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The Droid Life Show: Episode 40

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Episode 40 is going down tonight with the return of the Droid Life Show! Who is ready for the ultimate hypebeast show? We all have Nexus 5 on the mind, plus some Kit Kat, so we’ll have plenty of it on tonight’s get-together. Other than those new goodies from Google that should arrive any day (more than likely tomorrow), we’d like to talk about Phonebloks and Project Ara, new Google Glass, 4.3 updates for Samsung phones, maybe even some new iPads, and more. It should be another good one that you won’t want to miss.

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast will be embedded below closer to the start of the show. Until then, feel free to hang out in the Droid Life IRC room.

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  • tomn1ce

    I have only seen 4 Nexus phones out in the wild besides my G-Nexus….and there were 1 G-Nexus and 3 Nexus 4s…

  • Really an interesting vlog. I like to see things as such. It really brings a lot to understand and be able to maintain the same direction. Kitkat is truly a revolution

  • Jason

    Nexus 5 proof here.

  • Jason

    So, the Nexus 5 will need a Micro SIM card. I will show proof as soon as I can figure out how to upload a picture.

    • Tim242

      Ummm 99% of phones use micro SIM’s.

      • Jason

        You are missing the point.
        This means the Nexus 5 WILL be coming and it will be called the Nexus 5.
        T-Mo employees already know enough about it to answer questions.
        Much to get from the photo I uploaded.

        • Tim242

          We already know it’s coming, and we already know it is called the Nexus 5 from the Play Store listing. There have been leaks galore, yet you act like you have to post a T-Mobile chat as proof : /

  • Jason

    sorry, here:

  • Jason

    Don’t know if anyone is interested but…

    Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

  • Kyle

    Good show tonight, guys!

  • LG Screen, motorola battery, sony cameras, android, qualcomm processor, and bose “boom sound” type front facing speakers. It would be an ultra-zoid hyper beast mode smartphone.

  • Incredible_Culp

    I actually would not want EVERYBODY with a Nexus device. Maybe it’s me, but I like being different and being the odd ball out. When people asked me what phone I had, and I replied, “Its a Nexus” they didnt know what I was talking about and wanted to know more. If I had Galaxy, they would ask me what phone I had, and just reply, “Oh.”

    I dont want a phone that everybody and their dog has, thats one of the reasons why I love the Nexus line.

    • blackjaguar25

      “Nexus Users: The Hipsters of Smartphones”

      • beerme828

        real android hipsters go with Blu!

    • Trevor

      I’m the same way. The uniqueness factor is kind of a big deal.

      • Incredible_Culp


    • Colin Huber

      Even though it’s a “Galaxy,” I felt the same way with the Note 2, and now again with the Note 3. Maybe it’s by coincidence, but I’ve seen three Note 2s in the wild, and no Note 3s, other than the ones I own.

    • LewisSD

      Maybe it’s just me but I could give a Damn what other people think about MY phone and I’m sure as hell not basing my + $300 purchase on what others think. I buy a phone that I know will last me a solid 2 years and do what I need it to. Don’t need a phone to start a conversation with someone lol.

      • Incredible_Culp

        Sweet, me too 😀

    • qwerty

      i can’t believe 10 people up voted this comment. This is the complete opposite viewpoint of people that buy iPhones because everyone has one, but it is equally as stupid. Buy a phone because you like it, not because it makes you cool for either following the crowd or being “unique”.

      • Incredible_Culp

        lol.. No where did I say that I buy a phone cause it makes me “look cooler”
        Being different doesnt mean “looking cool” either. I’m sorry you think that.

        You just went beside the point.

    • sallymurphy235

      my best frends sister just got cream Chevrolet City Express
      Minivan only from working part-time off a laptop… you could try this out

  • guesswhat

    thats why motorola is google sub division ..all the stuff that ron mentioned they should do with nexus ..they are trying to do that with moto ..motoro will be making all the main stream google products for masses

  • inklenotrump

    I feel like you don’t sell out a phone w/o it being popular.. is it the volume of sales that bothers you guys?

  • inklenotrump

    do you have statistics on nexus phone volume?

  • 3M4NU31

    Sorry Kellen, but you should really get rid of that neckbeard…

    • Tim242

      That’s Eric…

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Well I don’t mind Ron he offers valid input and it’s good to see what’s happening on the other side of the fence. Android Central talks about Apple quite a bit and their site has Android in it.. The way you all bitch and moan about Ron is as boring as hearing Apple fanboys say Android copied something Apple did.

    • Tim242

      Rand Paul? That explains your nonsense.

      • Rand Paul 2016

        Go ahead troll keep your head in the sand.

        • Tim242

          Anybody that thinks Rand Paul has a chance, it’s those heads that are in the sand.

