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AT&T Launches Six 4G LTE Markets, Still Claims to be Nation’s Most Reliable LTE Network

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AT&T announced another group of newly launched 4G LTE markets this morning, finally including some more west coast love. Seemed like for a while there that only the mid-west was seeing new light ups. The company is still touting its LTE network not only as the fastest in America, but also the most reliable according to third-party data. They are pretty much right behind Verizon’s number of total LTE markets, which sits a little over 500. 

Check below to see the list of new markets.

New Markets:

  • Watertown, Wisconsin
  • Albany, Oregon
  • Marion, Ohio
  • Redding, California
  • Red Bluff, California
  • Gallipolis, Ohio

Via: AT&T

  • HeatFan441

    Is it true AT&T really slows down prepaid users during peak hours?

  • calichik

    well over here in los angeles att lte is not reliable at all neither is there fake 4g aka 3g ihave a galaxy s4 with them ,husband iphone 5s ,daughter htc one we pay alot we dnt have unlimited data or mins . We drop lots of calls all over La i work in dwtwn network gets pretty bad dropped calls slow data even with full bars lte standing outside. Switched sim twice doubt its my phone. Dropped calls in weho even with full bars we have had it. We cant wait to switch to verizon or tmobile i have friends on tmobile that rarely drop a call and have faster data same with my friends on verizon they rarely drop a call and have faster data.

  • socalrailroader

    The Redding and Red Bluff coverage here in NorCal showed up last Wednesday on the maps, but the announcement came this week, a changeup for AT&T, they usually announce new areas and then update the maps, not vice versa. The Redding and Red Bluff coverage also includes Shasta Lake, Palo Cedro, Anderson and Cottonwood.

    Now, they need to push it further north here in Northwestern California into Cloverdale, Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Willits, Fort Bragg, Clearlake, Lakeport and Eureka. The last push in Northwestern California for AT&T LTE only took it from Healdsburg to Geyserville, just a few miles. I’m in Redwood Valley, halfway between Ukiah and Willits, and we have LTE from Verizon, U.S. Cellular and Metro PCS, thankfully AT&T is HSPA+ w/EB, poor T-Mobile is still all EDGE and GPRS up here.

  • Chris

    Horse puckey. When I was on AT&T 3 months ago, my LTE data speeds were commonly in the 1-4mbps range. I dropped a huge number of calls. And I live in urban SoCal. My experience with T-Mobile isn’t a lot better, but my bill is half what it used to be at least.

    My data speeds, call quality, and call clarity in China on 3G ran circles around AT&T.

  • Flyinion

    I was poking around an AT&T store on Sunday and did a speedtest.net test side by side at the same time with my phone and one of their LTE phones. Letting the app choose the closest server AT&T nearly doubled what my Galaxy Nexus pulled down over LTE. Choosing the same server then on the AT&T phone as what my GNex used also resulted in the same kind of results.

    Hopefully they can expand their network capacity as their LTE usage grows. However right now in crowded surburban areas AT&T is definitely faster than Verizon right now. I can get some good speeds still on Verizon in random areas but it’s definitely not what it was 2 years ago when I got the Gnex brand new.

  • Smellynachos

    AT&T has the most reliable 4G LTE, not signal and service overall plus it depends where you live to. But att speeds are way faster than verizon by a lot in NY, dropped calls i haven’t had since lte came out here. It’s the first network to get new phones and better phones than verizon, and GSM.

    • Dominick White

      Depends on where in NY. If Nyc I would say yes.. But most of the state doesn’t have att lte

  • pbolton70

    I had AT&T for several years and moved to Verizon when they got LTE do to the increased speeds and at the time AT&T had more plan to expand and they were having capacity problems in my area. I too noticed the slow down with Verizon LTE as it was getting more and more people on their LTE network. But several months ago I moved back to AT&T due to coverage at work. With Verizon I had no coverage in any of our buildings. Also around the area my work is in I would drop to 3G on Verizon which is like edge on AT&T. I can say that I am pleased with AT&T. Their LTE is faster (for now) and when I drop to their 3G (rarely) it is HSPA+ so I am still pulling at least 10+ down. I have had AT&T now for 5 months and have not dropped a call yet. I do wish AT&T would work on expanding their LTE areas. It seems they are working more on launching areas and move to the next area more then also expanding current markets. Verizon did seem (in my area) to have a larger LTE area. I live in Lebanon, OH (suburb of Cincinnati, OH) Verizon had LTE here but AT&T stops their LTE about 3 miles from my house. But I still drop to HSPA+ with is still fast. Overall I am happy with the move. The down side is AT&T has Verizon prices. Tmobile in my area has more 2G then 3G so they were not an option.

  • Razma

    so how come ive never dropped a call on verizon, yet my friend on at&t drops every time i speak to him? and im not defending verizon, they should burn in hell for screwing us with the nexus

  • A.Miller

    I’ve been a VZW customer for life, but am thinking of going ATT GoPhone prepaid so I can get the Nexus 5.

