• Matt

    does using google hangouts sms use data or my text messaging plan?

  • yabish

    The app force closes whenever I try to videocall? Anyone else having this problem?
    Nexus 4

  • Dhdb

    Hangouts SMS does not work for me .Any solution?

  • Its interesting they brought sms into hangouts app, but it still doesn’t solve the problem of being able to “text” people or read my texts via my computer. I want a solution that replaces MightyText…

  • Mike Strollo

    Am I able to send sms messages without racking up text message overages on my current mobile plan? In other words. .. Does this use data plan instead of text message plan?

    • Matt Young

      of both receipients are using hangouts it will use datawifi

  • Ping T.

    SMS works but MMS fails on Moto X

    • Matt Young

      works fine for me. Make sure ur wifi is off when sending mms

  • @ScoreboardSteve

    Does anyone know when the official update will hit Google Play? Most Google apps say they’re updated in Google Play but they won’t allow me to update any.

    Also, to anyone who updated Hangouts already, does Hangouts have “read receipt” like iMessage does and iPhone style emojis? The emojis in the current edition of Google Hangouts are such a cheap ripoff of iOS.

  • noparkang

    Seems to have issues with 4.3. MMS on NOTE 3 with 4.3 crashes. Works on GS4 with 4.2.2. without a hitch.

    • Pdewet

      Same here…ironic isn’t it. The one time I have the newer version of android its the one causing the issues. Its a good preview but i guess we will have to wait for the official update. The same goes for the Google Home launcher. Search crashes and the icon scaling in the app drawer is awful.

  • Brien Gerber

    Anyone have issues sending MMS group messages? I can receive them but not send them

  • Pavlovic33

    Can’t seems to get gifs working. Whenever I send one to a friend they receive a picture instead of the gif. I tried with various recipients and still no luck.

    • Taylor Levesque

      both parties have to have the update

  • mak

    Anybody have luck on figuring out how to get lightflow to know the difference between SMS messages and hangout chat messages? I’ve tried a bunch of things to no avail.

  • GTIguy
  • Matthew Addison

    I’m not receiving notifications for sms recieved from hangouts. Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?

    I’m using an S4 Active on 4.2.2

    • Mlibbey

      im getting half of my notifications, some randomly wont tell me i have a new msg…tell me if you find a fix!

  • Chris Ta

    This is going to sound really nooby, but I can’t seem to get notifications from hangouts when i receive an SMS.

    • Toto’s Dewclaw

      Same problem here, no notifications at all- no sound, nothing in notification bar, very disappointing. Sadly, Verizon’s messaging app works better when you want to sync texts (SMS/MMS) between a tablet (Nexus 7 2012)/phone (Droid Razr) and wanting it to be fairly seamless. i really thought Hangouts would be a solid solution.

      • Frettfreak

        I am having no issues. I get notification sounds and icon in status bar. Running an HTC one with a android 4.3 / sense 5.5 rom. Actually loving the hangouts update the most so far. Only issue i have is its really not unifed messaging, more like unified app’ing. but i can live with it for now. I like the UI on hangouts better than the stock SMS app so this works.

        • Htc Jay

          I have an HtC one with 4.3/sense 5.5 too and my notifications don’t work either. Do you think it could be because of the specific apk I downloaded?

  • Péter Friedrich

    How can i display sms and hangouts masseges on one screen? Like imassege.

    • Frettfreak

      not possible… it separates SMS and hangouts. LAME but maybe its a bridge step who knows.

  • south563

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  • Sam

    When using SMS, does it uses SMS from your texe plan or does it sends via google number?

    • Sam

      I mean text plan or via google number using your data

      • Steve B

        It sends from your texting plan. There’s no Google Voice # integration at this time. They’ve targeted Q1 of next year to have this integrated….but we’ll see.

        • Sam


  • Steve Tu

    This + CyanogenMod’s SMS->Voice tricks = I am one happy camper!

  • kdiperi

    NOTE 3 here . same issue once MMS is sent app fatally crashes and needs to be removed 🙁 soooooooooo close !!!!

