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Pandora Releases Version 5.0, Introduces Tablet UI to Android

pandora tablet view

Pandora users – if you still exist – your tablet experience on Android has finally arrived. After a revamped tablet UI surfaced for the iPad back in September as iTunes Radio was launching, we once again wondered when the streaming music service would stop ignoring the most popular mobile OS on the planet and show us some love. Thankfully, we have to worry no longer. The new Pandora 5.0 should work with “hundreds” of different big-screened Android devices. 

Here are some of the new features to Pandora 5.0:

  • Enhanced Listening Experience & Personalization – App interface is optimized for larger screens and features upgraded core Pandora functionality, such as adding variety to a station and viewing station details, in addition to the ability to easily shuffle, rename and delete stations.
  • Deeper Music Discovery & Exploration –Explore more about the artist and album that is currently playing with enriched artist pages that include similar artists and genome traits of the current track playing, plus lyrics, artist biographies and album discographies.
  • Your Personal Profile & Music Feed – Your detailed timeline Capture your music preferences on this detailed timeline, such as stations created, bookmarked tracks and thumb history and choose to make your profile either public or private. The Music Feed offers a centralized place to view music activity, making it easy to explore what friends and other listeners with similar musical tastes are discovering and enjoying on Pandora.
  • The Ability to Connect & Share Music with Friends  Social sharing features are now easier than ever to navigate on Android tablets with the updated user interface. Listeners can publish their music activity to Facebook with the Pandora Timeline app, as well as manually share links to favorite stations with followers on Twitter.

So there you have it! We’re personally big fans of Google Music All Access, but we’ll take a tablet UI for Pandora, even if it is a couple of years late.

Update:  Is that a Chromecast icon in that screenshot? Since Pandora doesn’t officially support Chromecast yet, I think it’s fair to assume that it is coming.

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Via:  Pandora

  • geocab

    The headphone jack on my Note 2 doesn’t work anymore so I have to stream Pandora out of my iPad on my 3.5 hour drive back home every weekend. (Working out of town.) If it worked though, I’d stick to the free version as it is fine for me. The new variety feature has already improved what I hear on the iPad version.

    I don’t know why all of my phones lose their head phone jack ability.

  • Chris Hannan

    Still no notification controls. What the heck Pandora?

  • Higher_Ground

    I wish the widget would start working again. Since the last update it just displays the first song from when you opened it and never changes to reflect what’s currently playing.

  • ckeegan

    I get all the All Access love since we’re on an all Android site, but until my home theater receiver, bedroom TV, and vehicle infotainment system can use it, PandoraPandora/Spotify it is.

  • ColdBrew

    Pandora is way better at mixing channels that Google’s service IMHO. And Google’s music service cost 300% more.

    • Mike

      I really have to wonder what I’m missing by paying $40 a year for Pandora that Google All Access would give me for three times more $? It *is* still just a streaming service.

      • ColdBrew

        It offers the same type of service as Pandora as well as allow you to make your own playlist of songs. But their song selection is limited. I don’t think they have as many songs as say Music Unlimited (Sony’s service). BUT the coolest thing IMHO is that it will mix your personal uploaded collection in to the mix. Also the app is pretty good as well.

        But still you have to pay 300% more for it and for me it isn’t worth it.

  • Daniel Russell

    I have both google play all access (droid maxx) and pandora one. I prefer pandora personally because i’ve been using it for years and it’s personalized really well to my music needs. I don’t actually use google music all that much. The price is too steep for me for google all access once my subscription runs out.

  • rutgersjaffo

    First of all, what is this “If you still exist” garbage? For crying out loud, Pandora is a fantastic service. I stream Pandora from my Note 2 to the Big Jambox every weekend with a massive shuffle using my home wifi through Comcast so that I don’t eat any of my data and I have zero complaints whatsoever. Also…free. If I want to hear what I want instantly, I simply use my own collection, no big deal.

    • duke69111

      Agreed. I love Pandora.

  • John Friend

    Pandora has had nothing but complaints from my circle. A few of my friends with android phones and ipad tablets always use their phones for pandora. They don’t like the ipad interface and inability to find the regular stations like top 40.

