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Check Out This 3D Nexus 5 GIF

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Mmmmhmmm, pretty.

Is tomorrow the day? A typically reliable source tells us that it should be. Then again, this is Google we’re dealing with here. Don’t forget to join us tonight live tonight on the DL Show as we discuss it all!

Via:  reddit

Update:  Apparently this is the 3D render of the phone that was pulled from Sprint’s site. (via)

  • 4g63mark

    “But it’s not aluminum!!! It’s cheap plastic!!!!”
    ~Every stupid blogger that rode HTC’s cock ~

  • Bruce Wayne

    Gah damn it, why can’t they center that camera lens?

  • SRN

    Damn you Verizon……DAMN YOU!!!!!

  • hoosiercub88

    I never realized the taper on the backside of the device, I bet this thing feels super nice in the hand.

  • Steve B

    This guy got up and close with the device:


    Sounds like the N5 may have the touchless control of the Moto X.

    • trwb

      He says the display is average. That is not a good thing. Thank you for the info.

  • Dan

    I have zero interest in the device.

    • Steve B

      I have zero interest in your comment.

      • Dan

        The why are you commenting? Loser.

        • Guest

          Why are YOU commenting, if you have zero interest in the Nexus 5?

        • Steve B

          Grammar. You should try it sometime.

    • Jeff

      “The why are you commenting? Loser.” -quoted from Dan

  • Ronald Bernard

    Although it is unrealistic to think this will ever find its way to Verizon. I am glad I added a line for my mother in-law and gave her my GNEX. I had to upgrade during Verizon’s unlimited data glitch, so I am happy with my Moto X FOR NOW! Hopefully, by the good graces of god the Nexus 5 will make it to big red. If not I am ok with the X. Unless the Moto G is the Moto version of the Nexus….daydreaming is a huge issue for me..lol

  • Chippah

    Also, DO NOT BUY from Google Play. Unless you want endless pain and frustration unless they have fixed their major problems with shipping, customer service. etc.

    • envoy510

      If not Google Play, then where??

  • Chippah

    I would bite on the N5 but I feel “burnt” by Google on the last 3 nexus devices

    I have owned accessory and performance wise…

    Your SOL if your on Verizon, However it wont be long until

    the LG G2 (the Nexus 5’s sister) will get straight up AOSP Kitkat.

    Now.. If the Devs get safestrap/loki on the VZW Note 3 then we all get the best of both worlds. Note 3 + KitKat=


  • Chippah

    Looks awfully thick…

  • Justin Bontrager

    It’s Halloween now…

  • HarvesterX

    I’ve switched to using Dolphin browser (as It’s one of the few which types correctly and handles Discus correctly on this site (other Discus forums work fine). But anyways, it looks very tight if you take the Nexus 5 wallpaper and set thst as your theme ontthe Browser.. Just saying.

    • Chippah

      Check out Maxthon its come lightyears from what it once was years ago. – lighter than Dolphin bloatwise and much faster.

      • HarvesterX

        I wasnt plug going any browser. I just noticed with the “5” N5 wall papersset as the the me everything looked totally sweet. Haven’t used Maxthon since buy in the G2 so I’ll give it another go based on your review.!

  • Brandon Rosonina
  • 777light777

    What I REALLY want to know is: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    1: Where are the Nexus 5 “nexccessories” like the home dock, car dock, and inductive charger!?

    2: When are we going to get “real” pics of the new Nexus 10…….+ keyboard dock!? 😀

    3: Moar info on the Nexus 8!?

    • joejoe5709

      1.) We know very little outside of some cases. Nexus device accessories typically suck.

      2.) The Nexus 10 probably isn’t getting refreshed for while. We haven’t seen anything from the FCC and leaks are practically zero. It’s somewhat possible that the government shut down delayed it. Or I think they can get away with a mild exterior design refresh without needing FCC approval. Maybe.

      3.) Lol. Same as Nexus 10 but even less likely. Maybe next year as a Nexus 7 refresh. Zero info except a recent odd FCC filing from LG or something.

  • Brendan Owens

    Curse you Google for releasing 4.4 the day before my huge Pre Calc test and the weekend of my “no electronics” retreat.

  • el oso borracho

    It does beg the question – Moto X-level customization aside, why don’t other manufacturers at least let you choose among their existing phone and back colors? Mixing frequently looks great.

  • joejoe5709

    Very cool. Honestly I’m getting really bored of the Nexus leaks. I’m dying for some Kit Kat information. Let’s go, Google!

