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Deer Hunter 2014 Updated With Halloween Madness, Time to Hunt Zombie Animals

Zombie Wolf brainshot

One of the most popular hunting games available for Android, Deer Hunter 2014, was just updated to bring some exciting new hunting adventures. It’s Halloween after all, so it’s time to go bag yourself a few zombie animals. Included in the update are zombie wolves, zombie deer, and even awesome new weapons to help you reach your limits after a long full moon-lit night. 

What’s New:


  • Animals: Zombie Wolf, Zombie Deer and Zombie Alpha Wolf
  • Weapons: The Headsman and the Headsman Elite
  • Halloween Mission
  • Missions available in every region
  • Hunters encounter random zombie animals and stampedes
  • Mission includes standard contract hunts and trophy-like hunts in different regions

Region 5:

  • New Environments: Tundra and Glacial River
  • New Animals: Polar Bears, Caribou, Bison, Musk Ox and Tundra Swan
  • New Weapons: Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifle, Pistol
  • All Region 5 firearms now have 7 upgrade levels

Go grab the new update right off of Google Play right now.

Play Link

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  • Michael

    That’s a pistol!

  • trwb


  • comedian

    Herp de derp I’m gonna come on every article today and comment “not Nexus 5” hahaha. My comedic genius is really taking off. I think it might be time to launch my standup career.

  • braindeadwalkers

    Dear world, please let the zombie trend die.

    • trwb

      and vampire and reality show trend too

  • DodgingDonkey

    I like that you guys are posting articles more frequently today… It’s like you feel for all of the people smashing F5.. and want to give them more content. Cheers!

    • http://www.droid-life.com/ Tim-o-tato

      Just trying to keep our fingers warm for all of the great stuff that’s about to go down….we hope lol

  • ChrisCorp