    How does GoPhone relate to ATT plans? I live in the St. Louis Metro East (Illinois.)

  • Walter Partlo

    My VZW LTE has been really reliable since I retired my GNex.

  • Matthew Rebmann

    Not to hijack this section but… Anyone notice there was no Droid Life episode this past week?

  • Adam Truelove

    AT&T is slowing catching up. Good to see.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Guess we’ll find out how reliable they are once I have an N5 in my hands.

    • Joshua Rewerts

      AIO Wireless: $55 prepaid, unlimited talk, text, data (but only x amount high speed)

    • jnt

      does their prepaid utilize the same network / LTE, etc?

      • Yeah it does, but you get throttled to EDGE speed once you go over your data allowance. Also, AT&T almost certainly throttles prepaid traffic during peak times to give priority to postpaid, branded customers. If you live in a big city, that might be a problem for you. If you don’t, then probably not.

        • jnt

          Yeah I do (DFW) – but AT&T is super strong here most of the time anyway. I experienced what you’re referring to when we tried out Virgin Mobile a couple of years ago… it was horrible. Obviously, that’s Sprint (problem #1), and it was a couple of years ago (problem #2).

          Thanks for all the info.

        • jnt

          One more thought – prepaid can’t roam, can it…

          • Most likely not.

          • nwd1911

            Are you using AT&T prepaid or postpaid? Curious as you seem very happy and I’m trying to determine where to go from Verizon. AIO seems the most attractive, but I’m concerned about AT&T’s acquisition of Leap Wireless (Cricket) and how that will impact AIO (they have indicated they will end AIO and merge the services). I’m going to dip my toe in the TMobile water, but I live in a rural area and doubt it will meet my needs.

          • I’m on AT&T postpaid. I have a phone and a tablet on my personal AT&T plan so it made more sense for me to go with a MobileShare plan so I can share one bucket of data between the two. Those plans are only offered postpaid.

          • WickedToby741

            I migrated from Verizon to AT&T GoPhone ($60/mo prepaid, 2 GB data allowance) with a Nexus 4 and I’ve been very pleased. I thought I’d miss Verizon but honestly I don’t. My experience has been great.

          • A.Miller

            What “roaming” even mean anymore? Sorry for the dumb question.

    • georgee786

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  • Colton

    somebody give me some pros and cons of AT&T. Im on Verizon and just curious what some differences/disadvantages/advantages are.

    • I left Verizon for AT&T and never looked back. Basically they’re the only choice in the USA if you want to run unlocked devices like Nexus phones on an open GSM network but still have Verizon-like coverage. The problem is, you pay Verizon-like prices for it. They have HSPA+ (which they call 4G, but really it’s 3.5G) everywhere, and LTE in most any major metro area you would travel to. THeir LTE is almost universally faster than Verizon, but I’m sure the speeds will come back down to Earth once more people are using it.

      Overall, the pros are unlocked devices, Verizon-like coverage, and good customer service. The biggest con is Verizon-like prices.

      • Dominick White

        Plus the price is a bit cheaper, not by much but still cheaper

        • Yeah, in the end, it’s basically Verizon-level pricing.

          • jnt

            Do they still do rollover minutes? I’ve been thinking about moving us over because 99% of our closest friends and family are on AT&T. But if they do a “share everything” plan like Verizon, I would imagine they don’t offer that any more?

          • Right, they don’t do that anymore on new plans. If you have on old rollover minute plan, they still honor it, though.

            These days, all new AT&T plans are mobileshare. So you pay for a bucket of data and then a monthly line access for each device. Depending on how much data you buy, your smartphone line access will run between $35 (if you have > 6GB of data) to $50 (if you choose 300MB of data) per month, tablets are $10/mo and dumbphones are $30/mo. Basically right in line with Verizon. The prices for the buckets of data are basically in line with Verizon as well.

      • New_Guy

        Hit it right on the head. Listen to this guy.

      • jnt

        I didn’t realize their HSPA+ (which I’m assuming is 21, not 42?) had such a broad reach – that’s a nice “feature” to fall back on when not using LTE.

        I had someone tell me the other day voice/call quality was a lot better on AT&T than Verizon (GSM vs CDMA maybe?) – have you experienced this?

        • In my experiences, voice calls have been 6 of 1 or a half-dozen of the other when put side-by-side with Verizon. One wasn’t any better or worse than the other. Your mileage may vary, though.

          Also, yes, it’s HSPA+ 21, but when you consider that they have it everywhere, even in the sticks, it’s not so bad. The only other nationwide GSM network in the US is T-Mobile, and though they have HSPA+ 42, you can’t use it anywhere but metro areas. So I’d take HSPA+ 21 in the sticks on AT&T vs. EDGE in the sticks on T-Mobile any day of the week. 😀

        • Dominick White

          That a depends on the location….. And sometimes the phone themselves… Also depends on on much data you and your family use each month to check out straight talk which uses att network . or aio plan

      • Omer

        Yea been with AT&T since 2004 and can’t complain about their service where I live (South Florida). It’s expensive, but it’s solid and it’s GSM so you can get unlocked phones without a problem.