    Let’s hope we hear something tomorrow! This week has been agonizing! I was expecting something Monday and now it’s going to be Thursday at the least!

  • qwerty

    the design of the phone is nothing special to me, but I’m gonna get it regardless

  • Bruce

    How’s T-Mobil’s LTE in Los Angeles area?

    • ManBearPig618

      Getting better. Coverage pretty much everywhere now. Not blazing fast, but fast.

  • ddevito

    It ain’t rocket science.



  • Wait…where’s the speaker grill on the screen side (the one you use for calls)? I wonder if they shifted to using the bone-conducting earpieces in an effort to keep the front ascetic clean.

    • Noel

      Speaker on the bottom on either side of the of the micro usb port. The white looks good but would have been even sweeter if it was all white, front and back

      • I mean like the speaker you use to make calls (when holding the phone to your ear), the one that is usually above the screen and next to (or under in the case of Apple) the front facing camera.

        • joejoe5709

          There’s a teeny tiny circle that is supposedly the speaker. It is a little odd.

  • bassman418

    Looks kind of thick……

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Yes, that is what she said.

  • Adam Truelove

    Is anyone else concerned that the camera sticks out a bit? Why would they do that?

  • badluckguy

    After weeks of trying to wait I went ahead and bought a different device tonight. With that said I guarantee the N5 will be announced tomorrow by the time I check DL because that’s the type of luck I have. So you’re welcome everyone! You’ll be able to order tomorrow. Life just wanted to make sure I’d lose my patience and buy something else first. Enjoy your Nexuseseses!

  • Connor

    Did this reliable source mention anything regarding the Nexus 10 2.0?

  • chris125

    Well probably will last for about 10 minutes before it goes haywire like every other google product launch. I can’t wait to hear all the whining and complaining about how people couldn’t get a nexus and how google is so bad at product launches.

  • Guy Meatdrapes


    • joejoe5709

      I mean no offense, but this was only funny the first 15 times. Same goes for the other pics. Please find a new funny pic for my own sanity. Thanks.

      • JRUIV

        some things get funnier and funnier every time

        • HarvesterX

          Unfortunately though with the except RARE occasion here, they don’t. On the otherhand though, I caught myself laughing uncontrollably at some of them.

  • Liderc

    Man she’s a beaut. Die Verizon die.

    • Bionlc

      Don’t worry, you’ll forget all about the nexus once the Moto G is announced.

      • Liderc

        A cheaper Moto X? No thank you. I don’t even like the Moto X, I doubt I’d like a cheap version of it.

        • Bionlc

          Not cheaper. Remember the Nova I told you about?

          • trwb

            Chevy Nova?

          • Steve B

            Super Nova?

          • A.Miller

            Sure. Is that going to be released before Thanksgiving?

      • Wait, Bionic lives?

        • blackjaguar25

          No, that’s BionIc. Close to him, but an imposter nonetheless.

          • Fake Bionic is fake. Damn.

          • blackjaguar25

            We all miss him so much.

          • Bionlc

            Unless I was the first Bionic, and Bionic was the imposter

          • blackjaguar25

            Shh. That’s enough out of you for one day.

      • A.Miller

        When announced?

      • Adam Truelove

        Nexus fans don’t care about other phones. We’re similar to iPhone fans. The Nexus represents freedom and pure updates straight from Google. Also the Moto G is going to be a budget Moto X isn’t it?

        • AbbyZFresh

          And that’s why Nexus fans are WOAT.

        • ddevito

          Yeah, except for that Galaxy Nexus….whoops.

    • Adam Truelove

      I don’t care if I never get a signal again, I’m done with Verizon in December.

  • trixnkix637

    This phone teases harder than Miley Cyrus in a music video…

    • AbbyZFresh


    • joejoe5709

      Ditto. She’s disgusting inside and out. The wrecking ball video was mildly “entertaining” the first three times I saw it, but she’s really nothing more than a famous crack addict begging for attention. Gross.

  • Justin Bontrager

    I have Verizon but I will buy this phone just because I like it.

    • NexusPhan


    • Mike Keck

      I was thinking of doing the same thing!

    • michael arazan

      I was thinking of just tethering my phone to the Nexus 5 to use it with my unlmtd on vzw.

      • Justin Bontrager

        That’s what I was thinking of last night. Use Google Voice for VOIP.