  • alex drum

    Can someone please tell me when the play store/play music will get a real selection of AC/DC? There is no way I am the only person upset about this…

  • Steve Swall

    All Access needs to do a better job of data management. Even on a lower quality setting, it uses a ton of Data, and doesn’t sound that great. Somehow, Sirius XM App, and Pandora do a better job of streaming higher quality music with less data use.

    • Weber

      Pin the music you want to listen to. When you get on WiFi, it’ll download it to your phone. Listen to it anytime you want without it using data. I see how you’d want to stream sometimes, but if data is a cause for concern, you can always pin stuff. I usually thumbs-up things, then pin my thumbs-up playlist.

  • Is that the Chromecast icon up there?

  • Ben Myton

    I thought many folks were still using Pandora… I guess I’m behind the times. I want something that’s easy and free to play a radio-like experience while not forcing me to listen to radio edits and not asking me to listen to excessive adds,

    Is there a better service out there that I should know about?

    I don’t particularly want to pay for a subscription, even if I get to “chose the songs I listen to”. I can pull up YouTube and listen on demand if I need that.

    • Sankyou

      Pandora is still used by many. There is an obvious slant toward Google products on this site. Not saying that’s bad but it IS droid-life. I liked All Access as well but didn’t feel it was worth the monthly sub. The mixes were too literal for my taste and I already have a huge collection of music.

    • Higher_Ground

      I use Pandora, and like you, don’t wish to pay anything for streaming music. What has really started to annoy me lately is the app now starts to play back-to-back ads. It’s also really odd how it will play 3-4 ads in one 30 min session, and then 0 ads in the next. I’d almost rather have it be somewhat predictable, though I can generally tell an ad is coming up next because of the slight pause and just mute for 30s.
      It could be worse. I know the iOS app plays video ads, which would be more than enough to make me switch to something else.

  • Paul Pottle

    I use Pandora extensively as the head unit in my car has Pandora controls. If there was a way to change stations, thumbs up / down, view song info, etc for All Access I would most likely move that way.

  • cjohn4043

    Man, this will be great for all 8 people that still use Pandora.

    • rutgersjaffo

      You’re so hip, dude. Because everything more than five minutes old sucks, right?

      • cjohn4043

        *sigh* No…there are just better services than Pandora.

  • Rick Lopez

    Has DL done a poll on how many people check in on this site at 11AM Est everyday and how many times a day?

    This is a great site, I have been coming here for years and I thought I would just remark on how well you all put out information. Very well done!

    Thank you –

    • Philip J. Fry

      That would be interesting to see.

    • Weber

      Haha I start with F5 around 9 CST. I can read breaking news elsewhere, for the most part, but I like their opinions and articles better. Plus the comment section is a good place to hang out when I’m bored at work.

  • Pandora is VERY slow with updates. I’ve switched to Play Music All Access and haven’t looked back.

  • Weber

    No thanks. I’ll take Google Play All-Access any day. Playlists, any music I want, ability to save music on any device I authorize, radio, and “I’m feeling lucky” radio works just fine for me. Completely worth the money each month to me. Saves me from having to download music and load it up on my iPod, and I don’t have to HOPE that Pandora will play something I like. May as well listen to the radio if I wanted ads.

    • Adam Truelove

      Pandora is so 2011. There are much better options out there now for not much money.

      • Weber

        I don’t even notice the money coming out of my account. I spend it on much more frugal things in a month that ~$.33/day is nothing to be worried about, even if money was an issue.

        • Frettfreak

          I look at it as its less than buying 1 album a month.

          • Weber

            Exactly. This way (and I’m probably wrong) the artists still get my money (although Idk what they see of it, since the record labels probably still keep the money for licensing)

          • Frettfreak

            In reality most artists don’t make a whole lot on album sales no matter where the “sale” occurs. They make most money from touring, concerts, and merch sales. But I am sure they see something from it.

          • Weber

            I hope so, since I spend almost nothing on albums anymore.

    • Frettfreak

      You nailed it! and the “i’m feeling lucky” radio rocks!

  • Wes Thomson

    I see a chromecast button on the screenshot. Was that snuck into a previous update and I never noticed? You would think they would advertise if it was part of this update.
    Also, Pandora does exactly what I need for $36 bucks a year versus $7-12 a month. With a free version also, I think there are still a lot of users.