  • droidrazredge

    If when I wake up tomorrow and their is no announcement of Kit Kat or a Nexus 5 I’m going to assume Google gave us a trick instead of treating us this Halloween and it will end up like the past Halloweens and be another boring day for me. I guess I can always hope for a new OS and Nexus 5 debut for Thanksgiving. Google would not disappoint when it’s time to give, would they ?

  • NexusPhan

    Oh still Ron? Cool, still not watching.

    • Yaniv

      Sad.True, but sad.

    • ilovetechwoo9

      I don’t see how he can be on a Android site

    • Mike Aurin

      So I think its unanimous. Take Ron off of the Droid Life payroll.

  • Mal

    Do they do the shows using Google+ On Air?

  • HryPop

    If I could lose VZW I would. the fact I have been with them since I had a Panasonic bag Cell Phone EB-2501A and I have to pay full price for a Galaxy Note 3 to keep my unlimited data.

    Any ideas that might help?

    • Philip J. Fry

      How much data do you use each month?

      • HryPop

        about 2 gig. i just hate when i use over when i am away from home.

        • Philip J. Fry

          Have you checked out AIO wireless? I think that’s who I’m going with when I leave verizon when I get the N5.

          • HryPop

            just looked i thought about metro media but one of the other plans might be better.o

  • Derek Duncan

    wait, nobody cares about the Nexus. Move along.

  • Yaniv

    Why? It’s not like there is something exciting coming to Android right? It’s only a Nexus phone-No big deal.

    • Jeff

      That’s the reason, so Ron can be a downer and try to convince everyone not to be excited about the Nexus 5. It’ll help people manage their expectations.

      • Yaniv

        Sadly i’m afraid that’s exactly what will happen.No need to put the hype down tho. We deserve the hype, we want the hype. We are Android! hear us Roar! No really, i want the 5 already.

    • Derek Duncan

      I understand Ron gets page views, that’s pretty much why he’s here. He ruffles feathers of fanboys.

      • Trust me, Ron is not used for page views. Just because he holds a different opinion some of time than that of everyone else on the planet, we enjoy having him around. He brings a different perspective, and to us, that’s important. If we wanted four dudes on a G+ Hangout agreeing with each other on everything, I don’t think it would be as enjoyable not just for you guys, but for me too.

        • eazy

          Im sorry but his views are, uh moronic. Case and point: He hyped up the Moto X, then made a 180 and said he was getting an iphone…yeah id say his opinion is like jewish foreskin-worthless

          • Thomas

            I find my foreskin very useful 😉

          • Dusty

            That is like saying a honda salesman needs to drive a honda. If not he should be fired because how could he possibly sell a car there??? Honda makes great cars but maybe it isn’t for the salesman. Maybe honda doesn’t make a car that fits all his needs.

          • Ej McCarty

            The problem is that Ron doesn’t try to “sell” android phones. He complains about them and promotes iPhones. Can you imagine a Honda salesman saying this civic is good. You should get it, but I’m getting a Corolla.

        • 1bad69z28

          Sorry to read all of this immaturity going on just because one person see’s something different and expresses his views on the Nexus Program and its direction.

          First of all Ron explained his views and detailed his points Very well actually). Which upon READING and having an OPEN MIND to ones view. Ron did an outstanding job of pointing out how the Nexus Program started out in one direction then changed.

          For a better understanding PLEASE READ and LEARN before trashing someone. No you don’t have to agree, but it just seems like anything that says NEXUS and the phone is BELOW what some of the other OEM’s are putting out from their flagship devices except stock Android and people think “That’s It” It’s the device we’ve been waiting for with lower than expected specs at times.

          I for one have wondered the same. How come the Nexus isn’t the baddest device on the block. I am sure there is a bunch of CORPORATE dealings and negotiations that goes on between Google and their partners that the rest of us just don’t know about.

          Ron is a pretty smart Cat, his views are there to give thought and spark conversation and maybe you might learn a few things. You don’t have to agree but just have an open mind.

          As my handle states 1bad69z28, I do realize that some of the baddest American Muscle cars Engines didn’t come just from General Motors. Other competitors like the Chrysler Hemi, the Ford 429 big blocks etc.. made history. In essence I love Chevy’s but can appreciate other makes and models as well and listen to what others have to say.

          Just my 2 cents

          • NexusPhan

            The problem is, it has nothing to do with his opinions. It’s his constant whining and complaining about everything. It makes this ANDROID BLOG video completely un-enjoyable (for me). If I wanted to hear people whine, I’d listen to Justin Bieber.

        • Justin Kos

          I couldn’t agree more Tim. However…Ron jokes are to be expected 😛