  • Eric Bright

    I installed on the Nexus 4 and it’s working as expected. But I have one question: Will Hangouts replace “Messaging” for good once I got updated to KitKat? Thank you.

  • Digbob

    LG G2. SMS and MMS are working, but video calls freeze the shop. Also have confirmation from another user on a note 2 that video hangouts lead to a lockup.

  • No_Smoking

    Original Razr MAXX works fine so far =) thanks!

  • primarchlion

    It took a long time for the first SMS to send, but now they seem to be going right away.

    (On my Verizon LG G2, so happy I could replace the keyboard =), don’t know why but the prediction on the LG one always seemed off compared to my CM Bionic, even though it’s behavior with punctuation and the fact that it had a number row was really nice).

  • Lucas Rains

    Main issue I’m having is it will create separate threads for the same contact for Hangouts and SMS. Wish I could just toggle between the two. Actually, I wish I didn’t have to (i.e. iMessage). It’s a good start, but the app still needs work.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      I almost understand you. iMessage goes strictly from iMessage to iMessage. Hangouts does strictly Hangouts to Hangouts. Sms goes from Sms to Sms. Sms doesn’t turn into an iMessage. iMessage doesn’t turn into a sms. I can send an iMessage from my iPhone to another iPhone and have that synced to my mac. If I turn iMessage off, or if theres no data in the area, i don’t get to see the message on my mac. Hangouts 2.0 separating Sms and hangouts is a good thing, we couldn’t directly rip off the color recognition and having a bunch of tags in a single thread can get messy. I think it’s less confusing than staring at the computer screen wondering why certain messages aren’t showing.

      What google should’ve done (i’m sure v2.x or 3.x will have this) is backup my SMS to hangouts. I would see my SMS on the computer and maybe add some Moto Connect action. (connect & trusted devices are reason enough to not get the nexus 5).

      • Lucas Rains

        Totally get what you’re saying. Being able to do both in the same thread was dreaming.

        But this is what I’m talking about when it separates the same contact into different threads:

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          WOW. I haven’t seen that (yet). Did you join the contacts? Try erasing one entry then adding the email address to the other?

          • Lucas Rains

            I tried that too. When I go into the bottom one for Hangouts, I can toggle between that and SMS but it still creates the two threads here. I deleted both contacts and made a new one too. There isn’t even an option to separate anymore. This is the only contact that this happens to. Of course it’s my brother haha.

    • jimv1983

      If you didn’t toggle back and forth how would you decide which type of message(Hangout or SMS) you would be sending?

      • Lucas Rains

        I’m not sure, but somehow iMessage does it. I think on iOS 7 the text boxes change colors based on what you’re using.

        • jimv1983

          From what I understand iMessage always uses the iMessage service if it can and automatically goes to SMS if it can’t. They user has no control over that.

  • dax mcanear

    i have to hand it to roy amadeo. Well done sir!

  • Elden Lashley

    Works perfectly for me on the htc one sms works, mms works, even that location share thing works and group messages work with iphone users… love it! thank you droid-life

  • afazel

    Will it swap back and forth between sms and Hangout depending on data connection like iMessage does? That would be pretty swell.

    • Ian Case

      Nope. It lists SMS and Hangouts separately in a drop down menu on the contact name.

  • droidomega

    You can use Google Voice texting with this if you have cyanogenmod and voice+ 😀

    • Guest

  • Hargleblargle

    So I just tested this, and it seems like installing Google Play Services 4.0 will allow mms to be sent from Hangouts 2.0. Also, it allows Hangouts to send and receive sms/mms without mms.apk being installed. My tests were done on a Droid RAZR HD running Eclipse 5.1 (Jelly Bean 4.3 custom ROM).

    • Brian Wolfman

      Where is the google play services 4.0?

      EDIT: I think I need 4.3 anyway for that…damnit. guess no MMS for me

  • juancarlos ramirez

    Is the same for me :'( nothing new, still no SMS. Help!

  • smooth

    running on my GS4 (android 4.3, stock, no root), but crashed when you send MMS

  • Steven Berger

    YES!!! Just in time too, since the new FB Messenger got rid of SMS support for some odd reason.

