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Man’s Whose Life was Saved by HTC Device Gets Hooked up With Care Package


Remember that story we posted about an old HTC EVO 3D stopping a bullet and saving a gas station clerk’s life? Well, HTC felt it was appropriate to go ahead and send that man a “get well soon” package, complete with a brand new HTC One smartphone and a ton of accessories to go along with it. 

Looks like we have an official car dock, HTC laptop bag, on-the-go charging unit, a “Hipster Troll Carwash” coffee mug, and something else behind the chargers that is being delivered to the clerk. Very cool of HTC to recognize what happened and to do this.

Good move, HTC.

HTC Care Package

Via: @HTC

  • Trent Callahan

    Thank for this care package HTC. User friendly and smooth.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Honestly, Too Cool.

  • frhow

    HTC already saved his life, what more can they do, he should be thanking them. lol but no seriously great job HTC!!…

  • Rob

    OK, better get me a jacket and line it up with HTC One’s so in case I get hit by a bullet I can get a free HTC On… oh wait.

    Here’s To Charity

  • This is truly a miracle. For him to say that maybe it was rescued by a phone thing can never forget in my life. It’s like, something very real that such

  • Andy B

    Well no one is buying HTC phones, so they have plenty to give away.

    • Chris

      HTC one seems to be selling well.

      Plus if no one was buying them then they would cease production.

      • P Dogura

        “Plus if no one was buying them then they would cease production.”

        Do you happen to take the short bus to school?

  • roberthenderson

    If you get shot in the iPhone your children die as well.

    • Chris

      Not funny.

      • roberthenderson

        Touchy Touchy

        • Chris

          so if your mother had an iphone does that mean she and you should die?

          Grow up child. I swear kids today have ZERO respect. No wonder why their generation is so messed up. Don’t put the blame on those who raised you. They were fine.

  • tryptech

    Wanna know how he’s used his new phone at least once? The picture has the low-light issue so many other HTC Ones have had, the purple cast over the image, most noticeably along the top and bottom edges here.

  • topherct

    Stay Classy HTC

  • The_16th_Doctor

    Anyone want to shoot me where coincidently my nexus 4 resides?

  • EvanTheGamer

    Wow…that’s a great gesture HTC did for that poor clerk. Awesome.

  • ilovetechwoo9

    Apple would of sued him for damaging their iphone

    • SagarPatel

      you shot it wrong….

  • ilovetechwoo9

    very cool of HTC to do this

  • bluemon

    Quick, someone shoot me and my Nexus 4

    • starnovsky

      pew pew

  • Adamania

    It would have been even more cool of HTC to switch him from Sprint to a real carrier.

    • Chris

      Sprints a real carrier.

  • droidrazredge

    I think it’s a win win for both parties. A win for the guy who was shot and is thanking the guy upstairs that he happened to have his smartphone where it was and he did not die from the bullet and a win for HTC’s PR for reaching out to the guy and giving him a care package. Good Karma will come HTC’s way now. Well played HTC. This reminds me of those Hello Kindness Commercials.

  • Dave

    Good thing it wasn’t a Kevlar wrapped Moto Droid, they’d have a whole new ad campaign.

    • Weber

      You wouldn’t realize the ad was for a phone, though.

  • flosserelli

    Smart move, HTC. Now they should capitalize on this by hiring a good advertising firm to come up with a clever ad.

  • Mike Aurin

    Good guy HTC.

  • Not to be a grammar nazi but the title doesn’t read right. I don’t think there should be a ‘s on man. Other than that, this man is extremely lucky, one for the phone actually stopping the bullet and secondly for getting a free upgrade + accessories!

    • MikeSaver


      • Adrynalyne

        YOUR annoying!