        I still have my unlimited data plan so I’m good. But the cheaper prices at T-Mobile have had me second guess many times whether I should stay with AT&T.

      • Colton

        Awesome man, thanks for the (in depth) answer! I’m considering the switch. Good to hear some honest opinion. And a nexus 5 sounds nice 🙂

      • WickedToby741

        This guy is pretty well spot on, but you don’t have to pay Verizon prices unless you have a family plan. For one or even two lines AT&T GoPhone with Nexus devices ends up being cheaper over two years if you use less than 2GB/line.

        • I have 10 GB shared between my phone and my tablet so yeah, I definitely pay Verizon-like prices. haha

    • Butters619

      I’ve been using AT&T for a long time, but I’m grandfathered unlimited (5GB throttle) and have a nice discount so I’ll never leave.

      As for their service, it’s definitely a lot better than it was 3-4 years ago or even 2 years ago. The only time I ever have calls drop is in my apartment and you can’t get Verizon or Sprint signal in my apartment either. LTE speeds are actually faster than Verizon LTE now, at least where I live/work/travel, but actually T-Mobile HSPA+ wins the speed competition where I live. I was considering leaving for Verizon when the Gnex cam out and I didn’t and I am so happy I didn’t. When AT&T LTE hit my area it was like the cellular gods shined their lights down from the heavens. Not only was LTE great, but by moving people on to their LTE network, their fallback HSPA+ network became a lot less crowded and a lot more usable if you had to use it. Before LTE hit, I would actually lose data or drop calls while driving to and from work because their network just couldn’t handle the traffic during rush hour traffic.

    • DQ

      How about going with AIO rather than AT&T. Same network, cheaper prices, yes?

      • Yeah, but AT&T-branded prepaid and AIO prepaid almost certainly gets throttled during peak use periods. AT&T (and every other carrier) is always going to give traffic priority to their branded, postpaid customers for obvious reasons. That may or may not ever be an issue where you live, but it’s something to consider. Otherwise, yes, I believe you’re correct. AIO is AT&T’s network packaged under a different name with a cheaper price.

        Not sure how AIO’s customer service is, either. It may be the same customer support AT&T customers get, but it may not be. AT&T has awesome customer service generally, but I can’t vouch for AIO.

    • KOBALT

      It’s all depending on your area. I’m about 25 miles from Cleveland. I paid the early termination fee from ATT because their coverage was so horrible. I’m with VZW for life.

    • In the Finger lakes region of NY state.. AT&T doesn’t even have 3G.. yet my Verizon phone has 4G LTE.. .. Its all area dependent.. There are even areas where T-Mobile or Sprint have the best service.. lol

      • Dominick White

        And where 99% t-mobile only gives you edge unless you in Syracuse or downtown Ithaca (cornell)

        • T-Mobile has ZERO service around Honeoye Lake.. lol

      • Yakuzahi

        Even in Long Island no AT&T LTE in many places, but Verizon does have it where AT&T doesn’t.

    • RamboCombo

      As a developer and someone who test multiple phones I would say ATT by far is your best choice if you want to run unlocked devices. I had the nexus one from google, an ASUS tablet with ATT LTE and many other unlocked devices like the new sony xperia line that are not carrier branded and run perfectly. What I would do is use my upgrade and sale the devices then buy the unlocked one with the proceeds. ATT has as many users (almost ) as verizon does on their LTE network remember ATT on average sales more iphone per quarter than any carrier so starting with the iphone 5 (first with LTE ) was when ATT network really added more users. ATT also has the most connected tablets out of any national carrier. As far as netowkr look at the future. Verizon is deploying LTE on AWS to supplment thier 700mhz LTE. ATT however not only has 700 they always purchased nationwide WCS 2.3 ghz spectrum which they will begin deploying in 2015. WHat alot of people forget about ATT is that they also have a nationwide edge network on on 850 and 1900 mhz. ATT has said that they will decommision thier edge/2g network by 2017 but I believe it will be quicker. Every ATT phone today is required to have LTE Bands 2,4,5,17 which means that they will eventually have LTE deployed on 2 and 5 read 850/1900 mhz which they have nationwid spectrum assets for. This does not even include band 30(2.3ghz). THey had some spectrum on band 4 (AWS) which they hav ebegun to deploy. THe future for them looks bright. THe speed test with sprints trib band verizon new capacity and ATT build out should be interesting. Tmobile while making a comeback still needs more spectrum esp some below 1ghz

    • michael arazan

      It is different in every area. Your best bet is to go to ATT forums and ask about it in your area. Or better yet get the apps that show the coverage of your area from real people, not just the carriers. I used the app, but only 3 people used it in my area including myself so it didn’t show a whole lot . But for St.L 1. Vzw, 2.att/ sprint but att drops out a lot compared to sprint and even on the major highways, and last t-mo, t-mo is horrible in MO and IL. The app is sensorly, but there are others

  • cns2007

    Are there any actual numbers for just how many LTE users there are on each network?