  • John Furster

    A few bugs/wrong things I see currently…hangs once I attempt to send a photo or too many messages at once and have to uninstall/reinstall to get it going again. Gifs work but only as a Hangout message to prevent it from hanging. Contact list is a nightmare! Lists every contact multiple times. Once via phone #, email, and Google+. Messages should thread together or give an option how to send it as a default. Suggested people needs to be removed from contact list or hidden somewhere. Swipe to delete instead of archive or have one for a left swipe and the other for the right.

    VZW Moto X

    • Lucas Rains

      I’ve had the same issue with contacts. It’s creating separate threads for SMS and Hangouts. Have you found a way to solve the problem? I tried deleting the contact and create a new one, but the same thing happened.

  • Montrale Hammonds

    I’m loving this. Not to sound greedy but can we get the apk for the keyboard those built in emoji are calling me.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Working perfectly on my verizon S4 running CM10.2 .

  • Brian Wolfman

    Would like the option to combine SMS and Hangouts, but I understand why not. If it starts sending messages to hangouts automatically…all these people are gonna be all confused what its going on. As new phones come out, they can probably start to combine it. Good start.

  • nosedive94

    Working on my Note 3. The only thing I’m wondering is when they’ll integrate this into the desktop version so that it’ll work like MightyText/mySMS combined with iMessage. That would make this so much more potent.

    • William Kister

      That is what I am waiting for.

    • netPIMP

      working for SMS on my VZW Note3, but hangs/quits on anything MMS

      • Ken

        VZW Note 2 on Android 4.1.2 and I can confirm that MMS (sending and receiving) is working on my end.

  • Knlegend1

    Okay does this mean google can read my dirty little msg?

  • PooCaster

    I installed the APK on my nexus 7 hoping I’d be able to send SMS from it but dont see the option in the new hangouts?

    • Colin Huber

      Because tablets don’t send SMS.

      • prestone1

        Google could and should sync between devices.

    • Carlton Crasher

      unless you have a google voice number and google voice (apk) installed it won’t send because it has no carrier to send through wifi.

      • but its suppoed to send SMS over data to other hangout users…

        • yellowflash94

          Ok ima repeat this others have said it but I think you guys can’t read.you don’t send sms over data. iMessage doesnt send sms through data. It sends an IM if the other user has iMessage and if they don’t it sends a SMS through the CELLULAR PROVIDER. Hangouts doesn’t work this way. SMS and IM are separated and not unified into one thread. Hence why you can’t send an SMS from your tablet.

          • TR

            The confusion about sending SMS via data has to do with Google Voice. You can send SMS messages to other people using only data on your end without any cell service (and it will be sent from Google’s servers and received by the other person via their cellular connection). Thus you can send SMS on a tablet, etc with only wifi. That is what I as well as others were expecting with hangouts. So for now, it’s the Google Voice app still.

      • jamontoast129

        It would be nice if they rolled in the functionality of something like Mightytext where you could send it from your tablet, but it uses your phone to send the actual SMS and it just shows up on both

  • Drummer62

    Sending MMS on GS4 on 4.3 causing app to crash.

    • rjayjayc

      Any fixes for it? or work arounds

      • S9Bad

        no. still keeps for closing.

    • fester113

      Try turning off the stock messaging app and then back on again.

  • Jpx

    I don’t think Im receiving text, but it is sending them out for me…

  • Dustin Carney

    This doesnt work on 4.3 galaxy s4.

  • MikeSaver

    No SMS is sending for me. Anyone else having this problem? I sent a group MMS though and it said it sent..

    Im on rooted gnex running shiny 4.3

    • Carlton Crasher

      worked for me on Galaxy S3 CarbonRom 4.3.1, with VZW # and GV #

    • AxemRed

      I’m having the opposite problem on my Moto X. SMS works fine but MMS doesn’t send.

  • Axl’s Cornrows

    No option yoni my mobile number on my Nexus 7 to be able to send SMS seamlessly from my tablet yet Verizon messaging app does it fine?

