, then they have a 2.5GB data plan which they throttle you down to unlimited 2g speeds when you reach the limit, then they have an even more expensive UNLIMITED, no caps, no throttling plan…. THAT is the plan you should get.

    • Bootleg Zani

      Yeah I still have my G’Nex. However soon as this went on sale I bought it. T-Mobile prepaid here i come.