  • orion11

    im just glad it doesnt have buttons on the back panel

  • clay


  • Alexander Anteneh

    this post sums up a phone that has been teased so many times on this and every other tech site. hopefully this is the last tease

  • OG Droid
    • Colton

      never seen this one. am satisfied

    • jmc

      This might be the best gif I have ever seen.. haha it fits so perfectly. I literally did this before scrolling down to the comment section.

      • OG Droid

        I thought it was appropriate for this post.

      • Antonio

        I hope this Nexus 5 POS is better than the Galaxy Nexus POS that couldn’t hold a signal. Unforunately, the 5 is even uglier than the GNex.

        • Philip J. Fry

          Here, let me call this phone a pos on the internet but I’m secretly going to buy it anyways. Trololololo

          • michael arazan

            Just imaging him saying, “GD POS!” as he throws money at the screen

    • David Nguyen

      Lol!!! Love this gif!!

    • NexusPhan

      I’m calling it now. KitKat’s Google+ page tomorrow is going to post something along the lines of “today is the day” but it’s only going to be referring to Halloween and candy and nothing to do with Nexus or Google.

  • DodgerDroid

    That’s sexy as fudge!

  • TeeJay1100

    Yup it’s surely coming tomorrow!!

  • Jpx



  • Brian Menius

    I just got my NeoHybrid today. I think the form factor of this phone is going to be about perfect. Let’s DO this!

  • MotoRulz

    That’s a nice black N5..opps I mean white N5.. opps I mean black N5….

    • John
      • JRUIV

        your avatar has always creeped me out

        • John

          Would you like it if I put a smile on the lil guy?

          • JRUIV

            haha please don’t

  • Samvelavich

    I hope to god its not as thick as it looks in the gif

    • Brian Menius

      Slightly thinner than the Note II, I believe.

      … at least according to Versus.

    • AK

      It looks thick, but in a slick way. The actual depth dimensions say it’s thinner the Nexus 4 though. (8.59mm vs 9.1mm)

    • jnt

      Was thinking the same – the thickness and bezel look very similar to the Lumia 928’s, which feel like you’re carrying around a brick.

      • HarvesterX

        In al seriousness, this render looks more off than usual. LG is making it, and they crammed a LOT in the G2. Granted though, the extra width could be from not having a custom made internal battery that wrapped along the phone’s innards to keep the width down.

        But really, I’m happy if the phone is awesome and feels comfortable. Thikndoesnt always equate to a better experience. LG will get it right though. We aren’t talking about Samsumg (though the GNex was beautiful, but I have both right next to each other this second and there’s no competitio. .

    • NexusPhan

      It’s not. I feel like the dimensions are perfect. Thinner than Nexus 4. It feels a lot like the Nexus 4 and a little wider and taller than the Galaxy Nexus but that could be because it’s not nearly as rounded. I’m basing this all on the Spigen cases I ordered which I already have. Not the best comparison but it’s a really, really thin, sleek phone (case).

      • 4g63mark

        I LOVE Spigen cases. Ordered 1 for my G2, and had 1 on my GS4…… BEST CASE OUT!!!!!

    • p0k3y

      It’s the black front on white back that makes it look thick. That just did it for me – definitely getting a all-black unit.

      • michael arazan

        Love the black and white

    • HarvesterX

      The N5 could be an inch thick and I’d seriously doubt it would prevent anyone from buying into this.

      • kevin_gee

        My Og Evo 4G was twice as thick as the nexus 5 and it got the job done back in the day, Im pretty sure people arent choosing phones because they are .01 inches thinner than other phones.

    • napes22

      That’s what she said.

  • Michael Graef

    Click bait kills puppies.

    • Derin Richardson

      *click *click *click *click

  • rthvk

    Sent this to my pals over Hangouts – GIF support is sweet

    • Josh Carroll

      APK or GTFO. 🙂

  • toolate

    Meh. There comes a point with hype and leaks that you almost don’t want the thing anymore. Just gonna get a G2 and stick with Verizon unlimited.

    • Ian Smith

      but… it’s so close

    • Buur

      I’ve never understood this sentiment. “I wanted this thing up until I saw too many leaks of it and now I am not excited.”

      • interstellarmind

        Seriously. You can’t wait 5 days or so?

        Whatever, though. More Nexus for the rest of us.

        • NexusPhan


    • geedee82

      How much is verizon paying you people?!?

  • d-rock

    I’m over it…couldn’t wait, bought a G2….best phone eva!