  • jbreezy

    so, i don’t see any way to save a photo/MMS that someone sends you.. that sucks. I have to go into the sms app to save it. wish i could save it from hangouts…

    • Nick Floria

      i just checked you click a photo top right has the menu button click it and you have the option to save.

      • jbreezy

        many thanks, the layout was a little screwed up and i couldn’t really see that upper right corner. needles to say i can still get to it. Thanks agian!

        • LionStone

          Yea that is odd, the layout is off…I can barely see the menu option, if you didn’t ask I wouldn’t have known either, thanks!

  • chocolate8175

    MMS working here, Verizon galaxy s3, rooted, clean ROM

  • Brian

    Working fine on my S3. I have one issue with Hangouts that’s existed since it first came out. My friends and I have an ongoing Hangout that we all join and leave whenever we want, so in the app, it’s ALWAYS there. Every time I join again, it creates a new entry so most my Hangouts feed is “You were in a video call” or “Ongoing video call”. Any way around this?

    Edit: Location sending doesn’t seem to work. S3, VZW, Rootbox

  • Luke Berry

    no pop-ups D:

  • DC_Guy

    ::Sigh:: I was hoping for true unified messaging, but nope. Oh well…

    • JRomeo

      what additional functionality would you have this app include?

      • DodgingDonkey

        I expected the conversations to be linked. For example I have someone who uses hangouts and SMS, there is one thread for that. In this case I have two threads. One that reads “sms” and the other for hangouts. You can easily switch in between them by clicking the users name in the SMS. Not quite what I was expected though.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          we couldn’t rip off the color recognition in ios. That would’ve been too much.

        • what if they are seperate conversations though? Google accounts aren’t really linked by phone number are they?

        • Sasquillian

          The little tab to switch between them only seems to be working one way. From hangouts I can switch to that friend’s SMS, but when I’m in the SMS thread, there’s no option to switch back to hangouts. Kinda bummed.

        • jimv1983

          If it did just merge into one thread how would you decide if a message was going to be sent over SMS or Hangout? I’d like to keep the option to choose.

          • Mike Schreiner

            The best way for them to do this would be to look at how Windows Phone does their SMS integration with Facebook Messenger giving users the option to switch back and forth between FB and SMS. It’s pretty user friendly.

    • Derek Duncan

      I agree. This is more of an app that will do SMS/MMS as well. It won’t integrate SMS into your Hangouts conversations on other devices, which is a BIG bummer. Also, it doesn’t seem to sense whether or not the other person has Hangouts too and then bump up the video/audio/photo quality on the receiving media.

    • Bill Mitchell

      I saw in some software tour different options in the Nexus 5’s app. There was an option for linking an email to your SMS that’s not available in my app, so I think there’s hope for the Nexus 5 to have that functionality, and future devices as well. Maybe only 4.4 can use it? Who knows, but someone will figure it out.

  • Guy Meatdrapes

    Now give us the keyboard!!

  • jra716

    It seemed great, was impressed at first, then I tried to send an MMS and it locked up. I can’t send anything anymore using it even after deleting the texts then retrying. Perhaps turning delivery reports on in the middle of sending the MMS broke it. Hmm….

    EDIT: NVM. working again.

    • Ryan Ropero

      What did you do to fix it? I having the same issues.

      • jra716

        Should have clarified/updated but I had a hard time finding my post :X. After deleting the MMS and any texts after it, regular SMS eventually started working again. Tried another MMS and it responded exactly the same as the first time. Have no idea why some people have MMS working and others do not.

        Phone: VZW Droid DNA on newtoroot’s GPE Rom

  • Logan Berry

    I wish it had an expanded / expandable notification with options to reply via a pop-up and mark the message as read.

    • rodney11ride

      im with you on this… i use the quick reply ALOT… but with AOSPA and the HALO feature i won be pissed

  • Shane C.

    So far it seems you can receive MMS but not send…nor emoji’s… Unless your composing an actual hangout

    • Alix8821

      Friend with Note 2 and my GF with her iPhone both saw my emojis

      • Shane Redman

        Did you send them through SMS? My friend with an N4 said he couldn’t see them through sms

        • Alix8821

          Of course…. Wouldn’t be saying it if I sent thru normal Hangouts. Of course that works….. I’ll just avoid MMS for awhile. NBD

          • Shane C.

