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Nexus 5 Can’t Seem to Stay Out of the Way of Blurry Cams, Surfaces Again and Again


I don’t even know what to write about these leaks anymore. It seems like everyone has their hands on the Nexus 5 these days, only none of them know what to do with it, meaning we haven’t had new info in days. It also seems to have far surpassed almost any other phone in recent memory when it comes to unofficial sightings. What is Google waiting for? 

In today’s appearances, we have the phone lying face-up on top of a retail box. People are claiming that it’s an “unboxing!” to stir up excitement, when really it’s just a blurry shot of the phone with nothing else to talk about. Well, the leaker who posted it did get scared and ask mods over at Overclockers to delete his posts and account after claiming he would leak more throughout the day. So I guess you do at least have some drama.

The other shot is from an LG Malaysia service center (pictured below). And that’s it.

Nexus 5 - 1

Oh, it also posted some rather impressive BaseMark X benchmarks for gaming, beating out the LG G2 with a score of 14.17 to the G2’s 12.53.

g2 benchmarkn5 benchmark

Update: Here is a picture of a dummy unit, because well, we hadn’t seen one of those yet.

nexus 5 dummy

Via:  Overclockers [2] | +Lin Siong Soh | GSMArena

  • Rob

    Would it ever be possible that a blurry shot would look clear to someone with poor eyesight? Never thought about that.

  • zp

    Sadly, inadequate storage and no expansion makes this phone a fail.

  • Sumit

    Anyone knows if this will be available in India anytime soon? I got me a Nexus 7 in a visit to Singapore – a full week before it was launched in India. I’d love to get a Nexus 5 locally, without having to ask my boss for authorizing a business trip 🙂 I love how technology is getting so global that we in India can actually get our hands on cutting edge gear just a couple weeks after folks in the US, rather than half a year later ( as used to be the case just a few years ago) .

  • Zionzhill7

    this phone just looks better and better, i took a break from android this month and traded my galaxy s4 for someone’s iphone 5 and I am honestly considering sticking with ios, android is better I think, but ios really suits my needs and I love the ios 7 UI, the app selection and quality as well is the ecosystem which is great since I already own a macbook pro not to mention siri is 10x more useful than Google Now IMO i honestly tried to use google now consistently but I almost never needed it, siri I use everyday. My only main gripe is the lack of customizing (which isn’t a necessity) the screen size which apple is for sure going bigger next year, and the battery sucks pretty bad.

    But I gotta say the Nexus 5 is looking mroe and more tempting to me everyday I might have to go back I have only been away since the beginning of october had a galaxy S4 that I rooted and flashed stock roms on all the time, but I just wanted a change because I have owned 5 different android flagship smartphones since 2010, also android overall still feels very disconnected in many aspects, ios 7 feels like one big experience going from app to app, but on android’s UI the consistency is lacking in some aspects.

    I can honestly say I love both Platforms for what they are, I might just become one of those few people who switches platforms every year lol idk hopefully T mobile will have a Model in store to play around with like they did with the nexus 4, or maybe my carrier sprint will carry it idk, I want to use it in hand before I decide.

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Nexus 5 is confirmed to not being available on Verizon, correct?

  • rlorenz

    Hmm. Based on the details on those benchmarks, I wonder if the Nexus 5 has the higher-binned S800’s? That’d be a nice plus over the G2–although I wonder what kind of difference you’d see in real-world performance

  • Harris

    There’s so many leaks because Google wants to announce the phone and immediately open pre-orders/orders straight away, instead of having 1 month between launch and orders.
    + they probably have a large amount of stock so they can meet demand, unlike the n4

  • ABA

    I’m on Verizon (family plan, that my parents are paying for) with the grandfathered unlimited data on a GNEX. My contract is up on June 2014 but my mom has an upgrade available which I’m planning on using to get a Moto X. Now that I have a job I’m going to purchase the unlocked Nexus 5 and try out T-Mobile while keeping the VZW line to compare coverage. I travel a lot (throughout the state of Alabama) and to California to visit my family, so coverage is important.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    All this damn trolling over a phone that won’t even sell a fraction of what the S4/Note 3/5S sell…Google be bullshitting

  • Hothfox

    I wouldn’t be so anxious over this if I wasn’t still on the Galaxy Nexus. I really hope the release is soon, as my GNex has seen better days.

  • VK

    Look like it just cleared the Taiwan FCC and if Google is planning a global release, I don’t see it happening within 2 days, that is by Nov 1st as rumored.

  • Bojan Tomic

    Google’s event will only last for like 10 seconds. They basically don’t have to say anything about it except the official price and the release date. lol

  • Sharkh20

    I would like a phone for this sim card I got.

  • Justin M. Morris

    My guess is that they announce the N5 sometime tomorrow, allow pre orders, and ship them out starting Monday…at least that’s what I hope. What irks me is the fact that Google hasn’t said one single word about it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we all knew about the N4 well before its release last year. If they don’t announce or even hint about the N5 by tomorrow night, there will be even more angry customers than before and with good reason. We’ve seen countless leaks over the weeks but with no official word from Google. It’s starting to become a drag now.

    • Jeff

      Google has a date they want to announce and release the phone, doesn’t make sense to me to say a ‘good reason’ to get mad at them is that it’s not as soon as you want it to be announced/released.

  • PhilMcChill

    It’s almost time to say goodbye to Big Red! 😀

  • Moto X or Nexus 5, that is the question…

    • ssl48

      Neither; get an iPhone 5s

      • Jeff


        • andrew borrelli

          So he can get VOIP calls in hangouts… damn it google!

      • Angel Cervantes


  • JDMendiola

    you know that feeling of being really hungry , and it eventually gets to the point where you’re not even hungry anymore ? hmmm -____-

    • jbdan

      Yeah….but you know that feeling when it starts all over again

      • JDMendiola

        but that hunger won’t come back until i actually see&smell how delicious the food looks . but it’s ok , while everyone else is starving , ill be here snacking on my moto x .

    • ROB

      It called a headache