    • Ian Smith

      wtf is wrong with you people! it’s so close… i can taste it

    • grumpyfuzz

      tomorrow is supposed to be the day, but not completely confirmed

    • Adam Truelove

      The Nexus 5 is a souped up G2, with good software, and not stupid button placement.

      • joejoe5709

        I love this phone, but how is it souped up? Smaller screen actually helps performance versus the G2, but that’s about it.

        • Justin W

          I’m pretty sure you covered all the bases. Oh, the buttons are in a not-unexpected-or-considered-weird place, but I’m pretty sure I’d like the buttons on the back over the location of them on my GN3 (way too high up for my hands)

      • chris125

        It isn’t souped up at all. Same processor, lesser camera, lesser battery. Only thing is stock android. I wouldn’t call that souped up by any means.

        • Adam Truelove

          Higher benchmarking results. Perhaps due to Android 4.4 vs LG’s crappy software?

          • chris125

            Well we all know how reliable benchmarks can be. But that still isn’t souped up since it is the same internals.

          • Adam Truelove

            That’s true. Still, better software can make a world of difference. Of course, you can always just put an Android ROM on the G2 instead of the garbage LG puts on it.

          • HarvesterX

            Though this I agree with, and why I Run CyanogenMod on it. Sorry to sound has in last reply..

          • ddevito


          • HarvesterX

            LG doesn’t have stock Android no but calling it crazy means you are just following the here and have never used it. No, you haven’t. Google would he wise to implement much if what LG has done in their UI. Anyone who has known me since my OG DROID days knows thst I am all AOSP. Example, I hate Apple and dilike iPhones, but the hardware in the latest 5c is outstanding. You better bring a well presente Arguement to the table if you plan on backing up thst absur d statement.

            Im about to go to sleep, but seeing such idiocracy grinds me. You’ve never used a G2 (if so you wouldn’t have said what you did). I was reading that up to 33% of those writing or comments based on products do so without ever using them and just to do it. Its soñé kind of the ill for them. Same goes for reviews in the PlayStore, etc. The LG UI isn’t gorgeous by and any means (though it can be after, customizatíon) but its a night and day difference when compared to TouchWiz or any other UI (Blur being the example of how its not as its essentially stock Android. Most I know even use the stock launcher (or would) except you cant change folder icons.
            Think before postíng, be considérate of other devices and their advantages,
            , do your home work and if you have nothing useful or humorous etc to say, sometimes its best to not say a word. And yes I’ve been up to false clima and statements regarding many devices not just the G2

      • d-rock

        souped up G2? I think the G2 is a souped up Nexus 5 actually 😀 I already have my buttons fixed thanks to devs. I actually love LGs launcher and menu/settings. It’s very much like stock with some sensible improvements. The only thing the G2 will NOT have out the box is KitKat. I have my Nexus 7 for that and hopefully LG puts out an update quickly!

      • d-rock

        Oh and if the Nexus 5 doesn’t come with a 3000 mah battery, it’s definitely no better. I get 30+ hours of battery life out of my G2 on light to medium usage and a full day easily on medium to heavy usage.

  • trwb

    Definitely getting the oreo colored one

    • Do you think the white will get discolored? That’s the only thing stopping me from getting the oreo.

      • trwb

        Yea it most likely will. I am going to see if I can get a clear case for it though.

        • michael arazan

          or get some clear gloss coating, air spray gun for models. Protect the color and still see the same finish. Just an idea till we know how it feels and see it

          • trwb

            I am starting to lean towards the black model now. I can always get a white case. The front not being white is kind of a deal breaker.

    • Matt Laney

      You get an up vote for the 8 bit Megaman avatar.

      • trwb


      • HarvesterX

        Same here

  • Guest

    No one cares about the phone anymore – we’ve got all the details.

    I love me some KitKats though 🙂

    • JRUIV

      You are going to need a rake for all those down votes

      • Captain_Doug

        You’ve got my shovel.

        • Justin W

          Make it a plastic one and you’ve got a deal!

        • afunyunyunyunun

          you have my bow

          • Mort

            AND MY AXE!

          • ManBearPig618


          • Mort

            Another Southern Illinoisan on my droid-life? That’s unpossible.

  • Brian

    Curse you Verizon

    • I caved and got the G2. I think its as close as we’ll get this time around.

      • Brian

        I caved and got a Maxx on release day. Great phone, but it’s no Nexus 5…