            My emoji finally went through, but 8 min later

          • j6nguyen

            My emoji works fine coming and going to an iphone 5 from a Note 3. instant. MMS, no go….

        • Emojis work fine over SMS here. Using Galaxy Note 3. MMS sending is a no go though. Haven’t tried receiving

    • Shane Redman

      Don’t think emojis will work until we all get the updated keyboard that utilizes the libraries in the system and not the app

    • Chris Schmucker

      Works for me…..wierd

    • pookietookie

      Yeah I tried to send an MMS message and the dots kept moving but it never went out. SMS also seemed extremely slow to send out. Sticking with Chomp SMS for now.

    • I sent a couple MMS with no problem.

      • Carlton Crasher

        Same here

    • Anthony Saylor

      do you have the HTC One on Verizon? thats my phone and i have the same issue.

      • Shane C.

        Nah, I have the Moto X Dev Edition on Verizon

    • Dixon Sider

      I use this on Gingerbread and I can tell you emojis and MMS are working for me. The only issue I’m having is it doesn’t display my contacts’ names, but their phone number (which is confusing when you can’t remember most phone numbers)

  • Luxferro

    It’s even working for me for google voice SMS via Voice+ in CM10.2 🙂

  • tu3218

    Now how can I get integration onto my computer? I downloaded the hangouts chrome extension but it doesn’t seem to integrate my messages on my phone. It just has my google plus friends. Any ideas?

  • Austin_tacious

    I’ve been waiting for this all day! DL is the best!

  • Dominick White

    can send sms ,but not mms

    • whoa

      Can’t send MMS or SMS on hangouts can recieve though moto x

      • ERIFNOMI

        I can send and receive SMS on my Moto X. I haven’t tried MMS.

      • Ian Case

        I can send SMS, and receive MMS and SMS in it, but can not send MMS. It just times out.

    • yup… cant participate in a group text since its considered MMS… hangouts let down again…

      • William Hirsch

        being as how it isn’t technically out yet I wouldn’t that a let down.

  • me

    When is the next DL Show?

  • Shane Redman

    Now I want the dialer and the keyboard….

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Dialer won’t work, it needs API 19/KitKat to install.

      • Shane Redman

        Oh I know. Doesn’t stop me from wanting it

        • Ryan

          Follow Ron amadeo on Google+. He’s got the apk for the keyboard. I’m using it now on my One.

  • kevin

    Ok so hangouts is good but not what I really expected. Everything so far seems flawless. I am able to send group messages with people using an IPhone, send picture messages , and sms messages. I guess what through me off was the fact that I was under the impression that it would tell me if someone read the message, was in the process of writing a message (if they were also using this side loaded sms app. I have two GS4 devices so both has the latest side loaded version of hang outs ). Sadly it cant do either of those things but this is a great start. I hope that google includes these features in a later update.

    • crazyg0od33

      if they have hangouts, it does. just like imessage

    • Never was a fan of the other person knowing when i had read their message and if i was typing. It’s fine for facebook and what not, but texting? Idk, guess I’m an old fashioned texter.

  • zach471

    Seems to hang when I try to send a pic. Then nothing else can get out.

  • Mark F

    I uninstalled it. Verizon moto x has fc after scrolling through the lists.

  • Not workign for me!! Keeps saying “retrying”!

  • Awesome, one flaw. Now my texts are not syncing to glass. Starting with the first sent/received texts on hangouts over stock :/

  • Geekout

    kind of disappointed… Google Voice issue aside, it sends SMS messages though the cellular SMS system instead of data. I was hoping for an iMessage like client that can send mms and sms though data. MMS takes centuries to send! I would text friends from 30,000 feet using WiFi or from text from foreign countries over WiFi.

    • deadsix

      Also your SMS are in a different thread was hoping it would be unified and would choose what to send on the backend.