    • Chris

      who cares? theres much more things in life to cry about then a title on a tech blog

    • todini

      You meant ” an ‘s “

  • Keg Man

    the guy’s was saved by a phone….he should have been buying HTC a beer. Not the other way around

  • jose

    BRB, gonna put some rounds in my old Rezound…

  • nicepeoplerule

    Very cool move HTC. Helpful Telephone Company

  • Philip J. Fry

    Good guy htc

  • John Smith

    is that a SPRINT HTC One?

    • k1ngcor3y

      considering his EVO was shot I would hope that’s a Sprint One or that there is a check for his ETF behind that mug.

    • Chris

      of course. The EVO was a SPRINT phone…

  • Menger40

    Cue fakers trying to get a free upgrade. There’s gonna be an EVO massacre.

  • Pedro

    HTC does something right?


    • John Smith

      Ha! first thing Chou’s done right in a long time!

      • epps720

        They pretty much got everything right on the One, now the marketing of the One that’s where it all went wrong.

        • John Smith

          fanboys always blame the marketing when a product flops. those silly canuck blackberry fanboys are blaming marketing too.

          • epps720

            I’m not a fanboy by any means, the One is my first HTC device but I think it’s a great device. I’m also not the only one who thinks so, all the reviews seem to agree. I really haven’t seen much of any marketing done for this phone so yes I believe it is the lack of marketing. Can’t compare them to Blackberry who completely missed the boat.

  • James Hill

    So that’s why the RAZR’s are made with Kevlar.

  • John Smith


  • Silver Veloz

    Nice going HTC.

  • Ej McCarty

    If he gets shot in the HTC one the shooter will die from ricochet

    • TylerChappell

      Hey now, that was such a good game made by Valve! Who didn’t see this coming? I knew they would give him a new One, guess the extra accessories only make sense. ;D ba-dum tshh

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  • Kane Stapler

    So if I shoot my GS3…

    • PaulSchroeder

      Where’s my 9mm at…

      • Keg Man

        i could be wrong but that bullet hole has to be a 22 imo. I’ve actually known ppl to pull the trigger with a 22 to their head and live cause the bullet didn’t go through

        • Adrynalyne

          .25 is even worse for that.

          • Keg Man

            yes. dude put the 22 to the front of his head pointing backwards. the bullet skimmed the top of his head and hit the wall behind him. never penetrated

          • jeesung

            Slimmed the top of his head?

            It sounds harsh, but that’s bad aim

          • Quest

            If the.22 is to close the bullet will not pierce. Worked in a slaughter house and had it happened on a few cows.

          • michael arazan

            Worse thing about being shot with a .22 is that it bounces around inside your body

    • Adrynalyne

      Samsung will permit you to buy another.

      • Lincoln Daniel

        Thanks, sir, for the burst of laughter. Much appreciated.

        • Alex

          I did the same thing, but I was on the phone with a customer and I had to stifle it.

    • n11

      No. If someone else shoots you with the intent to kill you, and your phone so happens to be in your pocket, then we can talk.

      • Adrynalyne

        Does anyone else think the flimsy plastic that Samsung uses probably won’t stop a bullet?

        • chris125

          have you seen the plastic they used on the EVO 3d that supposedly stopped the bullet? Not much better lol

          • Adrynalyne

            The insides of HTC are pretty sturdy although it looks like they skimped on the 3d.

          • Ryan

            In all honesty they are phones and pretty much the same. The One is aluminum build but not inch thick or anything that will matter lol.

          • hoosiercub88

            The internals are pretty much the same as any other phone..

        • Keg Man

          keywords was that the bullet hit the battery

        • Jerk Face

          I’ve seen stranger things happen

        • n11

          Hmm, probably not. But then again if you’re buying a phone based on its “bullet-stopping” feature… XD

    • Justin W

      It would move and you’d hit the target behind it.

      • Adrynalyne

        Personally, I think it would put HIM in front of the bullet to protect itself.

    • dannyWHITE

      So if I shoot my Nexus 4…..

      • Eric

        you would get shot also.

        • Frettfreak

          LMFAO!! Literally LOL’d

    • jose

      You’ll let all the Touchjizz leak out!