    • Droid Ronin

      I thought Pandora was going to have Chromecast support out of the box, as was mentioned during Google I/O. Why has it not been implemented?

  • Does anybody else feel like Pandora’s “thumb’s up” songs travel across stations? For instance, I have an Aerosmith station and thumbed up plenty on that type of music, but why would Aerosmith or AC/DC come on when i’m listening to my kids “Disney” when i’m driving them to school? My point is, it shouldn’t. Also, what if it does? i mean i still like the song but not on the Disney station. if i thumb down it, will it ever play again on the Aerosmith station?

    • Frettfreak

      Sounds like you need Google play all access! 😉

      • Tried it…loved it…i’m just too darn cheap to pay for music, period. great market but not for me. free radio and i’ll just suffer through it.

  • coolsilver

    Plus Chromecast Button!

  • D.B.

    Top right of the picture show’s the Chromecast icon. Is it supported now with this update?

    • Philip J. Fry

      Not yet, but it shouldn’t be to much longer.

  • monkey082506

    All Access is my new favorite, haven’t thought about Pandora since I’ve subscribed.

    • Philip J. Fry

      This. If you’re going to pay for a service, all access is where it’s at imo.

      • diversification

        Agreed, but for free users, Pandora still wins, yes?

        • Brendan Owens

          Pandora just works the best for me on data. Spotify and Rdio alway cuts out. Pandora has best music discovery for free

        • michael arazan

          I enjoy comedians, and not all albums are in the play store or all access, Pandora makes great radio stations for comedians and album rotations. Also Tune-in is great free or paid too for any radio stations in the world, if you like to listen to popular music from other countries.

    • Agreed. Pandora will be a sinking ship unless they can get with on-demand streaming like Spotify and All Access. The radio stations available on All Access are every bit as good as Pandora.

    • Silver Veloz

      I agree also. I listen to All Access all day at work. Haven’t thought of Pandora, well, since this was brought up and an update showed on my Phone last night. Love All Access.

    • Frettfreak

      The ONLY thing i was using pandora for was when i just wanted to listen to a variety of music (they had the shuffle station) but since google added the “i’m feeling lucky radio” i havent had to use pandora ever. I am so happy to be done with them for sure!

      • monkey082506

        The I’m feeling lucky radio is one of my favorite new features.

    • coolsilver

      I’ve used Pandora a once in a while when the mix of songs on Google becomes repetitive or not enough of the artist I wanted to hear. Personalization is still lacking for Google Music on their radio.

      • kashtrey

        Yeah, the Radio on Google is kind of hit and miss just in different ways than Pandora. Personally, I still use Pandora at home for my workout mix just because it has some better Genre stations.

    • Bill Anderson

      Google sucks for kids music. Unfortunately, that is 90% of my listening now, and Pandora gives it to me for free.

  • StargateNH

    And the UI still sucks. Why cant I use the menu to get to settings? Have to make 3 actions to go back to the home screen 1st. Also I would like a “night” option for when in the car. Its too white and bright. Just make it Holo and be normal, Pandora…

  • March McLaughlin

    Pandora is still the best streaming music service in my opinion. By their # of subscribers, I would venture that we outnumber the rest of the services out there.

    • T4rd

      It’s certainly nice to set a station and forget it sometimes like when I’m cleaning the house or doing other chores and just want some background music to keep me going. But in the car when I want to hear a specific album or song(s), I don’t care for it much. It also seems that they don’t have a lot of diversity in their stations; I hear the same songs repeatedly every time I listen to a station, but that is both good and bad. But overall, it’s much cheaper (or free if you don’t mind commercials) than Google’s All Access, so it’s still a great service for what it costs.

      • Frettfreak

        if you are an all access subscriber, try the “i’m feeling lucky radio” for a great mix / variety. That was literally the only thing i used pandora for but now i never use pandora.

      • tu3218

        right on with this. Pandora is nice if your entertaining a party or friends. Set a station and walk away. But in my car, I usually want to hear my own ,particular favorite songs which All Access comes into play.

  • Ben Murphy

    If the number 5 does not include the word Nexus, I’m not interested.