      • This is what I assumed it would do as well. Very disappointing. Nice to have a new messaging client though. And the Emoji support is splendid

        • deadsix

          Yep we still haven’t found the holy grail of unified messaging. Hopefully google has plans for this in the future. I would love to be able to send a text from my computer via my phone. I have Mighty Text but would really like it sync with in the same thread with hangouts.

          • NexusPhan

            Never. 🙁 Apple holds design patents for unified messaging on mobile. Ridiculous, I know.

          • Matthew Fura

            I don’t think that’s the case at all. According to this article, Google (via Moto) is the one that holds all kinds of patents in regards to messaging and is in fact suing Apple over iMessage.


          • NexusPhan

            That’s a cross platform unified messaging patent. As in, type it on mobile it shows up on your computer and ipad. Apple holds the mobile unified messaging that pulls messages from multiple inputs (SMS and imessage or hangouts). It’s all a bunch of legal BS really.

      • Chris Schmucker

        Not trying to be sarcastic, but i think Apple has a patent on how iMessage and SMS integrate into the same thread

        • NexusPhan

          You beat me to it. I believe you are, in fact, correct.

        • DC_Guy

          Ugh!!! Damn you Apple! LOL

      • NexusPhan

        When you are in a chat, you can click on the person’s name and switch between the different chats (SMS vs hangouts). The app recognizes it’s the same person but it has to avoid litigation from Apple and keep the separate. 🙁 It is close enough for me. It;s usually one contact will only use hangouts or only use SMS so my inbox is pretty clean. I can understand the frustration tho.

      • jimv1983

        I wouldn’t even want that. I want to be able to choose which service(SMS or Hangout) the message is going to be sent with.

    • NexusPhan

      What? It works exactly the same as imessage. You can only send other people an imessage if they have imeassage otherwise it’s a regular SMS. Same here. A hangouts message only works if the other person has hangouts. iMessage does not send SMS through data. It sends them though thr network, Idential setup to the new hangouts.

      • Geekout

        ahhh that clears it up! I haven’t had an iPhone in a long time! thanks for the clarification. now the challenge is to get everyone else to download hangouts…………….

        • NexusPhan

          Ya. Google did a good job hiding SMS versus hangouts in the background. You can type in a phone number and send a message. If the person has hangouts it will automatically go over data to hangouts. If not, it’s regular SMS. I really like it. If you have unlimited texts, it’s perfect. If not, spam your friends to get hangouts! I think you can use the new app to invite people actually. That could help things.

          • yellowflash94

            that doesnt appear to be the case. I just sent a text to my friend he got it in the sms thread and not through hangouts thread

          • NexusPhan

            Ya. Obviously. It’s not going to show up in the same thread. That’s illegal. Compliments of Apple. It’s all in the hangouts app under the same persons name. You just have to toggle between the SMS thread and the hangouts thread. It’s pretty simple. Just stick to using one or the other per contact.

          • yellowflash94

            but..but.. you said..”If the person has hangouts it will automatically go over data to hangouts.” i think there is a misunderstanding here

          • NexusPhan

            Ah. I see where I was very unclear. If you type in a phone number and that person has his phone number properly linked to hangouts the app let’s you know there are two options to send it. Sms and hangouts. with the default option going to hangouts. It was really intuitive when I used it. Maybe it’s not fully working for everyone yet.

      • Steamer

        Yeah, but if someone has Hangouts you still have to choose to either SMS or chat on Hangouts w/ that person. iPhone automatically uses iMessage instead of SMS if that contact has iMessage

        • NexusPhan

          That’s only because Apple holds a BS unified mobile message patent. Google legally has to keep them separate. It’s pretty simple to choose between SMS and hangouts.

    • crazyg0od33

      sorry, but what in the hell were you expecting?

      iMessage doesnt send SMS via data. Nothing does…iMessage checks if the other user has iMessage, and if they do, it sends as an IM over data similar to whatsapp or hangouts before sms integration. thats why if you dont have data imessage falls back to sms…

      I can’t believe people thin that SMS is being sent over data



  • Kurt Weber

    It doesn’t sync with my facebook synced contacts…. anyone else having this happen?

    • JB

      Yes….I just installed and noticed the same thing…seems petty, but I like the pictures to show as well…

    • NexusPhan

      G+ only. Why is this even remotely surprising? Fortunately, for me, I don’t know have a lot of friends that I text that actually still have a facebook.

      • Mine syncs fine with Facebook. It has all the pictures I had before for contacts.

  • Jess B

    Too bad I use google voice..

    • dazz1996

      cm10 and built in app voice+, now you can get google voice in the hangouts app.

      • Jess B

        Totally forgot about voice+, working great now.

  • anezarati

    if you sideload it, will you get “official” future app updates from the play store?

    • Dominick White

      Yes, you will

  • MrDivaNYC

    Works wonders on the T-Mobile GN3. Lets txt each other to see how it works

  • grumpypants

    Works on Verizon note 3.

    • Matthew Turner

      I’m getting a lot of force closes on my Verizon Note 3

      • Colin Huber

        Same here.

  • mec

    It doesn’t seem to thread SMS/hangouts. Also messages in a group sms thread were not indicating as being by the right person.

    Lastly, the core people I message were all on hangouts, texting was for those that I seldom contacted, so I’m not big on the integration. The same notification icon stinks, for me, because before, I could tell at a glance whether it was from someone I wanted to hear from or not.

    I disabled SMS integration; not for me

  • Alix8821

    Getting FCs on Note 3….

    Uninstalled ‘real” one from system…. I’ll try installing it normally. NOT as a system app

    • Korey Page

      Same here. Force Closes after I tried to send a picture message.

      • Same. MMS is crashing the app

        • NexusPhan

          Try disabling the regular messaging app. That helped me a lot and I’m on a Nexus 4.

          • Great thought. Sadly still a no go. Disabled stock messaging app and rebooted then tried again. Still no dice. I see some people having success with MMS. Maybe it’s a Galaxy Note 3 specific problem

          • NexusPhan

            I’m running the new launcher/hangouts/Google search. I love the transparent everything! It’s so smooth too. I hope you get to do the same shortly!

      • Alix8821

        Haven’t tried MMS yet, but sideloading it seems to have fixed other FCs.

  • Marco Pérez

    You don’t have to have 4.4?

    • Jess B

      Works on my gnex

      • Marco Pérez

        Yes, worked on my HTC DNA Running a 4.2 Sense 5 Rom 🙂

      • guynotsignedin

        I was wondering if it would. Now I’m wondering if I’m leaving Verizon. 🙂

        • Allan

          THIS would be your reason to stay on Verizon? Yikes.

  • jmich

    Works on the VZW LG G2

  • Capt. Crunch

    Did anyone else notice that the Google settings icon is now grey?

  • dazz1996

    Is video chat working in this update? Im not able to do a video hangout after this update.

  • donkeykong85

    interface is horrible

  • Terin H

    working on my VZW GS3 running 4.1.2

    • Carlton Crasher

      working on my VZW GS3 running 4.3.1 😀 CarbonRom Nightly of Course

  • J Dub

    Put it on mine and my wife’s phone.

  • Alex Boro

    also someone upload the emoji!

  • Eddie Trujillo

    I sent a picture and then it stopped responding and wouldn’t open without force closing after that. Can anyone else confirm that picture messaging works?

    • Anthony Tyson

      Same here. Note 3

    • zach471

      Same. Verizon Moto X

    • drwolcot

      Same issues. I was ableto clear cache to get it working. Tested again and it bombed. Had to uninstall as it was force closing

    • Adrynalyne

      Works for me on 4.1.2.

    • Matt Steenhard

      Video Hangout tanks on Droid Maxx, but seems to be working OK on Razr Maxx HD

  • shamatuu

    it works

  • Chris Schmucker

    I love but, but it has SMS and hangouts messages seperated. Cant win them all i guess

    • Gibbs

      This is my biggest issue. I will probably disable sms until this is fixed

      • Chris Schmucker

        Not trying to be sarcastic. But, i think Apple has a patent on how iMessage and SMS integrate in the same thread

  • Bryan

    All good on the gnex and nexus 10

    • DC_Guy

      Can you send SMS/MMS from your Nexus 10 as well? Do they show up as being sent from your actual phone number or as a regular Hangout message coming from your email address?

      • Shane Redman

        No sms /MMS on the WiFi tablets

        • Ian Smith

          that’s a bummer

        • DC_Guy

          Yeah, that’s a real bummer for me. I was really hoping that functionality would work. I know I’ll get crazy down votes for this, but iMessage still wins here.

          • NexusPhan

            iMessage is exactly the same as hangouts. iMessage on an iPad can’t send SMS or MMS either…

        • NexusPhan

          Uhh… duh? It doesn’t have a cellular radio.

          Edit: Sorry, I see now you were responding to DC-guy trying to be helpful. And here I am being an ass…

        • ArrTooDeeToo

          That is indeed a bummer. I don’t understand why they can’t make this happen.

  • Yes! Works great with Google Voice using Voice+ on CyanogenMod! Thank DL! Finally, just one app.

    • Stephen

      Just FYI, Google made it sound like they were going to be requesting that all 3rd party GV apps are halted. But enjoy it while it lasts — I’m Jealous!

      • For now I will. But They have until May of next year I guess. Either way, for now I am extremely excited!

  • Collin Chapin



    • Carlton Crasher

      To be funny…doesn’t the errors normally occur “after” you hit install? xD yanking your chain man

  • kevin

    I can confirm that text messages send

  • Ryan B

    I f****** love you Droid-Life!

    • New_Guy

      They just made my heart smile 🙂

      • michael arazan

        I need a cigarette from all the DL Love today

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  • somebody explain to me how sideloading works?
    i have a s4 GPE not rooted

    • Download the file to your phone, tap on it when it finishes, and then install. 🙂

    • Godzilla

      it is super easy on GPE devices

  • Tyler Casilio

    So I can use this on the DNA to send Text Messages? I’m confused on this Hangouts SMS stuff

    • Dominick White

      yes you can, i am using it right now, when you install the apk and open the app ,it will ask if you want to enable sms, just hit okay and you are good to go

  • Alex Boro

    Someone upload the 4.4 launcher!!!

  • So will i be able to SMS from chrome on my PC?

  • sadly i use google voice for all my texting……

    • Ian Smith

      yeah, that is pretty sad

      • Timothy McGovern


    • duke69111

      Not sad at all. To bad hangouts doesn’t appear to support it.

      • honestly it looks clunky as it is. I’d rather keep google voice as it is and separate IM and text message

    • Jérôme Besnard

      Same here. Another 6 months and it’ll be unified.

  • Bryan Buysse

    THANK YOU! You are seriously awesome!

  • hoodieNation

    Now I just need it blacked out.

  • LewisSD


  • Chris Schmucker

    All good on GNex!

  • Konstantine

    so do the texts sent wiithin hangouts still use a text plan?

    • bozzykid

      Sure. How could they not? Only if you send to another hangouts user would it not.



    • HarvesterX

      Yeah, MMS is working fine and so is group MMS.. Just tested it.

  • Shane Redman

    Yaaaay I was wrong!

    On my maxx and n7 2013

  • Zach Davis

    Working just fine on my Gnex with 4.3 😀

  • Ashley

    Is this Nexus 7 friendly?

    • R2deetard

      working on my GNex so i would assume so. now get to installing!

    • Shane Redman


    • Jeff Miller

      Hangout messages will probably work just not carrier messaging obviously

      • Ashley

        That was my next question. Thanks

      • Godzilla

        wait, really? I thought the thing about this was that I could answer text messages on my tablet, you are saying this isnt the case?

        • Nick Floria

          it is if sent as a hangouts message not as an sms.

          • gbenj

            Yeah, I installed on my nexus 7 and Galaxy nexus. Send text to and from galaxy nexus via SMS and tablet is none the wiser to any of it.

        • No. Recommend Google Voice or Mighty Text for that.

        • imnotmikal

          I had heard the same thing as you, now I’m a little disappointed. Still cool, but not as cool as I thought it was.